Monday, August 31, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama Thinks He Is So Important

when did the President become more important than THE PEOPLE in this country?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mark Levin Remembers the Tragic Events of July 18 1969

Fidel Obama Takes Over Auto Industry, HealthCare..........

Barack Hussein Obama wont restuntil the government controls everything!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally, Justice For Mary Jo Kopechne

7/18/09 - 40 years ago, on July 18, 1969, a car driven by Ted Kennedy veered off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island and into the waters near Martha's Vineyard ... killing his traveling companion, Mary Jo Kopechne, 28, who was trapped in the overturned vehicle and drowned.

Kennedy did not contact police until the next day. He later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a two-month suspended jail sentence.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama's Vacation

this guys been in office for 7 freaking months.
the country is in a shambles.
everything he's done has been a disaster.

and NOW he's taking a vacation??

are you freaking kidding me?!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Doesn't Know His Ass From His Elbow

Drinking With Bob Rants About Taxpayer Owned School Supplies

New York Sate used 140 million dollars of YOUR stimulus money to buy school supplies.

In order to qualify for the program you had to have already been collecting welfare and food stamps. Once you qualified you received $200 for each child you had between the age of 3 and 17.

You were not required to buy school supplies with the money. It was just a suggestion. After you got it you were free to spend the money on ANYTHING you wanted.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dems Turn the Screws to Fix 38th AD Election

Looks like the Dems used the usual strong arm tactics to get their way. First they reneged on their deal with Al Baldeo, then they threaten the jobs of relatives to ensure the district leaders voted their way. Way to go Queens Democratic Party, you never fail to disappoint.

from Elizabeth Benjamin's The Daily Politics
Dems Pick Miller In 38th AD
August 17, 2009

As expected, the Queens Democrats have tapped Mike Miller as their candidate to run in the Sept. 15 special election for the seat vacated by scandal-scarred former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

The decision was made by three of the four district leaders in the 38th AD. Seminerio, who remains a district leader despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to, and is awaiting sentencing for, influence-peddling, did not show up at the party HQ to vote.

The decision on Miller, a Community Board 5 member who has never held elected office, was not unanimous.

He got two votes, while Nick Comaianni, a member of Community Board 9 and Community Education Council of District 24 president, received one.

A Queens tipster says the vote was 2-1 for Comianni a few weeks ago. No word on who flipped.

Queens Democratic Party Executive Secretary Michael Reich confirmed Miller's selection and the fact that Seminerio was a no-show. ("We weren't surprised," Reich said of the erstwhile lawmaker's absence in selecting his potential successor).

Miller has been cross-endorsed by the Conservative Party (they formally nominated him last Friday after Gov. David Paterson changed his mind and re-issued a proclamation for the 38th AD special election).

Seminerio regularly ran with the Conservative line - and sometimes the GOP line, too. But the demographic of the district has been changing, with a lot of minorities moving in (it was only 42 percent white after the 2000 Census), supplanting the right-leaning, Caucasian conservative Democrats.

I asked Reich if he's worried Miller's cross-endorsement could hurt him since the special election is being held concurrent with the primary, which tends to draw hard-core Democrats. That would be a big problem for Miller if the WFP, which hasn't picked a candidate yet, decides to nominate someone to his left.

"It's going to be up to us to put the Democratic candidate forward," Reich said. "I believe we can do that. Mike is a guy who has been active in the community for a long time. Honestly, he has not been that active in Democratic politics, but he's a life-long Democrat and he demonstrated to us that he has a great deal of community support."

"...We're trying to add something new and different to the mix here. We're looking to build the party and Mike will help us do that. I don't know what the Working Families Party will do. I hope they'll support our candidate, but we haven't spoken to them as of yet."

It's worth noting that the labor-backed party and its allies have bucked the Queens Democrats in several Council races this year. On the 38th AD question, WFP spokesman Dan Levitan was non-committal, saying only:

"WFP members will look at all the candidates in the race and endorse the one who will best represent working people in Queens."

Of course, letting the 38th AD contest go forward as a regular election was a dangerous proposition, too, because there's not much of a mayor's race to pull voters and the one person who will be spending a lot on GOTV is a certain billionaire whose name will appear on the GOP line.

(Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who wants to keep the seat in Democratic hands, was worried about this, and pushed Paterson to reinstate the special election he had called off).

Meanwhile, one of the three other Democrats who petitioned their way onto the ballot and are now being denied a run by Paterson's special election decision - is filing a federal lawsuit against the governor this afternoon.

No word yet on what Albert Baldeo is going to do.

The Republicans are expected to Donna Marie Caltabiano, who also filed petitions and got on the ballot, to run.

