Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Harry Reid

Harry Reid said the other day that if you are against government run healthcare you would have been pro-slavery.

Harry Reid is an Idiot and he is grasping at straws because the Government Run Healthcare Bill is going down in flames!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to step off Air Force One with dignity !!! (or without)

I think this one speaks for itself!!!!!!

Drinking With Bob Rants About Cash for Caulkers

Obama has come up with a new way to spend your money.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods is No Role Model

Some talking moronic head of the media cesspool was lamenting today that the recent demise of the Tiger Woods mystique is just another example of another fallen role model looked up to by millions of misguided children. The idiot went on to introduce some whacked out psychiatrist to explain how parents can help children cope with this tragic event. Stay tuned for a new drug that parents can give children to ease the pain when role models behave badly.

However, I have the perfect remedy for our disappointed children. How about we start admiring REAL ROLE MODELS! The media should stop glorifying these high priced morally deficient, self absorbed celebrities and start recognizing true heroes and positive role models.

Let us start teaching our children that true role models are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Let’s praise individuals that sacrifice their time, resources and personal safety for the benefit of others. Let’s start glorifying, police officers, firemen, military personnel, teachers, doctors, philanthropists, scientist, devoted parents, civic-minded individuals ect ect ect.

Thanks to our parasitic media, there is no shortage of negative role models for our children in today’s society. Children and adolescents imitate the actions and appearance of video, movie, and television stars. However, all this exposure to negative behavior is one sided because today’s media is not promoting family values and modeling pro-social behavior for children. Many parents would cringe to think their daughters would want to imitate some of today’s trendy appearances and behaviors exhibited by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or the bimbo du jour.

While children do look to the media for role models, PARENTS still have a tremendous amount of influence in their children’s lives and should exert that power on a daily basis. To increase their influence, parents need to limit the amount of time kids spend watching the boob tube and videos and increase the time children spend with them. Children are more likely to imitate parents if parents spend time with them. In addition, parents should be very intentional about what they role model for their children.

Tell our children that Tiger Woods is an idiot and teach them about Major General Leonard Wood!

Major General Leonard Wood was an aggressive and energetic soldier who was instrumental in transforming the U.S. Army into a modern fighting force. He was born on 9 October 1860, in Winchester, New Hampshire. Following his father’s lead, he entered Harvard Medical School in 1880. He graduated from the school in 1883.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Tiger Woods

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ulrich Pens Piece Supporting Employer Paid Sick-leave Legislation

Eric Ulrich, the tri-sexual councilman from Howard Beach is sponsoring what he calls a “tripartisan” bill that would ultimately strangle small business owners in this already suffocating economy. Eric Ulbitch once again proves that his political expediency is more important than the future of this great city. Eric Ulrich wants to break the backbone of our economy by imposing yet another financial burden on small businesses.

Eric Ulrich is so out of touch with reality because he has no idea what it means to work. At twenty something years old he has never had a real job and he stepped in political dog shit by winning a special election that a bunch of morons on the ballot.

Now my fellow neighbors in Howard Beach have to suffer through the next 4 years as this insufferable wet behind the ears egomaniac destroys our community, small business owners and our great city.

The Urban Elephants

Ulrich Pens Piece Supporting Employer Paid Sick-leave Legislation
Posted by: The Editors in Untagged on Dec 11, 2009

Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich is sponsoring a bill that would make paid sick days a basic workplace standard for all employers - called the Paid Sick Time Act. Here's a link to one of the bills strongest supporters - the Working Families Party...

New York City’s campaign to make paid sick days a basic workplace standard continues to gain steam. In an op-ed in yesterday’s Daily News, Councilmember Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) calls paid sick days “tripartisan” legislation that “unites New Yorkers from all walks of life.”

December 8, 2009
Bill to help out ill workers is good for everyone’s health
By Eric Ulrich

As local and national public health officials work overtime to stop the spread of swine flu, they have made sure to highlight common sense measures the public can take to do its part. Almost always, near the top of the list is simply avoiding people you might infect when you are sick: staying home from work and keeping sick children out of school.

But for nearly half of all working New Yorkers, that common sense suggestion may not be an option. A report from the Community Service Society and A Better Balance estimates that 48% of New Yorkers - more than 1.65 million people - have no paid sick days where they work. Low-income New Yorkers suffer the most; fully two-thirds (66%) cannot take a paid day off when they get sick. Nor can an astounding 72% of Latino low wage workers.

For these working families, the next cold or flu means a tough choice between their health (and the health of their co-workers) and the paycheck they need to make ends meet.

...the piece goes on...

Worse, the report suggests that access to paid sick days is on the decline. As recently as 2004, 69% of “near-poor” workers - those just above the poverty line ($22,050 for a family of four) - had paid sick leave where they worked. Today, just 33% of near-poor workers report having paid sick days. It appears that the recession is not only making jobs harder to find; the jobs that do exist are increasingly less likely to provide adequate benefits.

That thousands of working families live in fear that getting sick could be financially ruinous is troubling enough. But the consequences of lacking paid sick days may extend far beyond individual workers and their families.

New York City has sensibly made it a policy to close public schools only as a last resort in the event of a swine flu outbreak. But key to the success of the city’s swine flu plan is the ability of parents to follow the city’s own advice by keeping flu-stricken children at home where they cannot infect their classmates and teachers.

For many working parents, that plan may sound doomed to fail. According to the report, 54% of public school parents (and 65% of low-income public school parents) lack paid sick days where they work. Unsurprisingly, 30% of low-income parents report having sent a sick child to school.

There is also evidence that the lack of paid sick days may even be contributing to our broken health care system, where preventable illnesses go untreated and the underserved choke our emergency rooms and hospitals.

Twenty-two percent of low-income workers who have health insurance report visiting an emergency room simply because they could not take time off work for a doctor’s appointment.

The statistics are depressing, but the city can and should take action. The Paid Sick Time bill currently under consideration by the City Council would allow all working New Yorkers to earn paid sick leave on the job. With 39 Council co-sponsors, the bipartisan bill is a common sense way to help working families and protect the public health. (Actually, as a major priority of the progressive Working Families Party, it’s a tripartisan bill.)

New York would not be the first city to implement a universal paid sick days law. San Francisco and Washington have made paid sick leave a basic workplace standard, and more than 15 states are considering similar measures.

It is an idea that unites New Yorkers from all walks of life - from single parents to labor leaders and business groups, liberals and conservatives, advocates for women and advocates for family values. It is time to put paid sick days at the top of the agenda.

