Friday, November 30, 2007

United, Saviour’s Stands – Divided It Will Now Fall

Looks like Bob Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and special guest appearances by Tony Avella have achieved what they wanted. Yesterday, Maspeth Development, LLC, withdrew their application for a zoning change for the St. Saviour's property.

Queens Crap posted the following: “What this means for the sacred site is unclear. But it appears the 70+ housing units that Councilman Dennis Gallagher had lobbied for will not be built. Stay tuned.”

The Patriots have found out that Crappy is partially right. It is true that 70+ housing units will not be built; however, something will be built. Do you know what Bob, Christina and the two Tonys won for our community?

Maspeth Development is entertaining two bids because Holden and his merry band of miserable misfits refused to come to the table with viable options. Their all or nothing approach to civic involvement has won our community one of the following:

Behind Door Number 1 – Maspeth could win a Storage facility! Not only a storage facility, but a 24 hour a day storage facility. STOP and STOR! Yes folks, you will be delighted to see row upon rows of luxury sheds utilized by transient people who will rent these glorified garages to store their stuff. Great job Bob!

Behind Door Number 2 – Maspeth could win a recycling facility! Maspeth will be home to millions of tons of recyclable glass, plastics and paper. Trucks will be coming in and out during all hours of the day to drop off their precious cargo for processing. Way to Go Juniper Park Civic Association!

The developer has decided to forget the zoning change and has decided to build “as of right”. And that means a facility that falls under the manufacturing description. Nice job Mr. Holden.

This is what happens when the community allows a small band of narrow-minded non-compromising misfits to speak for the entire community. Instead of getting a reasonable development with new housing that would have included a component for the preservation of the church; we get a large recycling plant or a massive storage facility!

Furthermore, please don’t let Bob Holden, the JPCA Executioner Board or Avella lead you to believe that there is still a chance to save the church because ultimately they are the ones who have sealed its fate. The developer intends to build “as of right” as is their legal right to do so and long gone are the days for any community involvement or input. No longer can the Mayor, Gallagher, Crowley, Weiner, NYC Parks Department nor President Bush intervene on our behalf.

Once again, Holden’s tactics have backfired and the ones who will suffer are the poor people of our community. So when you drive by the Recycling plant or the storage facility make sure you thank Robert Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and Tony Avella for their complicity in this debacle.

“The narrow-minded who undertake any work will never be satisfied. They cannot understand the actions of those who are large hearted and broad-minded.”

Say No to Term Limits

Recently, we’ve been reading a lot about term limits and whether or not it should be repealed. The Patriots believe that mandated term limits are undemocratic and greatly diminish the power of the voter. In addition, term limits create “lame duck” elected officials who are more concerned with looking for their next job rather than focusing on issues and problems facing their constituencies. It also prevents voters from re-electing a person who has done and exemplary job and forces them to choose a new candidate who has yet to prove themselves as an effective representative. Conversely, term limits prohibits voters to exact the ultimate measure of their power to vote someone out of office who has failed them.

Lame duck officials forced out by term limits are in the strange position of not facing the consequences of their actions in the next election and are generally not accountable during their last term in office. They also tend to have less political power as other elected officials and see less advantage in cooperating with them. In addition, city agencies are less likely to respond in a timely manner to lame ducks and important district projects are put on the shelf until after the election. In addition, lame duck executives are notorious for issuing a series of executive orders, making appointments or doling out favors during their last days in office that they would not otherwise have done if it would have influenced the vote against them.

Voters should have the opportunity to reward an individual who has represented his district effectively by being able to re-elect that person. We should value public servants who have faithfully executed their oath of office and afford voters the choice to keep effective elected officials in office instead of losing them to term limits. It is unfair to deny that right to the public and undermines the democratic process.

The most effective way to show a politician our dissatisfaction is to vote him or her out of office. Term limits takes this power away from the voter and allows the representative to walk away from office because of term limits rather than his failure to fulfill his duties to the community. Voters should be the judge of an individual’s ability or inability to perform their duties as an elected official not term limits.

