Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the Race Begin!

New candidates hitting the streets to fill the vacancy of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio. This race will give us a lot to pay attention to. Let’s look at the players:

Al Baldeo is pursuing his lifelong dream of being elected to public office. You know Al he ran for City Council AND LOST He ran for State Senate and Lost. He was running again for State Senate last year and bailed out because Special Interest got to him. So what does Al the Wannabe do he moves so he can run for State Assembly the Patriots Predict that Mr. Wannabe will lose again!

Mike Miller. Seems like a nice guy, most folks say that he is nice guy. But what does he know about Politics or Government Service? Let wait and see perhaps we will be surprised! We do know he worked in a defunct Loan company, and is very active in the Kiwanis, absent those things we are unaware of where he stands on the issues. We are concerned that Dizzy Lizzy and Frank Kotnik seem to be walking him through the system.

Donna Conatabiano (Forgive me if is spelt wrong) someone told me they actually met her! I understand she is again a nice person runs a small Senior Center plans to spend about 5 dollars to get elected and is praying that people somehow want to reject the Democrats and vote Republican. The only candidate she would do well against is Baldeo. She would lose but would do well. We need people running senior centers Donna Stay There save your 5 bucks, this is a Democratic District and may never see a Republican elected serving again.

John Seminerio, Nice guy but is he kidding us? John you father whom I liked just took a plea to serve Federal Time for taking bribes, do you want to continue the family tradition? Leave Politics be an Attorney settle Divorce cases, legally extort money like Attorneys do, but stay out of this process the Vultures will kill you.

Nick Comaianni seems to have the credentials as the President of the Community Education Council and Community Board 9 member. Local guy raised in Ridgewood and Glendale and Moved to Woodhaven. We think he should be a front runner with Baldeo but time will tell. He has the experience and the backing of young motivated parents and seniors from Glendale but does he have the political connections as an outsider? Clearly he cannot count on Dizzy Lizzy's support she sold out her first choice Baldeo for Miller.

What a year
Dizzy vs. Ogni
The 38th Debacle
Senate in disarray
Bring it on a bloggers dream!

Drinking with Bob Rants About Obama the Taxer

I thought Barack Obama was supposed to be looking out for the middle class and the poor?

the only people I've seen him give money to since he's been in office are the rich (banks, insurance companies, car companies,etc)!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Eric Ulrich Al Baldeo Prove Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

Just when you thought that benchwarmer and short term Councilman Eric Ulrich could reach no lower level of political prostitution, SUPRISE he has, Mr. Ulrich was spotted at one of the Albert Baldeo sham functions where Albert bestows awards on community leaders he has never met, doesn’t know or have passed away.

Unfortunately, we are not surprised that these two evil political opportunists have entered in an unholy alliance because both are void of any substance, devoid of respectability and are Political sell outs. First, Eric Ulrich accepts the endorsement of Ed Koch, an Obama Spokesperson and now he is seen hanging around with his newest chum, Albert Baldeo. All Eric had to do was visit Mr. Baldeo's website and see how he lambasts the Republicans and how Al has photos with all Democrats who will probably cringe when they see the photographs themselves.

Let’s not, however, pretend we didn't expect this from Eric because he would probably sell his Mom for a vote and we know Baldeo would hold a gun to someone’s head for a vote.

These two are the Thelma and Louise of the political arena, we can only hope there is a steep cliff on the horizon.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Fat Kids

Kids are getting too fat for their car seats. So the solution is to make bigger car seats. Are you freaking kidding me?!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Politics at its Absolute Worst, “Tony Nunziato Style”

The word on the street is that the campaign of Tony “Numbnuts” Nunziato has reached an all time low.

One community based organization’s leader was planning on carrying a petition for his longtime friend and Political GOP Leader, Frank Messano. However, when the Tony Nunziato camp learned about this they immediately dispatched a campaign thug to threaten and intimidate the gentleman and force him to work for Nunziato.

This gentleman who works for a government funded youth program was informed that if he obtained any signatures for Messano, Bart Haggerty and the Tony Nunziato camp would ensure that funding would be cut to this youth organization. To add insult to injury, the gentleman was further accosted by an Ognibene operative confirming that the threat was real.