...the legislation, specifically, would force most employers to offer 72 hours of paid sick leave - that's nearly two weeks of full compensation. And the definition of "being sick" includes a variety of circumstances, many of which have nothing to do with employee illness. Here's a few specifics of the bill in question...

The legislation would ensure that employers allow a certain amount of temporary time off from work to take care of their own health needs or the health needs of members of their families or to deal with health and safety issues arising from domestic or sexual violence.
Subdivision c of section 22-507 would provide for the accrual of paid sick time. Paragraph one of such subdivision would declare that all employees have the right to paid sick time as provided in this section. Paragraph (2) of such subdivision would require that all employers provide a minimum of one hour of paid sick time for every thirty hours worked by an employee. Under this provision, employers would not be required to provide more than seventy-two hours of sick time for an employee in a calendar year.
The legislation would benefit society by providing time for domestic violence victims to go to court or to relocate to safety and would allow such victims to protect themselves.
...supporters of the bill, like Mr. Ulrich and the Left-wing, union-based Working Families Party, claim that it would have a positive effect on the health of NYC overall. The main example they cite is that because parents have no paid sick days, they are forced to send their sick children to school in direct conflict to good public health policy and the recommendations of the Department of Education. If these workers had paid sick days, they could stay home and take care of their sick kids and avoid the risk of infecting other children, which could spread the illness widely.

Oddly, there is a strong reference to "domestic violence" cases and "domestic partners" being covered, which seems misplaced in a bill to protect sick workers. There are many "good" reasons why a worker could miss time on the job. Why specifically cite just illness and domestic violence in this bill? It seems that there is the Pandora's box being opened with this legislation, as many interest groups will line up claiming that employers should offer "sick time" for a number of difficult situations for employees - all potentially deserving of paid time off.

As well, the entire burden of this "tripartisan" piece of legislation, as stated by Councilmember Ulrich, will fall on employers. If this is such a good idea, why not have workers themselves pay into the system to fund this new employment benefit? When NYC is already the one of the most un-competitive places to be an employer, how can it make sense for the Council to pass another unfunded employment mandate on the business community?

What NYC needs now are jobs. Additional mandated employee benefits, even if they can be argued as beneficial to the city at-large, will do nothing to increase employment in NYC and, to the contrary, this measure forces employers to think long and hard about adding additional workers to their rolls.

Lastly, this position seems odd for a self-proclaimed "conservative" to writing about in the Daily News. If the average worker and employer can't count on Republican representatives to fight for their concerns, who do they have to turn to? In many ways, this piece of legislation could have been just as easily sponsored by Councilmember Leticia James as the GOP's Ulrich. Do UE readers think this is the direction the Republican Party should be going?

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Battty Holden and Douche Doocey to the Rescue!

Looks like Bob Holden during his peeping tom walk, spotted two Middle Eastern men walking over the Middle Village pedestrian overpass and automatically called the police because he knew they were terrorists!

Ladies and gentleman, I believe we have a hero living in Middle Village! According to Super Bob, he single handedly stopped a major terrorists plot! When is Obama going to send Bob Holden to go find Osama Bin Laden!

Bob Holden is a master at racial profiling and can be observed at JFK Airport on all fours sniffing people’s luggage looking for contraband. We need more maniacs like Bob Holden walking the street and harassing Middle Eastern men walking over the pedestrian bridges to stop the bombings in Middle Village!

Batty Bob Holden and his sidekick Douche Doocey, the dynamic duo of stupidity should be commended for saving Gotham City from Pink elephants, little green men and Christina Wilkinson!

Good job Bob!

Here is the hysterical article printed in this edition of the Juniper Fairy Tale

On Monday November 16th while taking his usual 45 minute morning walk around the community, JPCA president Bob Holden noticed two suspicious looking men walking toward Middle Village at the pedestrian overpass over the Long Island Railroad from the Rego Park side. What made the men stand out was the fact that they appeared to be walking at a very slow pace while looking behind and from side to side. Both were carrying large backpacks and both appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent. (Now we know Mr. Obama and all of the overly sensitive politically correct pundits would not want us to write that however the 911 operator asked for a description of the men.)

As Holden walked past the men and onto the bridge the two stopped in the middle with one man looking eastbound and the other westbound as the speeding commuter trains zoomed by at 80 mph.

Holden called 911 to report suspicious looking men hanging around the overpass. How many citizens would even do that? We hope that most would but JPCA members are constantly reminded to be alert. After the 911 call and a call to the Community Affairs office of the 104th Precinct, Holden doubled back to the bridge about 10 minutes later and witnessed the same men standing looking eastbound at two trains. By then the men observed Holden hanging around on the Middle Village side so Bob called for backup as to not make the men suspicious. JPCA secretary Bob Doocey lives a block away and offered to walk to the site and keep an eye on the men until the police arrived.

About 10 minutes later Doocey arrived with no men in sight and no police. About 5 minutes later a van with two officers from the 104th Precinct School Safety squad drove up to the scene. Doocey said the men probably walked down to the other side of the bridge. One officer responded to him that because it was the area of another precinct, “we don’t go there.”

It’s amazing how fast we forget the memories and threats of 9/11/2001. With the terrorist trials coming to New York City it doesn’t seem like we are really ready. God help us all.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama Pissing Our Money Away

the president spent another couple of million taxpayer dollars on a party.

I guess the threat of a double dip recession and 10% unemployment isn't going to deter Barack Obama from having a good time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Robert Doocey and Lorraine Sciulli Two Racists in a Pod

Can you imagine that with all the people living in Queens, NY1 chooses the two biggest idiots walking our streets. NY1 asked Robert “I wet my pants” Doocey and Lorraine “the wicked witch” Sciulli of the Juniper Park civic Association to opine about Muslims living here in NYC.

In a nutshell, the demented minds under the leadership of Bob Holden feel that we should box up all Muslims and ship them out of the country. Lorraine Scungilli feels that anyone who walks around covered from head to toe is scary while Looney Doocey thinks that if you are Muslim you should be considered a terrorist and dangerous.

This is just another example of the moronic idiocy exhibited by the Juniper Park Civic Association’s brotherhood of hate. Under the chicken wing of Bob Holden their jingoist xenophobic rhetoric would be laughable if they weren’t so vocal and given exposure by the media who love to interview freak shows.
However, NY1 did a great job choosing these two to bolster their story of anti-Muslim sentiment here in NYC.

