Friday, September 28, 2007

Holden and the JPCA Pay To Play (Badly)

According to New York State Board of Elections it appears that the JPCA has been making political contributions to local elected officials. What was even more shocking was that Holden even gave Gallagher a $600 check!

Now I'm no expert on civic associations, 501c organizations or tax exempt status stuff, but I don't believe a civic organization can contribute to a political campaign without losing their tax exempt status. Maybe, you can contribute but you have to contribute equally to all candidates? Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on this?

I wonder if the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association voted on these contributions. Either way, it looks like Bobby smells like a lobby!

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Also, view it at for more details

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Christina Wilkinson Flip-Flops On Arby's

Tsk Tsk Tsk. Looks like a certain dietician can be bought to turn the other cheek when it comes to the evil fast food industry. You may be asking yourself, how the Patriots can make that outlandish accusation! How dare them! Dieticians are sworn to promote healthy eating and educate the public on nutrition!

Ms. Wilkinson is listed as the Executive Editor of the new Forum West (crap) and if you look at the back cover of the magazine, guess who has a full page ad? You guessed correctly, Arby’s! Not just any Arby’s, the very same Arby’s that replaced Neidersteins at 69-16 Metropolitan Avenue. Oh the shame! Wasn’t Christina going to tie herself to the front doors of Neidersteins to prevent the wrecking ball from doing its dirty work? I guess she sold her soul for hand full of gold(en curly fries with an Arby’s Philly Beef Toasted Sub).

Arby’s doesn’t only advertise on the back cover, they are also giving away coupons for free food! Not just any food, but really unhealthy food according to Christina Wilkinson, “Arby’s will have the unhealthiest menu of all of the fast food restaurants in our neighborhood!”

As Executive Editor of the Forum West and by her own words she is encouraging us to kill ourselves by allowing a full page Arby’s advertisement. Just read her article below…

What you don’t know about Arby’s could kill you!

11/5/2005 8:53:00 AM
by Christina Wilkinson, MBA, RD, CDN

This is nothing new to the JPCA. They have attacked many establishments, businesses and organizations until that glorious moment when those they have maligned contribute financially to the JPCA, Midville Dodgers or the Forum West (crap).

Our question to the Executive Editor of the Forum West, how do you sleep at night knowing that your newspaper (according to your own words) is promoting obesity, excessive calorie intake, heart disease and flatulence? Shame on you!

We are also sending your article “What you don’t know about Arby’s could kill you!” and The Forum West (crap) page that lists Christina Wilkinson as the Executive Editor to Arby’s Corporate Headquarters. I’m sure they will love to know in what type of papers they are spending their advertising dollars.

Courtesy of

Niederstein's was torn down as threatened by the fast food franchisee in September 2005. Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association, Inc. sent this letter to Jordan Krolick, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Arby's LLC, who stated that "the community doesn't seem opposed to it. In fact, they'll be the first ones in here looking for coupons for free food." (and Christina and Bob are providing the very newspaper in which they are offering them!)

Mr. Krolick,

Unfortunately Niederstein's was torn down yesterday (Friday). It was a sad day for Middle Village, Queens County and all of NYC.

Arby's was insensitive, misleading, untruthful and we hold Arby's responsible for destroying our beloved pre-Civil War landmark. The owner of the property, Tom Clarke told me he would at least save the old original wooden flagpoles. When I arrived at the site I was shocked to find both flagpoles destroyed and the demolition foreman said he had no directions whatsoever to save the flagpoles. Arby's has shown a profit-only mentality and we will remind the entire community of Arbys' insensitivity and unresponsive behavior on the issue.

I sent you an e-mail on Tuesday asking you to step in and use your influence to at least postpone demolition. You chose not to respond. Arby's now has a much deserved negative reputation in the community and we will remind people of their total lack or respect for our neighborhood and its history. This community does not respond well to profit-only and heavy-handed business techniques. You and Mr. Clarke may find this out sooner than later.

hahahahahahaha......until you advertise in my paper then we can be friends again!

Oh Bob and Christina you are truly hypocrites.

Civil Cooperation = Landmark and Development

This is what Robert Holden and his lackeys do not understand, ‘If you are willing to work with others great things can happen.

Case in point, the Domino Sugar Site.

