Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Four Horseman of the Queens Republican Apocalypse

These four guys are killing the Republican party in Queens.

Since the election of Phil Rugasa, the Republican Party has completely fallen apart. Gone is State Senator Serphin Maltese along with the New York State Senate majority. Gone are the days where 3 Republican Council members admirably represented Queens County. Gone are the days where competitive elections were run for State Assembly, Congress and City Council. Gone is the enthusiasm for assisting our presidential candidates. With our Republican Party being torn apart at the seams, Phil Rugasa and his handpicked political cronies are now trying to cross endorse Democrats to run on the Republican line. Is that the way to build our embattled county? Republican Party once stood on principles and values which we cherished.

We may not have won all the elections, but we held our head up high and fought for what we truly believed in. Phil Rugasa and his political puppets are hell bent on destroying what we have stood for since the days of Ronald Reagan. No wonder why the Republican Party is failing so miserably.

The only candidate they choose to fully support is 23 year old political neophyte who will do more harm to true republicanism and set us further back should the electorate be fooled by his false persona.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Violates Stop Work Order (AGAIN!)

A concerned citizen sent these photographs of non-union workers continuing construction despite the Stop Work Order issued by the Department of Buildings.

It is obvious that Elizabeth Crowley doesn't understand what a Stop Work Order actually means. So we will explain it to her in terms that she understands.


Let's repeat that again so she understands,


This woman is a menace to society, a blight on the City Council and an embarassment to our community.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gazette Endorses Ricatto

Ricatto, 52 and a resident of Ozone Park, has been for most of his adult life a small business owner. The reason he is running, he has said, is to apply what he has learned as a businessman to running the city government. He would be a watchdog over the city's billion dollar expenditures each year, looking to eliminate unnecessary wasteful, duplicative, and overpriced payments for city services.

This is especially true, he feels, in bad economic times and during a recession. The Gazette agrees heartily.

Ricatto is a Republican but he will be listed first on Tuesday's ballot, not as a Republican but under the slogan, "Voice of the People". Party affiliations are not listed on ballots in special elections. Candidates for the elections will be listed from left to right; therefore, Ricatto will be listed first on the far left of the ballot. He earned that placement by being the first candidate to submit his nominating petitions.

Ricatto and three other candidates are running to replace former Councilmember Joseph Addabbo Jr., who was elected last November to the state senate.

The district includes Ozone Park and Howard Beach, Woodhaven, Broad Channel and parts of the Rockaways.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where's Elizabeth 'Waldo' Crowley?

Looks like Elizabeth Crowley is thumbing her nose at the residents of the 30th Council District. After being in office for 47 days (winning the elections on the coat tails of Obama 104 days ago) she still does not have a district office up and running.

Where are the cries of Robert Holden and the JPCA, where are Christina Wilkinson and the Queens Crap and where are all the local papers? Shouldn’t residents be made aware that their local council person has failed to adequately represent them?

We believe that the 30th Council district deserved representation in the city council from day one yet Crowley had floundered, faltered and failed from day one. Let’s face it folks; she has been abject disappointment from the onset.

· She squatted in the old offices of Councilmen Gallagher and Como after publicly stating she would never do that.

· She publicly condemned Grover Cleveland High School.

· She allowed the Department of Education to build a high School on Grand Avenue that will not be locally zoned.

· She has no district office after 47 days in office.

· She has received a stop work order on her new district office located at 64-77 Dry Harbor Road.

· The Stop Work Order has still not been lifted.

· Constituents are told to call 311 to register complaints because there is nothing her office can do.

· Constituents are refused meetings because there is no district office to meet in.

Unfortunately, time will only tell how much worse things are going to get.

The silver lining is that Elizabeth Crowley will only be in office for another 259 days before we vote her out and she can go back to being an imaginary painter and educator!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eric Ulrich Turned 12 Yesterday!

A Belated Happy Birthday to Eric Ulrich who turned 12 yesterday and has finally hit puberty!

We feel extremely bad that the news is reporting that courts did not give Eric 'the boy blunder" Ulbitch an early birthday present on Tuesday. It is being reported that Mike Ricatto is still on the ballot despite Eric Ulrich and Tom Ognibene's attempt to remove him.

Eric is even throwing a temper tantrum that Ricatto's name will appear first on the ballot!

BoohooPoor Eric. Crying like a baby because he wet his diaper in anger while throwing a hissy fit.

(Happy birthday melody)Happy Birthday to you. You are going to lose. You cry like a baby and you smell like one too!

Happy Birthday Eric Ulbitch!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Resident from Nesponsit Blasts Chappey, Simon and Ulrich

Looks like things are heating up in the 32nd Council District.

Apparently, there was a debate last night and our good friend Eric Ulbitch is showing everyone on the peninsula that we mainlanders already know, he's an idiot.

