Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crowley Counting Her Chickens Before They Vote

In a stunning display of arrogance and hubris, Elizabeth Crowley has already booked a place for her victory party. According to political insiders, Liz has reserved the Woodhaven House on June 3rd to celebrate her victory in the special election.

Apparently, Elizabeth Crowley is confident that her illegal fundraising prowess, convicted felon supporters, special interest friends, union goons and democratic machine cogs will do their magic and steal the election from the voters of the 30th Council District.

We urge the fine men and woman of the 30th Council District to come out and vote so that Elizabeth Crowley's scheduled victory party is quickly changed to a concession party.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cantankerous Corpulent Christina Wilkinson Exposes Unholy Alliance

Looks likes our favorite fleshy female fiend has finally admitted to the unholy alliance between Ognibene and Ober. The immense instigator has exposed that the Patriots were right in postulating that Tom Ognibene and Charles Ober had a clandestine meeting to discuss the intimate details of their campaign strategy. During the sinister meeting it was agreed that they would join evil forces, disguising themselves as reformers while attacking their opponents. It was determined that their unholy union would remain intact until the Special Election on June 3rd at which time they would find out if their deception had worked. (Insert evil laugh or the sounds of Christina eating a live baby seal)

Look what the rotund rogue had to say on the Queens Poop:

Christina Wilkinson said...

I personally have endorsed Charles Ober and JPCA has not endorsed anyone. However, our general consensus is that if Elizabeth Crowley or Anthony Como gets elected, it would be a disaster for District 30. That leaves Ognibene and Ober, and may the best man win.

Maybe Elizabeth can explain why she is for housing at the St. Saviour's site. I've been dying to ask her, but she manages to evade me, like when she and Evan Stavisky refused to sit in the green room with me before the NY1 debate. This is the candidate who says she is going to "bring people together". Can't do that if you're afraid of your own constituents.

First, does anyone really care who Wilkinson has personally endorsed? Did she get elected to some lofty position that we don't know about? Can Christina Wilkinson be so delusional that she thinks her endorsements count for anything? Maybe she's not just filled with animal by-products…there is definitely some unhealthy hubris filling that large body too.

Second, it is so shamefully transparent that if Ognibene or Ober wins, the JPCA will have carte blanche access to the either puppet as repayment for Holden's and Wilkinson's devious efforts to help win them the election. If that happens, the entire community will suffer at the whim of the maniacs running the JPCA.

Thankfully we exposed their evil plot weeks ago and fortunately the voters of the 30th council district cannot be fooled by Holden, Wilkinson, Ognibene or Ober.

This…..Is……. American Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can just imagine Simon Cowell staring at Elizabeth Crowley in disgust and saying, "If I'm being honest, I must say that you have to be the biggest bloody idiot this side of the pond."

Ms. Crowley touts herself as being an educator; however, we were unable to verify that Ms. Crowley has ever taught in a classroom. It is possible that Liz feels that because she reads her children bedtime story that qualifies her as being a teacher. Therefore, using that logic, I once removed a splinter from my grandchild's forefinger so I will refer to myself as an accomplished surgeon, Dr. Henry.

Then we have her annoying speaking voice. Elizabeth Crowley's speech impediment makes me glad I am deaf in my left ear. It is painful to listen to her explaining her position on anything for two reasons: First, she has no stance, second she sounds like she has Brian McLaughlin's golf balls in her mouth.

Speaking of the McLaughlin association, the Queens Crap posted the following (thank you Crappy, you are an evil attack blog):

Check this out from the NY POST day in 2004 - as McLaughlin explored running for mayor - he skipped out on an interview with a New York Times reporter, after hiding out in his office with Elizabeth Crowley.

She's his close political pal and a failed City Council candidate. "Brian wouldn't come out of his office - I was banging on the door," said a former staffer at the New York Central Labor Council, which McLaughlin headed.


Elizabeth Crowley, a cousin of Congressman Joseph Crowley and a political ally of McLaughlin, has been reported to be one of three female friends with whom he had "a close personal relationship," according to the indictment.

