Thursday, February 21, 2008

Atlas Park Stimulus Package?

While many local residents are struggling to make ends meet due to economic pressures, the Hermendingers and Atlas Park are giving money away to the peasants as a public relations stunt disguised as their version of a retail stimulus package.

The Patriots believe that if they have so much money to give away they should send the residents who live around the shopping center a "reduction in quality of life" check. It has been reported that since the opening of Atlas Park Glendale residents have endured an increase of traffic and the re-routing of buses to local streets resulting in an adverse impact on their quality of life.

We all know a few dollars won't kick start the economy or a check won't give back to Glendale its quality of life but we all know how much we love a publicity stunt!


Anonymous said...

I am surprised you are criticizing Atlas Park. I didn't think I would see you and Queens Crap both be so aligned and so wrong on something. Everyone I know that lives in the area is happy to have the shops, restaurants, movies and Amish Market in the neighborhood. It is a big step up from any other nearby options. A few grumps don't like having a nice-looking place with some activity nearby, so all the people that like the place should have to do without? Tell me what you would prefer to have there.

Anonymous said...

I too am really curious what Glendale residents would like to see in place of Atlas Park. What would you place there that would be of value to the neighborhood? Perhaps more cemetary space?

Anonymous said...

The residents of Glendale would be happy if Atlas showed consideration for those who live in the area. Atlas is lobbying to have more buses rerouted through local streets diminishing what little quality of life we still hold. The MTA came up with a compromise asking Atlas to allow buses inside the mall to make turn to ease congestion on local streets. Atlas gave the plan a big thumbs down. I hope the Hermendinger family loses every penny they sunk into that mall. By the way, Tony Nunziato claims to be an investor in the mall.

Anonymous said...

This whole anti-rerouting of buses act is just a pretense to complain about a new development - the Atlas shops. There is nothing wrong with re-routing a bus to go to a shopping destination rather than run in the middle of a cemetary. In face, it is the smart thing to do. The complainers are the minority of selfish residents. Please stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

Anonymous said...

See no one can answer the question

"I too am really curious what Glendale residents would like to see in place of Atlas Park. What would you place there that would be of value to the neighborhood?"

They bitch like mad but come up with no other solutions.

With that said, "put up or shut up" you miserable bitch asses who don't have anything constructive to say just want bring things down.