We received this via e-mail:

Letter from Nesponsit

Dear Patrick Henry,I noticed that you have been posting about the upcoming special election in the 32nd Council district and wanted to write you regarding a debate I attended yesterday evening. First, I want to state that I am supporter of Glen Diresto who today was removed from the ballot by Geraldine Chappey. That said, Glen Diresto did a wonderful job last night discussing the issues and answering the questions posed by the panel and residents. Geraldine Chappey came off like a wicked witch, Lew Simon like a raving lunatic and Eric Ulrich like a snot nose kid who thinks he knows it all. Mr. Ricatto was engaging and the only one who spoke with me about Mr. Diresto's unfortunate situation.

Geraldine Chappey has a lot of questions to answer about her bus company's dealings and accusations of the misappropriation of government funding. She also must answer for the despicable witch hunt against Glen Diresto and Frank Gulluscio.

Lew Simon once again proved he is a raving lunatic and will once again lose his bid for elected office.

Eric Ulrich surprised me by telling the audience all the things a councilperson cannot do and very little on what he was going to do. He was pompous, arrogant and angry.

Mike Ricatto has a lot of work to do getting his name known by peninsula residents.

I believe I will be staying home during this election because I am disgusted.

(Name withheld at the request of author)

Chappey uses Ognibene and Ulrich tactics sucessfully

According to initial reports, Frank Gulluscio, the 32nd Council district leading candidate has been thrown off the ballot. Geraldine Chappey used legal tactics to eliminate her competiton like the "boy blunder" is trying to do Michael Ricatto, a rising force in the election.

32nd Council Candidate Uses Lawyer, Not Votes, To Eliminate the Competition

Geraldine Chapey eliminates front runner Frank Gulluscio over legal technicality; the will of thousands of voters rendered null before having a chance to vote.

Howard Beach, Queens- In a stunning judgment today, the front runner for Joe Addabbo's council seat, Frank Gulluscio, was thrown off of the ballot by his opponent, Geraldine Chapey, because of a legal technicality about the nature in which his validating petition was served.

The candidate quickly cried foul stating that, "the idea that this is a system meant to uphold democracy is preposterous when the signatures of thousands of voters can be rendered meaningless by a legal technicality. We must demand that we have a system where the will of the people cannot be overturned by lawyers."

"Geraldine Chapey has been on what can only be described as a witch hunt, dragging her opponents into court, causing us hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees. She obviously feels that the only way she can win is to eliminate the competition using her lawyer, rather than in a fair election by the will of the people. I cannot imagine that the voters of the 32nd Council District would want to be represented by someone like that."

The trial was originally scheduled today because Chapey's team was claiming Gulluscio did not have enough signatures to make it on the ballot. Gulluscio had vehemently denied this claim and came into court prepared with hundreds of signatures that he felt had been knocked off erroneously. However, before they had the chance to make their case, the judge threw out the entire case because of what she felt was an error in the service of the validating petition. "Although I am disappointed by the tactics employed by my opponent, I look forward to pursuing all options to allow me to continue to serve the people of the 32nd Council District."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eddie Munster Ulrich Scaring Ozone Park Residents

People driving Northbound on Crossbay boulevard are frightened each time they cross under the A train 'el' station because looming above is a gigantic audacious self-serving billboard of Eddie Munster Eric Ulrich.

His widow-peaked hair do, uni-brow and devilish grin send chills up the spin of the poor people of Ozone Park and Howard Beach.

Don't despair my friends, you only have to look at the monstrosity for another 19 days.

Chappey and Ognibene a match Made in Hell

According to news reports, the Chappey and Ognibene Camps (he's pulling Howdy Doody Ulrich's strings) are trying to throw opposition candidates off the ballot through dirty legal tactics rather than letting voters decide who will represent them.

Apparently fear and desperation are driving this last ditch feeble legal efforts by Chappey and Ognibene who are struggling to get their weakening campaigns a shot in the arm.

You really have to love to the democratic process here in Queens.

Final Four

After BOE shake-up remaining candidates vie for 32nd Council seat

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 5:53 PM EST

Less than three weeks before Queens residents from Woodhaven to the Rockaways cast their ballots for State Senator Joe Addabbo, Jr.'s City Council replacement, the field of contenders has apparently been whittled down to four.

Conspicuously absent on polling lists throughout the 32nd Council District during the February 24 special election could be Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio. The self-proclaimed "known entity" with the most experience among the candidates, Gulluscio was widely considered the favorite to win the council spot. But his petitions for inclusion on the ballot - each candidate had to file 1,100 signatures by January 15 - were invalidated because they contained a star, an overt Democratic Party symbol according to a bipartisan Board of Elections (BOE) committee, sources at a February 3 BOE hearing said. In the special election, all candidates were to run as Independents.