One of three...How about this from the NY POST

A second woman with whom he allegedly had a personal relationship received thousands of dollars in union checks and was given a no-show job with a contractor who used union workers, the feds said.


Let us not forget Elizabeth's Crowley's campaign finance woes and admitted money order fraud. It is amazing that Sheldon S. Leffler was convicted of fraud while Liz gets a slap on the wrist for the same offense.

NY Times Article:

Despite the outcome of the June 3rd Special Election, one thing is clear Elizabeth Crowley, residents have voted and Ryan Seacrest has lifted Elizabeth Crowley's hand and proclaimed her, "the new American Idiot!!!!!!

Send in the dancing bears!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ognibene, Ober and Crowley’s Memorial Day Disgrace

We received an e-mail from an angry citizen who was enraged by the shameful political campaigning conducted by Ognibene, Ober and Crowley on Memorial Day. No politician should exploit the memory of dead war heroes for their own political benefit.

If an individual has the audacity to take advantage of a citizen’s right to a solemn day of remembrance, we can only imagine the other gross exploitations they would indulge for their own needs. Ognibene, Ober and Crowley owe veterans and their families an apology.

Shame on you all!

Here is the e-mail:

Council candidates Ober, Crowley, and Ognibene disrespect the sacrifices our officers and veterans made by turning Memorial Day services and parades into a political event. It is a shameful act that overshadowed the great day we had remembering our heroes.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows

Political interests can bring together people who otherwise have little in common except for the uncontrollable need for power and influence. Politics makes for strange bedfellows is adapted from a line in the play The Tempest, by William Shakespeare: "Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows." It is spoken by a man who has been shipwrecked and finds himself seeking shelter beside a sleeping monster.

In this case, all our sleeping monsters are wide awake and their ravenous hunger for political power consumes their sense of decency. Therefore, Tom Ognibene and Charles Ober had a clandestine meeting to discuss the intimate details of their campaign strategy. It was agreed that they would join forces, disguising themselves as reformers while attacking their opponents. It was determined that their unholy union would remain intact until the Special Election on June 3rd at which time they would find out if their deception had worked. In addition to their demonic agreement, the two agents of deception hatched a despicable plan (the pant and rant) to create a homophobic letter; distribute it to voters so they could publicly condemn the action while placing blame on the other candidates. Bravo! Bravo!

Meanwhile, in his illegal basement, Bob Holden worked feverishly behind the scenes creating Ognibene literature and attacking Tom's opponents on the Queens Crap, in the Forum West and Juniper Berry. Holden even called upon his evil twin Tony Avella to publicly endorse Ober to continue the evil alliance. The Four Horses' Asses of the Apocalypse thought they could pull a fast one over local residents, however, the smart voters of the 30th District know better.

This race will once again show the true hypocrisy of the Four Stooges (Ober has become Shemp). Holden has condemned all elected officials who have taken $1 from real estate developers but ignores Ognibene's political contributor list. Holden has attacked everyone who is suspected of bending the rules for corrupt DOB inspectors yet he dismisses Ognibene's bribery allegations.

Holden, Ognibene, Avella and Ober = the epitome of strange bedfellows.

Vote Tom Ognibene! He has A Lot of Real (Estate) Friends

Take a look at who has contributed to Mr. Ognibene's campaign. There are many developers on the list. Therefore, it is very surprising that Bob Holden and Christina Wilkinson are supporting Ognibene because we all know they despise greedy developers. But we also know the reality that they are the biggest self-serving hypocrites living in the Western Hemisphere.

It is so true that "Birds of a feather flock together"

Big Bird Ognibene, Dodo Bird Holden and "I Like to Eat" Peking Duck Wilkinson should really go flock themselves.

Here are is the list of developers who have purchased Ognibene:

Athineos Enterprises

This company profile is for the private company Athineos Enterprises Inc, located in Brooklyn, NY. Unicorn 151's line of business is real estate management.