Things are getting dirty and this is just another example of the Haggerty leadership style.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Juniper Park Patriots Calls For Investigation Of Speaker Quinn

Slush Fund Scandals were common place in the Quinn World!

But beware my friends, now Speaker Quinn has figured out a new dastardly Trick by using the City Budget to enhance her political agenda and protect her position as speaker of the City Council pigpen.

It appears that Christine Quinn is attempting to use the City budget for political purposes, first to appease Joe Crowley and keep her job as Speaker and two using the Government funds to get votes for her pet bills.

Just take look right here in the 30th Council District, Quinn is using the budget to re-elect Elizabeth Crowley for City Council. Quinn does not live here nor find our area on a map and she has yet to realize just how inept Elizabeth Crowley is as an elected representative! Crowley bumbles around the community in her Hybrid with the ostentatious NYC 30 plates telling people to be Environmentalist while our economy is in the crapper. People in our community are struggling to make ends meet and Dizzy Lizzy, the protégé of Brian McLaughlin is trying to fine people for idling their car! Maybe these people are rushing into their homes, freshen up and going off to their second jobs.

Ironically, Quinn needs Crowley, not in the biblical sense but the political sense. Why else would the Speaker of the City Council need a Political Disaster like Elizabeth Crowley? The very same Elizabeth Crowley who many say and has been reported was the McLaughlin mistress! Because my friends, Crowley was born into a strong Political Family and Lizzy's dear Cousin Congressman Joe Crowley The Chairman of the powerful Queens Democratic organization gets patronage and help from Quinn in exchange for Joe not opposing her as Speaker.

Quinn has the audacity to call for transparency in government and enacted this onerous vetting system for non-for profit groups yet she has her lover’s relatives on the New York payroll!

We deserve a Government that is fair and equitable. Each Council Member should get the same amount of money for community projects and the Department of Investigations should review the allocations. If Christine Quinn gave funding in the budget to secure votes as a quid pro quo, the Manhattan District Attorney should emerge from his crypt and convene a Grand Jury immediately and put Council Members under Oath just like the Feds are doing now!

Drinking With Bob Rants About New York City Council

New York City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy gave $5000 of taxpayers money to a mentally ill Crown Heights man in return for him "teaching' etymology classes at her office on saturday afternoons.

and Bloomberg says it's the police, fire and teacher pensions that's bankrupting the city...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fall of Seminerio Offers New Hope and Fears for Our Community

Tony Seminerio the rough and tough old time Politico has resigned his seat amid scandal relating to his side business as a Political Consultant. Seminerio is being accused of taking tons of money and using his Assembly position to profit for himself. It is a sad ,sad day for our community because despite Tony Seminerio being invisible for the past 10 years he was an influential part of New York City's political landscape. His willingness to support the right person for public office was legendary; he crossed party lines for Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki’s reelection. His early support for Serphin Maltese was why Maltese became Senator! Yet Seminerio always fought within his own Party to try and keep the Democrats middle of the road to conservative.

His leaving public office in this light is an extreme disappointment to all who followed his career and his many supporters. Now we enter into an unfamiliar new realm and an uncertain new direction which could be terrible for our community. Let’s look at the players suspected to replace Seminerio

Albert Bladeo is considered by many to be a front runner for this seat. This is a man who allegedly pulled a gun out on his former opponent’s wife. He runs around honoring people who care nothing about him. He is a political whore and considered by many to be unstable. Yes he ran for State Senate and City Council and now State Assembly this guy is a Political weasel who pops up around election time only.

John Seminerio all we can ask is Dad financing his campaign? John you’re a nice man stay out of this and keep your reputation intact.

Nick Comaianni School Board President, Veteran and Community Board member fresh face but an unknown political commodity.

Elizabeth Crowley maybe a good idea to drive her to a dysfunctional Albany where she would fit in!

Donna Contbianco? have you ever heard of her? Seen her? Are you kidding me?

Frank Kotnik while he may vote for himself he is more likely to try and put a crony up in his place.

Stay tuned! This could spell disaster for Queens and the 38th AD

Obama’s Pulled Pork and Fried Toad Legs

We are in the midst of the most devastating financial crisis since the Great Depression and the Obama Administration wants to give $100,000 to the Wyoming Fish and Game Department to breed toads!