Please read the Daily News Editorial below:

Plans to build much-needed housing, including apartments for middle-income New Yorkers, on the Domino Sugar site in Brooklyn have gotten a major boost from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. How sweet it is.

Based on a wise agreement between historic preservationists and the projects sponsor, the commissioner granted landmark status to parts of the 11-acre waterfront site so remnants of the sugar factory will be incorporated into the housing-without making the development economically impossible.

Built before the Brooklyn Bridge, the Domino factory churned out sugar for nearly 150 years before closing in 2004. The Community Preservation Corp., a non-profit builder, proposed replacing the crumbling buildings with housing. But preservationists, led by the Municipal Arts Society, defended the hulks.

Then, in a model of civic cooperation, they compromised. Only the three oldest buildings on the site will be landmarked. The corporation will build 2200 residences, 660 of them with affordable rents. It also plans to create that will give access to the waterfront for the first time in more than a century. And the group is planning to find a place for the Domino sign that’s a familiar sight on the East River.

All without rancor or lawsuits. Good work all around.

It is amazing what can be accomplished when you have level-headed, respectable, intelligent and prudent individuals come together to solve a community problem. It is unfortunate, however, that the communities of Middle Village and Maspeth have Bob Holden and the JPCA who only know how to operate with rancor and frivolous lawsuits resulting in nothing be accomplished.

Let’s take Bob Holden out of the St Saviour’s equation and maybe we can save the Church and some land for recreational use while allowing for some reasonable development. Hey, if Brooklyn can do it, we can do it.

Daily News

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Local Civic Group Calls Mayor’s Commissioner a Nazi

The Forum West has gone too far when it tried to be cute with its offensive play on words. The new Commissioner of the Mayor’s Community Assistance Unit is named Nazli Parvisi and the Forum West Executive Editor Christina Wilkinson (also Bob Holden lackey and JPCA Executive Board member) decided to put Ms Parvi’s picture on the front page with the following caption:


According to the dictionary a storm trooper is either: A member of the Nazi militia noted for brutality and violence, one who resembles or behaves like a member of the Nazi militia or a member of a force of shock trooper.

We don’t believe that Commissioner Parvisi fits any of those descriptions. Unfortunately, we do believe that Bob Holden, the JPCA and the Forum West would choose such a despicable play on words to get their point across. Are they not aware that millions of innocent people were killed at the hands of Nazi Storm Troopers? They should be ashamed of themselves for not having the common decency to find a more appropriate and sensible way of getting their point across. You can disagree with someone in a decent, respectable and dignified manner and not resort to a distasteful play on words that will conjure up memories of fear, violence and hate.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Juniper Park Civic Association Believes Free Speech is Reserved for Them Only

In the recent edition of the Forum Crap, there is an article, “Gallagher up to his old tricks: JPCA”, Bob Holden is crying about a new group calling themselves “The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth” and sobbing over a certain “attack blog”. It seems that Mr. Holden feels that because these two entities criticize him they must be investigated and stopped from expressing their views. Is Bob trampling on their First Amendment right?

Moreover, in Bob’s little pea brain he deduces that this is all orchestrated by Councilman Gallagher. Just like Bob claims Gallagher was the third man on the grassy knoll, that the councilman caused the fall of Rome and is single-handedly responsible for global warming. However, we know from reliable sources that the Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth” and a certain attack blog operates INDEPENDENTLY of any elected official. Here is a newsflash Bob, PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH YOU! PEOPLE DISLIKE YOUR TACTICS!

In the article, Bob surmises that the titles of some articles posted on the blog automatically prove that the blog is run by a particular elected official. Therefore, using Bob’s distorted reasoning; shall we conclude that the JPCA, Queens Crap, Middle Village Idiots and the Forum West are all pawns of Tony Avella? Here are some headlines from the Queens Crap:

• Avella Suggests Citizen Watch Program.
• Avella vs. Crescent Crap.
• Avella in the Brooklyn Rail.
• Avella Points Finger at Bloomie.
• Avella proposes neighborhood building watches.
• Avella Not Backing Down.
• Avella’s Pool Problem Over.
• Times Ledger vs. Avella.
• Avella Pool Problem Makes NY Times.
• Avella and Gazette Against Water Hike.
• Avella Pool Saga Continues.
• Avella Outs Quinn.
• DOB and Trib Harass Avella Over Backyard Pool.
• Avella Makes Noise Against Noise.
• Avella vs. Liu on Flushing.

