Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ognibene, Ober and Crowley’s Memorial Day Disgrace

We received an e-mail from an angry citizen who was enraged by the shameful political campaigning conducted by Ognibene, Ober and Crowley on Memorial Day. No politician should exploit the memory of dead war heroes for their own political benefit.

If an individual has the audacity to take advantage of a citizen’s right to a solemn day of remembrance, we can only imagine the other gross exploitations they would indulge for their own needs. Ognibene, Ober and Crowley owe veterans and their families an apology.

Shame on you all!

Here is the e-mail:

Council candidates Ober, Crowley, and Ognibene disrespect the sacrifices our officers and veterans made by turning Memorial Day services and parades into a political event. It is a shameful act that overshadowed the great day we had remembering our heroes.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me:

John McBush campaigned on Memorial Day with a political speech.

Barack Obama did the same.

Hillary Clinton did the same.

And across this country in countless numbers of parades, political candidates marched and elected officials campaigned.

Our soldiers died to preserve our freedoms (except in Bush's oil-based war). Part of their sacrifice was to preserve the right to free elections.

I do not mind seeing candidates and officials march. That is Americana.

It is important that candidates from the entire political spectrum honor our fallen with their words, speeches, moments of silence, and recognition of the lost.

Most Americans did NOT attend parades. They had BBQ's, shopped, picnicked, etc. Was this any more respectful for the fallen.

As you can tell, I am an avowed liberal and proud of it.

The day, while getting out of my car at a shopping center, I spotted an elderly veteran selling red poppy pins (for those who do not know, this came from WWI due to the red Flander's poppies that bloomed in fields torn apart by artillery). Anyway, I walked up, made a contribution, took my poppy, and shook the hand of the gentleman while thanking him for his service. He appeared genuinely suprised but even more pleased and honored.

I opposed Vietnam and oppose this foolish war in Iraq. But our soldiers are second to none in this world. Thank you for your service.

My mother's grave is in a military cemetery on Long Island. My dad was in the WWII and my mother worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Rosie the Riveter!). So please remember to also thank who served our country outside of the military as well!

Anonymous said...

The only two not campaigning and handing out literture where Como and Ognibene. Ober and Crowley where disgusting in their actions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it was Anthony Como who disgraced the parade the most by slapping his sign (campaign signs were forbidden) on Serf Maltese's car.

How embarrassing would it be if it were discovered that this blog was run out of Serf's office?

Anonymous said...

Um, can anyone tell me what exactly is wrong with candidates campaigning at a public parade - as long as they do so tastefully? Whatever you might think of individual politicians politics itself can and should be an honorable calling. Government of, by, and for the people is one of the noblest contributions America has made to the world. How is it disrespectful to the honored war dead - who, we are told, died defending democracy - to humbly ask the citizenry for its vote at an upcoming democratic election? Me, I think it's a positively patriotic act.

I find two of the candidates in the special election completely useless and a third wholly unacceptable but getting on any of them for campaigning on a day that, at heart, should be a celebration of our democratic traditions – please, get over it already.