Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look What Group Is Back

It looks like The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village are back and they are once again calling for the head of Bob Holden. However, they are praising Christina Wilkinson and Ed Kamperman which makes us a little queasy.

Here is the letter,


Dear Friends,

We feel compelled to reach out to our dear friends and neighbors to appeal to their common sense, decency, and good judgment. In the recent past, we have endured the commandeering of our beloved civic association by individuals using their leadership for their own political gain. Robert Holden is now supporting Elizabeth Crowley who was once deemed as the worst the Queens Democratic Machine has to offer. He continuously has attacked democratic machine politics when it suited his needs but now he is embracing their candidate for his own personal gain.

Christina Wilkinson has stood steadfast by her beliefs and her convictions. She stood by Charles Ober who was viciously attacked by the Queens Democratic Party because he challenged Crowley and her powerful friends. To her credit, Ms. Wilkinson continues her resolve by not publicly supporting Robert Holden's hypocrisy. In addition, Ed Kamperman supports Republican candidates Tony Nunziato and Anthony Como despite Robert Holden's backroom deals with the Crowley's. Both Wilkinson and Kamperman stand by their views and have stood strong in the face of growing pressure from Robert Holden to support his candidate and they should be commended.

The Juniper Park Civic Association was once a respectable, reputable, and honorable organization that performed great services to the community. Unfortunately, under the leadership of Robert Holden, the civic association has become a political sounding board for the president and no longer a mechanism for the will of the people. As we stand together to uphold our decision for term limits for the Mayor and City Council we should also demand term limits for all civic association presidents and members' right to choose their leadership. Over twelve years of Robert Holden is enough, it is
time for a change.

Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We appeal to the dedicated members of the Juniper Park Civic Association to stand up and take their organization back from the self-serving hands of Robert Holden.

The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth


georgetheatheist said...

"...Holden's backroom deals with the Crowley's." [sic] With the "Crowley's" what?

Mark said...

Dennis Galllagher is a political god. He is a myth, a legend and strategical genious. Even after all that has happened, he is running Crowley's and Como campaign. He is writing anonymous letters and sending them to voters. He is still the focus of Holden's psychosis. Gallagher is the Karl Rove of Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

The Juniper Park Civic Association Executive Board should have term limits. An election, with nominations from the floor of their membership.

How long has this Executive Board been in power? It is obvious....too long. But the question is "How do you get them out"?

Anonymous said...

IS this the rival civic association?