Samson Management

Samson Management owns and manages about 6,000 apartments in the NYC metro area.

Lemle & Wolff, Inc

Lemle & Wolff has been committed to providing decent, safe, and affordable housing to residents of Manhattan and the Bronx since 1938. At Lemle & Wolff, people come first. Our motivated staff take a personal interest in the buildings entrusted to our care and the communities we service. We pride ourselves on our ability to foster positive relationships with our tenants through professionalism and mutual respect.

As a full-service real estate firm, we are experienced in real estate development, contracting, rehabilitation, management, and maintenance.

Manhattan Skyline Management

The company currently manages nearly 4,000 luxury apartments located in the City's most desirable residential neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide our residents with quality homes, attractive surroundings and the highest level of personal service. The organization's reputation for superior apartment residences is unmatched in the New York area. Manhattan Skyline's experienced team of professional building managers offers attentive, 24 hour service for our residents, meticulously overseeing everything from building security and repair work to code compliance. Our own maintenance staff enables us to respond quickly and to appropriately handle tenant and building situations as they arise.

Manhattan Skyline's success and reputation for well run properties also stems from its in-house staff of architects, leasing and accounting back office support personnel and construction division. We are constantly implementing comprehensive preventive maintenance schedules and initiating capital improvements to maintain the highest quality in the buildings we manage.

M&R Management, Inc.

Company involved with Real Estate Management and development.

Tryax Realty Management Inc.

For over 30 years Tryax Realty Management has offered well maintained, secure, quality rental housing in the West Bronx and Harlem.

Tryax Realty Management serves the West Bronx communities of Morris Heights, Mt. Eden, Melrose, High Bridge, Kingsbridge and Norwood, and the Harlem communities of Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill, and Strivers Row. This comprehensive online tool offers direct access to our latest listings for rental apartments in your area

Plaza Realty

Reality Company specializing in Manhattan properties. They also were involved with a mortgage foreclosure scam resulting in the displacement of many tenants.

Daily News Article: "Forced from homes in subprime ground zero"

Ditmas Management Corp.

This company profile is for the private company Ditmas Management Corp, located in Cedarhurst, NY. Ditmas Management Corp's line of business is real estate managers & operators.

Equitable Management Corp.

Company is involved with real estate investment, development and management.

Leonard Litwin

Leonard Litwin is an American real estate developer specializing in residential construction through his company, Glenwood Management. His company Glenwood Management is currently as ofAugust 07 very close to finishing a building next to Ground Zero.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truth about debate no-shows revealed

Anthony Como and Elizabeth Crowley used their judgment not to attend Robert Holden’s flea circus disguised as a debate and instead chose to participate in a newspaper round table discussion at the Queens Ledger on Tuesday night. Information was leaked to the two candidates that they would be the focus of the attacks perpetrated by Holden and crew. The other two candidates, Charles Ober and Tom Ognibene, were aware of this plan and eagerly attended the circus. It's obvious that they don't have the cojones or backbone to run their campaigns without the devious Robert Holden pulling their strings.

Ognibene cannot escape his corrupt past and Ober cannot win over seniors, conservatives and blue-collar middle class workers living in Middle Village, Maspeth, and Glendale so they both need to utilize the despicable tactics of the JPCA and its despotic leader, Robert Holden.

Robert Holden and the JPCA want to turn this entire race into a farce and think the people of the district are fools - as usual. The voters in Maspeth, Middle Village, Richmond Hill, Ridgewood and Glendale better wake up and smell the coffee, and do so fast.

Vote Ognibene! Ready to Be Corrupt On Day One

At a recent Community Board 9 meeting, Tom Ognibene touted his ability to shift, shuffle and skew the City Council budget process for his own benefit.

Ognibene stated, "I know where things are included in the budget, and I know how to shift things around in the budget."

Tom Ognibene knows because he was the chair of the finance committee when the practice of creating fictional groups to hide tax payer money began. Under his watchful blindfolded eye, millions of taxpayer money began to be stored in slush funds and used at a later date for the sole purpose of political corruption and payola.

