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The Continuing Failures of Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the JPCA

Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato, Christina Wilkinson and the rest of the JPCA has experienced another crushing loss resulting from the demolition of St Saviour’s and as always, they are blaming everyone but themselves. Unfortunately, this is the modus operendi of the fanatical narrow-minded group led by Bob Holden. Until Kaiser Holden, Tony Tulips, Largstina Wilkinson and the merry morons learn how to successfully negotiate a deal they will continue to add defeats to their list of embarrassments. Therefore, I feel it is my civic duty to educate these moronic individuals and provide them tips for successful negotiating.

Jonny Goldman is a world renowned businessman and accepted authority on the principles of winning business practices. Mr. Goldman has written an article that has provided ten tips for successful negotiating which I will provide below and explain why Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots are failures.

  1. Everyone aspires for negotiations to turn out successful; otherwise, it is senseless to sit, talk, and explore (sometimes for hours) each other’s position to no avail. For this to be so, exert every effort to favor the other party’s whims while still coming out satisfied or contented with the outcome of the negotiation. This should be your objective. Come to terms as easily as possible. Stipulate details in black and white with a tint of trust to seal the negotiation in favor of both parties. Holden and his cronies have no interest in understanding anybody’s position or interests. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #1.

  1. Mutual respect for each other’s priorities must prevail. Never focus on your own objective alone. Think of how the other party would be satisfied with the outcome. As we all know, the JPCA executive board has absolutely no respect for anyone. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #2.

  1. Get to the core of the discussion and work from that core outward, concentrating on the details. Holden and crew never get to the core of any issue because they rather sensationalize and distort the facts for their OWN benefit. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #3.

  1. It is not difficult to trace the presence of sincerity in a negotiation. As long as you have this in mind and you see the other party’s sincerity as well, the progress of the negotiation will sail smoothly. Holden and the bobblehead squad see everyone as liars and manipulators because they believe that THEY are the sole proprietor of the truth. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #4.

  1. You may have a set of rules that are guiding you to get what you want. Modify if need be as long as it is practical and does not deviate to become a disadvantage on your part. Holden and his mental midgets play by their OWN set of rules no matter how impractical or deviant the guidelines. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #5.

  1. Negotiating is not a contest on who is better between the parties involved. There is no battle to win. Neither is it a stage to display one’s wits. It should be a two-way process. The JPCA believes everything is a win or lose battle that their superiority (inferiority) is destines to win. All issues become a stage where Holden grandstands for the public and local newspapers. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #6.

  1. Be true to your word. What you say must be congruent to your action. Any deviation should be tackled beforehand to avoid the element of surprise, which usually leads to anxiety. Holden’s word is as valuable as a wooden nickel. Their covert actions and their constant fear mongering protests have been a constant source for community anxiety. It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #7.

  1. Keep your options as open and as diverse as possible. They may come in handy, especially when slight differences pop out. There is only one option when dealing with Holden and the misguided zombies, agree with them or you are viciously attacked. . It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #8.

  1. Watch for reactions to proposals through body movements. They may help to make you and the other party come to terms more easily. The JPCA executive board is as perceptive and intuitive as a dead goldfish. . It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #9.

  1. Be a good listener. Pre-empt what the other party may say, but only in your mind. You could be right, but you could also be wrong. It is better to sound affable than be sorry afterwards. Holden and his morally corrupt followers listen to no one but THEMSELVES. They will attack their detractors and will never have the decency to apologize. . It is THEIR way or NO WAY. Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and the rest of the idiots fail at tip #10.

As you can see, according to Jonny Goldman, Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato, Christina Wilkinson and the rest of the mentally challenged minions will never win a fight because they fail to understand the most basic principles of effective negotiating. It is time that the community and preservationists detach themselves from this narrow-minded bunch. Until they do, they will continue to experience devastating loses and never resolve issues that are dear to their hearts.

I hope that Holden and the rest of the Juniper Park Civic Association Executive Board take the crushing defeat of the St Saviour’s debacle as the proverbial nail in the coffin and go quietly into obscurity. It is apparent to the community that their incessant protests, vicious attacks, vitriolic rhetoric, shameful tactics and unwillingness to negotiate are ingredients for constant failure. If they really care about the community they will just go away and let those individuals who understand the importance of civility, respect and negotiation lead the way.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Robert Holden Wrecking Crew Destroys Church

Looks like Bob Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and special guest appearances by Tony Avella have achieved what they wanted. As we write, St Saviour's is being torn down thanks to the combative Juniper Park Association's insane oligarchy. Their refusal to work with elected officials and city agencies has long sealed the fate of the crumbling church. This is just a list of many loses by Holden and his cronies who just don't get it. More disturbing is that they don't give a damn about the community all they care about is publicity and attacking everyone who disagrees with their narrow-minded agenda..

With the church reduced to ruble (thanks to Holden and the JPCA), Maspeth Development is entertaining two bids because Holden and his merry band of miserable misfits refused to come to the table with funds or other viable options. Their all or nothing approach to civic involvement has won our community one of the following:

Behind Door Number 1 – Maspeth could win a Storage facility! Not only a storage facility, but a 24 hour a day storage facility. STOP and STOR! Yes folks, you will be delighted to see row upon rows of luxury sheds utilized by transient people who will rent these glorified garages to store their stuff. Great job Bob!