Term limits gives power to party bosses and their machines while reducing the influence of voters on government. Moreover, voters are more intelligent and politically savvy than we are given credit for. The American voter is fully capable in determining who deserves to be elected and who needs to be voted out of office. So we say not to term limits and yes to voter’s rights.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Patriots send their deepest sympathies to Mr. Bob Marino for the loss of his Beloved dog, Bella.

Mr. Bob Marino heads an organization named NYCdog. It was this group that fought the successful fight against the JPCA anti-dog lawsuit.

Here is a blog link e-mailed to us by a fellow dog lover:


Please read the text from the story below:

Bob Marino, president of NYC Dog led the successful campaign to legalize off-leash hours in New York parks so dogs can socialize and exercise together.

Today Bob lost his extraordinary Bella Abdog to cancer. I have been there, and it hurts like hell. Bella has been his constant companion for 11 years. The two of them: great huge Bella with her gentle soul, and Bob with his endless supply of treats for every dog they encountered, have been inseparable. Love to you Bob, and thank you for everything you've done to make New York one of the top 10 dog-friendly cities in the world.

Bob told me in email: "I would like to start a campaign to raise funds to get a tree planted in Central Park that would be a memorial tree for all dogs lost... we could hang a pic of our dog when s/he passes and at the holiday, photos of all dogs lost that year would be hung." I love that idea. I'll be happy to help.

I want to share with you part of Bob's message to members of NYC Dog. It's as lovely a Thanksgiving message as you'll hear anywhere:

"My mourning will pass but the memories of happier days will remain.

I wish you each a wonderful Thanksgiving. With most of the world living in dire poverty, we have much to be grateful for. Many of our own neighbors live lonely lives without friends or family. And some of those receiving this note bear silent burdens that would crush weaker beings. Our problems appear miniscule when put into perspective.

Share the joy of your day with those whom you love (2 or 4 legged) but please remember to do whatever you can to help those who are not as blessed. Say hello to a homeless person and look them in the eye. Call someone who might be alone. Donate time not just on Thanksgiving but when the crowds are gone but the need remains. Volunteer at an animal shelter to walk dogs that live 24/7 in tight cages. Donate blood so others might live. Or just smile and say hello to a stranger on the street."

In what has become a New York City tradition, when a local dog dies, owners and their friends post flyers so others will know. And so now, sadly, we'll post flyers about Bella.

See how even in his period of loss, he thinks of others. This is the way they approached the JPCA trying to work together as neighbors, not as enemies.

However, the JPCA always tries to vilify their detractors and approached Mr. Marino, his organization and all dog lovers as vicious individuals looking to destroy NYC parks. The truth is that Holden and his cronies are the true villains and destroyers of our community. The fact is you need to posses compassion, loyalty and kindness to be an animal lover. Unfortunately, Bob and his morons only have hate, disloyalty and wickedness in their hearts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

JPCA Executive Weekly Agenda, III

It looks as though Ms. Milkshakeson's agenda has surfaced as well.....

Click on image to enlarge

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Forum Crap (aka: Juniper Park Civic Association Propaganda Rag) Crosses the Line Again!

Here is a letter sent by a concerned resident who e-mailed the Forum Crap. I’ll bet the farm we won’t be seeing this reprinted in their upcoming issue.

Apparently, this e-mail has been circulated to hundreds of individuals,(Including the Patriots) but we thought we'd reprint it here for your reading pleasure. We certainly derived pleasure from reading the letter.

As a resident of Middle Village for over 23 years, I am appalled at the allegations brought against Councilman Dennis Gallagher. However, I was taught many years ago that a person in this country is innocent until proven guilty. Let the courts do their job and determine after hearing the facts whether Councilman Gallagher is guilty of the alleged charges. If he is guilty, he will be sentenced by the court. If he is found not guilty, then your paper will owe him a full page apology.

