Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gallagher’s Accuser Looking for a Pay Day...

Now the woman who was allegedly raped by City Councilman Dennis Gallagher claims that she was treated horribly by New York City police officers and investigators. She even had the audacity to tell Daily News reporters that she felt like she was being raped twice. What’s next? Is she going to accuse DA Brown of slapping her around with a fried turkey leg?

The victim has filed a formal complaint with the NYPD and has contacted the Queens district attorney's office. Do you smell a lawsuit?

The NYPD, however, is stating that the victim was treated fairly, with dignity and all records indicate that the interview was conducted lawfully. A police source said nothing supports her allegations that she was belittled or that any of the officers who interviewed her made any derogatory comments.

She also went further to claim that cops may have been trying to protect Gallagher and intimidate her. If this were true, the cops failed miserably because ultimately the councilman was handcuffed and indicted on 10 counts. With protection like that who needs enemies.

Not surprisingly, our dear friends over at the Crap are quick to jump on the side of the victim and condemn our police officers. We on the other hand are going to support the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep our streets safe. The Patriots believe that our brave police officers are highly trained professionals who perform their duties with respect and honor.

No matter how you slice it or dice it, something about this case doesn’t pass the smell test.

Can you spell acquittal?

Way to Go Mr. Jerry Schreibersdorf!

Let’s give a big Patriot’s applause to Mr. Jerry Schreibersdorf

Image Hosted by

Please see below the fantastic Mr. Jerry Schreibersdorf wrote to the Forest Hills Ledger.

Gallagher resignation call was premature

I would like to respond to the letter from Fredrick R. Bedell Jr. (Dennis Gallagher should leave office,” Aug 16, 2007).

Mr. Bedell, in his usual manner, has come up with a simplistic answer to a complex issue. Let this letter not be interpreted as a statement for or against the guilt of Councilman Gallagher.

I agree with Mr. Bedell that the crime the councilman has been charged with is “an iniquitous act of depravity upon this woman.” The key word is “charged.” Not convicted. Just accused.

Mr. Bedell rightly states that a person is innocent until proven guilty. He then goes on to state that Councilman Gallagher should resign from the City Council.

The problem lies herein: What if Councilman Gallagher is proven to be innocent? Does he get back his seat on the City Council? I don’t know how much time he has left on his time in the City Council, because of term limits, but what of the people who elected him?

Will they not have been deprived of a representative elected by them, because of him being accused of a heinous crime?

If all it takes to remove a representative from office is accusation by someone, how do we keep people in office?

We will then have recall by accusation. After the problem at Duke University, do we dare take accusation at face value? Think of the ramifications.

Jerry Schreibersdorf

Douglaston, NY

Way to Go D.P. Dellacona!

Let’s give a big Patriot’s applause to D.P Dellacona

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Please see below the fantastic letter D.P. Dellacona wrote to the Forest Hills Ledger.

Avella too concerned about Malba spa
The following is an open letter to City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside)

I have read all your negative letters regarding the Asian spa, which was put up in May, in Malba in the Whitestone Times. I have found these quite amusing since your concern was about an area that is strictly industrial. A residence was put up across the street from the industrial area and you concerned about them.

What about the rest of the neighborhoods? I live in Whitestone, off the Cross Island Parkway. My building faces the parkway and I am surrounded by nothing but dirt and graffiti. The building next to me has a brick front and siding on the sides. It is supposed to be white, but it is filthy dirty and littered with graffiti. I have to walk my grandchildren through this walk way and my windows face it where I cannot open my shades because of the filth.

The parkway is another story. People park in front of the buildings and empty their cars of debris and garbage for me to pick up. The sounds of horns and motorcycles during the night are also a nuisance.

Mr. Avella, I called your office to report the graffiti more than two months ago and nothing has been done about it. What gives? Are the people who live in apartment buildings not equal to your Malba residents?

D.P. Dellacona


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The MVMCA Demands Answers to Flooding Problem

According to a recent article published in the Queens Ledger, local civic associations are demanding that the city take immediate action to assist residents recovering from the recent flooding in Middle Village, Glendale and Maspeth. After the rainstorm, residents had to endure great economic and personal loss. The households suffered financially due to replacing damaged property, missed days of work, plumber fees, and cost for cleaning and sanitizing their homes.