Avella seems well liked by Crappy and Bob. Proving the ole adage, “birds of a feather flock together”. Holden and the Crap have attacked so many elected officials it would take hours to print all the titles. The Juniper Park Civic Association plans to show evidence to city officials that Gallagher is responsible for the bogus mailings and the hate blogs. That should be a neat trick since we know there is no evidence to prove the JPCA’s paranoid delusions. Have fun digging Bobby, just make sure you dig a big enough hole for yourself.

God Bless the First Amendment. It protects small independent groups like the “Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth” and a certain “attack blog” from tyrannical despots seeking to silence their message.

You're barely Holden on buddy...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Local Group Calls for New JPCA Leadership

We received another letter (reprinted below) from the "Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth. They are concerned that the Juniper Park Civic Association will continue its quest to destroy intergovernmental relationships and will persist in failing the community.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It looks like the Juniper Park Civic Association has done it again. Recent news articles are reporting that Robert Holden has outraged the Mayor's office. As we all know, the Mayor is only one among a list of many elected officials that refuse to work with Mr. Holden and his executive board. Their dishonorable behavior has divided our community and their actions have adversely impacted our neighborhoods. Until we put a stop to Robert Holden and the JPCA executive board, our communities will no longer get the representation, support and help we deserve.

Robert Holden and his executive board have destroyed relationships with Congressman Joe Crowley, Congressman Anthony Weiner, Senator Serphin Maltese, Assemblywoman Marge Markey, Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, Councilwoman Melinda Katz and Councilman Dennis Gallagher. This should cause residents to ask the obvious question, "How can a civic association get anything done without the support of their elected officials?" Simply put, they can't.

For example, the JPCA failed at negotiating a compromise regarding unleashed dogs in Juniper, they failed at working with elected officials to save St Saviour's, they failed at stopping overdevelopment, failed at reducing traffic on Metropolitan and Grand Avenues, failed at getting answers for the flooding problem and they will continually fail if the honest members of the Juniper Park Civic Association fail to take back their organization.

A civic association is a failure if it cannot bring to the table individuals in government who can address the concerns of our community. We need to support organizations that will foster successful and dynamic relationships with elected officials, community leaders and local businesses. Sadly, the Juniper Park Civic Association has become ineffective, powerless and in desperate need for a change in leadership.


The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village Maspeth

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XVI

Cyndi Lauper - The neon-haired rock star who sang “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is from Ozone Park.

Date of Birth
22 June 1953, Ozone Park, Queens, New York, USA

Trade Mark
Known for her Queens, NY accent.
Wild hair that changes colors often.


Met her husband on set of film, Off and Running (1991).
Toured in 1997 with Tina Turner, and 1999 with Cher.
Sang in dance cover bands in the 70s, until she lost her voice in 1977, doctors told her she'd never sing again.
Her mother has appeared in several of her videos.
Son, with Thornton, Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper, named after singer, Elvis Costello, whose real name is Declan Patrick MacManus. [19 November 1997]

In 1984 awarded a Grammy for Best New Artist.
Little Richard married Cyndi and David.
Patti LaBelle is her son Declyn's godmother and sang "Come What May" at Cyndi's wedding.
Son is bilingual (English and Spanish).
Her voice range is four octaves.
Born at 11 PM EST
Is a huge Marlene Dietrich fan.
Her first band, Blue Angel, was named after the film "Blue Engel (Angel)"
At the beginning of her video for "Time after Time", she is watching the film The Garden of Allah (1936)
She appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song We Are the World (1985) (TV).

Her parents are Fred Lauper and Catrine Lauper. Her siblings are Elen and Fred. Sister Elen Lauper ran for the mayorship of Phoenix, and is a member of the Socialist Workers Party, a radical-leftist political group.
Lives in famous Manhattan apartment house on West Side called the Apthorp.
She is of Italian and Swiss origin.

Measurements: 34B-24-34 1/2 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
Ranked #58 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
She has a beach house in South Carolina.

Known for her outrageous antics, perhaps her wildest yet was appearing at a 1997 Halloween ball to raise money for AMFAR dressed as a belly dancer - when she was nine months pregnant. She drolly vogued it up for the tabloid paparazzi, who eagerly snapped hundreds of photos of her.

Attended the same High school as Rodney Dangerfield and New York Yankee shortstop Phil Rizzuto - Richmond Hill, Queens.

