Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elizabeth Crowley Lies About UFT Endorsement

Just when you thought she couldn't get anymore stupid she proves you wrong.

According to an e-mail received by the Juniper Park Patriots and the Queens Crap, a teacher has revealed that Elizabeth Crowley is misrepresenting her endorsement by the UFT.

The e-mail stated, as a long time member of the United Federation of Teachers I am extremely disappointed that a candidate for elected office would misrepresent the endorsement of the UFT.

Elizabeth Crowley does not have the endorsement of the UFT in the upcoming election, therefore she should refrain from handing out campaign literature with the UFT endorsement in bold letters.

I have attached the piece of literature to this e-mail which I received in the mail with a letter regarding absentee ballots.

Poor Elizabeth, she is so desperate to win that she is now fabricating endorsements.


Mike said...

This is not suprising. She is a born liar, she lied about McGloughlin, she lied about Campaign Finance, she lied about being an educator and now she lies about the endorsement. What will she lie about next?

Anonymous said...

Is the letter to JPP and Queens Crap or QC Reflushed??

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen her most recent mailing- a booklet, FILLED with grammatical errors, misprints, etc. And this is coming from an "EDUCATOR"? Funny, because she seems nothing like an educator- she's the one who needs a lesson here.

A prime example as to why people hate politicians; LIARS like Dizzy Lizzy give people like Anthony Como a bad name.

Mark said...

Dennis Galllagher is a political god. He is a myth, a legend and strategical genious. Even after all that has happened, he is running Crowley's and Como campaign. He is writing anonymous letters and sending them to voters. He is still the focus of Holden's psychosis. Gallagher is the Karl Rove of Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

Liz Crowley...I'd tap that.