Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cantankerous Corpulent Christina Wilkinson Exposes Unholy Alliance

Looks likes our favorite fleshy female fiend has finally admitted to the unholy alliance between Ognibene and Ober. The immense instigator has exposed that the Patriots were right in postulating that Tom Ognibene and Charles Ober had a clandestine meeting to discuss the intimate details of their campaign strategy. During the sinister meeting it was agreed that they would join evil forces, disguising themselves as reformers while attacking their opponents. It was determined that their unholy union would remain intact until the Special Election on June 3rd at which time they would find out if their deception had worked. (Insert evil laugh or the sounds of Christina eating a live baby seal)

Look what the rotund rogue had to say on the Queens Poop:

Christina Wilkinson said...

I personally have endorsed Charles Ober and JPCA has not endorsed anyone. However, our general consensus is that if Elizabeth Crowley or Anthony Como gets elected, it would be a disaster for District 30. That leaves Ognibene and Ober, and may the best man win.

Maybe Elizabeth can explain why she is for housing at the St. Saviour's site. I've been dying to ask her, but she manages to evade me, like when she and Evan Stavisky refused to sit in the green room with me before the NY1 debate. This is the candidate who says she is going to "bring people together". Can't do that if you're afraid of your own constituents.

First, does anyone really care who Wilkinson has personally endorsed? Did she get elected to some lofty position that we don't know about? Can Christina Wilkinson be so delusional that she thinks her endorsements count for anything? Maybe she's not just filled with animal by-products…there is definitely some unhealthy hubris filling that large body too.

Second, it is so shamefully transparent that if Ognibene or Ober wins, the JPCA will have carte blanche access to the either puppet as repayment for Holden's and Wilkinson's devious efforts to help win them the election. If that happens, the entire community will suffer at the whim of the maniacs running the JPCA.

Thankfully we exposed their evil plot weeks ago and fortunately the voters of the 30th council district cannot be fooled by Holden, Wilkinson, Ognibene or Ober.


Anonymous said...

The reason Wilkentubby made a point to separate her personal endorsement from the JPCA is that under 501(c)(3) rules, a non profit can not endorse a political candidate. And she knows that the JPCA's enemies are keeping close eye on their every twitch.

Anonymous said...

The JPCA is a civic organization and not a 501c3. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

JPCA is a 501(c)(4) organization.

So, as usual, your basic "facts" are wrong.

Look it up:

Naturally, you could have already looked it up, but it's far more fun to blabber without any supporting facts.

But, you've never been embarrassed by being so wrong before.

Anonymous said...

I was blogging away at the JPCA memebers on the Queens crap yesterday and pointed out to them how they (the JPCA) had made a donation to Deniis Gallagher to the last time he ran for relection.

Also I noticed that when Cristina Wilkindson responded to my comment, she made it a point tyo say that she nor the JPCA was endorsing any candidate, but its pretty obvious who they want, and it looks like the former crook Ognibene who will do Bobby Holden's bidding once again...

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Holden gave a vacation to Ognibene. They both went to St martin together. This occured right after Holden's wife got a job for Pataki. I am not stating anything but facts. You make the call. Ognibene lies on NY1 about his intention only to run until Gallagher's term is over and then hand it to the young ones, i guess 75 attending the Middle Village Property owners don't count. What else does he lie about?

mv ben said...


This picture is very unfair to Christina ....

She is much FATTER than that!!

Anonymous said...

why do you guys continually make yourselves look bad by attacking Christina's appearance.

This just undermines any valid argument you are trying to make.

I think the JPCA looks bad when they do it and you guys no less so.

Try to keep your arguments on track.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (defending Christina)

Why, well I can only speak for me.

Do you read the Crap site?

Do you see all the person attacks that they (Christina and her master Bob) post there?

And please do not tell me that it is not THEM, because we all know that it is.

They love to attack people based on their looks (be it too fat, or too thin, clothes they wear, etc).

And not just politicians.

So I believe in the Old Testament … An eye for and eye.

Christina should be the last person to make fun of someone’s weight or suggest a diet.


Anonymous said...

Bet you cannot specify a single individual who has been attacked based on looks.

Go ahead. Just one.

Anonymous said...

ok... does the name Pinky mean anything to u??

As funny as it is... there goes your one..... just one.

Anonymous said...

Is "Pinky" a rapist or not?

Didn't everyone know that?

So, do it again. Specify a single individual who has been attacked based on looks.

Go ahead. Just one.

Anonymous said...

your right, nobody cares who CW is backing for this race. With that said, why did that even warrant a blog entry from you, if, as you admit, she is nobody important? I guess you just couldn't resist a chance to post that photo.

Patrick Henry said...

We are actually thinking of signing off every blog entry with that picture!

Still undecided.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I vote to use the picture as the official blog photo. Think of the erections it will give Bob Holden.