Helped produce "Captain Lou's History of Music" on The Wrestling Album in 1985, appearing under the name Mona Flambé. Jesse "The Body" Ventura then referred to her as Mona Flamboyant.

Is good friends with WWF wrestler Lou Albano.

Honored by PFLAGG for her support of Gay families after appearing with her Lesbian sister in a PFLAGG sponsored campaign. [2005]
Her most successful songs are "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (1983, #2 US and UK), "Time After Time" (1984, #1 US, #2 UK), "She Bop" (1984, #3 US), "All Through The Night" (1984, #6 US), "True Colors" (1986, #1 US), "Change of Heart" (1986, #3 US) and "I Drove All Night" (1989, #6 US, #7 UK).

On "Press Your Luck" (1983), there was a Whammy based on her.
Godmother of her son Declyn is Patti LaBelle.

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"You always have to remember - no matter what you're told - that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway."
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You can laugh when I talk, but not when I sing. People used to throw rocks at me for my they wanna know where I buy them.
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(about her album 'At Last') It was an idea to do a special project. because people would come see me live and go, 'Gee, I didn't know she could sing.' And I'd be like, 'Yeah, you ever tried to sing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,' pal?'

Where Are They Now
(July 2002) Touring with Cher, opening for her "Living Proof: Farewell Tour".
(July 2004) Touring Australia and the world on her 'At Last' tour.
(April 2006) Playing "Jenny" in the Roundabout Company's revival of Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera" with Alan Cumming, Nellie McKay, Jim Dale and Ana Gasteyer (until June).

Courtesy of

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ex-Vice President of JPCA – “Bob’s a bully!”

In a recent Queens Ledger article, Tiffany Elliott the former Vice President of the Juniper Park Civic Association calls Bob Holden a “bully”. Ms. Elliot who worked very closely with Holden discovered, “If you don't agree with him, you're automatically his enemy. That's not the way life works, there has to be give and take. "You have to be with him 100 percent or he'll want to destroy you."

Of course Ms. Elliott’s statements do not come as a surprise to the residents of Middle Village and Maspeth. We have known that Bob is a bully, a cry baby, a vindictive individual and a shameful person who will use despicable tactics to silence those who rightfully disagree with him.

Please see below an excerpt from the Queens Ledger article by Phil Guie

Is Civic Starting Off On the Wrong "Note?"

However, even if CB5 were to give St. Saviour's Church its highest priority
in the upcoming budget, any partnership between the Juniper Park Civic and City
Hall is now jeopardized by what the mayor's office calls a cheap political
stunt and threat against a mayoral staff member.

In a letter sent to the civic's president, Bob Holden, from the Office of the
Mayor's Community Affairs Unit two weeks ago, Nazli Parvizi, the new
commissioner of CAU, expressed that she could not make any commitment to meet with the civic based on the group's "track record of treating your partners without
any level of respect."

The letter expressed her displeasure over the recent Juniper Park
Civic-organized rally wherein an attendee held up a poster showing a hangman's noose
"reserved for" Matt Gorton, a former employee of the agency.

"Whether or not the poster was officially sanctioned by the Juniper Park
Civic Association," Parvizi wrote, "your allowing it at your rally was at best a
failure of leadership and at worst an endorsement of threatening or violent
tactics." At another point in the letter, the city official wrote she did not
"appreciate seeing what could be perceived as a death [threat] against one of [her]
staff splashed across the front page of the paper."

"And neither did anyone else at City Hall," she added.
Parvizi called for a sign of good faith by way of a public apology to Gorton,
as well as the mayor and a deputy mayor, both of whom were featured on the

In a September 17th letter obtained by this newspaper, JPCA executive board
member Robert Doocey, fired back at the commissioner and accused her letter as
an attack on the "First Amendment."

"What we never do is request permission from any level of government or any
public servants to exercise our rights," wrote Doocey.
Doocey's communication states that the letter sent by the mayor's office to
the civic is being taken as a threat against unpaid volunteers, who have a
right to protest. The five-page letter, of which Doocey sent copies to ten people,
said no apology is forthcoming.