Your paper, however, has already found Gallagher guilty before the case is even heard. What is more appalling and despicable is the Celebrity Look a Likes column in your paper of November 22nd.

Comparing Gallagher to Heinrick Himmler is an insult to every American living today and to those who fought against the Nazis, like my father and his brothers, in World War II. Obviously, the owners and editor of your paper have no respect for fairness and no knowledge of History. Comparing an American, a father, and a person who has represented his area even with the allegations and remember they are still allegations, to a mass murderer and fiend is totally despicable.

If your paper is so sure Gallagher looks like (and therefore is like) Himmler, then why don’t you accuse him of mass murder as well. You seem to know everything, and are his prosecutor, jury, and executioner all rolled up into one.

In the next issue of your so called community paper, why don’t you take your Publisher’s picture, your Executive Editor’s picture, as well as anyone else responsible for this atrocious comparison and put the pictures next to that of Joseph Goebbles, Hitler’s minister of propaganda.

Surely, I will never pick up a copy of your political scandal sheet again, and I will encourage any one in my neighborhood to do the same.

Charles J. Staszewski

Resident of Middle Village

The Juniper Park Patriots love this guy! We want him as a guest writer!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

JPCA Executive Weekly Agenda, II

Looks like Tony-T..... a.k.a lil Tony ..... b.k.a Tony Tulips ..... (we have a ton) is quite the little deviant.

Check out his recently discovered itinerary. Can you say WEIRDO?!?!

Click on Image to enlarge

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XXI

Francis Ford Coppola - The director of “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now” is originally from Woodside.

He was born in 1939 in Detroit, USA, but he grew up in a New York suburb in a creative, supportive Italian-American family. His father was a composer and musician Carmine Coppola. His mother had been an actress. Francis Ford Coppola graduated with a degree in drama from Hofstra University, and did graduate work at UCLA in filmmaking. He was training as assistant with filmmaker Roger Corman, working in such capacities as soundman, dialogue director, associate producer and, eventually, director of Dementia 13 (1963), Coppola's first feature film. During the next four years, Coppola was involved in a variety of script collaborations, including writing an adaptation of This Property is Condemned, by Tennessee Williams (with Fred Coe and Edith Sommer), and screenplays for Is Paris Burning?, and Patton, the film for which Coppola won a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award. In 1966, Coppola's 2nd film brought him critical acclaim and a Master of Fine Arts degree. In 1969, Coppola and George Lucas established American Zoetrope, an independent film production company based in San Francisco. The company's first project was THX 1138 (1971), produced by Coppola and directed by Lucas. Coppola also produced the second film that Lucas directed, American Graffiti (1973), in 1973. This movie got five Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture.

In 1971, Coppola's film The Godfather (1972) became one of the highest-grossing movies in history and brought him an Oscar for writing the screenplay with Mario Puzo The film was a Best Picture Academy Award-winner, and also brought Coppola a Best Director Oscar nomination. Following his work on the screenplay for The Great Gatsby (1974), Coppola's next film was The Conversation (1974), which was honored with the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and brought Coppola Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay Oscar nominations. Also released that year, The Godfather: Part II (1974). rivaled the success of The Godfather (1972), and won six Academy Awards, bringing Coppola Oscars as a producer, director and writer. Coppola then began work on his most ambitious film, Apocalypse Now (1979), a Vietnam War epic that was inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1994) (TV). Released in 1979, the acclaimed film won a Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and two Academy Awards . Also that year, Coppola executive produced the hit The Black Stallion (1979). With George Lucas, Coppola executive produced Kagemusha, directed by Akira Kurosawa, and Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, directed by Paul Schrader, and based on the life and writings of Yukio Mishima. Coppola also executive produced such films as The Escape Artist (1982), Hammett (1982) The Black Stallion Returns (1983), Barfly (1987), Wind (1992), The Secret Garden (1993) etc.