Behind Door Number 2 – Maspeth could win a recycling facility! Maspeth will be home to millions of tons of recyclable glass, plastics and paper. Trucks will be coming in and out during all hours of the day to drop off their precious cargo for processing. Way to Go Juniper Park Civic Association!

This is what happens when the community allows a small band of narrow-minded non-compromising misfits to speak for the entire community. Instead of getting a reasonable development with new housing that would have included a component for the preservation of the church; we get a large recycling plant or a massive storage facility!

Once again, Holden's tactics have backfired and the ones who will suffer are the poor people of our community. So when you drive by the Recycling plant or the storage facility make sure you thank Robert Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nuziato and Tony Avella for their complicity in this debacle. Now the ghosts of St Saviour's will haunt Holden's illegally converted basement for an eternity,

"The narrow-minded who undertake any work will never be satisfied.
They cannot understand the actions of those who are large hearted and broad-minded."

Saint there no more..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary vs. Obama – Thriller in Amarilla(o)?

It is suspected that the Clinton campaign is behind the circulation of a photograph showing Obama dressed in traditional Somalian garb. Many believe this is an attempt to derail the Obama train so that the Clinton horse drawn one wheel carriage can wobble passed the runaway

It is amazing that Shrillary went from being "honored" to being on the same stage with Obama to "Shame on you Barack Obama", blasting him for being "a reckless foreign policy lightweight" and mocking him during a recent stump speech in a matter of days.

This is like a story I once heard about three men who robbed a bank. I will change the characters around just a bit to better parallel the current presidential race.

A bitter white woman, a rookie African American bank robber and an old time con man successfully rob a bank. They return to a predetermined location to split the loot until arguments ensue. The woman and the rookie argue over who was the most instrumental in planning and executing the successful heist while the old timer sat quiet anticipation in the corner of the room. The argument quickly took a violent turn for the worse when both drew a gun and shot each other dead. As the two lay motionless on the floor, the old man walked out with all the loot.

Some articles:

NY Daily News: Note To Hillary: Get Your Vision Check by Mike Lupica


Beware: Don’t Converse about Religion or Politics with Family or Friends

My father always told me that it wasn’t safe to discuss politics or religion with family or friends because those subjects can start up some serious feuds. I remember that two of my uncles stopped speaking to one another for an entire year because one supported Truman while the other was a Dewey supporter. However, my brothers, my sisters and myself benefited greatly that year because we had to celebrate each holiday twice!

But imagine someone getting stabbed over a heated political debate? According to the New York Post, an avid Clinton supporter knifed his brother-in-law who is a rabid Obama supporter. Now that’s what I call political devotion! I think Hillary and Barack should have these guys sit next to them during tonight’s debate and let the sparks fly!

NY Post article:


February 26, 2008 -- A kitchen-table political debate between two brothers-in-law turned violent when one of the men, a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, knifed the other, a Barack Obama booster, officials said.

José Ortiz, a 28-year-old Clinton supporter from Collegeville, Pa., stabbed Sean Shurelds after their argument "turned bloody," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman said.

Shurelds tried to choke Ortiz, who then "responded with a knife and stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach," Ferman added.

Shurelds was brought to a hospital in critical condition, and Ortiz - who, according to records, is a registered Republican - was held on $20,000 bail.

Now you can see first hand what happens to a Republican that turns to the dark side of the Democratic Party. First you support the Wicked Witch of the South, then you stab your brother-in-law and then you spent the rest of your years rotting in jail reading the Communist Manifesto, listening to Barbara Streisand songs and watching Jane Fonda movies. It is truly a destructive and vicious cycle.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader: Darth Nader fighting Obama Skywalker, Princess Hillary and Democrat Rebels

Democrats must be shaking their heads and saying “not again” But as good ole Yogi Berra would say, “It’s like deja vu all over again” because Ralphie boy is running again!

Many Democrats feel that Ralph Nader was instrumental in helping President Bush win in the 2004 election by siphoning off much needed democratic votes.

Nader wants us all to believe that he is a fighter for common man, a champion of consumer rights, protector of consumer rights and savior of the planet. However, Ralph is a big hypocrite and just another cog in the corporate machine.

According to

Ralph Nader has done a lot of good for consumers. He has also led attacks on such evils as Volkswagen cars, the American Automobile Association, whole milk, colored toilet paper, fluoridated water, and the Elvis stamp. Through it all he has manipulated the press brilliantly and built himself a comfortable and powerful niche without need for election, even within his own consumer groups.

4 years after he unquestionably tipped the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush, Nader refuses to admit that or take any kind of responsibility, and he's planning to run again. This time though even the Green party is getting sick of him.