Regardless of the organization's relationship with the Mayor's Office, the
Juniper Park Civic has a reputation for aggressively antagonizing groups and
individuals they disagree with, at their civic meetings, in the local press and
their own quarterly newsletter. Recent examples include both NYCDog, a group
advocating for more dog runs in city parks, as well as Parks Commissioner Adrian

And the debate over the fate of St. Saviour's was just one of several issues
that soured the civic's relationship with their former Man of the Year,
Councilman Dennis Gallagher.

"I worked with him very closely, and Bob Holden was very good at what he
does," said Tiffany Elliott, the former vice president of the Juniper Park Civic
Association, "but he's a bully. If you don't agree with him, you're
automatically his enemy.

"That's not the way life works, there has to be give and take," added
Elliott, who moved to Massapequa from Queens three years ago. "You have to be with
him 100 percent or he'll want to destroy you."

Editor's note: This paper offered to publish Mr. Doocey's letter to
Commissioner Parvizi in its entirety. Mr. Doocey refused.

Columbia University provides a "Forum for Hate"

Columbia University should not provide the Iranian President with a forum to spew his anti-Israel and anti-American rhetoric or allow him to clarify his positions. The world is fully aware of the Iranian President’s hateful views and militant stance regarding world politics. The President of Iran supports terrorism, he denounces Israel and denies the Holocaust, he pursues nuclear ambitions in opposition to international sanction, his government suppresses civil society and violates human rights and he assists our enemies so that they can continue to kill American soldiers. There is no need to afford him an audience to hear a feeble defense of his actions or an explanation of his ideology.

Freedom of Speech is a cherished American right that should be reserved for those individuals who have respect for our liberties and beliefs. Many brave men and woman have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our First Amendment right and we must not grant this privilege to a man who has contributed to their deaths and seeks to destroy our way of life.

Maybe Bob Holden and Bob Doocey feel that he can speak at the next Juniper Park Civic Association since they feel that ALL free speech whether obscene, hateful or incendiary should be allowed.

Daily News Story

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holden Gets the Cold Shoulder

The Juniper Park Civic Association’s attempt to meet with a high ranking representative from the Department of Environment Protection has been flushed down the sewer. A call was received by the arrogant and unremorseful Bobby Holden informing him that the DEP was calling off the meeting.

This is what happens when you refuse to conduct yourself in a professional and respectable manner. It doesn’t matter if it is in the private sector or public sector; people like to deal with others who exhibit some level of decorum. It has nothing to do with free speech or the suppression of inalienable rights. It has to do with the JPCA’s constant attacks, their on-going assault on their detractors and their unwillingness to represent their communities with dignity. Until there is a change in leadership, we fear that the JPCA will remain impotent and will not be able to effectively represent our communities.

Thankfully, there are other civic associations and local groups who do understand the importance of acting responsibly, respectfully and professionally. Therefore, the residents of Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale do not need to worry. We hear through the grapevine that these organizations are working hard to ensure that the flooding problems are being presented to the powers that be and they are seeking real solutions. In addition, another meeting is forthcoming sometime in October so that the community can have their concerns addressed by the appropriate city agencies.

Daily News Story

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bobby Holden Goes off the Deep end Trying to Defend His Shameful Actions

We have provided you with the actual letter (see embedded image) Bob Holden sent as a response to the Community Affairs Unit who rightfully demanded an apology. We thought we would take the liberty to read between the lines and re-write the letter to show you what Bob is really thinking.

Dear Ms. Parvisi,

I have to say that in my three decades of being a dictator and causing grief and pain throughout my community under the guise of volunteer service, I have never received a letter from a public official that was quite as insulting and unprofessional as yours because most people prefer yelling and spitting at me in public.

You had the gall to write that the JPCA and I, its self anointed king "has a track record of treating your partners without any level of respect." I take offense because the JPCA has absolutely no respect for partners, enemies, friends, family and anyone who disagrees with us. Please do not limit our lack of respect just to our partners. One of our "partners", your boss, Mayor Bloomberg, received our Man of the Year Award, not once, but twice. We wanted to kiss his ass to get publicity, notoriety and maybe tap his resources when I decided to run for elected office. Former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall received our Woman of the Year Award last year. We hope to attack her in the coming months. We also have honored leaders from this administration's parks, sanitation, police and fire departments, all of whom we have criticized publicly. The only reason we decided to honor these people because fewer and fewer people were attending our meetings and I was beginning to look like an ineffective moron. Moreover, we also sat down and had a perfectly cordial meeting with members of the Parks Department the very day you penned your letter to us. However, I heard them clapping and cheering when we finally left their office.