I can’t wait for the next Robert Doocey and Lorraine Sciulli opinion editorial on the need for clubbing baby seals to save Juniper Park from being polluted by seal shit.

Archie Bunker Doocey and Edith Bunker Sciulli should shut their ignorant mouths and stay home watching re-runs of Gilligan’s Island

Obama is the worst Commander-in-Chief ever

Once again President Barack Hussein Obama and his leftist advisors have revealed that they are clueless when it comes to foreign policy and the use of our military. In an uncomfortable speech last night, Obama says he will commit 30,000 troops but has crippled their efforts by adding the caveat that he will remove troops in January 2012.

You cannot put an exit time and date when it comes to war. The exit time comes when the mission is complete. By offering a firm exit strategy you are telling our enemies to lay low and wait for us to leave so you can resume your insurgence. It also sends a message to our allies that under this president we no longer posses the intestinal fortitude to complete our objective and protect Americans.

Our national security depends on creating the right strategy and winning the war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, we have a President in office that wants to do the right thing for himself and political career and could care less what is best for America.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Seals Getting Screwed

when is our government going to stop treating terrorists like soldiers and soldiers like freaking terrorists?!!!

Obama is One Big Ass Mistake America

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who wants to Slap Elizabeth Crowley?





Elizabeth Crowley's Dirty Little Secrets

Finally, it is not only the Juniper Park Patriots, but someone else has exposed Elizabeth Crowley for the lying fraud that she is! Here is a list of dizzy Lizzy’s dirty little secrets:

She accepts support and funding from the corrupt group ACORN.

She supported Council Leadership who overturned Terms Limits despite the people voting twice for it. (and she is stabbing the same leader in the back by lobbying for her job!)

She Voted to Raise Taxes!

She Receives 8O%of her campaign funds from lobbyists & special interests.

She withheld a report of a highly toxic condition at a Maspeth High School at a City Council Hearing to approve the construction.

She falsely stated that the Maspeth School is zoned for the children

She falsely claimed that she zoned the new Forest Hills high school for the children of Middle Village and Glendale.

She took complete credit for a four year down zoning of the community which was completed before she took office. When confronted with this misrepresentation she said that she “made a phone call” to speed it up.

She was fined $56,000 for campaign Finance Law violations.

She is under investigation for using City Council funds to supplement her campaign.

She said she received millions of dollars in funding for our community but there is no record or any plans or contracts on file with city agencies.

Elizabeth Crowley is caught lying, stealing and cheating again. We need to vote Dizzy Lizzy out of office before she figures out how to use MapQuest and drive to city hall where she can cause real damage.

According to insiders, she has been telecommuting to work because she thought that someone had really purchased the Brooklyn Bridge and turned into floating condo’s preventing access to Manhattan.

Obama's Inaction and Indecision is Killing Soldiers

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama American soldiers have endured the deadliest two days in Afghanistan since the start of the war. To make matters worse, Obama still has not decided what to do with the requests of ground commanders to help the soldiers on the ground.

Obama seems only to make quick snap judgments when it comes to whether or not her should a 7-iron or 9-iron.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama Enslaving America

By the time Obama is done we will be shakled by government control and the yoke of socialism

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Sneaking Behind Christine Quinn’s Back

Unbeknownst to Speaker Christine Quinn, Elizabeth Crowley is whispering in the ears of colleagues on both side of the aisle and political power brokers to express her desire to be the next speaker of the New York City Council.

We think Dizzy Lizzy should worry about getting re-elected first then she can start to undermine the leadership of Christine Quinn. Elizabeth Crowley is already using the slush fund scandal in her inaudible stump speeches and according to insiders there will be more leadership bashing by Crowley.

I wonder what Christine thinks about her new friend Elizabeth biting the hand that fed her. We all know the only reason Liz got a penny for the district was because Quinn was trying to curry favor with the Queens Democrats so she can retain her title as Speaker.

Lew Fidler for Speaker!

Drinking With Bob Rants About Pocket Knife

a six year old in Delaware was suspended for 45 days and sentenced to reform school for bring a pocket knife into school.

the problem with the school system in this country is not that we need more Charter Schools or and extended school day or year. It's that we need more qualified people in the classroom! we need teachers who have COMMON SENSE!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mamma Mia! $325,000 for Bocce!

Elizabeth Crowley and the city are screwing taxpayers again. According to recent articles in the local papers, Bocce Balls for brains Elizabeth Crowley has allocated $325,000 to rebuild the Bocce Courts located in Juniper Park. We did some research and cost comparison to find out how much does it really cost to build a long box with a playable surface.

You will be surprised and angered to know that we called four Bocce Court specialists and they informed us that construction can be anywhere from $2000 to $40,000 (for a very elaborate and ornate court). When we informed them of the $325,000 price tag for the Juniper Courts they laughed and asked if they could get on the bidder’s list.

You may ask why would Elizabeth Crowley make this outlandish allocation to build bocce courts when only a very small percentage of park goers utilize them. I have never seen mothers and their children frolicking on the bocce courts, I have never seen dog owners playing fetch with their pets on the courts, I have never seen kids playing catch on the courts, so why o why. Have you ever tried to play bocce ball on the courts? Good luck. You have to be “member” of the bocce society!

I’ll tell you why. Elizabeth Crowley is a pandering, self-serving moron. She wants to curry favor with the Italians because her opponent IS Italian. Crowley cares about bocce as much as Bob Holden cares about preventing domestic violence. The only thing she cares about is votes and she is using OUR money to get them.

Imagine the good that could have been done for community if the $325,000 was allocated selflessly, without political motivation and without stupidity.

Let’s vote Bocce Ball Crowley out of office!

For those of you that don’t know what’s involved in Bocce Court construction, please read below


Bocce Court

Standard Dimensions

The information below is provided to help standardize the playing surface and dimensions of Court Bocce courts for building new courts or revising current courts. Court lengths can be found from 60 feet to 100 feet with a variety of playing surfaces. The standard dimensions encompass most existing courts; new courts should use the preferred dimensions. We recognize these standards differ from the International Standards which are seldom used to construct courts in the United States. The most important standard is the playing surface to make playing consistent from one court to another. Standardized courts will bring the game of bocce up to the level of all other major sports.

Future standards work may be needed for temporary indoor courts and portable court.

