Friday, February 22, 2008

Anthony Nunziato, Crazy Botanist or Multiple Personality Politician?

In the delusional mind of the crazed florist of Maspeth, better known as Tony Tulips or Anthony Nunziato, he thinks he can win Assemblywoman Marge Markey’s seat.

Tony Tulips is so delusional that he is running as a Republican but donates to democrats. Which democrat you may ask? I’m glad you asked. He donated to Congressman Joe Crowley. Check out . This is the same Congressman Crowley who Holden, Wilkinson, Nunziato and the JPCA lackeys have attacked and ridiculed. They even mercilessly attack his cousin, Elizabeth Crowley who is running for the council seat in the 30th district. For the record, I believe Congressman Crowley has done a great job for his district, stands up for veterans and deserves to be supported. The Patriots hope that the distinguished Congressman refunds Tony Tulips’ money to remove this stain from his donor list.

Therefore, if Tony can donate to the democrats and run as a republican, then that leaves the door open for guys like me.

Hold on to your hats because I am going to make a bold statement.

First, Tony Nunziato has a better chance of being named Pope in Uzbekistan than winning any elected office. Moreover, as you all know, from previous postings, I am a radical right wing republican with conservative delusions of grandeur, however, I will support and vote for Assemblywoman Marge Markey. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That right wing lunatic is defecting to the democrats! Drastic times call for drastic measures my friends.

Tony Nunziato is blight on our community and the idea of him being elected to any office frightens me. Will Bob Holden be his Chief of Staff, Christina Wilkinson his Press Secretary, Ed Kamperman his janitor? The possibility, no matter how remote makes me sick.

So I hope you join the Patriots in their campaign to ensure that Tony Tulips sticks to being a florist and Bob Holden’s mini-me and guarantee he loses every political election he enters.

I would like to thank in advance, our democrat readers who will afford me the opportunity to join them (this once)

God Bless America


Anonymous said...

Other than being involved in the leadership of the JPCA, which is disgraceful in my opinion, what are his qualifications? What has he done other than run a flower shop?

Real Republican said...

I saw a picture of Hillary and Tony in his place of busisness. If your a Democrat just say so thats fine, if you are a Republican thats fine to. But if you decieve your politcal base from the get go your just liar. Tony stick to flowers you will never be a politician.

Anonymous said...

I'd campaign for Raoul Castro before I'd ever lift one finger to help that back stabber Nunziato.

Anonymous said...

Patrick! So nice that you're able to rise above party affiliation. It makes my lunatic left wing heart all warm and fuzzy.

Nice also to see you can poke fun at yourself.

OK, even though I loathe everything you stand for polticially, we are enemies of our mutual enemies. You get your requested one time bye.

God Bless America (and save her from the harm she's endured under the past 7 years of Republican rule)

Anonymous said...

Anthony Nunziato, he thinks he can win Assemblywoman Marge Markey’s seat.

I rather see tulips than see do nothing Markey win again - is she even alive - she seems to disappear after each election. If Tony Tulips is a Holden mini-me even better at least will get something done in area.

Thomas said...

Nunziato is a moron and should crawl under the rock he came from. You ever hear Tony talk> He sounds like a retarded Tony Soprano.

Linda said...

Tony is much too ugly to run for elected office. It's bad enough we have to see his ugly mug in the Forum West, I couldn't stomach seeing his face in the local papers if he were (not likely) to get elected.

Anonymous said...

You know Tony will get the all the votes from local basketball players. Thankfully, it won't be enough to unseat Markey

Anonymous said...

No phony holy roller christian would ever get my vote -
It would be nice for a change to vote with someone with morals, but that is out of the question with this corrupt and reprehensible bunch.
It should be a new reality show on TV - Who can screw up Queens the fastest?(using their low moral character, drug dealing/liquored up/child molesting/adulterous friends as back up!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony for assembly Obama for president ,can you please pass the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

Tony Nunziato is a retart. They should just show the footage of him berating a security giuard at Maspath Savings Bank because the guy took the Junniper Dingle Berry out of the ATM area, and Nunziato said the guy could be arrested ans was stupid.

He is a Holden lackey who will get nothing done that Bob Holden doesn't want him to. I can see it now:

Monkey Boy: "What should I do Bob"

Holden: "Shut your mouth Monkey Boy before I step on your thumbs! First thing have a statue of me and one of my Aunt Lorraine, and worship it! Grovel at my feet and pay homage!

Monkey Boy: Sure thing Bob. It'll be a golden statue too..

Holden: That's a great idea Monkey Boy! I'm glad I thought of it! I know , next you'll make Ed K the Grand Po-Ba of Middle Village. He'll like that. And his job will be to consume large amounts of cheap liquor and drool a lot!

Monkey Boy: Sure Bob

Holden: That's Mr. Holden Monkey Boy!!!

Monkey Boy: Sure Mr. Holden..will there be anyhting else sir?

Holden: Yeah put the shine back in my shoes! And while your at it, fix me a drink Monkey Boy! And try not to get any of your body hair in it! Ha ha..!!! Hop to it Monkey Boy!!!! But before you do that answer one question for me Monkey Boy! Are you related to the kid playing the Banjo in "Deliverance"? Because you sure as hell look like him. Now get going Monkey Boy and do my bidding!!!! Ha ha Ha !!!

Mr. Mojo Risin..

Anonymous said...

It's spelt "retard", retard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spelling update. Sometimes I start laughing so hard thinking about "Monkey Boy" Tony T actually running for public office, that my typing drifts a bit.

Thanks again,

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, I heard a rumor that Tony T had to have lifts put into his shoes so his knuckles don't drag on the ground...

Mr. Mojo Rison

Anonymous said...

"Tony Nunziato is a retart."

Look who's calling someone a retard.

You can't even get the spelling correct. It's R-E-T-A-R-D you retard! Read the rest of that posting and you will think a child wrote it. If they could post in crayon I bet this butt wipe would try to.

Damn, if you call someone a name in writing you better learn how to spell.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh plans to vote for Hillary because McCain is "not Republican enough" for him.

The JPP blogger plans to vote for Markey for the same reason as Limbaugh. Nunziato is a maverick Republican like McCain, willing to work with the Dems.

Anonymous said...

tony is banging christina wilkenson the ugly bastard

Anonymous said...

all i have to say is all you people who make stupid uneducated comments about tony nunziato obviously dont know the guy at all. All he cares about is the well being of our neighbohood so why dont you try talking to the guy before jumping to dumbass conclusions!!!!!! IDIOTS!