Friday, October 31, 2008

Holden Pulls Strings on His Puppets Nunziato and Crowley

As you can imagine, the debate last night was a Holden puppet show. The carefully crafted political attack disguised as a fair debate forum was quickly unmasked. Especially, when you have Lorraine The Crypt Keeper' Sciulli moderating, Christina Wilkinson handing out pre-fabricated loaded questions and Bob Holden raising "applaud" signs as after his candidates answered question.

My old Army buddy from Korea and I were laughing hysterically as we observed Holden, Crowley, Nunziato, Wilkinson and Sciulli scurry around the floor like little weasels whispering in each other ears to synchronize their diabolical plan. However, it looked like the cat got out of the bag because only a few candidates showed up to participate in the Holden charade. Hevesi, Markey, Como and Schmidt decided that the debate would be poorly and unfairly organized like every other JPCA meeting.

The one highlight of the evening was that Senator Serphin Maltese (a fellow Korean War vet, I might add) did a great job debating Joe Addabbo. Despite the obvious bias of the moderator and the obvious Holden support of Joe Addabbo (be careful Joe you don't want to be the JPCA Man of the Year, because 6 months later they will attack you, your family and friends).

Holden and his wooden puppets are performed their last show. The puppets are starting to rot, the strings are starting to fray and Holden is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Hopefully, the next Holden debate will be done from his padded room and the voices in his head will be the only ones debating.

Maspeth going Republican

Looks like Maspeth gamblers are going Republican in the upcoming election.
From a new journalist blog

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Robert Holden, his lap dog Tony Nunziato, and their blog the Crapper are the poster children for the tragic world of political expediency, self-preservation, lying, cheating, and putting the needs of your own over others. So it should be of no surprise they will flip-flop on any issue or stance if it helps them effectuate their evil intentions.

It appears that Robert Holden and Crappy are supporting Elizabeth Crowley, but here is what they said about Elizabeth Crowley just a few months ago. Is Holden and Crappy lying now or were they lying then, or are they again just showing that they are shameful opportunists and disgraceful hypocrites…..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Crowley can't answer fraud


Excellent reporting by the Queens Chronicle this week:

Crowley was not eligible for matching funds because of outstanding fines from campaign finance violations committed by her campaign during her bid for City Council in 2001 against ex-councilman Dennis Gallagher, whose April 18 resignation necessitated the special election.

According to a CFB audit, the Crowley campaign was required to pay $56,267 in penalties, $22,207 of which was for exceeding expenditure limits. Another $20,000 was for failure to adequately explain allegations of money order fraud — allegations the campaign denied. The penalties are currently being paid on an installment plan.


Anonymous said...

She damn well better answer these misappropriations. I'm still behind her. She's not the idiot some believe she is. But if she's dishonest, goodbye. Give us answers Liz. Fast. And truthful.

Anonymous said...

she is pathetic. if this is true, how can she be allowed to run without paying the fines. She raised enough to pay it off.

Anonymous said...

She's not the idiot some believe she is. (anonymous #1)

Har har harrrddy har har. She's an idiot. Don't take my word for it. Please attend the JPCA sponsored candidate debate coming up later this month and see for yourself. And if that doesn't convince you, how about the fact that it is confirmed Pinky is an unpaid advisor to her campaign?

Anonymous said...

Thank you DA Brown for giving Pinky back to us. I personnaly will never forgive. Women have very long memories.

Anonymous said...

I'm still behind her.

So are a number of politicians, so I heard.

har har har har

Anonymous said...

When and where is that debate? I would love to go and see Como defend himself.

Anonymous said...

Friday May 16th, 7:30PM at Our Lady Of Hope auditorium on Eliot Avenue, Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

Many have accused the juniper park patriots blog of bring Gallagher's attack blog, but it is attacking Crowley now. Yet, may have written here that Gallagher is working with Crowley. What gives?

Anonymous said...

We keep reading here about her huge campaign account for the special election, why is she being permitted to pay her fines on an installment plan?

Anonymous said...

Gallagher no longer controls the blog. He lost all interest quite a long time ago once his legal issue surfaced. It is now run by a near senile old man who though still friendly with Gallagher, maintains an independent streak. A streak that has him favoring Como. Thus, "sorry old friend", but you're girl Lizzie has to go kind of thing. Gallaghers loss of grip on the blog is similiar to his loss of grip on his fake civic association. Notice how that (and it's lapdog, Fat Cimino) went straight underground after the indictment? Connect all the dots.