Standard Bocce Court Dimensions

Length L 76 Feet
Width W 10 to 13 Feet
Pointing Foul Line FL 6 Feet
Spock/Hitting Foul Line SL 10 Feet
Center Line CL 1/2 of Length

Standard Bocce Court Materials & Construction

Sideboards & Backboards - Must extend 6 to 12 inches above the playing surface. Made with rigid treated lumber, minimum of 2 inches thick. Must be backed by concrete or 4x4 posts spaced a maximum 4 feet apart. The sideboards must be sufficiently supported or have a hard plastic/rubber bumper along sideboards so that a ball hitting the sideboards at an angle greater than 30 degrees will consistently bank off the sideboards.
Court Material - The court must be constructed similar to standard tennis courts with a minimum 3 inch base of crushed stone on a compacted sub-base and then covered with 2 inches minimum of clay type materials compacted for a hard, smooth, level surface. The top surface must be kept as level as possible and kept treated with a fine grade of loose topping clay that can be brushed to smooth the court. Clay courts must be wet down to keep the clay properly conditioned and compacted. A continuous watering system under the clay surface like good tennis courts is preferred. Drain holes must be provided to prevent standing water on the court. Bocce court contractors are hard to find, however, tennis court contractors are more plentiful and can easily do excellent bocce courts.
Painting - The sideboards & backboards may be painted (preferable white). Easily visible vertical lines 2 inches wide must be painted on the sideboards to indicate the location of the foul lines and center line. Vertical lines 1 inch wide may be painted on the sideboards & backboards to indicate the 12 inch lines for the initial pallino throw.
Other Improvements - Other court improvements such as, scoreboards, protective court end walls, roofs, benches, ball racks, walkways, lighting, handicapped accommodations, etc. are the option of the club. However, no improvement shall interfere with the standard playing rules or playing on the basic court defined above.

Obama is a Nut

Obama will not stop until he drives us all nuts!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Screws Glendale Kiwanis

Controversy Erupts Over Glendale Kiwanis Funding
By Conor Greene

A $3,500 allocation to the Glendale Kiwanis by former City Councilman Anthony Como has turned into a political hot potato after he accused Elizabeth Crowley, who currently represents the area, of diverting the money to another organization.

Como (R-Middle Village), who briefly represented the 30th District after winning a special election last year, sent a letter on Tuesday to fellow Kiwanis members and local papers stating that the funding had been reallocated in January. “I found this very upsetting because I know that groups such as yours depend greatly on this money,” wrote Como.

In the letter, Como stated that he had been contacted by the group’s past president, Joe Aiello to find out why the Kiwanis never received the funds. In the e-mail containing the letter, Como included correspondence he said was from the City Council’s Finance Division confirming that Crowley had diverted the money to another group. “Since we didn’t do a transparency resolution until late January, CM Crowley’s office decided that they wanted to give that money to another [organization] as it is her prerogative to reallocate any funds that had not yet been registered with the Comptroller’s office,” the e-mail stated.

In response, Crowley (D-Middle Village) said she is “very surprised [Como] would stoop this low” and contended that Como never came through on his promise to fund the Kiwanis. “He is making accusations that are not true, just because he failed to meet the community’s concerns as a councilman.” She maintained that the money was never included in last year’s budget and was never diverted to another group.

“He’s being dishonest,” added Crowley. “This is an example of mudslinging that is really based on lies. I’m disappointed in Anthony Como because honestly I thought more of him as an individual than to put together a letter which is not truthful.” Crowley noted that she provided the Kiwanis with $5,000 in this year’s budget. "If you look at the truth, you will know that Anthony Como didn't put a dime aside for the Kiwanis last year as he promised,” she said.

Caught in the middle is Aiello, who said Wednesday that the whole situation is much ado about nothing. He chalked it up to a simple mistake and says he lays no blame with either Como or Crowley. “At first I said ‘gee, we could have used this money,’” he recalled. “Anthony Como called apologizing and I told him there is no foul here. I had a meeting with Elizabeth two weeks ago, she said she would see what she can do about retrieving the money and I said again it was no foul and not to worry about it.”

Como said the letter wasn’t intended to be a political attack against Crowley, despite his relationship with fellow Republican Tom Ognibene, who is challenging her in November. “This is not a political thing, it’s coming from me. If anyone is to blame here, it is Councilmember Crowley – she’s the only one who put me up to this by pulling their funding.”

Ognibene said he had “zero” involvement in the letter and noted that the whole issue arose when Aiello contacted Como. “She’s trying to deflect the fact that she pulled the funding for the Glendale Kiwanis, that’s what the city of New York said, not Tom Ognibene. They asked Anthony why they weren’t getting funding so he made the inquiry and that’s the answer that came back... Let her say it’s not true instead of blaming me. Of course if she did she would be lying again.”

While he doesn’t blame either side, Aiello said he wasn’t thrilled that the club, which is ded- icated to helping those in need, was thrust into the middle of a political fight. “I’m caught in between here and I don’t like it,” he said. “I appreciate what they try to do for the club and I have the utmost respect for Anthony Como and Elizabeth Crowley. What happened here was just a mistake, something that happened. Our club could have used the money, no doubt, but we didn’t lose any sleep over it. There is no harm or foul here... I’m a little bit disappointed. This didn’t have to go to the papers.”

The City Council Finance Division did not return a call by press time seeking clarification as to whether the money was ever allocated.

Obama is a coward and a cry baby. It is amazing that a President single outs a news organization and refuses to speak with them because they disagree with his failed policies. Imagine the vitriolic outcry if President Bush refused to meet or acknowledge CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN!

Barack Hussein Obama wants to control the media so he can control the masses. His refusal to meet with FOX news and label them a political enemy is a travesty and infringement on the First Amendment.

What a coward!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley is Making Little Girls Cry

If Elizabeth Crowley is re-elected we will all have to live in doll houses!

I wonder if the Liberals and Democrats are Sorry Yet

I don't know about you, but I am extremely sorry that we have this sorry president with his sorry policies and his sorry apology tour

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ognibene offers ‘right’ message despite GOP ills

Queens Chronicle.....

Tom Ognibene wants his job back.
The former councilman and Middle Village lawyer will challenge Democratic incumbent Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) on Nov. 3 to reclaim the 30th Council District seat, a position he was term limited out of in 2001.

The Republican contender’s campaign is conservative to the core — an all or nothing bet in a district where traditional blue-collar values run deep despite a two to one Democratic advantage among registered voters.