For 30 years, Ralph Nader has proclaimed himself to be "Saint Ralph", the only honest man in Washington, and the only friend of the average citizen. If that doesn't make you puke already, then click on the allegation of your choice:

a HUGE hypocrite -- just another politician -- Anti-democratic authoritarian -- secret luxury house -- owned by the trial lawyers' lobby -- busted a union among his workers -- abuses workers -- amassing millions of dollars and playing the stock market with it -- secrecy and stonewalling -- vindictive toward critics -- forced "contributions" to his college PIRG groups -- hypochondriac -- Quotes -- Sources

Although the entrance of Ralph Nader into the presidential race would almost secure John McCain a win in November, I prefer he stay out of the race so we can have a true race between two viable candidates resulting in one “accepted” winner and no excuses for the loser.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Anthony Nunziato, Crazy Botanist or Multiple Personality Politician?

In the delusional mind of the crazed florist of Maspeth, better known as Tony Tulips or Anthony Nunziato, he thinks he can win Assemblywoman Marge Markey’s seat.

Tony Tulips is so delusional that he is running as a Republican but donates to democrats. Which democrat you may ask? I’m glad you asked. He donated to Congressman Joe Crowley. Check out . This is the same Congressman Crowley who Holden, Wilkinson, Nunziato and the JPCA lackeys have attacked and ridiculed. They even mercilessly attack his cousin, Elizabeth Crowley who is running for the council seat in the 30th district. For the record, I believe Congressman Crowley has done a great job for his district, stands up for veterans and deserves to be supported. The Patriots hope that the distinguished Congressman refunds Tony Tulips’ money to remove this stain from his donor list.

Therefore, if Tony can donate to the democrats and run as a republican, then that leaves the door open for guys like me.

Hold on to your hats because I am going to make a bold statement.

First, Tony Nunziato has a better chance of being named Pope in Uzbekistan than winning any elected office. Moreover, as you all know, from previous postings, I am a radical right wing republican with conservative delusions of grandeur, however, I will support and vote for Assemblywoman Marge Markey. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That right wing lunatic is defecting to the democrats! Drastic times call for drastic measures my friends.

Tony Nunziato is blight on our community and the idea of him being elected to any office frightens me. Will Bob Holden be his Chief of Staff, Christina Wilkinson his Press Secretary, Ed Kamperman his janitor? The possibility, no matter how remote makes me sick.

So I hope you join the Patriots in their campaign to ensure that Tony Tulips sticks to being a florist and Bob Holden’s mini-me and guarantee he loses every political election he enters.

I would like to thank in advance, our democrat readers who will afford me the opportunity to join them (this once)

God Bless America

The Greatness of the American Military Defeats Rogue Satellite

American military superiority and advanced technology came together to achieve the successful destruction of a rogue satellite destined to crash into Earth. Way to go!

God Bless America!

See the video here

A missile launched from a Navy ship struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific Ocean yesterday, the Pentagon said.

A Defense Department official said an initial view of the missile strike on the spy satellite indicated that it probably hit the spacecraft's fuel tank, whose toxic contents were the main target of the missile launch, the Associated Press reported.

"Due to the relatively low altitude of the satellite at the time of the engagement, debris will begin to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere immediately," the Pentagon said in a news release last night. "Nearly all of the debris will burn up on re-entry within 24 to 48 hours, and the remaining debris should re-enter within 40 days."

The U.S. military has shot down missiles in flight before -- 12 times while testing key parts of its $9 billion missile defense effort. It even destroyed an orbiting satellite in 1985.

But the Pentagon's plan to blast an errant spy satellite out of the heavens posed unique technological challenges. It could have been an embarrassment if its main mission failed -- and an international liability even if it has succeeded, experts say.

The satellite, known as USA-193, was built by Lockheed Martin Corp. and failed shortly after launch in December 2006. In addition to its high-tech payload, it contains about 1,000 pounds of frozen hydrazine, a hazardous propellant stored in a metal tank.

The Pentagon said the tank and hydrazine would pose a hazard if they landed in a populated area, so officials planned to take out the satellite by blasting it with an Aegis missile launched from a Navy cruiser in the Pacific.

The missile was launched from the USS Lake Erie about 10:25 p.m. EST. The government had notified sailors and aviators to stay clear of parts of the Pacific beginning about 10:30 p.m. EST.

The guided missile was specifically part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, which has hit 12 out of 14 targets during flight tests, according to a Defense Department spokesman.

"It's one of the Defense Department's more successful anti-missile systems," said Dr. Jonathan C. McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.

Some experts have compared the task of hitting the satellite to hitting a bullet with a bullet about 150 miles above Earth.

The satellite, the size of a small bus, was speeding through space at 18,000 mph, about twice as fast as the test missiles previously targeted. "It's moving at roughly 300 miles a minute, and so you need to know where it's going to hit. And if you're off by just a minute on that, that's 300 miles off," said Ivan Oelrich, vice president for strategic security programs at the Federation of American Scientists.

