Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drinking with Bob Rants About Obama the Liar

Barack Obama is all of a sudden proud of the fact that his middle name is Hussein.

Proud that he grew up in Indonesia and that his father was Muslim.

The amazing thing is, that if you said any of these things during the election you were labeled as a "racist" and a "liar".

It's funny how when the smoke clears and the truth comes out, you see who the REAL LIARS are...


Anonymous said...

You are such an asshole.

He was always proud of those things. However, the Republicans and NeoCONS (emphasis on conning people) used them derisively.

Context matters but you would not know that because you are so busy ranting that you do not listen; let alone learn.

Gee.. sounds like Bill O'Reilly- like you, the louder he is, the more stupid his arguments.

Anonymous said...

Here is a guy who is a brother Christian yet is being attacked for having a middle eastern middle name.

Better to have the President who can reach out to the world, than the guy who couldn't create good domestic or foreign policy that we had for eight years becuase of the belssing of right ing voters..

Mr. Mojo Risin