If elected, Ognibene is promising to fight for lower taxes, smaller government, commercial traffic reforms, more hospitals, a greater police presence and a return to local school zoning.

The GOP nominee is promoting a plan that would require a two-thirds majority to raise taxes and wants to cut government spending through changes to the city’s pension system, debt refinancing and consolidations, pay freezes and layoffs among the city’s various agencies.

“There are agencies in the city government with people walking around and doing nothing — it’s just appalling,” Ognibene said. “Nobody wants to make tough decisions. I want to force people to make tough decisions. The citizens paying the taxes are making tough decisions, aren’t they?”

Ognibene rejected arguments that sending government workers to the burgeoning unemployment lines would ultimately hurt the city by exacerbating financial problems in the private sector with fewer families spending at local businesses.

“Unless we begin to make the choices that I’m suggesting, we are heading for armageddon anyway — so we might as well begin to look at it now,” he said.

Ognibene is also proposing changes to the rules governing commercial traffic in the area, an effort he said would help remove trucks from the district’s crowded streets.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for rail traffic that can substitute for the truck traffic,” he said. “You can control the flow of traffic by having DOT map out better routes. You can have DOT organize themselves better and come up with a better plan than the current federal system that they use for deciding where traffic controls are and how they’re timed.”

Ognibene condemned citywide zoning regulations on new schools, calling for a return to neighborhood districting with a voucher system in place for parents who want to send their kids elsewhere.

“We need schools for kids from our communities — Maspeth, Middle Village, Elmhurst. When these new high schools are built, they’re universally zoned,” he said.

The Republican candidate said that education problems in poor communities are overblown and that efforts to improve the situation by integrating students from various economic backgrounds across neighborhood lines are now putting an unfair burden on parents in good school districts.

“We’ve never really addressed that issue,” he said. “Why are kids in poor neighborhoods not doing well? So they’re going to come to a new school and they’re going to do better? I want my child to go to a community school. I don’t want them to travel around the universe. I want them to go to a school where they’re going to feel safe and they’re going to learn. And I don’t want to sacrifice that because there are other communities in this city that don’t have the same commitment.”

Ognibene said the city needs to address problems in underperforming institutions individually and urged parents in troubled communities to take responsibility for improving their schools.

“This is the nonsense argument that’s infected all of our thinking in this world,” he said. “People have to learn to be accountable. What your status is in life and how your children learn is directly related to what emphasis you want to put on education in your community. Join the PTA. Fight for safer schools. Don’t say, ‘What the hell, I’m going to thrust my problems on you.’”

In the wake of this year’s hospital closings, Ognibene is urging Queens lawmakers to step up efforts to secure funding for new healthcare facilities at the St. John’s and Mary Immaculate sites.

And while he praised the city’s declining crime rates, Ognibene also stressed the need for additional police officers to deter lesser crimes, including vandalism and auto theft.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Nobel Peace Prize

What's next? I'll tell you what's next...

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!! Are you freaking kidding me?!!

Are we living in an alternate universe? Are we in bizarro land? Somebody pinch me cause I'm having a freaking nightmare! I know what you're all saying, Bob why are you so upset? The nobel peace prize doesn't mean anything. Al Gore won it. Jimmy Carter won it. It's useless. It's like winning a gold medal in the special olympics, nobody cares. Well you know what? I care!!

It's an insult to every living breathing person in this world that this guy gets an award for doing nothing! Absolutely nothing!! This is like giving somebody a high school diploma on their first day of kindergarten! Are you freaking kidding me?!!

What's next? Do I open the paper tomorrow? Do I turn on the news and see that Snap, Crackle and Pop were given an award for culinary excellence? Do I see that Roman Polanski was given an award for all the great work he's done with children over the years? Do I see that Cayle Anthony's mom just got awarded Mother of the Year? Or that Mary Kay Letourneau was awarded Educator of the Century? Are you freaking kidding me?!!

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?


what's next?! What's next?!! what's next?!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Surgery Recovery Over!

Unfortunately, I have been recovering from a very painful surgery with some complications and haven't been able to post. Thankfully, I am walking around again and ready to resume posting!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley is WRONG for Our Community

As the primary nears and the general election follows, the Juniper Park Patriots want you to focus on the most important race for everyone in our community, your City Council Race. This year, there is a real battle between Tom Ognibene and Elizabeth Crowley. Tom Ognibene, the former Council Member, served his community well and won accolades from many civic and community organizations and former Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg. His public persona was damaged by the Manhattan District Attorney unfairly, whose sole goal was to deny Ognibene a judgeship. On the other hand, the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Crowley, is a “political pro” who gained her electoral knowledge while working “under” convicted Assembly Member, Brian McLaughlan.

Elizabeth Crowley is everything that you should detest in government, an inexperienced nitwit whose only political tool is her family name. This year, she used her cousin’s influence to manipulate the City budget and use it as a campaign tool for her re-election. Unions, special interest and the Obama wave put her in office and she walks around the district like a robo-idiot, spewing their cause, notwithstanding the detriment it causes to her community.

In a world where Albany has been turned upside down by the greedy, arrogant, self-centered legislative body, the City Council has become a cesspool of political fraud led by the likes of Elizabeth Crowley. We sometimes take harsh stances. Maybe we shouldn’t call her Dizzy Lizzy. Maybe when we take such harsh stances in opposition to her, people don’t take us as seriously as they should. But now we implore all those who read this blog to concern yourself with good government, character and integrity. I urge you to restore some decency to the City Council, reject the campaign fraud of Elizabeth Crowley and vote for the best choice that we have, Tom Ognibene.

And if Charles Ober is still watching, your candidacy was a breath of fresh air on the issues bucking the party establishment and standing up to those you sought to represent. So while Ognibene may not be perfect, Crowley is an unmitigated disaster. The choice has never been clearer. So let’s put aside the jokes, look at the facts and do right by our children and our grandchildren.

Vote and support and volunteer for Tom Ognibene for City Council.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama Thinks He Is So Important

when did the President become more important than THE PEOPLE in this country?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mark Levin Remembers the Tragic Events of July 18 1969

Fidel Obama Takes Over Auto Industry, HealthCare..........

Barack Hussein Obama wont restuntil the government controls everything!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally, Justice For Mary Jo Kopechne

7/18/09 - 40 years ago, on July 18, 1969, a car driven by Ted Kennedy veered off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island and into the waters near Martha's Vineyard ... killing his traveling companion, Mary Jo Kopechne, 28, who was trapped in the overturned vehicle and drowned.