He helped to make a star of his nephew, Nicolas Cage . Personal tragedy hit in 1986 when his son Gio died in a boating accident. Francis Ford Coppola is one of America's most erratic, energetic and controversial filmmakers.

Courtesy of

Friday, November 16, 2007

Congratulations to the Midville Dodgers! (Or should we say LongIslandville Dodgers?)

The Midville Dodgers went undefeated 11-0 to claim the MABL Championship! Our local boys should be very proud of themselves. Hold on a minute. My partner is whispering something in my ear.


Ladies and Gentlemen we are interrupting this post for some disheartening information. I was just handed the 2007 Midville baseball roster and I am appalled at what I see before me.

Of the 19 players listed on the roster only 4 can be considered local boys. Two are from Glendale, one from Rego Park and the other from Elmhurst. The rest of team comes from far away lands named New Hyde Park, Rosyln Heights, Port Washington, Huntington, Briarwood, Manhattan, Valley Stream, Elmont, Oceanside, Centereach, Whitestone, Syosett and Alberston.

The baseball gods are angered by this travesty perpetrated by Robert Holden and the JPCA.

According to the Juniper Park Civic Association public tax returns the following was spent on the Midville (LongIslandville) Dodgers:

$36,758 spent in 2003

$50,181 spent in 2004

$31,735 spent in 2005

It is clear that Bob Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association has spent over one hundred thousand dollars obtained through membership dues, grant money, donations and money given by elected officials on a local baseball team of which 80% of the team lives outside of Middle Village and Maspeth!

Compounding this gross injustice is that our local kids have been prohibited from playing on the Juniper ball fields while kids from Long Island enjoy them!

Oh the humanity of it all!

"Deception is a cruel act... It often has many players on different stages that corrode the soul"

JPCA Executive Weekly Agenda

We took a page out of the Juniper Park Civic Association play book and did some super sleuthing of our own. We broke into Bob's illegally converted basement, hacked into his tax payer funded computers and rummaged through his garbage. You should see some of the disturbing items we found in his garbage. (We will be featuring those discoveries in our new series, "What Bob Throws Away Will Make You Sick").

Our many hours of sneaking around paid off. We have posted what we discovered for your viewing pleasure.

Click on image to enlarge

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crappy Continues to Promote Racism and Hate

It is abundantly clear that we are not the only ones that realize that the Queens Crap continues to allow disgraceful racial comments to appear on their shameful blog. It has come to our attention on numerous occasions that they have maligned not only African Americans, but those of the Jewish religion and homosexuals.

In addition, they have the audacity to refuse to post comments by individuals who admonish such remarks. We at the Patriots pride ourselves on posting all comments even though some of them attack our views. However, we will never post a statement that even has the hint of racism or attacks any religion or sexual persuasion.

I wish we could tell you that we are surprised by Crappy’s antics but we are not. You have to expect that type of behavior from the Juniper Park Civic Association’s executive board. Remember, they are the same individuals who defended the noose as an appropriate form of free speech. We are ashamed that we have to share the blogosphere with such hateful and racist individuals. We ask that you do not judge all blogs by the behavior of the crap.

Thank you.

~~Here is an e-mail we received yesterday:

A commenter to the Queens Crap post on the recent Daily News St. Saviour's article basically called Helen Marshall the N-word.

The exact comment is:

"Anonymous said...

We told y'all....

That Helen Marshall was just a "house N"*

For Queens Developers!

* Historical note:

House servants were often

Referred to by this derogatory

Racist ante bellum term."