Looks like Tom Ognibene will fit right in on day one.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lantazio Rats on Ognibene in Court Testimony

Here is an excerpt from the testimony provided by corrupt Department of Buildings employee, Ron Lantanzio detailed in The People of the State of New York v. Barry Cox, October 1999, Judge E. Torres, Prosecutor Cort, and Indictment # 63112000.

Looks like Mr. Ognibene has some serious explaining to do.

For your reading pleasure….

Lantanzio / Direct / People

THE COURT: All right, deemed marked in evidence, cooperation agreement.

Q. What crimes did you - - did you eventually plead guilty to any crime?

A. Yes.

Q. What crimes did you plead guilty to?

A. Bribery of a City councilman and staff and also tampering with physical evidence.

Q. What was the illegal conduct in which you engaged underlying your plea of guilty to bribery? Did you plea guilty to bribery in the third degree?

A. Yes.

Q. What was your conduct; what was the illegal conduct in which you engaged underlying your plea of guilty to bribery in the third degree?

A. I had given a councilman and his staff a number of gifts. I upgraded a trip for him to Hawaii. I gave members of his staff a trip to Florida and to Vermont. I bought them fishing poles and golf clubs. I paid for numerous lunches and I did a number of fundraisers for them in hopes that they would in turn reciprocate by helping me with certain business issues I might have in terms in getting things through the city for my clients.

Q. What councilman was this?

A. Tom Ognibene

THE COURT: Spell that.

THE WITNESS: I believe it's O G N I B E N N E

MR. CORT: I think there's only - - if I can just say - - there's only one N, it's not N N E


THE PATRIOTS: How do you spell Corruption?

A. O G N I B E N E

Ognibene and Ober Put the "O" in Coward

Last night Ognibene and Ober shamefully attacked their political opponents without them being there to defend themselves. Ognibene obviously doesn't practice what he preaches because at a different candidate's night chastised Surachi for attacking individuals who were not present.

This is just another shameful act by Ognibene and Ober to discredit and defame. They united previously for the "plant and rant" operation when the created an anti-homosexual letter, distributed the letter to voters, laid blame on their opponents and denounced the tactics. It was beautifully executed but dishonorably transparent.

These two make Bob Holden and Tony Nunziato look like political infants.

Crowley and Como Stay Strong and Tell Holden "So Long Sucker!!!"

The Juniper Park Patriots have received information from a member of the Juniper Park Civic Association Executive Board. In the e-mail, the JPCA member stated that Robert Holden and other select individuals decided to "stack the deck" against Crowley and Como in a feeble attempt to discredit their candidacies. However, the two candidates flip the script on clueless Holden by not showing up and making the maniacal civic despot look stupid. It is being reported that the two candidates accepted an invitation from a newspaper to participate in a "fair and balanced" round table discussion instead of walking into the JPCA sanctioned firing squad.

It is clear that the JPCA is supporting both Ognibene and Ober. Tony Avella, a councilmember who has had Holden's lips surgically attached to his ass for years has endorsed Ober and it is no secret that the love affair between the corrupt Ognibene and Holden the opportunist continues.

In the Land of the Stupid, the Man with the 1 Point IQ is King

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

30th District Campaign Slogans

Here are a few campaign slogans that readers have sent in:

Vote Ognibene! Ready To Be Corrupt on Day One.

Vote Crowley! She's Not Just Another Pretty Face, She's Dumb Too.

Vote Ober! He'll Never Cheat on His Wife.

Vote Como! Big Head.... Big House.

Vote Surachi! Why? We Have No Idea.

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XXXVII

Diamond Jim Brady

Diamond Jim Brady - The famous salesman, promoter and celebrity, who spearheaded the changeover to safe steel railroad cars, once lived on Union Turnpike near the Nassau County line.

James Buchanan Brady (12 August 1856–13 April 1917), also known as Diamond Jim Brady, was an American businessman, financier, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age.