Kennedy did not contact police until the next day. He later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a two-month suspended jail sentence.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama's Vacation

this guys been in office for 7 freaking months.
the country is in a shambles.
everything he's done has been a disaster.

and NOW he's taking a vacation??

are you freaking kidding me?!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Doesn't Know His Ass From His Elbow

Drinking With Bob Rants About Taxpayer Owned School Supplies

New York Sate used 140 million dollars of YOUR stimulus money to buy school supplies.

In order to qualify for the program you had to have already been collecting welfare and food stamps. Once you qualified you received $200 for each child you had between the age of 3 and 17.

You were not required to buy school supplies with the money. It was just a suggestion. After you got it you were free to spend the money on ANYTHING you wanted.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dems Turn the Screws to Fix 38th AD Election

Looks like the Dems used the usual strong arm tactics to get their way. First they reneged on their deal with Al Baldeo, then they threaten the jobs of relatives to ensure the district leaders voted their way. Way to go Queens Democratic Party, you never fail to disappoint.

from Elizabeth Benjamin's The Daily Politics
Dems Pick Miller In 38th AD
August 17, 2009

As expected, the Queens Democrats have tapped Mike Miller as their candidate to run in the Sept. 15 special election for the seat vacated by scandal-scarred former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

The decision was made by three of the four district leaders in the 38th AD. Seminerio, who remains a district leader despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to, and is awaiting sentencing for, influence-peddling, did not show up at the party HQ to vote.

The decision on Miller, a Community Board 5 member who has never held elected office, was not unanimous.

He got two votes, while Nick Comaianni, a member of Community Board 9 and Community Education Council of District 24 president, received one.

A Queens tipster says the vote was 2-1 for Comianni a few weeks ago. No word on who flipped.

Queens Democratic Party Executive Secretary Michael Reich confirmed Miller's selection and the fact that Seminerio was a no-show. ("We weren't surprised," Reich said of the erstwhile lawmaker's absence in selecting his potential successor).

Miller has been cross-endorsed by the Conservative Party (they formally nominated him last Friday after Gov. David Paterson changed his mind and re-issued a proclamation for the 38th AD special election).

Seminerio regularly ran with the Conservative line - and sometimes the GOP line, too. But the demographic of the district has been changing, with a lot of minorities moving in (it was only 42 percent white after the 2000 Census), supplanting the right-leaning, Caucasian conservative Democrats.

I asked Reich if he's worried Miller's cross-endorsement could hurt him since the special election is being held concurrent with the primary, which tends to draw hard-core Democrats. That would be a big problem for Miller if the WFP, which hasn't picked a candidate yet, decides to nominate someone to his left.

"It's going to be up to us to put the Democratic candidate forward," Reich said. "I believe we can do that. Mike is a guy who has been active in the community for a long time. Honestly, he has not been that active in Democratic politics, but he's a life-long Democrat and he demonstrated to us that he has a great deal of community support."

"...We're trying to add something new and different to the mix here. We're looking to build the party and Mike will help us do that. I don't know what the Working Families Party will do. I hope they'll support our candidate, but we haven't spoken to them as of yet."

It's worth noting that the labor-backed party and its allies have bucked the Queens Democrats in several Council races this year. On the 38th AD question, WFP spokesman Dan Levitan was non-committal, saying only:

"WFP members will look at all the candidates in the race and endorse the one who will best represent working people in Queens."

Of course, letting the 38th AD contest go forward as a regular election was a dangerous proposition, too, because there's not much of a mayor's race to pull voters and the one person who will be spending a lot on GOTV is a certain billionaire whose name will appear on the GOP line.

(Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who wants to keep the seat in Democratic hands, was worried about this, and pushed Paterson to reinstate the special election he had called off).

Meanwhile, one of the three other Democrats who petitioned their way onto the ballot and are now being denied a run by Paterson's special election decision - is filing a federal lawsuit against the governor this afternoon.

No word yet on what Albert Baldeo is going to do.

The Republicans are expected to Donna Marie Caltabiano, who also filed petitions and got on the ballot, to run.

Read more:

Obama the Anti-Veteran President

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Takes Credit for Ending World Hunger

Welcome to the wonderful delusional world of Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

Recently she has sent letters, been on television, in the papers and standing on top of the Woodhaven House stating that she single handedly rezoned Middle Village and Maspeth! What she fails to tell you is that the process was started many years ago by community minded individuals. These are the people that painstakingly walked the 300 blocks house by house to develop an intelligent and comprehensive rezoning plan, it was NOT Elizabeth Crowley!

When the survey was completed, the community board and the current councilmember presented the plan to City Planning, NOT Elizabeth Crowley. Unfortunately, the plan stalled because Robert Holden and his morons were unwilling, unable and incapable of working with the administration. Do you know why the rezoning plan was finally approved and passed?


C’mon folks, Elizabeth Crowley couldn’t pass gas after a bean burrito eating contest!
Elizabeth Crowley is also going around saying she did so well in the budget. Do you know why Elizabeth Crowley did well in the budget?


So please join us and let’s stop Dizzy Lizzy before she claims it was HER that invented the internet or when SHE claims that she can end world hunger BY cooking minute rice in 30 seconds.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Protests

the White House and the mainstream media play the "race card" in order to try and force people to accept their socialist agenda.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama the Sorry President

Don't you just wish he would just fly away and take Elizabeth Crowley and Bob Holden with him?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Congressman Meeks & Councilwoman Crowley Praise Al Baldeo's leadership

Elizabeth Crowley praises Al Baldeo just before she puts the knife in his back.

Dizzy Lizzy will say anything, promise everything in return for your support then after getting elected she will stab you in the back, bad mouth you and do nothing for you.

Is this the type of person we want in the City Council representing us?

Drinking With Bob Rants About North Korea

the two reporters who got captured in North Korea are NOT heroes. They're zeros.

They should have never been in North Korea to begin with!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Paterson Calls Primary Day Special In The 38th AD

Looks like big boss politics screws the community once again. It appears that Mike Miller will be the Queens Democratic Organization's choice, may not be the worst choice and he will probably win. However, can Elizabeth Crowley withstand an energized Caribbean backlash in the upcoming election?

We can almost assure that Al slim shade Baldeo is going to do whatever it takes to exact revenge against Liz Crowley and the democratic organization that has screwed him once again.

Not to mention, the other candidates that have been denied their right to run!