The meeting last Wednesday was attended by MVMCA President Joe Cimino, Glendale Civic Association President Kathy Masi, Glendale Property Owners Association President Brian Dooley, Middle Village Property Owners President John Schell Community Board 5 District Manger Gary Giordano, CB #5 First Vice Chairman Walter Sanchez (formerly held by Roberto Hold-on) and Mayor Representative Jennifer Manley.

The Patriots find it interesting that the JPCA and its leadership were conspicuously absent from the meeting. We are sure that members of the JPCA were adversely impacted by the recent flooding and in need of assistance from their civic. Unfortunately, there is a simple answer to explain the JPCA’s absence. If Bobby and his cronies don’t run the show they are a “no-show”. If Holden can’t get front page headlines he’s no where to be found. If there is no frivolous lawsuit to file you won’t see him for a mile. Hey Bob, are you saying that an empty church and keeping dogs on leashes are more important and more deserving of your time than PEOPLE in need?

Excerpts from Queens Ledger Article:

…Joe Cimino who organized the get-together and serves as the president of the Middle Village Maspeth Civic Association (MVMCA), called for an audience with a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at some point in the next few months.

“We need somebody of rank and ability to explain how we will find out what the problem is, and how to deal with it,” said Cimino.

“We don’t want to come back in 20 to 30 years to discuss what the problems are,’ Cimino said.

Another attendee, Walter Sanchez, who serves as first vice chairman of CB5, suggested starting a task force to explore the theories put forth thus far for the flooding, which have ranged from irregularly cleaned catch basins to malfunctioning sewers to real estate development.

But whatever needs to be done to determine the problem, Cimino doubted it would require breaking the city’s bank, and said the civic groups expect a “common sense approach” to be taken.

“We’re not talking about lots of studies,” he said. “But we have discussed some equipment to see if there are clogs [in sewer pipes].”

In a phone interview, Cimino characterized the initial meeting, attended by Community Affairs Unit Director Jennifer Manley, as a start in what will hopefully be a fruitful working relationship, although he acknowledges the mayor has final say in the matter.

Looking towards the future, the civic president said he hopes other community organizations will attend sessions that grow out of last Wednesday’s meeting, “because a large number of their members are also affected by this, and they would be interested in addressing this problem.”

“This is something that can have a negative impact on our whole community, and can make people sell their homes, or see their housing values depreciate,” Cimino said, “so this has long term ramifications for years to come.”

The Patriots want to commend Joe Cimino and all those who attended the meeting for truly fighting and advocating for the communities they serve instead of battling wooden windmills like Bob Quixote.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hug a Tree, Not A Light Pole

According to a Public Service Commission report you may get a shocking surprise if you touch a light pole in New York City. The report states that stray voltage could be found on 6000 of the 176,000 light poles throughout the city. That means that 29 percent of the light poles located in New York City pose a potential risk or could cause a fatality. Representatives from Con Ed say that the high number proves that inspectors are diligently testing the poles for stray voltage.

In recent years, there have been many instances where people were shocked and pets killed by electrified gratings and manhole covers. We hope that Con Ed increases its efforts and continues to locate the stray voltage and fixes the problems before anyone is seriously injured. Until then, we highly recommend you refrain from licking any light poles.

NY Post Story

Councilwoman Katz Helping Queens Residents Recover From Flood

On Thursday August 23rd Councilwoman Katz hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the recent flooding in her district. According to sources, over 500 people showed up to have their grievances and horror stories heard by city officials.

Katz was able to have the following attend the meeting: Commissioner Lloyd of Department of Environmental Protection, Commissioner Cosgrave of DOITT (311), representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Sanitation, Office of Emergency Management, NYC Comptroller’s office and the Department of Health.

A close friend who lives in Rego Park stated that the councilwoman visited many homes and apartments that were devastated by the floods. This obviously prompted Katz to organize an emergency town meeting to provide a forum for residents to ask officials what the city intends to do help New Yorkers recover from their losses. The Daily news reported that Katz stated, “The city needs to take responsibility. The city sewers clearly couldn’t take all the water.”

We are also aware of the extensive flooding that occurred in Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale. We called Councilwoman Katz’s office and they recommend that anyone impacted by the flood should make a claim through the NYC Comptroller’s office. You can get the claim forms online by clicking on the following link

The Patriots commend Councilwoman Katz for her efforts in trying to help those in need of assistance.