Here is an excerpt from the approved grant…

Wyoming toads were listed as endangered in 1984 under the federal Endangered Species Act. They were abundant in the Laramie River Basin in the early 1950s, but populations crashed suddenly around 1975. There is now only a single wild population, encompassing three lakes.

Possible causes of decline are listed below, but evidence is scant. The remaining population is infected with the Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis fungus. A recovery team was formed to address the problems of this highly endangered amphibian. A captive breeding program was initiated and is ongoing. Most recently, a Safe Harbor Agreement has been proposed, which will allow captive bred animals to be released at disease free sites.

It is bad enough Obama has bailed out the banks and automobile industry, but now he wants to bail out toads!

When do the American people stand up and shout, “If Obama keeps creating his change, we won’t have any change left in our pockets!”

Monday, June 22, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama the Boxoffice Flop

At what point is Barack Obama going to stop appeasing North Korea and take a stand?

Obama is Slip Slidin Away In Polls

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 33% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-four percent (34%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -1.

Today is the second straight day the President’s rating has been below zero (see trends).

Among those who are politically liberal, 64% Strongly Approve. So do 40% of moderates. However 61% of conservatives Strongly Disapprove (see other recent demographic highlights).

The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Updates also available on Twitter.

Most voters still place the blame for our nation’s economic woes on the Bush Administration, but a growing number say it’s Obama’s economy now. The number blaming Bush has fallen to 54%. That’s down eight points from a month ago.
Consumer confidence, while still up since the beginning of the year, has retreated to its lowest level in two months. For the latest polling updates on other topics in the news, please visit the Rasmussen Reports home page.

Overall, 54% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance so far. Forty-five percent (45%) disapprove. For more Presidential barometers, see Obama By the Numbers.
(More Below)

Americans remain evenly divided as to whether or not health care reform should wait until the economy is better.

Check out our weekly review of key polls from last week to see “What They Told Us.” You might also try our Daily Prediction Challenge to predict the results of upcoming polls.
When comparing Job Approval data from different firms, it’s important to keep in mind that polls of likely voters and polls of all adults will typically and consistently yield different results. In the case of President Obama, polls by all firms measuring all adults typically show significantly higher approval ratings than polls of likely voters. Polls of registered voters typically fall in the middle. Other factors are also important to consider when comparing Job Approval ratings from different polling firms.

If you’d like Scott Rasmussen to speak at your meeting, retreat, or conference, contact Premiere Speakers Bureau. You can also learn about Scott’s favorite place on earth or his time working with hockey legend Gordie Howe.

A Fordham University professor has rated the national pollsters on their record in Election 2008. We also have provided a summary of our results for your review.

Daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. The margin of sampling error—for the full sample of 1,500 Likely Voters--is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Results are also compiled on a full-week basis and crosstabs for full-week results are available for Premium Members.

Like all polling firms, Rasmussen Reports weights its data to reflect the population at large (see methodology). Among other targets, Rasmussen Reports weights data by political party affiliation using a dynamic weighting process. While partisan affiliation is generally quite stable over time, there are a fair number of people who waver between allegiance to a particular party or independent status. Over the past four years, the number of Democrats in the country has increased while the number of Republicans has decreased.

Our baseline targets are established based upon separate survey interviews with a sample of adults nationwide completed during the preceding three months (a total of 45,000 interviews) and targets are updated monthly. Currently, the baseline targets for the adult population are 40.1% Democrats, 33.1% Republicans, and 26.7% unaffiliated. Likely voter samples typically show a slightly smaller advantage for the Democrats.

A review of last week’s key polls is posted each Saturday morning. Other stats on Obama are updated daily on the Rasmussen Reports Obama By the Numbers page. We also invite you to review other recent demographic highlights from the tracking polls.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ulrich Turns Back on GOP

Eric Ulrich the Political Turncoat accepts the endorsement of Barack Obama supporter Ed Koch. I wonder how much Bloomberg paid to have Koch come from underneath his rock to endorse Eric the boy blunder. Let’s remember that this is the same Ed Koch who supports gay marriage! The same Ed Koch whose administration was filled with fraud. Eric was sold to the public as a man of principle who would stand up for Republican Values the values his single mother taught to him before he was sent to live with his grandparents.