The Daily Politics by Elizabeth Benjamin

Flouting the calls of good government groups and candidates who have already petitioned their way onto the ballot, Gov. David Paterson has called a special election to fill the seat left vacant by the abrupt resignation in June of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

The election in the 38th AD will be held on primary day, Sept. 15, Paterson announced in a press release, adding:

"This special election will ensure that the residents in part of Queens County will have the representation they need in the New York State Legislature. I encourage all eligible voters to come out to the polls on September 15th and select their future Assembly member."

This move isn't exactly a surprise.

Paterson's office informed the city Board of Elections last month that he was likely to call a Primary Day special election, leaving the decision of who should run to replace Seminerio up to party leaders in Queens.

The Democratic candidate will be selected by the 38th AD's four district leaders, which includes Seminerio himself. (He doesn't have to give up the position until he is sentenced on the corruption charge to which he pleaded guilty in late June).

There has been some speculation (fueled by former Senate candidate Al Baldeo, who filed petitions to run in the 38th, was put on the ballot by the board and has the support of Sen. John Sampson), that Seminerio might try to get his son nominated. But I haven't heard anything from the party on that.

Baldeo had used the opportunity of Councilman Bill de Blasio's brief ballot access scare to argue that depriving the voters of a wide variety of choices - be it by bouncing candidates from the ballot or letting political bosses hand pick a candidate - would be anti-democratic.

The Queens Democratic Party's Mike Reich was not shy about telling me that political organizations generally prefer special elections because they are "always easier" for party leaders to "have a handle on."

Also, he argued, a special election is cost-effective, because it cuts down on the number of candidates and thus avoids a pricey primary.

It will be interesting to see if Lourdes Ventura, an aide to Senate President Malcolm Smith, who had expressed interest in Seminerio's seat but didn't file petitions, resurfaces.

There has been a lot of talk about CB 5 member Michael Miller, who has been amassing support, including an endorsement from Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, cousin of Queens Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley, and the Queens Conservative Party.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crowley Vs. Ognibene, "The Thriller in Middle Villa"

Elizabeth Crowley hopes reelection for Council seat will mean break from ongoing campaign
BY John Lauinger
Daily News Staff Writer

Winning reelection in November would give City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley her first full term - and a chance to finally take a break from the campaign trail.

The Glendale Democrat is gearing up for her third election in 17 months - a whirlwind schedule triggered when the district's former councilman, Dennis Gallagher, pleaded guilty to sex-abuse charges last year.

"The pace has been nonstop," Crowley (D-Middle Village) said of her campaign in the 30th Council District. "It's kept me going. It's kept me reaching out."

Crowley lost a four-way nonpartisan special election to Anthony Como in June 2008. But she then unseated him in a November special election, winning the right to serve the final year of Gallagher's term.

But with a four-year term at stake this time around, Crowley, 31, faces a general election challenge from a battle-tested Republican Thomas Ognibene.

Ognibene, a 67-year-old lawyer from Middle Village, served on the Council from 1991 to 2001. His experience and name recognition make GOP insiders giddy at his prospects for retaking the district, which includes Middle Village, Glendale and Ridgewood, with parts of Richmond Hill, Woodhaven and Forest Hills.

Crowley, however, has proven to be an adept fund-raiser, amassing $55,115 so far compared with Ognibene's $36,596, city records show.

Ognibene, who has spent $8,330 so far from his war chest, finished third in the June 2008 special election and bowed out of the contest last November.

He said he decided to run this year because he believes Crowley rode the coattails of Barack Obama's popularity last year.

During his decade in office during the Rudy Giuliani era, he said, government cooperated with citizens to solve quality-of-life problems and improve safety.

He said he thinks that approach has been abandoned in recent years.

Crowley, who has spent $16,580 of her campaign cash so far, slammed Ognibene's Obama-factor argument. She noted that in some parts of the district, like Maspeth, she outperformed Obama by "10% of the vote."

She added that she helped improve the quality of life in the district by spurring completion of a downzoning for Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale, which the Council passed last week.

Ognibene said the rezoning had begun while he was in office.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Taxes and Rosie O'Donnell

the problem with this country is not that people don't pay enough taxes.

It's that the government pisses OUR tax money away!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ognibene and the Mayor take on Crowley

Looks like we have a David versus Goliath story occuring in the 30th Council District. In this case, David is wearing a pant suit.

City Hall News:

Mayor provides big help to one-time challenger he recruited into Council race
Sal Gentile

Elizabeth Crowley is running for the third time in little over a year for her Council seat, but what might have been an easy race to her first full four-year term has turned surprisingly difficult due to intrusion from an unlikely corner: Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Crowley has a strong opponent thanks wholly to the mayor, who while luring the Queens GOP himself, began recruiting former Council Member Tom Ognibene into the race at Council Member Eric Ulrich’s ceremonial swearing-in in February.

Ognibene, who held Crowley’s seat from 1993 through 2001, demurred. So Bloomberg called back later with added pressure.

“We need you back in the Council, Tom,” said the mayor, who in 2005 fought to keep Ognibene off the Republican ballot. (Ognibene, who was then a fierce critic of the mayor, eventually challenged him on the Conservative line in the general election.)

Bloomberg won the GOP line in part by promising Queens GOP leaders that he would help down-ballot candidates.

While some have questioned his commitment to this elsewhere around the city, he has so far kept pledges to back Ognibene. Resources like manpower, talking points and polling data will likely make Ognibene the beleaguered GOP’s best hope for picking up a seat in the November.

Bloomberg petitioners helped the former Council minority leader get on the ballot with an objection-proof number of signatures. And a public endorsement, with swings through the heart of the district, is only weeks away, according to Bloomberg advisers and Queens Republicans.

But some Queens Democrats are pushing back on the idea that Bloomberg will really get so involved. Democrats dismiss Bloomberg’s promises however as a ploy to get the Queens GOP endorsement—promises they say he has not kept.

Crowley has been personally insisting to colleagues in private conservations that “the mayor’s not going to help Tom,” according to those who have spoken with her. Her aides insist that Bloomberg’s support will amount to no more than a mailing or two.

“I haven’t seen him say one thing about Tom Ognibene,” Crowley said in an interview. “Not one.”

Ognibene, meanwhile, has made the mayor’s support one of the biggest talking points in his campaign. He has touted his arrangement with Bloomberg as proof that he can bring substantial resources back to his Queens district, even as a Republican.