Nor was the 40-pound missile equipped with explosives -- it was to rely on its own kinetic energy to smash the 5,000-pound satellite to bits, experts say. Had the Navy missed, it could have proved a highly visible failure for the Defense Department's $1 billion-a-year Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Then there are international politics. Some experts say the move is a U.S. attempt to counter actions by the Chinese last year. China blasted one of its own weather satellites on Jan. 11, 2007, prompting criticism that it had created thousands of new shards of hazardous space debris and escalated international tensions about conflicts in space.

The U.S. effort is not expected to create as much space debris because the point of impact is closer to Earth. But it might still spark international tensions, experts say. "It takes us further along that road of weapons in space and war in space," McDowell said. Chinese and Russian officials recently proposed a ban on anti-satellite missile testing in space. The Bush administration has rejected the proposal as unverifiable.

"Yet again, we have a superpower testing what the world will perceive is a space weapon," said Phil Smith, assistant director of the Secure World Foundation, a nonprofit group organized to promote peace in space.

Others, too, are suspicious of the Pentagon's motives. "So far, in the entire history of the Space Age, no manmade object has badly injured anyone," said Michael Krepon, director of the Space Security Project at the Henry L. Stimson Center in Washington.

The Pentagon has never provided estimates on the risk attached to the demise of the satellite. But Krepon said other experts have put the risk that a single human being would be injured by the satellite at between 1 percent and 3.5 percent -- not worth the "extreme measures"
being undertaken.

Krepon offered two other explanations that he considers more plausible. The first is the protection of "state secrets" -- a fear that key components of the satellite could fall into Russian or Chinese hands and divulge something about our spy technology.

Second, elements within the Defense Department want to test U.S. capabilities at a moment when they can avoid the wrath of Congress, which has shown bipartisan opposition to such tests. "Congress has been pretty silent when faced with a public safety rationale," Krepon said. Officially, the Pentagon does not have an anti-satellite weapons system, and it proved its ability to destroy a satellite in low-Earth orbit decades ago. "There's really no need to go back to that data point," said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Between 1977 and 1988, the U.S. Air Force Space Systems Command and ATV Aerospace designed, built and tested an air-launched missile intended to demolish satellites orbiting within 350 miles of Earth. The three-stage missile was carried by a modified F-15 jet fighter.

On Sept. 13, 1985, the fighter took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, climbed to 80,000 feet and released the missile. Its target was an active, 1,800-pound scientific satellite called Solwind P78-1, orbiting 290 miles above Earth, according to company histories. The missile homed in on the satellite at a closing speed of 15,000 mph and destroyed it on impact.

The test was attacked by arms control advocates, who called it a violation of a U.S.-Soviet treaty prohibiting the testing of anti-satellite weapons. The Pentagon nevertheless planned to prepare 20 aircraft for use in anti-satellite operations. But Congress balked, and the program was ended.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Maryland

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy: Quote of the Century

The 'Hero of Chappaquiddick' speaks on why he supports amnesty for those sneaking across the Rio Grande.

This just may be the quote of the century!!

Nancy Pelosi, the House's Bella Lugosi

Tears were brought to my eyes today as I read the opinions of some New Yorkers about Nancy Pelosi's recent treasonous act by letting the Protect America Act lapse. Ms. Pelosi has proven time and time again that she is the very worst politics has to offer American citizens.

But don't take my word for it; here is what some astute Americans had to say:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is enchanted with the political position she holds and the power and authority she enjoys in the majority ("Lawyers Fiddle, America Burns," Post Opinion, Feb. 18). Democrats simply don't understand that terrorists are planning further pain and
death for Americans. Radical Islamists have launched a jihad against our nation because they feel inferior to America's power, which is now turned toward them.

We must persevere and simply allow our great troops the time and the intelligence required. As usual, the Democrats believe that is over the top. -Edward F. McGrath, Sayville

The actions of Pelosi and her Democratic cohorts are reminiscent of the 1930s French politicians who were so busy fighting each other that they left their country unprepared, enabling the Germans to waltz through it in six weeks. History does repeat itself, and what amounted to treason then amounts to treason now. - Joseph Facciolo, Rome

The Post is on target regarding Pelosi & Co., but what is disgraceful is that this news was not on the front page. When these weasels pull this sort of thing, they need to be outed for all to see. If only these politicians had the heartache felt by the surviving family members of 9/11, and if only they would represent the voters who elected them instead of their self-serving interests. -Arthur Jenkin, Moscow Mills, Mo.

I'm not surprised that Pelosi allowed the Protect America Act to expire. During the 2006 election, Democrats promised to end the eavesdropping on terrorists by claiming that it was illegal. We got what we voted for - and if that leads to another terrorist attack, we'll have no one
to blame but ourselves. -Tom Kay, Somerset, NJ

Please add "concern for the rights of criminals and terrorists" to The Post's list of Pelosi's priorities. - James J. Ring, Ossining

What else did you expect from these Democrats? -Guy Viviers, Manchester, NH

If Islamist terrorists were to target the offices of the American Bar Association, ACLU or DNC, very few Americans would weep or lose sleep. How have we allowed tort lawyers to amass so much special-interest power that is used to hamper our ability to pursue terrorist cells in our country? A warning to the ABA: If any harm is inflicted upon my body, or those of my wife or children, due to terrorism, I will sue the heck out of you for all you've got. The first priority for any government is to protect its citizens. -Lee Anthony Nieves, Charlotte, NC