First Eric demeans the religious leaders in Politics in the New Yorker Magazine, Then he supports a Mayor who has raised our taxes twice first at 18.5% the highest Tax increase in the history of our City! Then he supports our Mayor who believes in Gay marriages and walked away from the GOP.

It is clear that Eric is a political whore, the same as the rest of the members of his political family.


The Obama Liberal Media is Struggling to Spin

The liberal media is trying frantically to put a spin on President Barack Hussein Obama’s waning public support. They even go so far as to say that the Obama’s popularity rating is high but the public rating of his policies are falling.

So the liberal media misfits want us to believe that you can separate a President from his policies! Thankfully, they can try as hard as they like, but Americans are smarter than the liberal media gives them credit. Americans know that Obama’s economic policies are crippling them, his healthcare plan will destroy the medical industry and his foreign policy is making America weaker by the moment.

It is going to be long 4 years.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Letterman and Palin

With all the stuff going on in the world, this is what the "news" chooses to talk about.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drink the Kool Aid Mike Reich

Mike Reich the powerful man behind the scenes in the Queens Democratic Organization has recently been quoted asking what Tom Ognibene has done for us lately.

Well Mr. Reich Tom Ognibene continues to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees at Christ the King Regional High School helping to give young men and woman a first rate education
Tom Ognibene remains a member of the Glendale Kiwanis
Tom Ognibene raises money for Scholarships
Tom Ognibene acts as a Pro Bono Attorney for Community Causes
Tom Ognibene is always being called upon for advice help and assistance.
Tom Ognibene is still well respected for his years of service in the New York City Council.

The real Question Mr. Reich is what has Liz Crowley ever done?
She got here Political start working under Brian McLaughlin
She may have defrauded the Campaign Finance Board and the Taxpayers
She wasted 3 months to open a District office
While Taxes are being raised, the economy taking a dive, building and development at a halt Elizabeth’s claim to fame is her call for Hybrid car use.....Sorry Elizabeth I have a hard time affording my 79 Blue Chevy Van. Which is idling in front of my home right now!

Sometimes in Politics people drink the Kool Aid, Mike Reich makes his living off Joe Crowley and the Government trough. In order for him to pad his pockets he has to kiss ass, the shame is he can go to his posh LI home and he leaves behind a train wreck of a Council Woman to destroy our Quality of Life.

Mike cash your checks hit the LIE leave us alone and please after November take Dizzy Lizzy with you.

Drinking with Bob Rants About Obama the Liar

Barack Obama is all of a sudden proud of the fact that his middle name is Hussein.

Proud that he grew up in Indonesia and that his father was Muslim.

The amazing thing is, that if you said any of these things during the election you were labeled as a "racist" and a "liar".

It's funny how when the smoke clears and the truth comes out, you see who the REAL LIARS are...

14 Days in the Rockies and I have Come back to this?

Just came back from the most amazing trip in the Rocky mountains. I reccomend that everyone should visit this national treasure.

What is going on with all this rain. I heard from friends that its been raining since June 5th.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Apologetic Obama Has Humiliated a Superpower

This is a perfect article on why Barack Hussein Obama
is threatening our national security

Barack Obama's Top 10 Apologies: How the President Has Humiliated a Superpower
by Nile Gardiner, Ph.D. and Morgan Roach
WebMemo #2466

A common theme that runs through President Obama's statements is the idea the United States must atone for its past policies, whether it is America's application of the war against Islamist terrorism or its overall foreign policy. At the core of this message is the concept that the U.S. is a flawed nation that must seek redemption by apologizing for its past "sins."

On several occasions, President Obama has sought to apologize for the actions of his own country when addressing a foreign audience--including seven of the 10 apologies listed below. The President has already apologized for his country to nearly 3 billion people across Europe, the Muslim world, and the Americas.

The Obama Administration's strategy of unconditional engagement with America's enemies combined with a relentless penchant for apology-making is a dangerous recipe for failure. The overall effect of this approach has been to weaken American power on the world stage rather than strengthen it.

