Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary Sinking Like the Titanic After Hitting the Obama Iceberg

Barack Obama cut a gaping hole into the SS Hillary after a landslide defeat in yesterday’s primaries (and caucus). It appears that one time Clinton loyalists are abandoning the sinking ship for the safety of the Obama express. Obama won about half of white women – a group Clinton dominated in previous elections. He cleaned up among white men – 58% to Clinton’s meager 38%. Barack Obama picked up half of the voters with incomes under $50K per year, once a key Clinton base. He was also favored by a remarkable 6 of 10 independents. Most telling was that 15 percent of the voters were “first time” voters who liked Obama’s message for change.

Barack Obama is looking like the Super Bowl Champion Giants by consistently winning big on the road against the Clinton juggernaut. His impressive wins are swaying the fickle media which has become apparent in their coverage of the campaign trail. According to reports, most cable television networks abruptly cut away from coverage of Clinton’s rally when Obama began to speak in Texas. Poor Hillary.

Sadly, however, this sets the stage for the biggest breakdown of the Democratic Party since Jimmy Carter and Monica Lewinsky. It appears that Hillary and Bill will get the Clinton machine rolling full steam ahead to pick up super-delegates who may be the deciding factor in this close race. The undemocratic principle of the “super-delegate” allows these individuals to disenfranchise millions of voters by voting for a candidate (Hillary) despite the people’s support for Obama. As we all know, super-delegates are to democracy as Fidel Castro is to freedom and this could be the demise of the Democratic Party as we know it.

NY Post: “Survivor Hill might not survive this”

NY Daily News: “Barack Obama wins Wisconsin, Hawaii over fading Hillary Clinton”


Anonymous said...

Patrick.. since you're an avowed conservative who worships at the altar of Fox News, perhaps you should leave prognostications about the Democratic primaries to actual Democrats and independents. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but the fervor of the Republicans salivating over the prospect of a Democratic implosion is actually funny.

With John McCain as captain of the Republican Titantic while promising MORE WARS, four more years of Bush, and an admitted ignornance of economic issues, a call to the lifeboats might be appropriate about now.

Hillary does appear to be on the verge of losing. For any candidate, it is also a question of being in the right place at the right time. Her time may not have come.

She does carry the baggage of the problems of her husband's presidency while not enjoying the pluses (balanced budgets, years of safety, welfare reform, etc).

Party politics are complicated. They require picking the person most likely to win and most likely to perform best in office. The two are not always the same.

Joe Biden and Chris Dodd would have been great presidents, but they could not be elected.

George W. was elected (ok, after he stole the first election through the politics of the vile Scalia et al) and he will easily go down as one of the worst presidents of all time.

Hillary has been a good senator. Perhaps with her presidential ambitions ended, she will remain in the senate where seniority and her wonkish personality will generate programs that help New York State.

And while we are at it... Rudy lost badly but in the process, America won. We were saved from that ass.

Anonymous said...

Patrick: I have a better analogy than your Fidel comparison.

Superdelegates are to democracy as the Electoral College that enables Al Gore to win the popular vote but lose the election to Chimpus Minimus (enabled by the rabidly ideological conservative Supreme Court--also anti-democratic) is to democracy.

It will be satifsying to watch the Democratic Presidental winner and Democratic Congress run roughshod over 8 years of Republican incompetence, corruption, and unamericanism.

Time to have the Republican diaper cleaned. Y'all have soiled yourself real nice now. Problem is, you've also soiled our country in the process. You're little Reagan Revolution will soon be over and tossed on the ash heap of history.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the smooth talkers.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those who can't put a sentence together, such as the current resident of the White House.

georgetheatheist said...

Actually, the worst President of all time was James Earl Carter.

georgetheatheist said...

Actually, the worst President of all time was James Earl Carter.

Anonymous said...

Wrong answer, but thank you for playing the "feud". The correct answer would be "Warren Harding", with "George Bush", followed closely by "Richard Nixon"

Carter finishes 8th in the poll. Perhaps because since he left office he has overseen elections in Africa and latin America, and worked heavily to prmote charities like "Habitat for Humanity" which he started.

Perhaps George Bush will donate some of his time to help us finally solve the mysterious question of "does a monkey peel the banana before he eats it?"

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mojo:

Interesting that the 3 worst presidents in history were Republicans? Think that's a coincidence? Not on your life.

The Republican winner take all credo actively promotes corruption and unbridled greed. The past 7 years are just another sad example of this going back before Harding.

Teapot Dome, Abramoff, Watergate, and the hits (the the American people) just keep on coming!

Anonymous said...

Hillary has lost but I HOPE she continues the good fight with pulling out all the stops with digging into her bag of dirty tricks. It's entertaining and ultimately finish her off for good.