Friday, February 29, 2008

JPCA, Day late...Dollar short..


Anonymous said...

You just made my point by posting this.

Real nice.

Patrick Henry said...

Thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

This is the story of their lives--sad thing is it's all self-inflicted. Though they would never admit to themselves that the church would be standing if only there had been compromise with the owner.

Let's see if more than 24 people show up like at their last "rally". And that includes small children. What a groundswell of support! Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This "rally" is just another face saving scapegoating act of projection that's occured over and over again whenever the JPCA executibve board is about to face yet another humiliating defeat.

Nice try Bob and Monkeys, but your lame attempts at projection are so transparent, and every new "rally" you hold is even more pathetic.

Last rally you had all of you and members of your families who will tolerate you, a few children, and a dog or two. Let's see if you can break the triple digits. Highly doubtful.

The JPCA is known for inflating numbers from their meeting attendance, to their rallies, to their petitions. They artfully crop photos to make it look like the 15 poeople in the photo are part of some larger crowd. No one is fooled.

How much longer must we suffer their incompetence and idiocy? They represent no one but their own narrow-minded, vindictive, and harmful agenda. They must all step down after this new defeat for the good of our community and allow competent managers to run the neighborhood civic.

Anonymous said...

It seems the person who was a day late and $1 million short was Councilman Gallagher. The lying pig!

Anonymous said...

That JPCA propaganda organ, the Crapper is reporting that 35-40 people attended the Rally to Watch the Destruction of St. Saviors.

And the photo on the Crapper shows only about half of that amount.

Lies, Lies, Lies, yeah!

Another fiasco for Holden and the Monkeys. Lordy, Numb Nutz Nunziato looks so ugly that he even makes Holden's ugly mug look tolerable.

Love the way whenever Holden, the media whore that he is, throws on the jacket and tie to appear "respectable."

Nice try Bobby. Everyone and their mother knows you're a goon.

Fun stuff to watch. Unfortunately, what's not fun is that the church will be destroyed due to the total failure of "leadership" from the JPCA.

Bobby H: Time to take down the "Save St. Saviors" sign from your front window. Add it to your gallery of political failures. Your walls must be plastered full of them.

Such a disgrace, and so harmful to our community.

Anonymous said...

The apologists on the JPCA propaganda organ, The Crap, are having a field day explaining why their micro-rally was not a complete failure.

The scapegoating, projection, and face saving is in full gear for our Merry Mental Midgets.

Looks like "Bullhorn" holden dusted off his little microphone which was expertly held by his new First Lackey, Numb Nutz Nunziato. Dumb and Dumber.

So pathetic that they felt they had to go on record that the "noble" JPCA fought to the last to save the church. HOGWASH!!! They bear all the responsiblity and blame for their standard M.O., which has been non-compromise, and media whoring. So transparent, and so pathetic.

Sad for our community that these losers get even an ounce of ink spilled about their missteps and repeatedly faulty tactics.

When will they learn that when you run up such a repeated string of losses as Bob and the Monkeys, that you should look hard in the mirror and ask why things never seem to go their way.

Hint to Bobby H. and Monkeys: it's because your repeatedly wrong, incompetent, pig headed, arrogant, narcisistic, and idiotic.

The ghost of St. Saviors rolls their eyes as your stubborness. You bear responsibility for not properly negotiating with the property owners.

And now the entire community loses once again because of the JPCA's complete mismanagment.

The truth will set us all free.

Anonymous said...


Please keep telling it like it is.

Over on the Crap, they are steaming at the truth you're allowing. Thank heaven for the Internet, that these clowns can't spout their Crap unanswered, like they're used to. And now they can't help themselves posting to your site. At least you don't censor their dumbass remarks. That's because you're not afraid to consider other people's positions. This concept is antithetical to the JPCA executive board.

They hate hearing the truth and in the darkest recesses of their tiny craniums, they realize their (repeated) failings and extreme character flaws.

Anonymous said...

A real class act that Holden: gratuitously attacking Ledger reporter Phil Guie during the press conference for having the audacity of showing up. Holden's maniacal temperament was evident for all to see. Watch next weeks Ledger for the photographic evidence. (Hey Crap, why did you censor this info?)

Anonymous said...

Holden, your only honorable options now are:

1. Hara-Kiri
2. Cyanide
3. Kool-Aid

Anonymous said...

What happened with the Queens Ledger reporter?

Anonymous said...

OMG, Numb Nutz announced his candidacy for State Assembly.


His qualifications include repeated failures as a JPCA executive board member, flower re-potter, and 1st water boy lackey for Herr Holden.

It will be such fun watching his "candidacy" go down in fiery wreckage.

Good luck, Monkey Boy!!! Thanks for the entertainment value.

Anonymous said...


Just as their latest fiasco is ending in total failure, the JPCA executive board is busy planning their next utter defeat--Tony "Numb Nutz" Nunziato is running for State Assembly. Gaffaw!

Anonymous said...

Run,Tony,Run!!! This is going to be the local equivalent of when Pat Paulsen use to run for President. Oh, this is going to fun! "Tony the Hapless" pratfalling all over the Assembly District as he malaprops his way through grammatically painful speeches. Oh please Tony, run. Here's your slogan;


Real Republican said...

The Republican Party in Queens really is crazy. The vote was not all for one and one for all. I hear many leaders next to Nunziato's district are enraged by the decession to endorse this piece of "CRAP". Wait until the real truth of this fool comes out and the Republicans in Maspeth Middle Village and Glendale revolte against Serf for letting this happen. Phil Regusa and fill your pockets Tabone are in for a rude awakening,. The beginning of the end of the Republican Party in Queens has been created by their backing of this fool.

Anonymous said...