The only member of this administration that we have had a major problem with is Matt Gorton. However, please give us time because my organization has a way of attacking entire administrations, staff members and their families without remorse. Matt Gorton, who as Queens Director of CAU, was supposed to have acted as the Mayor's 'eyes and ears in the community. When it came to our issues he acted deaf and blind just like my entire executive board. Every time we tried to approach him and anyone with a brain for that matter, we were and have been laughed at, cursed and rebuked. In fact, Mr. Gorton sounded like everyone else who knows our organization by one time openly stating in a loud, obscenity-laden rant "the Mayor is never going to f**king support you on any of your future proposals." If I had a dollar for every time somebody cursed at me or my executive board I would be a billionaire just like you Mr. Mayor. If anyone deserves an apology, it's the residents of the Middle Village and Maspeth who I embarrass on a daily basis.

With regards to the rally that was held at Saint Saviour's site, it was called jointly by the Juniper Park Civic Association and Councilman Tony Avella also known as the councilman without a district because he spends more time outside his district than he does in his own backyard swimming in his illegal pool. I couldn't help but notice that you cc'd our elected officials and community board leaders, who had no involvement whatsoever with this grandstanding rally, but did not include Mr. Avella on your list. I can only speculate that you did not know where to send Tony the letter because he could be anywhere in the five boroughs on any given day pandering to voters outside his district. It is interesting that our organization is considered to be responsible for a so-called "threat" because we are actually spineless and cowards. And you have the nerve to accuse us of playing politics? I couldn't get elected as dog catcher let alone orchestrate any meaningful political plot.

As for the cartoon that was held up at the rally that your office found to be "threatening", it was drawn and held by a man from flushing (no not Tony Avella) who was sympathetic to our cause but is neither an officer nor member of our organization. The executive board of the Juniper Park civic association has no artistic talent nor is creative. Therefore, we are incapable of creating such a sign. We had no knowledge that he was going to bring it nor were we even aware that he was planning to attend. We are basically clueless and oblivious to our surroundings. We are self absorbed individuals who do not notice the "little" people who come and bother us at our small get togethers. In fact, the Queens Tribune was the only paper to cover the story and print the picture because most local papers are tired of our constant whining. If you had called us when the photo was published we would have ignored you like we do everyone else and you would still have had the opportunity to embarrass us and my fellow JPCA executive board members for our staging cheap political stunts…for a shot at the papers.

Regardless, the role of the Juniper Park Civic Association is to censor free speech of private individuals who disagree with us anytime and anywhere. Our role is to manipulate the truth and malign government officials to help me win elected office or get my glorious name in the papers. From your letter I get the impression that you are trying to expose me for the First Amendment fraud that I am.

Perhaps you also need to be reminded that every member of this administration has the duty to reprimand civic associations who abuse their power and hide behind the First Amendment. The JPCA does not have any obligation to stop pursuing our malicious self-interest. I am King Holden and work for me, not the other way around, you peasant. I notice that while you seem very upset about what you feel is an affront to one of your former employees, your office has yet to address the fact that West Maspeth was left out of the Mayor's 2030 Parks plan because there may be a better plan than my plan, react to the developer's cutting down 185 trees because Tony Avella refused to tie himself to them, or answer my ridiculous land swap proposal that would serve the interests of myself and Tony Avella.

I suggest you consult with your department before you mail future letters to this organization because we are way to busy printing propaganda, organizing protests and causing turmoil in our community to read more letters. And as for punishing us by not sending representative to our meetings, the last time we had any elected official or representative at our meeting Harry Truman was President. Somehow and surprisingly I'm still President of the JPCA (but that's because I don't allow free elections).


Robert Holden

P.S. Do you think Mayor Bloomberg would like to be the JPCA "Man of the Year" for the third consecutive time?

(The above letter is a fictional account of real events. Any resemblance to real persons is purely unintentional and accidental)

The Maniacal Response to the Mayor’s Request for an Apology from the JPCA

Be warned that what you are about to read is a 5 page ranting of a raving lunatic named Bob Doocey. The letter is a response to the Mayor’s office letter requesting an apology for the JPCA’s shameful tactics. Bobby Holden commands Fido Doocey to help him do his dirty work.