President Obama's personal approval ratings across much of the world may be sky high, but that has not translated into greater support for U.S.-led initiatives, such as the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which is heavily dependent on American and British troops. The U.S. is increasingly viewed as a soft touch internationally, which has encouraged rogue regimes such as North Korea and Iran to accelerate their nuclear and missile programs.

As President Obama embarks this week on his second major overseas tour, which will take him to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, and France, the world does not need yet another apology from the President. Rather, it is looking for strong and principled leadership from the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. American leadership is not a popularity contest, nor should it be an exercise in self-loathing. Rather, it is about taking tough positions that will be met with hostility in many parts of the globe. Above all, it demands the assertive projection of American power, both to secure the homeland and to protect America's allies.

The following is a list of the 10 most significant apologies by the President of the United States in his first four months of office as they relate to foreign policy and national security issues.

1. Apology to France and Europe ("America Has Shown Arrogance")

Speech by President Obama, Rhenus Sports Arena, Strasbourg, France, April 3, 2009.[1]

So we must be honest with ourselves. In recent years we've allowed our Alliance to drift. I know that there have been honest disagreements over policy, but we also know that there's something more that has crept into our relationship. In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

2. Apology to the Muslim World ("We Have Not Been Perfect")

President Obama, interview with Al Arabiya, January 27, 2009.[2]

My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect. But if you look at the track record, as you say, America was not born as a colonial power, and that the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago, there's no reason why we can't restore that.

3. Apology to the Summit of the Americas ("At Times We Sought to Dictate Our Terms")

President Obama, address to the Summit of the Americas opening ceremony, Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, April 17, 2009.[3]

All of us must now renew the common stake that we have in one another. I know that promises of partnership have gone unfulfilled in the past, and that trust has to be earned over time. While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms. But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership. There is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations; there is simply engagement based on mutual respect and common interests and shared values. So I'm here to launch a new chapter of engagement that will be sustained throughout my administration.

The United States will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made.

4. Apology at the G-20 Summit of World Leaders ("Some Restoration of America's Standing in the World")

News conference by President Obama, ExCel Center, London, United Kingdom, April 2, 2009.[4]

I would like to think that with my election and the early decisions that we've made, that you're starting to see some restoration of America's standing in the world. And although, as you know, I always mistrust polls, international polls seem to indicate that you're seeing people more hopeful about America's leadership.

I just think in a world that is as complex as it is, that it is very important for us to be able to forge partnerships as opposed to simply dictating solutions. Just to try to crystallize the example, there's been a lot of comparison here about Bretton Woods. "Oh, well, last time you saw the entire international architecture being remade." Well, if there's just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy, that's an easier negotiation. But that's not the world we live in, and it shouldn't be the world that we live in.

5. Apology for the War on Terror ("We Went off Course")

President Obama, speech at the National Archives, Washington, D.C., May 21, 2009.[5]

Unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions. I believe that many of these decisions were motivated by a sincere desire to protect the American people. But I also believe that all too often our government made decisions based on fear rather than foresight; that all too often our government trimmed facts and evidence to fit ideological predispositions. Instead of strategically applying our power and our principles, too often we set those principles aside as luxuries that we could no longer afford. And during this season of fear, too many of us--Democrats and Republicans, politicians, journalists, and citizens--fell silent.

In other words, we went off course. And this is not my assessment alone. It was an assessment that was shared by the American people who nominated candidates for President from both major parties who, despite our many differences, called for a new approach--one that rejected torture and one that recognized the imperative of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

6. Apology for Guantanamo in France ("Sacrificing Your Values")

Speech by President Obama, Rhenus Sports Arena, Strasbourg, France, April 3, 2009.[6]

Our two republics were founded in service of these ideals. In America, it is written into our founding documents as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In France: "Liberté"--absolutely--"egalité, fraternité." Our moral authority is derived from the fact that generations of our citizens have fought and bled to uphold these values in our nations and others. And that's why we can never sacrifice them for expedience's sake. That's why I've ordered the closing of the detention center in Guantanamo Bay. That's why I can stand here today and say without equivocation or exception that the United States of America does not and will not torture.

