Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drinking With Bob Rants About Obama's NYC trip

Barack Obama took his wife on a date the other night and racked up a 73 thousand dollar tab.

Obviously, Barack is not a "traditional" man because he had no problem sticking the taxpayers with the bill.


Anonymous said...

And George Bush spent 40% of his 8 years in Crawford, Kennebuckport, or Camp David. How many MILLIONS did that cost the taxpayer?

Did you object to that?

When presidents are in constant danger, security costs. It is the price we pay and the risk they take. So give it a break.

Anonymous said...

He is paying for it, so what?

Is it that bad that republicans are going after this guy for taking his wife for a night on the town?

Where was the outrage when you voted in a draft dodger (Cheney), and a former drunk and drug addict (Bush) over a Vietnam War veteran (Gore) and a man of high moral and ethical standards (Lieberman)?

Mr. Mojo Risin