Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tony Numbnuts Should Stick to Tip-Toeing through the Tulips

Looks like the Nunziato campaign is in the toilet.

The crappy campaign has been stinking up the local political scene and everyone is waving to Tony Turd as he disappears down into the sewer system.

Apparently Assemblywoman Marge Markey is kicking his ass in recent polls conducted despite every attempt by the Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association's attempt to malign her.

Once again, the JPCA, Holden, Wilkinson and Tont Numbnuts are proving they are as impotent as a Unich. Bye Bye Bob and Tony!


Anonymous said...

Want a laugh? Just read the bull---- entry Tony had someone write about him (he surely cannot write) in Wikipedia:

Someone should edit the entry to correct the misstatements. Fortunately he does not stand a chance of winning in November.

James said...

I love this picture of Tony "tulips" ... what a hoot!!

JPP and QC_Reflushed ... you guys make my day!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Monkey Boy is priceless....