I submitted a comment to this same Queens Crap post calling this comment racist and ignorant. I also noted that these bigoted comments, that are posted without much criticism, are one of the reasons that Queens Crap is not taken serious

ly. Queens Crap has chosen not to post my comment. I cannot fault them for freely posting comments that are submitted to them, even offensive ones, but it is amazing to me that the blog owner will permit highly offensive, racist statements, but will not post comments criticizing those statements. This was at least the third time I have tried to criticize a racist statement on that blog and they refused to post my comment. Queens Crap previously posted a comment calling Ms. Marshall a "house slave" and has posted numerous derogatory bigoted comments about Asians, among others.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Forum Crap Dumps Wilkinson

It looks like the Forum Crap has removed JPCA's very own Ms. Wilkinson as their shameful Assistant Editor. We would hope her being fired had something to do with her partial, biased and hateful reporting but we do not expect anything resembling journalistic integrity emanating from the pages of the Forum Crap.

We realize that JPCA maven Wilkinson couldn’t write an impartial story if her next Arby’s double beef super-sized meal depended on it and we wonder if something more sinister is going on. Is Christina now hiding under some Nome de plume like “Chucky Cheese” so she can write her drivel with wild blind abandon?

Maybe Wilkinson is too busy rummaging through garbage bins or hacking into computers to get her hands on benign tidbits of information. Maybe she’s too busy designing the next lynching poster? Maybe she’s too busy obtaining advertising dollars from establishments she once vehemently opposed. One thing is for sure, unfortunately, we will see more and more and more and more of her.


Middle Village Resident Writes to Biased Daily News Reporter

We received this e-mail yesterday. It is comforting that the majority of residents can see through the Juniper Park Civic Association’s bullshit.

Middle Village resident
November 13th, 2007 14:17

A letter to the Daily News:

Mr. Lauinger,

I found your article today to be incredibly biased. I am no fan of Dennis Gallagher, but the St. Saviour’s issue is not as one-sided as you make it seem. The church itself was gutted by a fire over thirty years ago and is now a shell of what it originally had been. It also has not been used in years and did not have enough attendance to sustain itself when it was open as a church. The property is in a mostly industrial area, with some residential houses mixed in. The large majority of its surroundings are factories, warehouses and a railroad. Another park is located half a mile from this site, in the direction of the residential community.

Should the city spend millions to buy this property and make it a park? I don’t know, but there are reasonable arguments on both sides. I do know that the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association, including ones named in your article, have conducted themselves in an unprofessional, immature and offensive manner with respect to this matter. Instead of acting like adults to negotiate and advocate for their position, they viciously attack anyone who disagrees with them. In one rally, they embraced a person who held a large poster showing a noose strung around a tree, stating that is was reserved for Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials with whom they had been dealing. They maligned the Maspeth Federal Savings Bank and its CEO, who is a long-time and respected resident of the community, for not doing what they wanted with the mortgage that the bank held on the property. I wonder if these people truly have the best interests of the community in mind, or if they are more concerned with their own power and press exposure.

Many in the community are disgusted with the leadership of the Juniper Park Civic Association and disagree with their opinions and attacks. I hope your future articles on this matter are more balanced.


A concerned resident.

Check out the post on as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So Easy, Even a Caveman Can Do It

All of a sudden, while looking at the picture of Tony Nuziato and Paul Ditta standing with a tree lying between them, the phrase “so easy, even a caveman can do it” popped into our heads.

Finding a scapegoat to ascribe blame is much easier than trying to get to the crux of the real causes for St. Saviours. So easy in fact, that even a caveman could grunt the name of the scapegoat.

St. Saviours has stood in a state of disrepair and deterioration for years. During which no one from the community came to its rescue until it was too late. It was much too difficult for media seeking cave dwellers to plan in silence for the eventual inevitable development of the dormant tract of land. It was much easier, to start screaming during the 11th hour when it became apparent that it was too late to save the crumbling church.

So easy in fact, that even a caveman could do it.

It is much too difficult to blame the mayor’s office after several appeals to purchase the property were denied. It is much easier, however, to beat the Gallagher piƱata with a St Saviours stick.

So easy in fact, that even a caveman could do it.

