Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ognibene Stands By His Man

Yesterday Tom Ognibene embraced Charles Ober in a show of solidarity against homophobia and anti-homosexual rhetoric.

Charles Ober - an openly gay candidate running for the City Council seat formerly held by Dennis Gallagher - said Wednesday he has been smeared by a nasty anti-gay screed.

But Ober, a Democrat, was not alone in denouncing the hateful anonymous missive.

He was joined at a news conference by a potential rival from the opposite side of the political spectrum: Republican hopeful Thomas Ognibene.

Residents get gay-bashing letter aimed at candidate Ober in City Council race


See the Channel 7 Video here.


Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet under those sunglasses Tom is watching Ober's hand verrryy closely.

Anonymous said...

The prior post is homophobic and inappropriate. It perpetuates anti-gay biases. It is not funny. Allowing it to be posted demeans this site.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up! You'll live longer.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up?

OK, let's ridicule your wife or your kids and then tell you to "lighten up" when you get upset.

Racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. in the guise of humor has long been used by idiots such as yourself. And I use the word "idiot" literally because anyone educated and intelligent would know better.