Born in New York City to a modest household, Brady worked his way up from bellboy and messenger. After gaining employment in the New York Central Railroad system, he became the chief assistant to the general manager by the age of 21. At 23, Brady parlayed his knowledge of the railroad industry and its officials to become a highly successful salesman for Manning, Maxwell and Moore, a railroad supply company.

Known for his penchant for jewels, especially diamonds, he collected precious stones and jewelry in excess of US$ 2 million (adjusted for 2005 dollars, approx. $50 million).

Brady's enormous appetite and resultant girth were as legendary as his wealth. It was not unusual for Brady to eat enough food for ten people at a sitting. George Rector, owner of a favorite restaurant, described Brady as "the best 25 customers I ever had." A typical Brady breakfast would be: eggs, pancakes, pork chops, cornbread, fried potatoes, hominy, muffins, and a beefsteak. For refreshment, a gallon of orange juice—or "golden nectar", as he called his favorite drink. Lunch might be two lobsters, deviled crabs, clams, oysters and beef, with a few pies for dessert. The usual evening meal began with an appetizer of two or three dozen oysters, six crabs, and a few servings of green turtle soup, followed by a main course of two whole ducks, six or seven lobsters, a sirloin steak, two servings of terrapin and a host of vegetables. For dessert, the gourmand enjoyed pastries and a two pound box of candy.

"Diamond Jim" is also known for his romantic association with singer Lillian Russell, a famously voluptuous beauty of the era. It is said that her eating habits were a perfect match for his own.

A gregarious man, Brady was a mainstay of Broadway nightlife. He often dined with popular society. After further investments in the stock market, Brady accumulated wealth estimated at $12 million. He was also known for being the first person in New York City to own an automobile (in 1895).

Brady donated a significant sum in 1912 to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, where he had once been treated. The hospital created the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute in his honor.

Brady never married, and after his death his estate was distributed to many institutions

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jack Valenti: Political Consultant and Dog Lover

In 1952, Jack Valenti co-founded "Weekley & Valenti", an advertising/political consulting agency. Valenti's agency, was in charge of the press during the November 1963 visit of President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson to Dallas, Texas. Following the assassination of President Kennedy, Valenti was present in the famous photograph of Lyndon Johnson's swearing in aboard Air Force One, and rode with the new president to Washington. He then became the first "special assistant" to Johnson's White House. He lived in the White House for the first two months of Johnson's presidency. Valenti was so loyal to Johnson that it was once said of him "If LBJ dropped the H-bomb, Valenti would call it an urban renewal project."

However, Jack Valenti's second love was for his chocolate lab, Mimi. According to Hollywood insiders, Mimi Valenti was Jack's pride and joy. He would lavish the dog with expensive toys and outfits costing thousands of dollars. In addition to living a life of luxury, Mimi was given guest roles in various Hollywood movies. Some speculated that Jack used his considerable influence and position as President of the Motion Picture Association of America to pressure producers and directors into giving Mimi a role in their pictures.

Mimi Valenti is buried next to her owner Jack Valenti and on her tombstone it reads"

Here Lays Mimi, One Spoiled Bitch.

An open letter to 30th District City Council Candidates:

Sadly, the public has become bombarded with reports regarding the infidelity of elected officials. Eliot Spitzer, Vito Fossella, David Paterson, and Jim Mcgreevey have all been strewn across the pages of the newspapers because of their extra-marital exploits. The public seems to have had enough and are becoming increasingly tired of the immorality of elected officials on both sides of the isle. Republicans being the worst of the lot, because they constantly run on the lofty platform of family values and religious morality while simultaneously running around with cocktail waitresses on Sunday afternoons.

Therefore, we want to ask Ms. Crowley, Mr. Ober, and Mr. Como and Mr. Ognibene if they ever indulged in any exploits that could be deemed extra-marital indiscretions. Is there a man or men, woman or women who will emerge claiming that any of you were their part-time lover?

Would their be a disgruntled employee of a particular union, agency or school that is so annoyed that your concubine has held many prestigious positions because of his or her intimate involvement with you?