Anonymous said...

As a republican, it's good to hear that Gallagher is a closet democrat.

When is the landlord going to remove his name from his former storefont office on Metropolitan avenue?

It is a stain on the community that should be erased.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that this woman is a con artist and scammer, who will do anything to raise funds for her campaign. I will not say what industry I work in, for fear of retribution. What I will say, however, is that she took money (LOTS of money$$$) from us and said she would support our industry and cause. Otherwise we would not have given her a dime. Then, a little over a week after she cashed the checks, she alligned herself with an opposing group! It is unbelievable that she wuold misrepresent her intentions and beliefs in order to make money. Doesnt she know we are the ones voting for her? She is not a very intelligent person, either!

Tony Nunziato afraid of Marge Markey

Looks like our assessment of Tony Nunziato candidacy has been confirmed!

He is nothing but a coward, and Holden puppet.

The only way Tony “Tulips” Nunziato would debate Assemblywoman Marge Markey is a under the close watch of Bob Holden and the JPCA board.

Only at a JPCA meeting can puppet Nunziato do the bidding of puppetmaster Holden, and be assured of everything being slanted to favor him and against his opponent. Nunziato would never, and could never debate Markey in a neutral setting away from Bob Holden and the JPCA board as a whole. Being a Holden bobble head and lapdog is all that Nunziato has as his claim to fame. (We have already shown that the Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force is nothing more than a Holden/JPCA make-believe group so that that Nunziato could receive some publicity for this campaign).

Tony Nunziato should be ashamed of trying to scam the voters of Middle Village and Maspeth, and putting Bob Holden in touch with taxpayer's money.

Remember on November 4th:

A vote for Tony Nunziato is a vote for Bob Holden

Picture from Juniper Park Civic (Bob Holden Puppetmaster, Tony Nunziato puppet)

Story Courtesy of Queens Crap Reflushed

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gallagher behind Nunziato's bid for Assembly

We have conformed from an anonymous source at the Tony Nunziato's campaign office, that 2005 JPCA Man of the Year, Dennis Gallagher is advising him.

The source states that since Gallagher is working on both Liz Crowley’s and Anthony Como’s campaign (as per Queens Crap), Nunziato asked the former councilman for his help.

Here at Reflushed, we have received the following posting, “Dennis Gallagher is a political god. He is a myth, a legend and strategical genius. Even after all that has happened, he is running Crowley's and Como campaign. He is writing anonymous letters and sending them to voters. He is still the focus of Holden's psychosis. Gallagher is the Karl Rove of Middle Village.”

Guess Tony figured that Gallagher is hated less then Bob Holden in Middle Village and Maspeth communities, so he might as well ask him for help in raising his poll numbers.
Courtesy of our friends at QUEENS CRAP REFLUSHED

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robert Holden and Queens Crap Helping Crowley Lie About UFT Endorsement

Robert Holden and the Queens Crap want you to believe that Elizabeth Crowley has the UFT endorsement for the upcoming General Election. They will lie, disseminate false information and provide you with old information to get you believe their bull crap. Thankfully, you have the Patriots to provide you with the truth.

This is what the morons over at the Crap had to say,

"According to UFT's website, Elizabeth was endorsed by the organization at a meeting earlier this year:

"The delegates endorsed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (64th AD-Manhattan) for re-election and Elizabeth Crowley (30th CD-Queens) for a special election to the City Council

I guess Holden and Crappy can't read because it clearly states "SPECIAL ELECTION" the UFT has pulled the endorsement of Elizabeth Crowley because they know she just can't win. She lost in 2001, she lost in 2005, and she lost in June 2008.

Here is the UFT Endorsement list dated June 26th….notice that Elizabeth Crowley is NOT on the list.

Looks like Holden, Elizabeth Crowley and the Crap will lie, beg and steal to get what they want. Shameful!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look What Group Is Back

It looks like The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village are back and they are once again calling for the head of Bob Holden. However, they are praising Christina Wilkinson and Ed Kamperman which makes us a little queasy.