Capitol Hill is a very strange place to have a fight over intelligence- Pelosi and her crew seems to be in very short supply of it. She has moaned, whined and cursed President Bush for months on end and has done everything short of calling him a liar while ignoring that it's her own pants that are on fire. What a shameful example she is. Ignoring the best interests of America and circumventing the spirit of the law does not make you tough. It makes you stupid and bitter.
Somebody should tell Pelosi that these are big character flaws. Taking a vacation when there are serious international issues to be resolved is just plain dumb. She has been the leader of the biggest "do-nothing" Congress since 1948. Hopefully, in November she'll be pushed back into the shadows, where she belongs. -Tom Cahill, Jackson Heights

What contempt these elected representatives have for the American public. Lawyers are the new nobility in this country - the very thing we fought against for our freedom. How dare they not act with a sense of priority regarding the very security of this nation? The Protect America Act has contributed to keeping this nation safe from another 9/11 attack and was passed by Congress in a bipartisan effort to keep us safe from harm.

Pelosi and her naysayers have again obstructed the will of this nation by blocking a vote on this bill. How dare they have the time to write politically motivated citations and not take up the business of the people? - Theodore Miraldi, The Bronx

God Bless America

Atlas Park Stimulus Package?

While many local residents are struggling to make ends meet due to economic pressures, the Hermendingers and Atlas Park are giving money away to the peasants as a public relations stunt disguised as their version of a retail stimulus package.

The Patriots believe that if they have so much money to give away they should send the residents who live around the shopping center a "reduction in quality of life" check. It has been reported that since the opening of Atlas Park Glendale residents have endured an increase of traffic and the re-routing of buses to local streets resulting in an adverse impact on their quality of life.

We all know a few dollars won't kick start the economy or a check won't give back to Glendale its quality of life but we all know how much we love a publicity stunt!

The Electoral College Paradigm

It appears that some of my liberal friends are still crying about the 2000 election. They still feel that President Bush “stole” the election from Al Bore. However, they fail to understand the constitutional principle or the Electoral College and its impact on presidential elections. So I feel it my duty to explain, in the most simplistic terms how someone can lose the popular vote and still win the presidency.

The original mechanics of presidential elections were established by Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution. In 1804 this clause was replaced by the 12th amendment because of election problems in 1786 and again in 1800.

The Electoral College system has many benefits and many believe it secures fairness, equality and truly reflects the will of the nation when electing a president. The Electoral College forces candidates to seek popular support over a majority of the country. Since a candidate cannot count on winning the election based solely on a heavy concentration of votes in a few areas, the Electoral College avoids much of the sectionalism that has plagued other geographically large nations, such as China, India, the Soviet Union, and the even the Roman Empire! We all know what happened to the Roman Empire, we came close under Nero Clinton when wild orgies in the oval office were rampant. Thank God for term limits.

Since we are a federation of states it is important that each has an equal say on who becomes the next president. Therefore, the Electoral College ensures that the collective opinion of even a small state merits attention at the Federal level greater than that given to a small, though numerically-equivalent, portion of a very populous state. You see what’s happening here? I will simplify it later so that even my friends on the left can understand.

In addition, to requiring a candidate to gain widespread support throughout the ENTIRE country and maintaining the federal character of the country there are other intrinsic values to the electoral college system. Many assert that minority groups have a greater voice under the system, that upon death of a candidate the electoral college can efficiently elect a suitable replacement in a timely manner, the current system strengthen the political party system and prevents extremist peripheral groups from gaining power, it isolates election problems to a particular state so it can be addressed and investigated, the system neutralizes the impact of voter turnout impacted by weather or hotly contested local races, and the electoral college upholds the premise of “separation of powers”

Ok here goes. How can a candidate win an election but lose the popular vote? Imagine that the United States was comprised of only 6 states with a population of 90 people and a Candidate needed 22 electoral votes to win an election.

Simply put:

State A Population = 25 Electorates = 10
State B Population = 25 Electorates = 10
State C Population = 10 Electorates = 6
Stated D Population = 10 Electorates = 6
State E Population = 10 Electorates = 6
State F Population = 10 Electorates = 6

Candidate A wins states A and B

Candidate W wins sates C, D, E, and F

Candidate A won 50 popular Votes and 20 electoral votes

Candidate W won 40 popular Votes and 24 electoral votes

Candidate W wins election! Now you are truly smarter than a 5th grader!

Therefore, according to our beloved Constitution, George W. Bush did not steal the 2000 election because he WON elections in 30 states compared to Al Bore’s 21. This gave the President 271 electoral votes beating Al’s 266.

Then in 2004, President Bush won the popular vote by 3, 012,499 votes and 31 states.

God Bless America!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Super Delegates = Super Disgrace

The race to become the presidential nominee for the Democratic Primary is becoming more intriguing than a John Grisham novel. The battle between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama is dominating the news headlines and is setting the stage for what could be the biggest travesty in political history since Bill Clinton was re-elected president in 1996.