Did a particular man or woman, who you are extremely fond of, assist any of you in your campaign(s)? And because he or she magnanimously and vociferously wanted to help his or her powerful girlfriend or boyfriend that he or she knowingly lied about his or her legal residence?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Dominick Casalino and Francesco Calvagna

The Italian Crash Test Dummies

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shrillary Clinton Will Screw the Democratic Party

Imelda Clinton will screw the Democratic Party if she doesn't get the nomination by running as an independent in the upcoming presidential election. As we all know, Shrillary only cares about her own political ascension and to hell with anyone one who gets in her way.

Political insiders and strategists are beside themselves with the idea that Clinton will break from the democrats and run as a maverick independent. Clinton will disguise her blind political ambition and disloyalty behind the smoke screen, "I find it more important and vitally crucial that I save American and Israel than be concerned with saving the Democratic Party from collapsing."

The question is whether Clinton would have enough backing among fundraisers to continue her campaign even after loosing the Democratic nomination in August. It is an open secret that the stream of money flowing to her campaign has been much narrower since Barack Obama began its impressive blitz. But the former first lady has proved that she can reinvent herself and loan herself mounds of cash in an instant just like she has done on a number of occasions since January.

Just goes to show that you can't kill the devil even when she wears Prada pantsuits.

Robert Holden Weeps over Losing Turf War

Adrian Benepe beats the crap out of Robert Holden once again making the cry baby civic leader weep even louder. In a feeble attempt to discredit NYC Parks Commissioner, Holden has started a crusade against turf fields stating that the fields cause cancer, skin rashes, rocky mountain fever, herpes and causing some individuals to believe they are Joe DiMaggio.

Unfortunately for Bob, the NYC Health Department has concluded that the chemicals in the turf won't harm you.

The Score:

Benepe – 3 Holden – 0

Here is the NY Daily News Article: Turf War Sizzles at City Parks

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ognibene Accuses Gallagher of Political Attacks and Global Warming

Either Gallagher is the best actor since Sir Lawrence Olivier or Tom Ognibene is the worst judge of character known to man kind. Wasn't Gallagher his chief of staff for the entire time Ognibene was city Councilman? Didn't Tom Ognibene vigorously defend Gallagher during his legal tribulations resulting from a tryst with an intoxicated woman?

The above statements are categorically true, but now the Daily Politics is reporting that Ognibene has changed his tune

""That is absolutely, 100 percent, 1,000 percent Dennis Gallagher," Ognibene said of the mailer, which he rejected as "absolutely ridiculous.

"He has totally lost control. He resents the fact that I'm running for his seat," Ognibene added. "When you're dealing with a deeply neurotic person, I don't even try to explain his conduct."

Elizabeth Benjamin also reached out to Dennis "the puppet master" Gallagher to get his thoughts on the matter:

Gallagher, meanwhile, called Ognibene's accusations "absolutely, unequivocally untrue."

"I think the candidates ought to focus on the issues that are pending in the district and stop dragging this race into the mud," Gallagher said. "I consider Tom Ognibene a friend. He's a good man. If there's a falling out, then I think it's on Tom's side."

You can read Elizabeth Benjamin's entire story on the Daily Politics

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Queens Crap Calls Maspeth Residents Full Of Crap

Robert Holden and The Queens Crap are once again belittling the little people for protesting a problematic bar in Maspeth. Robert Holden and his fecal minions harbor bitter resentment against those peons who seek to undermine their monopoly on protesting. Instead of applauding the Maspeth residents who came out to voice their concern regarding the excessive noise coming from Hush CafĂ© Lounge and Garden, Holden and his morons belittle their efforts. Holden and the Pooper Troopers also try to demean the efforts of Maspeth residents and COMET by claiming the rally was nothing more than a political stunt orchestrated by Crowley and Como. This is a perfect example of how the JPCA, Robert Holden and the Queens Crap only care about their own narrow-minded agenda and don’t give a sh$t about the community.