In dealing with terrorism, we can't lose sight of our values and who we are. That's why I closed Guantanamo. That's why I made very clear that we will not engage in certain interrogation practices. I don't believe that there is a contradiction between our security and our values. And when you start sacrificing your values, when you lose yourself, then over the long term that will make you less secure.

7. Apology before the Turkish Parliament ("Our Own Darker Periods in Our History")

Speech by President Obama to the Turkish Parliament, Ankara, Turkey, April 6, 2009.[7]

Every challenge that we face is more easily met if we tend to our own democratic foundation. This work is never over. That's why, in the United States, we recently ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed. That's why we prohibited--without exception or equivocation--the use of torture. All of us have to change. And sometimes change is hard.

Another issue that confronts all democracies as they move to the future is how we deal with the past. The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history. Facing the Washington Monument that I spoke of is a memorial of Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed those who were enslaved even after Washington led our Revolution. Our country still struggles with the legacies of slavery and segregation, the past treatment of Native Americans.

Human endeavor is by its nature imperfect. History is often tragic, but unresolved, it can be a heavy weight. Each country must work through its past. And reckoning with the past can help us seize a better future.

8. Apology for U.S. Policy toward the Americas ("The United States Has Not Pursued and Sustained Engagement with Our Neighbors")

Opinion editorial by President Obama: "Choosing a Better Future in the Americas," April 16, 2009.[8]

Too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors. We have been too easily distracted by other priorities, and have failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas. My Administration is committed to the promise of a new day. We will renew and sustain a broader partnership between the United States and the hemisphere on behalf of our common prosperity and our common security.

9. Apology for the Mistakes of the CIA ("Potentially We've Made Some Mistakes")

Remarks by the President to CIA employees, CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia, April 20, 2009.[9] The remarks followed the controversial decision to release Office of Legal Counsel memoranda detailing CIA enhanced interrogation techniques used against terrorist suspects.

So don't be discouraged by what's happened in the last few weeks. Don't be discouraged that we have to acknowledge potentially we've made some mistakes. That's how we learn. But the fact that we are willing to acknowledge them and then move forward, that is precisely why I am proud to be President of the United States, and that's why you should be proud to be members of the CIA.

10. Apology for Guantanamo in Washington ("A Rallying Cry for Our Enemies")

President Obama, speech at the National Archives, Washington, D.C., May 21, 2009.[10]

There is also no question that Guantanamo set back the moral authority that is America's strongest currency in the world. Instead of building a durable framework for the struggle against al Qaeda that drew upon our deeply held values and traditions, our government was defending positions that undermined the rule of law. In fact, part of the rationale for establishing Guantanamo in the first place was the misplaced notion that a prison there would be beyond the law--a proposition that the Supreme Court soundly rejected. Meanwhile, instead of serving as a tool to counter terrorism, Guantanamo became a symbol that helped al Qaeda recruit terrorists to its cause. Indeed, the existence of Guantanamo likely created more terrorists around the world than it ever detained.

So the record is clear: Rather than keeping us safer, the prison at Guantanamo has weakened American national security. It is a rallying cry for our enemies.

Nile Gardiner is the Director of, and Morgan Roach is Research Assistant in, the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation.

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama's NYC trip

Barack Obama took his wife on a date the other night and racked up a 73 thousand dollar tab.

Obviously, Barack is not a "traditional" man because he had no problem sticking the taxpayers with the bill.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suprising Stonewall Snub Of Ulrich

According to Elizabeth Benjamin of The daily Politics The Stonewall Democrats, the largest LGBT club in the city, endorsed a slate of candidates for the upcoming fall elections last night, taking sides in all three citywide elections, two BP contests, two DA races and just over half of the City Council races.

Suprisingly, Councilman Eric Ulrich did not get the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats. We thought for sure that Ulrich would get their support for the obvious reason.