(Photo below courtesy of The Daily News)

Denise Rueckert, her two daughters and her mom stand in wrecked Woodside apartment.

Daily News Story

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XII

Young M.C. - The rapper, whose given name is Marvin Young, is straight out of Hollis. Young was born in South Wimbledon, London, but was raised in Queens, New York. After graduating from Hunter College High School in New York City, he moved to the opposite coast to attend the University of Southern California. He graduated in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in economics, which he received before Stone Cold Rhymin completed production.

In addition to producing the hit "Bust a Move," (bass-line provided by Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and lead vocals sung by Stevie Wonder's studio background vocalist Crystal Blake, not Diana Ross as many have speculated). Young MC was also an accomplished songwriter, having co-written the hits "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" for Tone Loc. In 1990, he appeared in several Taco Bell and Pepsi commercials.

Even though his follow-up to "Bust a Move," "Principal's Office," did not become a huge hit, it was still nominated for Best Rap Video at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards.

Young's follow-up album, Brainstorm, began his fade into obscurity. The first single from the album, “That’s the Way Love Goes,” received some play on MTV, but very little radio airplay. The song failed to be a hit, and signaled that Young MC had drifted out of favor with the ever-changing music scene. Despite that, Young MC continued to record albums into the new millennium. His later albums favor East Coast Rap, West Coast Rap and conscious minded Hip Hop instead of the Crunk and Southern Rap that were popular during the early-mid 2000s.

Young MC was briefly featured on the 2002 VH1 program 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders. In 2002, he also appeared on the hip hop edition of The Weakest Link, of which he was the winner. He returned to the spotlight in 2006 by appearing on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club 3.

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine turned "Bust a Move" into a swingin' Lounge style on their 2006 album "The Sunny Side of the Moon: The Best of Richard Cheese".

"Bust a Move" is the track which accompanies John Candy's meandering through a High School Party in the 1989 film Uncle Buck.

"Bust a Move" is the track which accompanies the beginning of the closing credits of 2006 film You, Me and Dupree. It is also the first song played in a trailer of the film Norbit.

"Bust a Move" was ranked #85 on VH1's 100 Greatest One-hit Wonders.

"Bust A Move" was sampled for an advertisement campaign Old Navy Tunicks. MC Lyte rapped the ad's theme song called, Bust A Tunick.

“Stress Test” was featured in the movie Crossover as well as the trailer for Four Brothers.

“Get Your Boogie On” was used in the trailer for the animated film Barnyard.

“Feel The Love” was in both the television shows Entourage and Wonderfalls.

“Rollin’” was featured in the national Burger King “Open All Night” campaign.

William Shatner performed "Bust a Move" in an ad for Priceline, in the spoken-word style for which he is well known.

Jesse and Chester perform a music video for Bust A Move in the hit film Dude Wheres My Car

In an episode of Scrubs, "My Conventional Wisdom," Turk and J.D. meet Old MC, the foremost Young MC impersonator, who can only say the phrase "Bust a move." J.D considers this a problem and suggests he find help.

In another episode of Scrubs, during a flashback moment "On & Poppin" can be heard playing in the background of JD & Turk's room.

"Bust A Move" was the song played during the Freestyle dance routine, by Apolo Anton Ohno on the 4th season of Dancing with the Stars. "Bust A Move" was ranked #37 on MuchMoreMusic's 50 Guilty Pleasures.

Young currently lives in Arizona and still does concerts. One of the most recent high profile concerts Young MC was a part of WKTU New York's Beatstock in mid 2006.
In 2007, Young MC completed his latest album entitled Adrenaline Flow. Songs from the album will be submitted to movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, and other alternative outlets for licensing.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Surveillance Does Not Mean Loss of Liberties

Recently, President Bush signed into law legislation authorizing electronic surveillance of international communications. It would allow investigators to eavesdrop on international telephone conversations and read e-mails as long as the captures of these communications were committed for foreign intelligence purposes. In addition, the law does not require the need for a search warrant nor probable cause to suppose that the individual is a terrorist or associate of a suspected terrorist.

This measure could not have passed without support from Republicans and Democrats alike. Some will speculate that many democrats were forced into supporting this amendment to the existing Foreign Surveillance Act; however, this is not the first time in American history that certain civil liberties had to be redefined for the sake of national security.