Thankfully, Donald Betrand reported on the rally…

Here is the despicable Queens Crap story

The Crowley Crusaders Crusade Continues

Looks like the Crowley Crusaders have mounted their steeds again to launch their next volley against the evil Ognibene. The Crusaders are laying siege to the Christ the King Castle and the many peasants Ognibene has conscripted into his evil army.

We are still a little confused because Crowley accusing Ognibene of illegal practices is like Al Franken accusing Wesley Snipes of tax evasion. Either way it makes for great political drama. Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

We are writing once again to provide you with information about Elizabeth Crowley’s opponent Tom Ognibene. Mr. Ognibene has the audacity to portray himself as the honest candidate who rises above the fray and immediately exposes “dirty tactics”. The truth is that Tom Ognibene is the “king” of dirty politics and the “duke” of the abuse of power.

Here are a few topics we will be covering over the next several weeks:

  • Tom Ognibene has “strong armed” Christ the King High School teachers to “volunteer” for his campaign.
  • Ognibene rewards teachers for their “volunteering” by promoting them or providing family members with profitable jobs.
  • Tom Ognibene’s associates and friends are using the school parking lot to store used cars for future sales.
  • Ognibene created anonymous letters attacking homosexuals and placing the blame on others.
  • Ognibene has placed signs on Crifasi owned buildings without the proper Department of Buildings permit.
  • Ognibene helped Crifasi family members “get rid of” building violations regarding illegal conversions.
  • We will provide disturbing testimony by corrupt Buildings employee Ron Lantanzio explaining Ognibene’s complicity in political grafts.

It is extremely important that voters are provided with information to assist them in making the right choice on June 3rd. We feel that the information listed above proves that Tom Ognibene is the wrong man to represent us in the City Council.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Anonymous Ognibene Gone Wild

Tom Ognilooney has been a busy little beaver writing secret attack letters, unidentified self-deprecating blog posts and now he is sending anonymous complaints to city agencies claiming wrong-doings by his opponents. Anonymous Ognibene must be very scared that his “checkered” past will most likely cause him to lose yet another bid for elected office that he is resorting to “despicable” and “cowardly” (words Anonymous Ognibene loves to use to describe his many detractors) acts of deception and political smear.

Anonymous Ognilooney and his mini-me troll Eric Ulrich are running scared and will do anything to try to save their sinking campaigns. Ognibene and Ulrich have both exploited their positions for personal gains and are now trying to discredit their opponents by making false claims against people they desperately fear. It is a shame that Ognilooney and Ulbitch vigorously fight to promote “fear and loathing” instead of “positivity and unity”

Here are the two stories that were created by Anonymous Ognibene’s recent letters:

NY Post

Daily News

An Open Letter to Mr. Ognibene...

We recently received this letter from a pair of local guys looking for some answers.

The Patriots would love to hear these answers as well, but we won't hold our breath waiting on them.

An open letter to Tom Ognibene,

As the June 3rd Special election draws near, there are few things that I would like you to explain to the general public. Your platform, "experience counts" is very catchy but it also has a darker connotation. Some feel that the "experience" you so proudly proclaim could be the familiarity with corruption and willingness to bend the rules for self-preservation. Is this true?

There is speculation that you illegally accepted an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean. The trip in question was paid for by a local civic leader who was repaying your efforts in getting his wife a political job. Is this true?

It has been reported that you illegally used your influence, power and position to assist a corrupt Department Buildings employee. Your illegal efforts helped get violations lifted, projects approved and people hired for good paying jobs. Is this true?

It is believed that you use Christ the King for your own personal benefit and political expediency. Many are saying that teachers are being forced to work on your campaign because they fear retribution or they are trying to earn you admiration for your help in advancing their position. Also, a portion of the school parking area is being utilized as a used car lot to sell pre-owned vehicles. Is this true?

I think the residents of the 30th Council district deserve truthful answers to these questions.