After last night’s impressive primary wins, Obama, is currently leading in delegates but the two candidates are still running neck and neck and neither may end up with the number of delegates needed to become the definitive Democratic nominee. Which means that the almighty powerful “super delegates” may single handedly anoint the nominee, and the person selected may not necessarily have the largest number of states won or the majority of overall delegates at the convention. This will be the largest disenfranchisement of voters not seen in American history.


After the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party implemented changes in its delegate selection process, based on the work of the McGovern-Fraser Commission. The purpose of the changes was to make the composition of the convention less subject to control by party leaders and more responsive to the votes cast during the campaign for the nomination.

These comprehensive changes left some Democrats believing that the role of party leaders and elected officials had been unduly diminished, weakening the Democratic ticket. In response, the super delegate rule was instituted after the 1980 election. Its purpose was to accord a greater role to active politicians.

In the 1984 election, the major contenders for the Presidential nomination were Gary Hart and Walter Mondale. Each of them won some primaries and caucuses. Hart was only slightly behind Mondale in the total number of votes cast, but Mondale won the support of almost all the super delegates and became the nominee.

The super delegates have not always prevailed, however. In the Democratic primary phase of the 2004 election, Howard Dean acquired an early lead in delegate counts by obtaining the support of a number of super delegates before even the first primaries were held. Nevertheless, John Kerry defeated Dean in a succession of primaries and caucuses and won the nomination.

Rightfully, the Democratic Party has been criticized for conducting its nominating process in an undemocratic way because super delegates are generally chosen without regard to their preferences in the presidential race and are not obligated to support the candidate chosen by the voters. It is clear that the Democrat elite feel that the “ordinary” Democratic Party voter can’t be trusted with the decision on who should be presidential nominee. As usual, they believe that the public is best served through back room deals, political favors, and oligarchy rule. If the Clinton machine is able to take a strangle hold on the super delegates it will most certainly leave the democratic party in shambles and may ultimately cause them to lose the general election. I for one am keeping my fingers crossed.

There have been repeated calls to eliminate the super delegates from the nomination process to more accurately reflect the popular vote, including an online petition. You can sign the petition by visiting

Hillary Sinking Like the Titanic After Hitting the Obama Iceberg

Barack Obama cut a gaping hole into the SS Hillary after a landslide defeat in yesterday’s primaries (and caucus). It appears that one time Clinton loyalists are abandoning the sinking ship for the safety of the Obama express. Obama won about half of white women – a group Clinton dominated in previous elections. He cleaned up among white men – 58% to Clinton’s meager 38%. Barack Obama picked up half of the voters with incomes under $50K per year, once a key Clinton base. He was also favored by a remarkable 6 of 10 independents. Most telling was that 15 percent of the voters were “first time” voters who liked Obama’s message for change.

Barack Obama is looking like the Super Bowl Champion Giants by consistently winning big on the road against the Clinton juggernaut. His impressive wins are swaying the fickle media which has become apparent in their coverage of the campaign trail. According to reports, most cable television networks abruptly cut away from coverage of Clinton’s rally when Obama began to speak in Texas. Poor Hillary.

Sadly, however, this sets the stage for the biggest breakdown of the Democratic Party since Jimmy Carter and Monica Lewinsky. It appears that Hillary and Bill will get the Clinton machine rolling full steam ahead to pick up super-delegates who may be the deciding factor in this close race. The undemocratic principle of the “super-delegate” allows these individuals to disenfranchise millions of voters by voting for a candidate (Hillary) despite the people’s support for Obama. As we all know, super-delegates are to democracy as Fidel Castro is to freedom and this could be the demise of the Democratic Party as we know it.

NY Post: “Survivor Hill might not survive this”

NY Daily News: “Barack Obama wins Wisconsin, Hawaii over fading Hillary Clinton”

Last Lunar Eclipse Until 2010

The skies are currently clear over Middle Village and Maspeth and if weather conditions remain the same it will be a perfect opportunity to view the Lunar Eclipse.

According to NASA, on Wednesday evening, February 20th, the full Moon over the Americas will turn a delightful shade of red and possibly turquoise, too. It's a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec. 2010.

The Sun goes down. The Moon comes up. You go out and look at the sky. Observing the eclipse is that easy. Maximum eclipse, and maximum beauty, occurs at 10:26 pm EST (7:26 pm PST).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Is the Media Complicit in Recent Mass Murders?

We stated on April 19, 2007 (Virginia Tech shooting) and December 7, 2007 (the Omaha Mall shooting) that the media should be held accountable for the next mass shooting. Now that it has tragically happened again in at North Illinois University, we thought it fitting to repost the article we wrote after the Virginia Tech and Omaha Mall murders.

When will the media learn?

Also, Let's stop giving murderers the publicity they'd die for.

Another Senseless and Tragic Shooting

The Patriots want to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those who were either murdered or wounded during the latest tragic shooting at North Illinois University.

Unfortunately, we predicted that this would happen again because the media continues to sensationalize and give maniac shooters the notoriety they crave. Something needs to be done immediately to try to prevent another mass murder spree..