This is just another example of how delusional Holden and his cronies really are. They can attack, malign and scream but when asked for an apology they play innocent like little puppies frolicking in Juniper Park (unleashed). We love when they champion the Constitution when it suits their needs, however, they have been know on many occasions to prevent others who disagree with them their inalienable rights!

And let’s not forget that Mayor Bloomberg was the JPCA Man of the Year twice! But as always, if you disagree with Almighty Bob your character is assassinated. Our community must rid ourselves of these despicable and counterproductive tactics by Robert Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association!

Here is the letter,

Dear Commissioner Parvizi,

Your letter addressed to Mr. Bob Holden, President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, dated September 7th 2007, can only be described as an impudent and impertinent attack on the First Amendment.

You marshaled the office of the Mayor and the Community Affairs Unit to threaten the First Amendment rights of citizens of this community. You threatened the rights of not only the protestors who attended the rally at Saint Savior’s that day, but also the members and officers of the Juniper Park Civic Association., and, by extension, the members of the larger community who hope that we accomplish useful improvements when we act.

And you performed all this threatening on our dime. We pay, you threaten?

What we never do is request permission from any level of government or any public servants to exercise our rights. What we always expect is that each level of government and every public servant understand their limits, roles, responsibilities and authority to assist us in performing our volunteer community service.

What is entirely unacceptable is for any level of government or public servant to have a crude and coarse belief that we citizens conform to some unconstitutional notion that the public servants dictate the modes of behavior, or the form, content, time or place of a citizen’s or community’s communication with any government agency or public servant.

Your letter represents a depraved indifference to your legal obligations and limits as a public servant, and is a demonstration of your abject failure to understand the actual extent of your authority.

The people threatened by you and the Mayor are unpaid volunteers, while you and the Mayor are employees of the city whose salaries are funded by the very same citizens who pay for lavish salaries, limos, expenses, offices, and staff.

Inasmuch as we the people foot the bill, we do not tolerate lectures from those we pay to serve us.

And, we find unacceptable any lecture chastising and threatening us for our use of our inalienable First Amendment rights – rights you and the Mayor took an Oath of Office to uphold. Neither you nor the Mayor created those rights, nor can you withhold or curtail those rights.

But, you blithely tried.

The most despicable result of the letter from you and the Mayor is the fact that it reveals that neither of you understand the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, and that you both treat your Oath of Office as nothing more than an exercise required as a token to enter the office entrusted to you by us.

Was it necessary that we take time to inform you of your role and responsibilities in government? Why is it necessary that we take the time to instruct you that your and the Mayor’s job is to serve not to rule?

Why did it not occur to either you or the Mayor to have the appropriate legal specialists review your threatening letter before you published it?

Sensible legal experts would have told you:

You and the Mayor, along with all elected and appointed officials executed an oath of office that said that: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of _____, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Yet with your letter, approved by Mayor Bloomberg, you have casually trashed that oath while you openly attack the First Amendment rights of those you wish to antagonize.

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free expression thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

What difficulty do you find in protecting and defending the entire Constitution?

“Petitioning” has come to signify any nonviolent, legal means of encouraging or a disapproving government action, whether directed to the judicial, executive or legislative branch. Lobbying, letter writing, e-mail campaigns, testifying before tribunals, filing lawsuits, supporting referenda, collecting signatures for ballot initiatives, peaceful protests and picketing, all public articulation of issue, complaints and interests designed to spur government action qualifies under the petition clause, even if the activities partake of other First Amendment freedoms.

The right to petition the government isn’t just words on some old dusty parchment. The Founding Fathers knew that eventually too many men [and women] in power would lose sight of their purpose in being part of a servant government and turn into tyrants. The right to petition the government with a redress of grievance by the very people being governed is an unalienable right that has been trampled upon and almost forgotten by the people themselves.

But we haven’t forgotten. The engine for most Civic associations is the exercise of the First Amendment, particularly the Petition clause.

For example, the sensitive “victim” of a political cartoon, Matt Gorton, has complained of the manufactured offence three and a half months too late. For starters, Gorton has definitely refused top cooperate with the Juniper Park Civic Association because- as he himself openly stated in a loud, obscenity-laden rant, that because the JPCA had the audacity to exercise its Constitutional right to petition the (of New York City) by pursuing a lawsuit regarding the Mayor’s plan to unleash dogs in our city parks, the Mayor was never going to f**ing support you in any future proposals.