Here is the letter,


Dear Friends,

We feel compelled to reach out to our dear friends and neighbors to appeal to their common sense, decency, and good judgment. In the recent past, we have endured the commandeering of our beloved civic association by individuals using their leadership for their own political gain. Robert Holden is now supporting Elizabeth Crowley who was once deemed as the worst the Queens Democratic Machine has to offer. He continuously has attacked democratic machine politics when it suited his needs but now he is embracing their candidate for his own personal gain.

Christina Wilkinson has stood steadfast by her beliefs and her convictions. She stood by Charles Ober who was viciously attacked by the Queens Democratic Party because he challenged Crowley and her powerful friends. To her credit, Ms. Wilkinson continues her resolve by not publicly supporting Robert Holden's hypocrisy. In addition, Ed Kamperman supports Republican candidates Tony Nunziato and Anthony Como despite Robert Holden's backroom deals with the Crowley's. Both Wilkinson and Kamperman stand by their views and have stood strong in the face of growing pressure from Robert Holden to support his candidate and they should be commended.

The Juniper Park Civic Association was once a respectable, reputable, and honorable organization that performed great services to the community. Unfortunately, under the leadership of Robert Holden, the civic association has become a political sounding board for the president and no longer a mechanism for the will of the people. As we stand together to uphold our decision for term limits for the Mayor and City Council we should also demand term limits for all civic association presidents and members' right to choose their leadership. Over twelve years of Robert Holden is enough, it is
time for a change.

Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We appeal to the dedicated members of the Juniper Park Civic Association to stand up and take their organization back from the self-serving hands of Robert Holden.

The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth

Say it Ain't So Joe Addabbo

According to this photograph submitted to the Patriots via email it looks like Councilman Joe Addabbo is violating the NYC Department of Sanitation's illegal posting law.

Tsk tsk tsk. Its ok to campaign but it is not ok to break the law.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elizabeth Crowley Lies About UFT Endorsement

Just when you thought she couldn't get anymore stupid she proves you wrong.

According to an e-mail received by the Juniper Park Patriots and the Queens Crap, a teacher has revealed that Elizabeth Crowley is misrepresenting her endorsement by the UFT.

The e-mail stated, as a long time member of the United Federation of Teachers I am extremely disappointed that a candidate for elected office would misrepresent the endorsement of the UFT.

Elizabeth Crowley does not have the endorsement of the UFT in the upcoming election, therefore she should refrain from handing out campaign literature with the UFT endorsement in bold letters.

I have attached the piece of literature to this e-mail which I received in the mail with a letter regarding absentee ballots.

Poor Elizabeth, she is so desperate to win that she is now fabricating endorsements.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is Elizabeth Crowley Stupid or Just Dumb?

On Tuesday morning our quiet neighborhood streets were invaded by wide-eyed, foaming from the mouth, crazed Working families party members led by their candidate Liz Crowley, shouting from bull-horns urging sleepy residents to vote out Councilman Como because he was supporting the Mayor's proposal to extend term limits. However, Como had already made a statement to NY1 stating that he would not support the term-limit legislation.

The working families party even praised the local councilman for his stance at the same time Dizzy Lizzy was shouting through a bullhorn lambasting him. Elizabeth Crowley should get her facts straight before disturbing local residents; doesn't Mr. Softee get tickets for playing their trademark song too loud? Where is Liz's ticket for being stupid?

We here at the Patriots feel sorry for Elizabeth because she just can't help herself.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Como says NoNo to Term Limits Extension Legislation

According to NY1 and NY Daily Politics

Councilman Anthony Como again, came out in opposition to any legislation that seeks to over-turn the will of the voters.

More Council Members Join Opposition To Term Limits Extension
By: NY1 News
Republican Queens Councilman Anthony Como came out against extending term limits this morning, joining other council members who have publicly stated their opposition to the new legislation.

Como is the 19th council member to side against the bill, leaving 17 council members undecided on the matter. While 15 council members have expressed support for the legislation, another 11 council members would be needed to pass the bill.

City council members opposed to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bid to extend term limits are trying to rally undecided colleagues to their side.

Yesterday in Park Slope, Brooklyn Council Members Bill de Blasio and Letitia James joined a protest against extending term limits.

De Blasio and James last week sent a letter to Council Speaker Christine Quinn's staff, suggesting any move by the council to extend term limits may be illegal, and that voters should decide on the issue.