Read more:

Obama the Anti-Veteran President

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Takes Credit for Ending World Hunger

Welcome to the wonderful delusional world of Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

Recently she has sent letters, been on television, in the papers and standing on top of the Woodhaven House stating that she single handedly rezoned Middle Village and Maspeth! What she fails to tell you is that the process was started many years ago by community minded individuals. These are the people that painstakingly walked the 300 blocks house by house to develop an intelligent and comprehensive rezoning plan, it was NOT Elizabeth Crowley!

When the survey was completed, the community board and the current councilmember presented the plan to City Planning, NOT Elizabeth Crowley. Unfortunately, the plan stalled because Robert Holden and his morons were unwilling, unable and incapable of working with the administration. Do you know why the rezoning plan was finally approved and passed?


C’mon folks, Elizabeth Crowley couldn’t pass gas after a bean burrito eating contest!
Elizabeth Crowley is also going around saying she did so well in the budget. Do you know why Elizabeth Crowley did well in the budget?


So please join us and let’s stop Dizzy Lizzy before she claims it was HER that invented the internet or when SHE claims that she can end world hunger BY cooking minute rice in 30 seconds.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Protests

the White House and the mainstream media play the "race card" in order to try and force people to accept their socialist agenda.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama the Sorry President

Don't you just wish he would just fly away and take Elizabeth Crowley and Bob Holden with him?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Congressman Meeks & Councilwoman Crowley Praise Al Baldeo's leadership

Elizabeth Crowley praises Al Baldeo just before she puts the knife in his back.

Dizzy Lizzy will say anything, promise everything in return for your support then after getting elected she will stab you in the back, bad mouth you and do nothing for you.

Is this the type of person we want in the City Council representing us?

Drinking With Bob Rants About North Korea

the two reporters who got captured in North Korea are NOT heroes. They're zeros.

They should have never been in North Korea to begin with!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Paterson Calls Primary Day Special In The 38th AD

Looks like big boss politics screws the community once again. It appears that Mike Miller will be the Queens Democratic Organization's choice, may not be the worst choice and he will probably win. However, can Elizabeth Crowley withstand an energized Caribbean backlash in the upcoming election?

We can almost assure that Al slim shade Baldeo is going to do whatever it takes to exact revenge against Liz Crowley and the democratic organization that has screwed him once again.

Not to mention, the other candidates that have been denied their right to run!

The Daily Politics by Elizabeth Benjamin

Flouting the calls of good government groups and candidates who have already petitioned their way onto the ballot, Gov. David Paterson has called a special election to fill the seat left vacant by the abrupt resignation in June of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

The election in the 38th AD will be held on primary day, Sept. 15, Paterson announced in a press release, adding:

"This special election will ensure that the residents in part of Queens County will have the representation they need in the New York State Legislature. I encourage all eligible voters to come out to the polls on September 15th and select their future Assembly member."

This move isn't exactly a surprise.

Paterson's office informed the city Board of Elections last month that he was likely to call a Primary Day special election, leaving the decision of who should run to replace Seminerio up to party leaders in Queens.

The Democratic candidate will be selected by the 38th AD's four district leaders, which includes Seminerio himself. (He doesn't have to give up the position until he is sentenced on the corruption charge to which he pleaded guilty in late June).

There has been some speculation (fueled by former Senate candidate Al Baldeo, who filed petitions to run in the 38th, was put on the ballot by the board and has the support of Sen. John Sampson), that Seminerio might try to get his son nominated. But I haven't heard anything from the party on that.

Baldeo had used the opportunity of Councilman Bill de Blasio's brief ballot access scare to argue that depriving the voters of a wide variety of choices - be it by bouncing candidates from the ballot or letting political bosses hand pick a candidate - would be anti-democratic.

The Queens Democratic Party's Mike Reich was not shy about telling me that political organizations generally prefer special elections because they are "always easier" for party leaders to "have a handle on."

Also, he argued, a special election is cost-effective, because it cuts down on the number of candidates and thus avoids a pricey primary.

It will be interesting to see if Lourdes Ventura, an aide to Senate President Malcolm Smith, who had expressed interest in Seminerio's seat but didn't file petitions, resurfaces.

There has been a lot of talk about CB 5 member Michael Miller, who has been amassing support, including an endorsement from Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, cousin of Queens Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley, and the Queens Conservative Party.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crowley Vs. Ognibene, "The Thriller in Middle Villa"

Elizabeth Crowley hopes reelection for Council seat will mean break from ongoing campaign
BY John Lauinger
Daily News Staff Writer

Winning reelection in November would give City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley her first full term - and a chance to finally take a break from the campaign trail.

The Glendale Democrat is gearing up for her third election in 17 months - a whirlwind schedule triggered when the district's former councilman, Dennis Gallagher, pleaded guilty to sex-abuse charges last year.