In the past, during wartime and tumultuous periods we have seen many instances where the American government has taken remarkable and some would argue unconstitutional measures to ensure the nation’s safety. During our early history our government passed the Sedition Act of 1798 which made it a crime to criticize the government, during the Civil War- President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus, during World War I – President Wilson signed the Sedition Act of 1918, during World War II – President Roosevelt and Congress created internment camps, and during the Cold War – Congress enacted the McCarran Act of 1950 which grossly infringed upon freedom of speech.

So you can see that this recent piece of legislation falls short of attacking civil liberties when you compare it to past government actions. I say keep America safe at all cost because if our government fails there with me noting more to protect.

God Bless America

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eliot Avenue Project Causing Immediate Problems

The city’s plan to reconstruct a portion of Eliot Avenue is not only starting a month late or is going to take twice as long as originally planned, but it is also causing some potential serious problems. Currently, the four-month project, to widen the avenue and add a 5-foot sidewalk on its north side between Mount Olivet Crescent and 67th Street is being conducted between the hours of 9pm and 6am instead of the initial proposal to close it until the project’s completion.

Many residents have been writing the Patriots to alert us that when the roadway is reopened, motor vehicles are faced with large potholes and uneven roads. Since I live on the south side of Middle Village and a few blocks west of 80th street, I do not travel that portion of Eliot Avenue often so I took a look for myself. I did notice that there were two large potholes as well as a metal object protruding from beneath the westbound roadway forcing cars to swerve in order to avoid these hazardous obstacles. I even observed westbound cars moving into the eastbound lane to save their wheel alignments.

This is precisely the reason why the project should have started on time and closed until completion. We here at the Patriots hope that in the future when the contractor reopens the roadway at 6am, it is safe for cars and pedestrians to use.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is New York Ready for a Hurricane?

The 2007 hurricane season is in full swing and many experts predicted an above average storm activity this year. Scientists and meteorologists predict that the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1 and ends November 30, has a 75% chance of being above normal in activity. "NOAA scientists predict 13 to 17 named storms, with seven to ten becoming hurricanes, of which three to five could become major hurricanes of Category 3 strength or higher," said a NOAA official. An average season sees 11 named storms, with six becoming hurricanes, including two major hurricanes.

As Hurricane Dean steam rolled into the coast of Mexico today as a mammoth Category 5 hurricane, (the most intense Atlantic storm to make landfall in two decades) it makes New Yorkers wonder how ready the city is to handle such a storm. According to the Office of Emergency Management coastal storms, including nor'easters, tropical storms and hurricanes, can and do affect New York City. In fact, New York's densely populated and highly developed coastline makes the city among the most vulnerable to hurricane-related damage.

Due to regional geography, hurricanes in New York City — though infrequent — can do far more damage than hurricanes of similar strength in the southern United States. With sustained winds of 74 mph or greater, hurricanes can flatten buildings, topple trees and turn loose objects into deadly projectiles. Along with torrential rains, storm surge is among a hurricane's most hazardous features. A major hurricane could push more than 30 feet of storm surge into some parts of New York City.

On August 8th the city was hit with heavy rains (not a hurricane) which caused massive flooding, sewer back-ups, severe property damaged and crippled the transportation system. What would have happened if a category 3 hurricane made landfall? The city needs to start taking measures to ensure that we are prepared to handle such a storm. The Department of Environmental Protection needs to formulate a comprehensive plan on how to improve the sewer infrastructure so that it can effectively drain water to protect homes and residents. In addition the MTA must make major capital improvements to protect the transit system from severe weather conditions so that it operates effectively, efficient and safely.

New Yorkers deserve to be protected!

Hurricane Safety Tips

Monday, August 20, 2007

Killer Contractors?

Anonymous sources are stating that the NYC Fire department is reporting that contractors killed two of their bravest because of possible negligence. Even more disturbing is that city officials have issued violations for various reasons, including the improper storage of hazardous materials on the job site. This is another tragic example of contractors taking short cuts and ignoring safety measures to widen their profit margin. It also reveals the Department of Buildings inability to monitor and police the hundreds of construction projects happening throughout the city. No one else should have to die needlessly before the city and or the state does something to ensure that we have enough inspectors, enough resources, more stringent fines and severe punishment for contractors who violate the law.