The full endorsement list:

Mayor Bill Thompson
Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio
Comptroller John Liu

Borough Presidents

Brooklyn Marty Markowitz
Manhattan Scott Stringer
Queens Helen Marshall

District Attorney

Brooklyn Charles Hynes
Manhattan Leslie Crocker Snyder

City Council

CD 1 Alan Gerson
CD 2 Rosie Mendez
CD 3 Christine Quinn
CD 4 Dan Garodnick
CD 5 Jessica Lappin
CD 6 Gale Brewer
CD 7 Robert Jackson
CD 8 Melissa Mark-Viverito
CD 9 Inez Dickens
CD 10 Miguel Martinez
CD 11 Oliver Koppell
CD 13 James Vacca
CD 17 Maria Del Carmen Arroyo
CD 18 Annabel Palma
CD 20 John Choe
CD 23 Mark Weprin
CD 24 James Gennaro
CD 25 Danny Dromm
CD 26 Jimmy Van Bramer
CD 27 Leroy Comrie
CD 29 Lynn Schulman
CD 32 Frank Gulluscio
CD 33 Ken Diamondstone
CD 35 Tish James
CD 38 Sara Gonzalez
CD 39 Bob Zuckerman
CD 46 Lew Fidler
CD 49 Debi Rose

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2009/06/stonewall-endorses.html#ixzz0HNJ8a9NG&B

Elizabeth Crowley's District Shack

If you walk by Councilwoman Elizabeth's Crowley District Office you will be amazed at how crappy it looks. The sign is too small for the building, the facade is crumbling and now she added some awful red, white and blue crepe paper to adorn the outside of the abysmal excuse for an elected officials office. Seriously, the place looks like a methadone clinic or an adult video store!

Hopefully, Holden and the Juniper Berry will take a picture of the office and put it in the 'eyesore of the week" section.

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate

Barack Obama continues to show his unbelievable ignorance regarding foreign policy and is a dunce when it comes to world history. If Iran is developing a nuclear program just for electricity then I guess he believes North Korea is just trying to compete with the Gucci family for the Macy's 4th of July fireworks show.

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate

The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 3:40 PM

LONDON -- President Barack Obama reiterated that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy _ provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful.

In a BBC interview broadcast Tuesday, Obama also restated plans to pursue direct diplomacy with Tehran to encourage it to set aside any ambitions for nuclear weapons it might harbor.

Iran has insisted its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity. But the U.S. and other Western governments accuse Tehran of seeking atomic weapons.

"Without going into specifics, what I do believe is that Iran has legitimate energy concerns, legitimate aspirations. On the other hand, the international community has a very real interest in preventing a nuclear arms race in the region," Obama said.

The comments echo remarks Obama made in Prague last month in which he said his administration would "support Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections" if Iran proves it is no longer a nuclear threat.

Iranian state television described the news as Obama recognizing the "rights of the Iranian nation," a phrase typically used to refer to Iran's nuclear program.

The president has indicated a willingness to seek deeper international sanctions against Tehran if it does not respond positively to U.S. attempts to open negotiations on its nuclear program. Obama has said Tehran has until the end of the year to show it wants to engage.

"Although I don't want to put artificial time tables on that process, we do want to make sure that, by the end of this year, we've actually seen a serious process move forward. And I think that we can measure whether or not the Iranians are serious," Obama said.

Obama's interview offered a preview of a speech he is to deliver in Egypt this week, saying he hoped the address would warm relations between Americans and Muslims abroad.

"What we want to do is open a dialogue," Obama told the BBC. "You know, there are misapprehensions about the West, on the part of the Muslim world. And, obviously, there are some big misapprehensions about the Muslim world when it comes to those of us in the West."

Obama leaves Tuesday evening on a trip to Egypt and Saudi Arabia aimed at reaching out to the world's 1.5 billion Muslims. He is due to make his speech in Cairo on Thursday.

Obama sounded an optimistic note about making progress toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, although he offered no new ideas for how he might try to secure a freeze on new building of Israeli settlements. The United States has called for a freeze, but Israeli leaders have rejected that.

Asked what he would say during his visit about human rights abuses, including the detention of political prisoners in Egypt, Obama indicated no stern lecture would be forthcoming.

He said he hoped to deliver the message that democratic values are principles that "they can embrace and affirm."

Obama added that there is a danger "when the United States, or any country, thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture."


Associated Press Writer Nasser Karimi contributed to this report from Tehran.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Drinking with Bob Rants About Supreme Court Racism

First a Socialist president.

Now, a racist Supreme Court Justice.

What's next?!!