It is much too difficult to blame the NYC Parks Department for not showing an active interest in creating more parkland in our area. It is much easier, however, to drive over Gallagher with the St Saviour’s bus.

So easy in fact, that even a caveman could do it.

It is much more difficult to bring all parties concerned together to try to develop a plan (if possible) to try satisfying the needs of everyone involved. It is much easier, however, to hang a Gallagher dummy from a St. Saviours noose.

So easy in fact, that even a caveman could do it.

The reality of the situation is that no elected official has a magic scepter that they can wave to get whatever they want. If that were true Al Gore would be President and we would be speaking French.

You see, sometimes you win a fight and sometimes you lose. It is just a basic principle in life. We won the Keyspan fight but now the community might have to make concessions with St Saviours. The Neanderthals know this to be true; however, they are more concerned about beating up on Gallagher and getting their names in the paper and their ugly caveman mugs in print than truly saving St Saviours.

Papers love a good sensationalistic story and will spin the facts to make it even more heart wrenching without revealing the opposing facts.

As a matter of fact, it is so easy to manipulate a story that even a caveman can do it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Holden and Crappy Picking through Garbage or Computer Hackers?

It appears that Holden and his band of merry morons have a lot of free time on their hands. In fact, they have so much free time that they might have acquired Councilman Gallagher’s schedule by picking through garbage or hacking into computers.

Recently, the crap has posted Councilman Gallagher’s schedule on their nasty attack blog. This is just another disgraceful attempt to further malign the councilman. We at the Patriots are concerned and wonder how the crapheads got their hands on Gallagher’s schedule.

There are only three possibilities:

1- It was an inside job by a disgruntled employee

2- Bob, Christina, Tony and Ed disguised themselves as sanitation workers and rummaged through the discarded office trash under the shroud of darkness

3- Bob hired his students to hack into the city council computer network

Despite how they obtained the benign schedule it just proves that Holden and his cronies will sink to new levels to attack an elected official.

Hey Bob, I have a proctology exam at 12:45 today. Bring your camera.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holden Calls the Cops on DOB Inspectors

Mr. Bob Holden must have something really bad that he is hiding in his basement.

Could it be Jimmy Hoffa? An indoor swimming pool? A printing press?

According to reliable sources, inspectors from the Department of Buildings went to visit the mysterious Holden residence after several previous failed attempts to inspect his basement. Unfortunately for the hard-working inspectors, Bob called the 104th Precinct to have them forcibly removed from in front of his home.

This strikes us as grossly hypocritical of Mr. Holden. Bob spews his over-development and illegal conversion rhetoric ad nauseum. He continuously lambastes DOB for non-enforcement of building regulations and encourages residents to squeal on their neighbors if they suspect suspicious construction activity. He continually screams that city agencies work FOR the Tax Payers!

However, as we are all aware, the rules do not apply to King Holden. Bob prevented DOB inspectors from doing the job that we the tax payers pay them to perform. In addition, the 104 th precinct should be ashamed for bowing down to Bob. Since when do the police prevent city agencies from performing their rightful and lawful duties? I know residents who have called the 104th to enforce Stop Work Orders and were ignored. I wonder what would happen if building inspectors came to my home and I called the police. There is no doubt I'd be waiting months for a response.

Is Holden getting special treatment from our local law enforcement? Are they afraid that they will be attacked in the next issue of the Juniper Berry and the Forum Crap? We suggest that the new Captain focus on crime and quality of life issues while allowing city inspectors to do their jobs.

Robert Holden is a two-faced, self-righteous, egotistical and hypocritical despot. Bob truly believes he should not be subjected to the same scrutiny as the common folk living in the community.

We believe that reasonable people with nothing to hide would allow inspectors entry into their home if they have not violated any laws and have nothing to hide.

Therefore, this situation causes the reasonable person to ponder, what is Bob hiding in his basement?

Things that make you go Hmmmm....

Check out the DOB's Special Enforcement Plan, courtesy of our friends at the JPCA