Daily News Story

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I wish Hillary Was Invisible

Hillary Clinton’s recent political ad airing in Iowa is just another example how her brain is slowly vanishing before our very eyes. Here are a few of the statements form the ad that leave you shaking your head in disbelief:

You know, if you're a family that is struggling and you don't have health care - well, you are invisible to this president," – For 8 years, as First Lady and under Slick Willy’s administration she did absolutely nothing to ameliorate the health care system.

"If you're a single mom trying to find affordable child care so you can go to work - well, you're invisible, too." – Apparently she has forgotten about all the tax cuts she voted against that would have helped single working moms and the middle class
"And I never thought that I would see that our soldiers who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan would be treated as though they were invisible as well," – Ms. Clinton must have thought our troops were invisible because she voted against funding our soldiers. Maybe she thinks soldiers fight with invisible weapons.

Hopefully Claude Raines will take Hillary a way on Wonder woman’s invisible jet and land on transparent island where they can live happily ever after in obscurity.

Watch the commercial here:

NY Post Story

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Holy Cow! We’ll Miss You Scooter!

Rest in peace Phil Rizzuto!!

"Two balls, no strikes on Roger Maris, here's the windup, fastball, hit deep to right. This could be it! Way back there! Holy cow! He did it! Sixty-one for Maris! Look at 'em fight for that ball out there!" ~Phil Rizzuto

Fox Sports

Interesting political intrigue and strange bedfellows

This is a cryptic e-mail we received yesterday and found it very interesting.

We are not sure what it means so we are posting the letter and hope that one of our readers can find the hidden meanings.

Threep Doat
~to me

Patrick Henry,

I have been reading your new blog site with great interest and have noticed a few familiar names appearing in some of the posts. It is amazing how much political intrigue and maneuvering is going on within your community and beyond its borders. I think you all need to look deeper and delve beneath the surface of what is actually happening. There are individuals with blinding political ambitions and the insatiable need for power who will plot, scheme and lie to achieve their goals. Deals have been made, promises offered and souls put up for sale to obtain political blackjack.

I will not reveal all I know, just give hints and clues for those interested to follow.

"In 23AD, there was a prince name Cire who wanted to lead the Emperor's district as a stepping stone to someday replace his master in the adobe council. Cire, however, enjoyed an unfair advantage because he was employed in the Emperor's public office and used the plebeians' taxes to finance his time and his scheme. More disturbing was his associations beyond his sphere for he lay in bed with Barbaric Heretics and Treacherous Neurotics to help him achieve his goals."

Good luck

~Below is the actual email.

Please, if anyone has any idea what this might be pertaining to, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also, If Mr. Threep Doat would like to comment some more to add light to this, please do.

~P. Henry

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XI

Christopher Walken
Academy Award winner for “The Deer Hunter,” was born in Astoria in 1943.

Nervous-looking lead and supporting actor of the American stage and films. He won an Oscar as best supporting actor for his performance in The Deer Hunter (1978). Seen in mostly supporting roles throughout the 80s and early 90s, often portraying psychologically unstable characters.

Mini Biography:

Amazingly versatile stage & screen actor with sandy colored hair, pale complexion and a somewhat nervous disposition. Has a reputation for playing mentally unbalanced characters on-screen, however that generalisation would not do justice to Walken's depth and breadth of performances. He learnt his stage craft, including dancing, at Hofstra University & ANTA, and picked up a Theatre World award for his performance in the revival of the Tennessee Williams play "The Rose Tattoo".

Walken then first broke through into cinema in 1969 appearing in Me and My Brother (1969), before appearing alongside Sean Connery in the sleeper heist movie The Anderson Tapes (1971). His eclectic work really came to the attention of critics in 1977 with his intense portrayal of Diane Keaton suicidal younger brother in Annie Hall (1977), and then he scooped the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 1977 for his role as Nick in the electrifying The Deer Hunter (1978). Walken was lured back by The Deer Hunter (1978) director Michael Cimino for a role in the financially disastrous western Heaven's Gate (1980), before moving onto surprise audiences with his wonderful dance skills in Pennies from Heaven (1981), taking the lead as a school teacher with telepathic abilities in the Stephen King inspired The Dead Zone (1983) and then as billionaire industrialist Max Zorin trying to blow up Silicon Valley in the 007 adventure A View to a Kill (1985).

