Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Resident from Nesponsit Blasts Chappey, Simon and Ulrich

Looks like things are heating up in the 32nd Council District.

Apparently, there was a debate last night and our good friend Eric Ulbitch is showing everyone on the peninsula that we mainlanders already know, he's an idiot.

We received this via e-mail:

Letter from Nesponsit

Dear Patrick Henry,I noticed that you have been posting about the upcoming special election in the 32nd Council district and wanted to write you regarding a debate I attended yesterday evening. First, I want to state that I am supporter of Glen Diresto who today was removed from the ballot by Geraldine Chappey. That said, Glen Diresto did a wonderful job last night discussing the issues and answering the questions posed by the panel and residents. Geraldine Chappey came off like a wicked witch, Lew Simon like a raving lunatic and Eric Ulrich like a snot nose kid who thinks he knows it all. Mr. Ricatto was engaging and the only one who spoke with me about Mr. Diresto's unfortunate situation.

Geraldine Chappey has a lot of questions to answer about her bus company's dealings and accusations of the misappropriation of government funding. She also must answer for the despicable witch hunt against Glen Diresto and Frank Gulluscio.

Lew Simon once again proved he is a raving lunatic and will once again lose his bid for elected office.

Eric Ulrich surprised me by telling the audience all the things a councilperson cannot do and very little on what he was going to do. He was pompous, arrogant and angry.

Mike Ricatto has a lot of work to do getting his name known by peninsula residents.

I believe I will be staying home during this election because I am disgusted.

(Name withheld at the request of author)


Anonymous said...

As a supporter of Frank Gulluscio, I am equally disgusted by this election. Do yourself, and the people of the 32nd council a favor by making your voice heard. Go to the polls on Feb 24th and write-in Glen's name, as I will be doing with Frank Gulluscio!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about the fact that Ulrich who is 20+ is being used as a puppet for those who lost their bid of re-election to Addabbo for his first city council seat? Any name come to mind? How about someone who got away with profiting (an alternate word) from the Ozone Howard Little League's mis-appropriation of funds.

Has anyone thought about Chappey being put up to run, by the puppeteer, to take votes away from the front runners to get Ulrich in and regain the Republican seat?

It's amazing what truths can be un-covered with some investigation. But then again what can we the litle people do about it. The honest guys like DiRisto & Gulluscio are not given their fair chance to be elected by us, the people.

Anonymous said...

Good riddence to Frank Gulluscio, he shouldve properly filed his petitions and he wouldnt be in this mess. Why would we want this type of person in the city council who cant even get on the ballot?

Chapey is spelt with one P.

Lew Simon is a raving lunatic.

Ulrich cant hold a job.

Ricatto - stick to business, politics is not for you

Anonymous said...

Alot to do about nothing. The person who wins the seat will be defeated in the Fall by either Frank Gulluscio who won't be fooled twice or John Patrick Larkin from Rockaway who has some backers on both sides of the bridge.