De Blasio said the debate is far from over.

"There's obviously something powerful happening among members of the council," said de Blasio. "Members are talking to each other, they're listening to their communities and I think you're going to see more and more people say this is unacceptable."

Quinn announced Sunday she had changed her mind, and would support the bill.

With questions swirling over what caused Quinn to make the switch, the mayor insisted yesterday there was no deal cut between them.

"My staff has been working with her, it's an administration bill, that's what our [staff does]," said Bloomberg. "There's certainly no backroom deal here. I get 20 questions a day about it, I don't know how you can call that a backroom deal."

Friday, October 10, 2008

Councilman Como Stands Up for Voters

Looks like our newly elected councilman is showing some true grit and standing up for voters unlike so many others holding political office.

Here at the Patriots we give credit when credit is warranted; therefore we congratulate Councilman Anthony Como for saying NO to repealing term limits.

"I hate to say it, because we are in trying times and the mayor would be good for the city's future for another term, but it's the law and it's not something we should do with one fell swoop of the pen." said the Council's newest member, Anthony Como.

Congratulations to Anthony Como for standing up for what the people voted for and their desire to have term-limits implemented.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lizzy Crowley Gone Wild

Poor Elizabeth Crowley is losing her marbles. Recently, “Dizzy Lizzy” (a nickname given to her by Bob Holden, the JPCA and Queens Crap) has been spotted handing out campaign literature urging people to vote for her during the special election being held on June 3rd.


Disgusted people just walk away shaking their heads in utter disbelief upon receipt of this erroneous information. They whisper to themselves softly, "Can she be that stupid?" She has been, however, desperately trying to conceal the wrong date by strategically placing an Avery label over the wrong election date. I wonder why Bob Holden hasn’t criticized her publicly on his blog, website, or periodical rag. Could it be that Bob is so desperate that he is forced to align himself with Dizzy Lizzy? This is disgraceful even for the always shameful Bob Holden.

Dizzy Lizzy is now too good for Parkside Group because over the last two months she realizes she must be a grassroots candidate. Are you serious Liz? Do you believe this hogwash Bob Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nunziato, JPCA members? Or maybe Liz just doesn’t want to pay the money she owes Parkside group. Maybe the Parkside Group dropped Liz Crowley because of her un-electability, c’mon; the woman has lost about 236 elections in a row. Or is Liz a candidate that walks away from her responsibilities just because it is politically expedient? You decide. Ask yourself was Holden wrong then or is he wrong now?

At the end of the day, it looks like Dizzy Lizzy has found her soul mate in Bobble head Holden. The two give new meaning to fair-weather friends, political opportunists and lying sacks of crap.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where is Avella?

Maybe on vacation?

Has anyone else notice the absence of CM Tony Avella from Bob Holden’s side?? He wasn’t even at the last JPCA meeting!

(But Liz Crowley was – but we will have fun with that in my next post).

Question for my readers – How much longer before Tony Avella is attack by them??

Run, Tony, Run … away!

Once you get in bed with Bob Holden – you are finished!!
Courtesy of Queens Crap - Reflushed

Crowley can't answer fraud charges - and JPCA doesn't care

Wow - what a turnaround for Bob Holden and the JPCA!!

Usually you start off as their person of the year, then being called “useless”.

Here JPCA, Holden, Christina, Nunziato have all called her unrepeatable names, but with a promise that if they help her win she will put our taxpayer money into the hands of the JPCA thru as nice fat grant, they can all be friends again!!

Poor Liz, she is so desperate to win Como’s seat that she would make a deal with the devil himself.

Take a look at what Holden and JPCA had to say about Crowley just a few short months ago:

Courtesy of Queens Crap - Reflushed
Photo from Forum News Group & Queens Crap

Tony Numbnuts Should Stick to Tip-Toeing through the Tulips

Looks like the Nunziato campaign is in the toilet.

The crappy campaign has been stinking up the local political scene and everyone is waving to Tony Turd as he disappears down into the sewer system.

Apparently Assemblywoman Marge Markey is kicking his ass in recent polls conducted despite every attempt by the Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association's attempt to malign her.

Once again, the JPCA, Holden, Wilkinson and Tont Numbnuts are proving they are as impotent as a Unich. Bye Bye Bob and Tony!