Looking at many of Walken's other captivating screen roles, it is easy to see the diversity of his range and even his droll comedic talents with humorous appearances in Biloxi Blues (1988), Wayne's World 2 (1993), Joe Dirt (2001), Mousehunt (1997) and America's Sweethearts (2001). Most recently, he continued to surprise audiences again with his work as a heart broken and apologetic father to Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can (2002). Christopher Walken's talents continue to remain in high demand and movie audiences relish watching how capably he re-invents himself for each new challenging role.

Georgianne Walken(January 1969 - present)

Trade Mark:
Always tries to work a jig (dance) into his movies.
Haunting, dark humour filled monologues


Saturday, August 11, 2007

87.5% of New Yorkers Say. “Let A Jury Decide Gallagher’s Innocence”

In a recent non-scientific poll conducted by the Juniper Park Patriots we found that it is very likely that 87.5% of New Yorkers feel that Councilman Gallagher should be given his day in court and let the facts be presented to a jury. The poll also revealed that many people feel that a thorough investigation should be conducted, that Gallagher should be treated fairly and that everyone is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty. The poll was conducted with no scientific methodology and with minimal effort. The Patriots admit we have taken certain liberties when arriving at our conclusions but we consider that blogmatic license.

We would like to thank the Queens Courier and reporter Christina Santucci for providing us with the foundation for our data. In her recent “Street Talk” article (Volume 20 Number 33 August 9-15 2007 pg 19), Ms. Santucci posed the question, “Councilman Gallagher has admitted to adultery not rape…what do you think?

And here is what some people had to say…

“They should keep investigating. If they said he did it, then we have to find out the truth. To accuse someone of a crime wrongly without investigating ruins their character.”
- Francis Radicer, Ridgewood

“I’ve met him before, and I don’t think that he is capable of doing that. He is a nice man.”
- Zenaida Velinich, Ridgewood

“People have a responsibility to make sure that politicians and organizations are held accountable for their actions.”
- Elliot Bassman, Jackson Heights

“I believe that they should continue to investigate. I feel that he should be treated fairly like anyone else.”
- Donna Pagan, Howard beach

“I wasn’t there. I can’t pass judgment. They should continue to investigate.
- Anila Shiwlochan, Middle Village

“I think he is innocent but stupid for getting himself mixed up in that kind of trouble. The District Attorney should continue to look into it.”
- Nicole Russo, Middle Village

“They should continue to investigate the matter, of course. If he did it, then that’s a crime.”
- Born Allah, Middle Village

“I feel that he has done well for the community. I think they should throw out the grand jury because only one side-prosecutors-are heard. Many people in the community feel that he is being railroaded.”
- Joe Occhiuto, Middle Village

*Please be advised that this was a severely non-scientific poll with a correction factor of a plus or minus 98 points.

We conducted another poll and found that 96.4% of New Yorkers think that Bob Holden is a lunatic, a moron, a heartless human being and an overall town idiot.

Tony, Lorraine, Christina, Steve, Ed and Tony Avella thought Bob was O.K.

Way to Go Carol Terrano!

Let us give a big Patriots applause to Carol A. Terrano.

Image Hosted by

Please see below, the fantastic letter Carol Terrano wrote to the Queens Tribune in response to "Despicable Christina's" personal attack.

To The Editor:

Ms. Wilkinson’s response to my letter of July 26 proves my point – be careful with whom you disagree.

When I wrote to the Tribune, I never wrote as member of any organization, but obviously Ms. Wilkinson did a little research and all she could discover was my membership on a community board.

She ascribes various motives for my position re: Gallagher. For example, intimating I belong to a group of “female supporters” and was manipulated into writing on his behalf. Obviously she didn’t do her homework. I’ve never been introduced to the man–nor does he even know of my existence. Anyone who knows me realizes that any attempt at manipulating me would be unsuccessful; early in life I learned to think for myself.

The only motive I have for my position was a commitment to fair play and belief in the Constitution. We, as citizens of this wonderful country are protected by the Constitution – innocent until proven guilty.

Let Gallagher have his day in court; allow the system to work, its been around for over 200 years. Don’t try him in the media.