DeKALB, Ill. — With minutes left in a class in ocean sciences at Northern Illinois University on Thursday afternoon, a tall skinny man dressed all in black stepped out from behind a curtain on the stage of the lecture hall, said nothing, and opened fire with a shotgun, the
authorities and witnesses said.

The man shot again and again, witnesses said, perhaps 20 times or more. Students in the large lecture hall, stunned and screaming, dropped to the floor. They crouched behind anything they could find, even an overhead projector. They scattered, the blood of victims
spattering, some said, on those who escaped injury.

On Friday morning, the coroners office of DeKalb County, Ill., added another person to the death toll, which now stands at six, all of them students. Fifteen others were wounded, at least one of them critically. Hospital officials said at least 13 males and five females between the ages of 18 and 27 had been shot, several of them in the head.

NY Times: Suspect in Campus Attack Is Identified

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The St Saviour’s Farce Created by Holden, Nunziato and Wilkinson

Now the delusional minds of Robert Holden and Tony Nunziato want to pick up a crumbling church and move it to another location, not in Maspeth but to All Faith’s Cemetery in Middle Village. If the church has such an historical significance, why not place the church in Juniper Park where all can come learn about St Saviour’s? Why place it in cemetery where only mourners and devotees can view the church?

Sadly, Maspeth residents will soon realize that Bob and Tony don’t give a damn about them or their neighborhood. Unfortunately, Pol Pot and Tulips have more compassion for wood, stone and metal than for their fellow man. The two moronic marauders think they have a scheme to effectuate their evil plot for preservation domination leaving the St Saviour’s parcel of land behind to fend for itself.

Tony Numbnuts wants the public to believe that the $1 million dollars for the preservation of the church set aside by Councilman Gallagher and the City Council is available for this ridiculous plan to transplant the church to another location. This compels us to wonder whether Tony is either mentally retarded or he just doesn’t understand city government. We believe it is a combination of both.

Tony Tulips was a longtime member of CB 5 and is now a potential self proclaimed candidate for City Council yet he fails to understand even the basics when it comes to government. Nunziato is quoted as asking for the million dollars that Councilman Gallagher secured for the purchase and preservation of St. Saviour's Church and use that money for the cost of moving the church from one private location to another.

Tony is too ignorant, lazy and clueless to realize that this cannot happen without a City Council Budget Modification. Any transfer of funds from one city agency to another requires a vote of the entire city council in which a majority must vote in favor.

In addition, if the city is to acquire the property, there must be a strict adherence to the ULURP process (The Uniformed Land Use Review Process) which is mandated by law. This process allows for public debate and dialogue between the public, NYC Council, Community Board and Borough President. Consequently, this process could take well in excess of a year. It would have been much easier and time efficient if Sponge Bob and Twit Tony agreed to have the church saved and restored with reasonable development on site as originally proposed.

It is extremely sad that Tony is more interested in getting his name in the papers than understanding city government and the laws that govern its process. More importantly, Tony Tulips fails to recognize that we all see through his despicable charade. This political neophyte lacks not only the intellectual capability to be elected councilman; he also lacks the experience and institutional knowledge of government and its operation.

Consequently, the St. Saviour’s site will be the future home of an intrusive manufacturing plant while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber try to claim an empty victory. Let’s face it folks, the metal midgets from the JPCA executive board were never fighting to save a church or ensure that Maspeth gets more green space, all they care about is beating the Mayor, the Parks Department, the Landmarks Commission and Councilman Gallagher. But, thanks to Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato and the JPCA Executive board the only losers will be the residents of Maspeth.

Tony stick to watering flowers it’s what you know best!

Christine Quinn’s Political Chagrin

Christine Quinn is leaving many people scratching their political heads and raising serious questions about her sense of decency and common sense. In her State of the City address she recognizes the looming financial hardships the city will face in the coming years, however, some of her ideas and actions lead the public to believe that she doesn’t quite understand the meaning of “fiscal crisis”.

I’m no William Jennings Bryant and lord knows Quinn is no Abe Lincoln but to use $12K in taxpayer’s money to buy a speech is criminal. Christine Quinn paying money for a speech is as productive as me hiring the New York Philharmonic to play in front of a deaf crowd. Seriously, how many New Yorkers heard what Quinn had to say? More importantly, you can’t ask the public to tighten its belt when you frivolously spend THEIR money on a speech. The best is when David Weprin (Finance Committee) defends Quinn by rationalizing that it would have cost the city more to have a full time staff member writing speeches. And David wants to be Comptroller? Lord Help Us! Hey Christine and David, here is a novel idea, WRITE YOUR OWN SPEECH! That $12k could have went a long way to feed the homeless or the elderly.

Quinn also wants to give renters a $300 rebate check costing the city millions of dollars adding to and compounding the impending deficit. I have nothing against renters but the reason homeowners are getting a $400 dollar rebate check is because the city raised our property taxes by 18%! Honestly, I would give back my $400 rebate check if the city promised to roll back the property tax increases and therefore, maybe Quinn should make an effort to control rent prices instead of creating political gimmicks disguised as rebate checks.

