Friday, October 10, 2008

Councilman Como Stands Up for Voters

Looks like our newly elected councilman is showing some true grit and standing up for voters unlike so many others holding political office.

Here at the Patriots we give credit when credit is warranted; therefore we congratulate Councilman Anthony Como for saying NO to repealing term limits.

"I hate to say it, because we are in trying times and the mayor would be good for the city's future for another term, but it's the law and it's not something we should do with one fell swoop of the pen." said the Council's newest member, Anthony Como.

Congratulations to Anthony Como for standing up for what the people voted for and their desire to have term-limits implemented.

1 comment:

taxpayer said...

Nunziato: “I would vote against it to because …”

Holden: “Hey stupid, your running for assembly, not city council, …

Nunziato: “But I thought I could just make believe I …”

Holden: “Shut up stupid, I didn’t tell you to think”

Nunizatio: “Oh, ok, Boss”