My suggestion to Ms. Wilkinson: Take a course in Civics 101. An allegation/accusation is not a fact until it is proven. Work on being a discriminating thinker and reader.

Nowhere in my letter did I allege that the entire JPCA conspired to railroad Gallagher. Of note, a recent New York Post article quotes an officer who admits that over seven months ago, he contacted DOI about Gallagher.

Ms. Wilkinson, use your energy and talents working with JPCA – don’t lower yourself to being used in personal petty attacks.

Carol A. Terrano,

As it appears in the Queens Tribune under "Personal Attack"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Let her tell her story, subject to cross examination"

On Monday’s “Inside City Hall,” Tom Ognibene, a close political ally and former boss of Dennis Gallagher, says he has some questions about the rape charges filed against the Queens lawmaker. Mr.Ognibene utilizes the same common sense and intelligence during this interview that made him a well respected elected official. We commend Mr. Ognibene for his straight forwardness and his no nonsense approach.

The quality of this clip isn't great, but the message is clear.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Once Again JPCA Shows Their Proclivity for Hatred

To The Editor:
I can’t begin to express my anger and disappointment in your printing a front page picture of a man holding a sign with a “noose” hanging from a lynching tree with the words, “Reserved for Gallagher, Bloomberg, Matt Gorton.” This is reminiscent of the mobs and knight-riders who terrorized communities in the South. The only thing missing was the hoods and Confederate Flag. The rope hanging from the tree is symbolic of the hundreds and even thousands of blacks who were lynched within the last century and is a despicable message to send to our young and old alike. There must be better ways for this organization to express their views without potentially insulting all people of color.

As an African American man, I demand an apology from the leaders of the Juniper Park Civic Association, Councilman Tony Avella, who has expressed an interest in running for Mayor of this diverse City, and anyone else connected to this hateful and insensitive display of conduct.

As an M.S.W. and human service provider, I would have thought that in the year 2007, we would have moved beyond this type of outrageous and absurd behavior. I wonder if these shameless folks would like to join me in demonstrating for a cause in South Jamaica.

Maurice Lacey,

Actual Letter from the Queens Tribune

Friday, August 3, 2007

A District Attorney Could Indict a Ham Sandwich

Unfortunately, a young lawyer right out of law school can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. We should remember that an indictment is not a conviction. Moreover, we should be cognizant that many scholars have alleged that the grand jury no longer protects the weak or unpopular from judicial harassment or politically motivated prosecutions. The grand jury was created to function as a body of neighbors who would aid the state in bringing criminals to justice while protecting the innocent from unjust accusation. However, the grand jury has ceased to accomplish this original purpose and has become increasingly subject to debilitating exploitation and misuse. All of the major recent studies conclude that the grand jury has become, in effect, a rubber stamp of the prosecutor and not the check on his or her power that it is required to be.

Indictment by grand jury affords none of the fundamental rights provided in a criminal trial. Unless he or she is called as a witness, the defendant has neither the right to appear and present evidence to the grand jury nor to confront witnesses against them. Only the district attorney may appear and present evidence giving a defendant an unfair disadvantage. Even if called as a witness, a defendant may not have the assistance of counsel to advise him. Furthermore, the grand jury is "not required to hear evidence for the defendant," and may reject such evidence at the very outset. Without hearing the evidence in the first place, the opportunity to determine whether evidence exists to "explain away the charge" is in effect suppressed, virtually assuring the finding of an indictment on the basis of "unexplained or uncontradicted" evidence. When the function of indictment is coupled with the responsibility of determining the character of the evidence that supports it, and with the right to exclude all evidence that could explain or contradict, the result is not appropriate. In short, it is both derogatory of the jury's basic purpose and devoid of fairness.

Let us remember that a defendant who is subject to indictment by grand jury is denied the right to present evidence to explain or contradict the charge, has no right to appear or to have the assistance of counsel, and may not confront and cross-examine the witnesses against him. Councilman Gallagher has not been convicted of a crime and will have the opportunity to present evidence that will exonerate him during his trial.

We are all innocent until proven guilty.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Gallagher Takes a Brave Stand before Grand Jury

Councilman Dennis Gallagher decided to testify and tell his side of the story despite his lawyer advising him not to appear before the grand jury. One can surmise that Gallagher decided to testify because he is innocent of the charges against him and he believes he will be exonerated. Even court experts say it is relatively unusual for someone accused of a crime to take the stand before the grand jury, unless that person is truly innocent.