“The most important relationship that I have is the relationship with the mayor’s office,” he said. “He was the one who asked me to run.”

Gotham is Protesting Against the Joker

Rep Doggett met with constituents outside a grocery store in south Austin regarding the health care bill. Apparently the event was mostly advertised in liberal leaning local publications. He did not bring a megaphone, so hearing what he had to say was difficult. When he started making the move to leave, the crowd erupted chanting "Just say no!" His worker got the car ready to shuttle him away but the crowd surrounded it and it took a while for him to get out of the parking lot. The whole time, the "Just say no!" chant continued. It probably won't matter - from his facial expression, body language, and what was heard to come out of his mouth, he's for the the health care bill in its present form and has no openness to change on that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Al Baldeo Pushing for Baldeocracy

According to the Room Eight Blog, Al “Be Sure” Baldeo has written Governor Patterson an impassioned letter to urge him not to call a Special Election. We will provide you two versions the non-translated first followed by the real message.


July 22, 2009

TO: Governor David Paterson, State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224


WE FEAR THAT THE WILL of the voters will be disenfranchised in the process to replace former Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio in the 38th Assembly District, by way of recent press reports which indicate that, rather than allowing the election currently under way to proceed, you are considering calling a special election to fill the vacancy,

AND WHEREAS, YOU HAVE A HISTORY of standing up in the face of injustice to fight for the civil rights for all,

AND WHEREAS YOU ARE NOT known to be one who will allow the party insiders to convince you to abandon this history in favor of the political expediency and logistical nightmare of a special election,

AND WHEREAS, proclaiming a special election would serve no purpose other than to take the decision for selecting candidates out of the hands of the voters and putting it into the hands of 4 white District Leaders,

AND WHEREAS, six (6) candidates have already declared their candidacies and filed petitions signed by thousands of voters in the 38th Assembly District,

AND WHEREAS, we urge you to respect the will of the voters by rejecting this approach,

AND WHEREAS, this is especially disturbing given the demographics of this district, which is incredibly diverse, and a “majority minority” district,

AND WHEREAS, the candidates who have followed the rules and petitioned to appear on the ballot reflect this diversity, coming from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities,

AND WHEREAS, the selection by a diverse electorate would be replaced by the selection of a handful of party insiders who do not reflect the diverse communities of our district,

AND WHEREAS, the people of the 38th Assembly District deserve to choose their representative through a democratic primary in September, and deserve the right to elect a representative in an open process that empowers the electorate, rather than via an insider’s game that disenfranchises every taxpayer who does not happen to be a party insider,

AND WHEREAS, one of the party insiders who could play a large role in the selection process is former Assemblyman and now-convicted felon Anthony Seminerio, who remains a District Leader,

AND WHEREAS, as Governor, you are the decision-maker who will choose between allowing a healthy debate and a competitive election amongst all candidates through a normal election cycle, or a closed process that helps political parties achieve their desired foregone conclusions,

AND WHEREAS, these are difficult times economically, and the recent crisis in Albany has severely undermined people’s faith in their government,

AND WHEREAS, taking away the ability of the voters of this district to choose their own representative would only further this process, because all communities need new leadership and integrity in Albany fighting for them,

AND WHEREAS, only through the democratic process of voters choosing their representative will every community be fairly served in Albany,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT we strongly urge you, Governor Paterson, to do the right thing and stop this needless and anti-democratic call for a special election. Let democracy prevail, as it should.

Now for the translation:


July 22, 2009

TO: Governor David Paterson, State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224


I FEAR THAT MY WILL be disenfranchised in the process to replace former Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio in the 38th Assembly District, by way of recent press reports which indicate that, rather than allowing me the opportunity to circumvent the process, you are considering calling a special election to fill the vacancy,

AND WHEREAS, YOU HAVE A HISTORY of standing up and making a mockery of the democratic process,

AND WHEREAS YOU ARE NOT known to be a strong leader and allow the party insiders to convince you to do their bidding in favor of individual political expediency,

AND WHEREAS, proclaiming a special election would kill my chances of finally winning some elected office and preventing me from buying and manipulating voters and forcing me to kiss the asses of 4 white District Leaders,

AND WHEREAS, six (6) candidates have already declared their candidacies and filed petitions signed by thousands of voters in the 38th Assembly District, some were even able to obtain signatures from the dead,

AND WHEREAS, I urge you to join me in pretending to respect the will of the voters by rejecting this approach of Special Elections,

AND WHEREAS, this is especially disturbing given the demographics of this district, which is incredibly diverse, and a “majority minority” district could be deceived and bought if I were given the chance,

AND WHEREAS, the other candidates who have followed the rules (not me) and petitioned to appear on the ballot reflect this diversity, coming from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, except for the two white guys, one white girl and one Hispanic woman,

AND WHEREAS, given the chance, I could be selected by a diverse coerced purchased electorate but during a Special Election would be replaced by the selection of a handful of white racist party insiders who hate my guts and who do not reflect my perverse vision for my district,

AND WHEREAS, the people of the 38th Assembly District are too stupid to choose their representative and need me to buy, corrupt and deceive them through a democratic primary in September, I will not allow an insider’s game that ends my quest for world domination and to eliminate all my political enemies,

AND WHEREAS, one of the party insiders who could play a fat role in the selection process is my idol and hero former Assemblyman and now-convicted felon Anthony Seminerio, who remains a District Leader and a thorn in my side,

AND WHEREAS, as Governor, you will probably screw this up like everything else by preventing me from continuing my backroom deals and voter fraud program and once again the election will be a closed process that helps everyone but me achieve their desired foregone conclusions,

AND WHEREAS, these are difficult times economically where people can be easily bought, and the recent fiasco in Albany under your leadership has severely undermined people’s faith in their government of which I am trying to abuse for my own political expediency,

AND WHEREAS, taking away my ability to manipulate voters of this district to choose me would only further this process, because all communities in the district want me to participate in the circus in Albany screwing them too,

AND WHEREAS, only through the manipulation of the democratic process can we force voters to choose representative they neither want, need or deserve,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT I strongly urge you, Governor Paterson, to finally do the right thing and stop this needless and anti-Baldeo call for a special election. Let Baldeoocracy prevail, as it should.

Drinking With Bob Says Obama is Sharpton With better haircut

Barack Obama is Al Sharpton with a better haircut!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Police Censoring ObamaCare Discussion @ ACORN's Request

Obama makes Fidel Castro look like George Washington