Dominick Casalino and Francesco Calvagna

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ognibene Hits the Campaign Trail Today

That's right folks you read it here. Tom Ognibene has finally decided to get out in the 3oth District to meet the common folk. he was spotted for a split second running across the street wearing a purple beanie cap, sweater vest and plaid pants ducking into a nearby pharmacy.

Sounds promising? Excited? We are sorry that we must expose the truth. Ognibene is not campaigning nor is he meeting and greeting the little people. The sad reality is that the Forest Park Golf Course is closed due to rain and Ognilooney was forced to relinquish his 9 iron to Mike Mischel, who was his caddy for the day.

Tip O'Neill once said, "All politics is local"

Tom Ognibene once said "All politics can be put off until I finish two rounds of golf at my local course."

Corrupt Crowley Denied Matching Funds

You Go Girl

It seems that wherever Liz Crowley goes the cloud of corruption looms ominously over her empty head. The Campaign Finance Board is reporting that Elizabeth Crowley is not eligible for matching funds because she still has outstanding penalties that were imposed in 2001 for campaign fraud.

Crowley was not eligible for matching funds because of outstanding fines from campaign finance violations committed by her campaign during her bid for City Council in 2001 against ex-councilman Dennis Gallagher, whose April 18 resignation necessitated the special election.

According to a CFB audit, the Crowley campaign was required to pay $56,267 in penalties, $22,207 of which was for exceeding expenditure limits. Another $20,000 was for failure to adequately explain allegations of money order fraud — allegations the campaign denied. The penalties are currently being paid on an installment plan.

Liz Crowley has no problem raising money because Lizzy ignores all the rules and violates all the campaign finance laws. You go girl!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Political Pigs Suckling on the Democratic Machine Teat

It is no surprise that the political pigs are trampling over themselves in the mud to get their lips around the biggest democratic machine teat to nourish their political ambitions. These shameful opportunist would carry petitions for Fidel Castro if they though it will help their political careers. Its one hand washes the other, scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, quid pro quo politics at its worst. Therefore, finding out that the who’s who of political hopefuls were getting signatures for the brain-dead cousin of Congressman Joe Crowley should not shock anyone.

Instead it should be a stark reminder that the machine and its rusty cogs supersede the democratic process and the voters. The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many and they will step over anyone or anything that gets in their way.

Thankfully, the voters of the 30th District will not let pigs turn their community into a political pig sty.

Carrying For Crowley

May 7, 2008

Thumbing through several hundred pages of signatures filed by 30th CD Democratic candidate Elizabeth Crowley turned up some interesting names of people who witnessed her petitions - a number of whom don't live in the borough, but whose bids for new jobs could benefit greatly from the support of the Queens Democratic organization.

Non-Queens names include Coucilman David Yassky (Brooklyn), '09 comptroller candidate, and Councilman Dan Garodnick (Manhattan), potential speaker contender.
Hailing from Queens, with political aspirations: Coucilman Eric Gioia, '09 public advocate candidate; and Dave Kerpen, '09 Council candidate (23rd CD).

Other Queens names of potential interest: Assemblyman Rory Lancman (running for re-election this fall), George Fontas (lobbyist/consultant and ex-aide to Councilman David Weprin), Sen. Toby Stavisky (also running for re-election this fall), former Stonewall Democratic Club President Dirk McCall.

A number of Crowley's relatives also served as witnesses, as did her campaign manager, Alyson Grant. A fair number of union names appear on the petitions, too.

The power of the Queens Democratic Party aside, this race is also attracting attention from outside the district because it is seen as a precursor to the 15th SD battle this fall.

The 30th CD has long been viewed as a Republican stronghold. If the Democrats can manage to win there in June, the thinking goes, they will be able to establish a bulkhead and perhaps chip away at support for GOP Sen. Serphin Maltese, who is the Senate Democrats' top target as they try to win the majority.

Republican contenders in the 30th CD include Maltese aide Anthony Como, who has been referred to as the senator's heir apparent (assuming the GOP holds that Senate seat), and Tom Ognibene, who held the seat before his former staffer, Dennis Gallagher, who resigned after pleading guilty to sexual assault.