The Councilman faced the grand jury and admitted that he committed adultery and not rape when he had sex with the woman he met at the bar. Not surprisingly, his accuser is calling him a liar and his testimony is bullshit, but according to police reports it seems that the woman is one that is not telling the truth. One example is that despite her claims of having bruises all over her body, police reports do not mention these bruises. In addition, further supporting Gallagher’s claim was the testimony of the neighbor who lives next to the councilman’s campaign office. The neighbor told police that he did not hear any screams or any commotion that evening, but he did notice the lights on in the office and heard people conversing. This account does not support that a violent and vicious attack happened that evening inside the office.

We believe that Councilman Dennis Gallagher showed a lot courage by testifying and not hiding behind procedural law and attorney advice. He could have easily declined to appear before the grand jury but he decided that he would show the public that he has nothing to hide. Based upon the evidence and the testimony given, we hope that the District Attorney declines to prosecute.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice A Day!

The Juniper Park Patriots were shocked and a little bit nauseous when we found ourselves agreeing with Councilman Tony Avella.

With that said, we support Mr. Avella’s fight (Resolution No. 930) to include the nativity/crèche scene to be displayed in public schools along with the menorah and the Islamic star and crescent symbols during the winter holiday season.

The Department of Education, in their infinite wisdom (or lack thereof) believes by allowing Christmas trees to be displayed along with the menorah and the Islamic star and crescent, they are being fair to Christians/Catholics and their beliefs. Unfortunately, the DOE is incorrect in this assertion because the Christmas tree is nothing more than a pagan symbol and not a religious symbol like the menorah or crescent star.

Mr. Avella stated that, "My resolution is purely about inclusion. By adding a Nativity scene/crèche to the holiday display, Christianity will receive equal representation with other religious faiths during the holiday season. These are the kinds of fair and common sense things I want to change in this city."

We may choke on our dirty water dog, but damn it, we agree with Avella. The catholic religion should be given equal inclusion in NYC public schools during the winter holiday season. More importantly, the DOE should live up to its promise that they will encourage children and help them to develop an understanding and respect for other cultures and beliefs.

We urge other city council members to support Resolution 930 which would demand that if the Department of Education allows the Jewish menorah and the Islamic star and crescent symbols to be displayed in the public schools in the winter holiday season, then nativity/crèche scenes should also be on display.

We applaud (while gagging) Councilman Avella for standing up to the Department of Education and demanding they give equal treatment to all religions. We also hope that Avella stays out of Middle Village and Maspeth to concentrate more on Auburndale, Bayside, Bayside Hills, Bay Terrace, Beechhurst, Bowne Park, Clearview, College Point, Douglaston, Flushing North, Little Neck, Malba, Robinwood, and Whiestone and attend to his constituents’ needs.

Surprisingly, there seems to be a glimmer of intelligence and common sense in Avella and we hope that he will soon see that Bob Holden and Tony Nuziato will eventually drag him down, tarnish his reputation and hurt his bid for mayor.

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Famous Queens Resident Series, Part X

Burt Young - The famous character actor seen in the “Rocky” films once lived near Bell Boulevard in Bayside

Mini Bio: Burly, talented character actor who has remained consistently busy playing "rough at the edge" type characters, often on the wrong side of the law. Young was born Jerry De Louise on April 30 1940 in New York City, where he received his dramatic arts training under legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio.

Young first gathered notice playing tough thugs in such films as The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (1971), Across 110th Street (1972), Chinatown (1974) and The Gambler (1974). Fiery director Sam Peckinpah cast Young as the getaway driver / assassin, "Mac", in The Killer Elite (1975), and Young came to the attention of newcomer Sylvester Stallone, who cast him as future brother-in-law 'Paulie' in the 1976 sleeper hit Rocky (1976). The talented Young was nominated for an Oscar, and has gone on to reprise the role in all five "Rocky" sequels to date! Peckinpah re-hired him to play renegade trucker "Pigpen" in the moderately successful Convoy (1978) (watch for "Pigpen's" Mack truck where the writing on the door states "Paulie Hauling"!).

Young has also appeared in numerous other major productions, including Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) and The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002).

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