Even her attempt for campaign contribution reform is nothing more than a futile attempt to better position herself for her upcoming bid for mayor. Quinn wants the public to believe that she is the champion of transparency in government and the Joan of Arc of fighting special interests. However, the special interest of Quinn is to make sure any her political opponents have a hard time raising funds to mount effective campaigns. Don’t be fooled by the words “campaign reform” when they are spoken by Quinn because what those words really mean are “no cash for my opponents”

I think Christine Quinn should get her $12k back because the speech was worth about $1.25 ($2.75 in Canada). It was a self-aggrandizing mayoral stump speech disguised as a State of the City speech. The Speaker of the City Council is a dangerous political hack with lofty aspirations. Everything she does is an effort to propel her to higher office and she doesn’t care about the ramifications of her actions.

Let’s remember her shameful tactics in the mayoral elections. Go Ray Kelly!

NY Daily News Article: Council Speaker Quinn's State of City speech will cost taxpayers $12K

NY Sun Article: Quinn Positions Herself For Mayoral Race

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry to See Mitt Make an Exitt

Unfortunately, Republican Mitt Romney suspended his campaign last week leaving true conservatives feeling abandoned and forcing us to support Sen. John McCain. There is no doubt that McCain is a great American and a dedicated public servant, however, he has failed to faithfully represent the republican ideology. Many times he has reached across the aisle abyss to sell his conservative soul to the liberal left causing great concern for true conservatives. I hope that McCain can unite the party by returning to the conservative values that make the Republican Party the true ‘grand ol’ party”.

What are true conservative values you may ask?

  • Conservatives believe that the people, not the government, should make decisions for themselves.
  • Conservatives believe that the people are fully capable of self-determination and creating their own plan to realize their individual goals and dreams.
  • Conservatives believe that a sense of entitlement comes from hard work and perseverance and not from government hand-outs.
  • Conservatives trust that parents know what is best for their children and are the true experts when it comes to the educational choices for their children.
  • Conservatives believe in the preservation and protection of the traditional family.
  • Conservatives admire the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans and feel that every effort should be made to lift any obstacle that would attempt to stifle that spirit.
  • Conservatives believe that the worker retain their hard earned dollars instead of being robbed by wasteful and bloated government bureaucracies that squander the financial dreams of working Americans.
  • Conservatives believe in the expansion of our Armed Forces and strengthening our national defense to ensure our safety and to protect or freedoms.
  • Conservatives believe that America is the greatest country in the history of the world.

I believe that Mitt Romney truly exemplified the conservative ideology and I am extremely disappointed he is no longer in the race.

Here are some excerpts from his speech:

· As I said to you last year, conservative principles are needed now more than ever. We face a new generation of challenges, challenges which threaten our prosperity, our security and our future.

· The values and beliefs of the free American people are the source of our nation’s strength and they always will be!

· Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity.

· Dependency is a culture-killing drug—we have got to fight it like the poison it is!

· The attack on faith and religion is no less relentless. And tolerance for pornography—even celebration of it—and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare programs have led to today’s grim realities.

· A nation built on the principles of the founding fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in the home. The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and father. Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of a nation.

· Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality.

· Our prosperity and security also depend on finally acting to become energy secure. America must never be held hostage by the likes of Putin, Chavez, and Ahmendinejad.

· Depress the private sector and you depress the well-being of Americans.

· And finally, let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America—and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical Jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate. These Jihadists will battle any form of democracy—to them, democracy is blasphemous for it says that citizens, not God shape the law. They find the idea of human equality to be offensive. They hate everything we believe about freedom just as we hate everything they believe about radical Jihad.

· To battle this threat, we have sent the most courageous and brave soldiers in the world. But their numbers have been depleted by the Clinton years when troops were reduced by 500,000, when 80 ships were retired from the Navy, and when our human intelligence was slashed by 25%. We were told that we were getting a peace dividend. We got the dividend, but we didn’t get the peace. In the face of evil in radical Jihad and given the inevitable military ambitions of China, we must act to rebuild our military might. Raise military spending to 4% of our GDP, purchase the most modern armament, re-shape our fighting forces for the asymmetric demands we now face, and give the veterans the care they deserve!

America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the earth.

God Bless America!

In the immortal words of President Ronald Reagan: “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals -- if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sour Vino for the Gambinos

Upon my wife’s death in 1993 I decided to sell the old house in a “quiet” neighborhood in Queens where we lived for 39 years and raised three children. During those many years I got to know many “interesting” guys because many were my neighbors. They were cordial, polite and friendly but you can see in their eyes there was something sinister beneath that charismatic veneer. Therefore, I always kept my eyes closed, my ears covered and my mouth shut.

Today, the papers are reporting that the largest organized crime bust in recent history has befallen the Gambino crime family and to my surprise (or maybe not) I spotted a few familiar faces.

A few cliché’s are in order:

  • Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
  • Crime doesn’t pay.
  • He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.
  • Loose lips sink ships.
  • Baddabing baddabang
  • Forgettaboutit