Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crowley can't answer fraud charges - and JPCA doesn't care

Wow - what a turnaround for Bob Holden and the JPCA!!

Usually you start off as their person of the year, then being called “useless”.

Here JPCA, Holden, Christina, Nunziato have all called her unrepeatable names, but with a promise that if they help her win she will put our taxpayer money into the hands of the JPCA thru as nice fat grant, they can all be friends again!!

Poor Liz, she is so desperate to win Como’s seat that she would make a deal with the devil himself.

Take a look at what Holden and JPCA had to say about Crowley just a few short months ago:

Courtesy of Queens Crap - Reflushed
Photo from Forum News Group & Queens Crap

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Anonymous said...

Bobby Holden and Lorraine Scuzzy ran for the life boats. They threw Surf n Turf Maltese and Anthony Como under the bus and in so doing so really threw Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato under the bus too.

Most people vote a staright ticket, so Tony was doomed...

Mr Mojo Risin