"The pace has been nonstop," Crowley (D-Middle Village) said of her campaign in the 30th Council District. "It's kept me going. It's kept me reaching out."

Crowley lost a four-way nonpartisan special election to Anthony Como in June 2008. But she then unseated him in a November special election, winning the right to serve the final year of Gallagher's term.

But with a four-year term at stake this time around, Crowley, 31, faces a general election challenge from a battle-tested Republican Thomas Ognibene.

Ognibene, a 67-year-old lawyer from Middle Village, served on the Council from 1991 to 2001. His experience and name recognition make GOP insiders giddy at his prospects for retaking the district, which includes Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood, with parts of Richmond Hill, Woodhaven and Forest Hills.

Crowley, however, has proven to be an adept fund-raiser, amassing $55,115 so far compared with Ognibene's $36,596, city records show.

Ognibene, who has spent $8,330 so far from his war chest, finished third in the June 2008 special election and bowed out of the contest last November.

He said he decided to run this year because he believes Crowley rode the coattails of Barack Obama's popularity last year.

During his decade in office during the Rudy Giuliani era, he said, government cooperated with citizens to solve quality-of-life problems and improve safety.

He said he thinks that approach has been abandoned in recent years.

Crowley, who has spent $16,580 of her campaign cash so far, slammed Ognibene's Obama-factor argument. She noted that in some parts of the district, like Maspeth, she outperformed Obama by "10% of the vote."

She added that she helped improve the quality of life in the district by spurring completion of a downzoning for Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale, which the Council passed last week.

Ognibene said the rezoning had begun while he was in office.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Taxes and Rosie O'Donnell

the problem with this country is not that people don't pay enough taxes.

It's that the government pisses OUR tax money away!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ognibene and the Mayor take on Crowley

Looks like we have a David versus Goliath story occuring in the 30th Council District. In this case, David is wearing a pant suit.

City Hall News:

Mayor provides big help to one-time challenger he recruited into Council race
Sal Gentile

Elizabeth Crowley is running for the third time in little over a year for her Council seat, but what might have been an easy race to her first full four-year term has turned surprisingly difficult due to intrusion from an unlikely corner: Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Crowley has a strong opponent thanks wholly to the mayor, who while luring the Queens GOP himself, began recruiting former Council Member Tom Ognibene into the race at Council Member Eric Ulrich’s ceremonial swearing-in in February.

Ognibene, who held Crowley’s seat from 1993 through 2001, demurred. So Bloomberg called back later with added pressure.

“We need you back in the Council, Tom,” said the mayor, who in 2005 fought to keep Ognibene off the Republican ballot. (Ognibene, who was then a fierce critic of the mayor, eventually challenged him on the Conservative line in the general election.)

Bloomberg won the GOP line in part by promising Queens GOP leaders that he would help down-ballot candidates.

While some have questioned his commitment to this elsewhere around the city, he has so far kept pledges to back Ognibene. Resources like manpower, talking points and polling data will likely make Ognibene the beleaguered GOP’s best hope for picking up a seat in the November.

Bloomberg petitioners helped the former Council minority leader get on the ballot with an objection-proof number of signatures. And a public endorsement, with swings through the heart of the district, is only weeks away, according to Bloomberg advisers and Queens Republicans.

But some Queens Democrats are pushing back on the idea that Bloomberg will really get so involved. Democrats dismiss Bloomberg’s promises however as a ploy to get the Queens GOP endorsement—promises they say he has not kept.

Crowley has been personally insisting to colleagues in private conservations that “the mayor’s not going to help Tom,” according to those who have spoken with her. Her aides insist that Bloomberg’s support will amount to no more than a mailing or two.

“I haven’t seen him say one thing about Tom Ognibene,” Crowley said in an interview. “Not one.”

Ognibene, meanwhile, has made the mayor’s support one of the biggest talking points in his campaign. He has touted his arrangement with Bloomberg as proof that he can bring substantial resources back to his Queens district, even as a Republican.

“The most important relationship that I have is the relationship with the mayor’s office,” he said. “He was the one who asked me to run.”

Gotham is Protesting Against the Joker

Rep Doggett met with constituents outside a grocery store in south Austin regarding the health care bill. Apparently the event was mostly advertised in liberal leaning local publications. He did not bring a megaphone, so hearing what he had to say was difficult. When he started making the move to leave, the crowd erupted chanting "Just say no!" His worker got the car ready to shuttle him away but the crowd surrounded it and it took a while for him to get out of the parking lot. The whole time, the "Just say no!" chant continued. It probably won't matter - from his facial expression, body language, and what was heard to come out of his mouth, he's for the the health care bill in its present form and has no openness to change on that.