"Our campaign continues to move forward towards victory on February 24," Gulluscio said in a statement, pledging to appeal the BOE ruling in court on February 9 and condemning the "cheap tricks" used by some of his opponents.

Also missing from voting registries will likely be Sam Di Bernardo, a former teacher and real estate executive, who, at 74, and without big-party backing, called himself "the underdog." Di Bernardo, too, was ruled out "on a technicality," he said, after the BOE and a conflict of interest board voted that they could not determine from his petitions what district he was running in. He plans to challenge the ruling.

Courtesy of The Queens Courier

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elizabeth Crowley Violates Stop Work Order

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley still does not have a District office up and running after being in office for 32 days. To add insult to injury she has conducted office renovations without the proper building permits, has received a STOP WORK ORDER and on Sunday blatantly violated the SWO by having workers sneak into the office early in the morning.

However, a concerned resident called 311 and police responded immediately and escorted the non-union workers off the premises. Elizabeth Crowley has proven one again that she will circumvent the law for own political expediency. We hope that the Department of Investigations conducts an investigation of her pitiful actions during her first month in office. Hardworking taxpayers should not have to pay for her shortcomings and her in adequate representation.

Here is the link to the Department of Buildings

Word of the Day

Valetudinarian (noun)Pronunciation: [væ-lê-tu-di-'ne-ri-yên]

Definition: A sickly, unhealthy person whose primary concern is his or her health.

Usage: There is an adjective, valetudinary.

Suggested Usage: Ever get tired of hearing someone complain about their health until you wanted to complain yourself? Don't snivel, just remark, "He is the valedictorian of valetudinarians; it drives me crazy." Do you belong to a languishing club without a clear idea of what it is supposed to do? Try, "The Juniper Park Civic Association has to think positively; a valetudinary club won't endure."

Etymology: Latin valetudinarius "sickly, weak, infirm" from valetudin-, valetudo "state of health, sickness," from valere "to be strong," vigorous, also underlying valid, invalid, value, prevail. The PIE stem is *wal- which also produced English wield from OE wealdan "rule", Russian vlast' "power" and Vladimir ("rule the world"). –Dr. Language,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tragedy in Middle Village

A joy ride in a stolen car turned deadly Sunday in Queens when a drunken driver struck and killed a teenager and a young man walking together, police said.The two had been coming from a birthday party in Middle Village, said the parents of Robert Ogle, 16, who died at the scene. Alex Paul, 20, of Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, died hours later at Elmhurst Hospital.

"You can't even have imagined this," said Robert's father, Brendan Ogle, from his Middle Village home with his wife, Mei, as they struggled to cope with the loss of his eldest child. "This is the worst thing we have ever dealt with."According to his parents, Robert, a junior at Brooklyn Tech High School, left around 7 p.m. to see a movie and then go to a friend's birthday party a few blocks from his home.

It was unclear if Ogle and Paul knew each other, but according to police they left the party around 1:15 a.m. and had walked a half block to the intersection of Eliot Avenue and 80th Street.

There, police said, a silver, four-door sedan driven by Kenneth Guyear, 27, of Queens, ran them over.Authorities said Guyear stole the car while it was idling outside a deli at Woodhaven Boulevard and Alderton Street. After the crash, police said he tried to flee the scene, but was arrested after a police search about a half-mile from the crash site near the deli.

After attending a party on Long Island, Guyear had gone to his brother's house in Queens. While walking, he came upon the running car outside the deli, authorities said.

Guyear had a blood-alcohol level of .126, well above the legal limit of .08. He is charged with assault, two counts of first-degree vehicular manslaughter, two counts of second-degree vehicular manslaughter, manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while intoxicated, criminally negligent homicide, grand larceny and driving without a license.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Queens Criminal Court.At the home where the Middle Village party was held, a woman who would not give her name said she had just returned from vacation. She said her son had celebrated his birthday over the weekend. But she said she was shocked to learn of the party and the accident.Paul's landlord, Brigme Balkissoon, said in the two months he lived in her building, she remembers him working at a nearby Popeye's chicken eatery and would often see him with his girlfriend."He was a good kid," Balkissoon said. "He never bothered anybody."Sitting around the dining room table at their modest home, Ogle's parents and younger brother, Sean, 15, described a young man who worked part-time at New York Hall of Science, a hands-on science museum in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

In school, he was a good student who had immersed himself in extracurricular activities, including the student debating society, and had aspirations of being a journalist, Brendan Ogle said."He was always a leader," he said. "He was very talented and that talent kept growing and growing as he got older."For the Super Bowl last night, his parents had rented a big-screen TV for Robert and his friends to watch the game.

"He was a big-time Mets fan and loved all sports," Brendan Ogle said.Sunday night, the flat screen television sat in the basement, turned off.Pervaiz Shallwani contributed to this story.


Quote of the Day 2/2/09

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.- George
Orwell Kinda like
Bob Holden is equal to a sewer rat.