Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is Elizabeth Crowley Stupid or Just Dumb?

On Tuesday morning our quiet neighborhood streets were invaded by wide-eyed, foaming from the mouth, crazed Working families party members led by their candidate Liz Crowley, shouting from bull-horns urging sleepy residents to vote out Councilman Como because he was supporting the Mayor's proposal to extend term limits. However, Como had already made a statement to NY1 stating that he would not support the term-limit legislation.

The working families party even praised the local councilman for his stance at the same time Dizzy Lizzy was shouting through a bullhorn lambasting him. Elizabeth Crowley should get her facts straight before disturbing local residents; doesn't Mr. Softee get tickets for playing their trademark song too loud? Where is Liz's ticket for being stupid?

We here at the Patriots feel sorry for Elizabeth because she just can't help herself.

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Anonymous said...

Dunb enough to win apparently...