Isn’t it odd, that Gorton felt free to threaten (on behalf of the Mayor) to shut down access (any additional petitioning of the government redress grievances) because we had already exercised that right? And that threat occurred long prior to his newly discovered sensitivity to a political cartoon (Sound familiar? Sound like the Jihadists sensitivity to the political cartoons in Denmark?) Gorton lived up to the threat. He definitely refused to participate in converting Saint Saviour’s land to a city Park.

And, though Gorton’s long ago tirade was cowardly in that he failed to put it in writing as you have done, your threat is simply a continuation of that original tantrum.

But, now, long after the appearance of a political cartoon used at a protest, he finds himself “offended”? A political cartoon is entirely protected by the First Amendment, as was the very protest in which it appeared. And the nature of the cartoon was entirely apropos for the situation under protest-the destruction of nearly 200 trees whose age neared 150 years for the purpose of preventing conversion of the land into a park. Gorton’s name on the cartoon was completely appropriate and protected.

So, using this newly manufactured “offense” you demand an apology? Quite the reverse! We demand an apology from the Mayor and the CAU for your attack on our use of our inalienable Constitutional rights under the First Amendment.

Of the many breathtakingly arrogant elements of your letter, one of the most feculent is your unconstitutional demand that we shape the content, expression, and manner of our use of the First Amendment to your requirements that we apologize to specific people in public for a political cartoon. With what legal authority do you make such a demand?

You also describe the political cartoon as “a crude personal attack”> An attack against whom. How was it crude? Who defines crude? With what legal authority? Harry Truman said the obvious: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

You say that: “I certainly did not appreciate seeing what could be perceived as a death threat against one of my staff splashed across the front page of the paper” Frankly, who cares what you appreciate? My compliments to the artist who composed the political cartoon for grabbing the attention of the [free] press and, of the First Amendment was unable to sting you, Bloomberg and Groton Sufficiently enough to allow you to use the name “Saint Saviour’s” anywhere in your offensive letter. You failed to include the name of the very issue that prompted the rally and the political cartoon. Why is that? Here’s that name: “Save Saint Saviour’s” Now. Now that wasn’t very difficult, was it?

I don’t care if you’re happy (or not) to come to the table. It’s your job to come to the table. You are paid to come to the table. So, you’ll come to the table or forfeit your pay- is that integrity?

You cheekily state that “across the table will be a group of mature adults whose goals are to improve their community through productive dialogue and work, and not to stage cheap political stunts…”

You proceed: “If you are willing to work with us under the conditions I’ve asked for….There are lines, even in the political arena, and your group has certainly crossed one.”

What qualifications did Bloomberg find you have for you to make such a sleazy threat? You don’t make conditions for us to get you to perform your job. That is son beyond the limits of the law and your oath of office that it verges on criminal corruption.

When will the Mayor and his appointees come to understand that all his and your behavior is limited by the Constitution, and that he and you are entirely beholden to the citizens? He and you have the obligation-the duty-to serve our interests; we do not have any obligation to serve the Mayor or your interests. And so far, your letter demonstrates that his and your interests are petty.

Then there is your insulting distribution list. You have the audacity to cc Dennis Gallagher in on your letter? Are you saying that the Mayor supports an indicted rapist of a grandmother? Is that how desperate for support the Mayor is in raping a community’s Constitutional rights?

Why did you fail to cc Tony Avella, an elected official who co-sponsored the protest , and who has spoken often of his strong support for converting the property of Saint Saviour’s to a park?

Why did you fail to cc your own colleague, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe? Is that failure because you and the Mayor are fully aware that Benepe is already fully on board with you in your determined refusal to fulfill your Oath of Office?

Why must we instruct you and the Mayor regarding the First Amendment and your Oath of Office?

Civilizations rise or fall on the citizenry’s capacity to make distinctions. Your letter’s crude terminology demonstrates your incapacity to make those necessary distinctions. Study the US Constitution for starters. Take an unpaid sabbatical to study. You should have already been equipped with that information.

You conclude your impudent letter by demanding that we abuse our own right to silence by requiring an apology (for a manufactured offense) in trade for exercising our Constitutional rights to petition the government on any issue that concerns us. Gorton’s manufactured offence does not concern us, so no apology is forthcoming.

Robert E. Doocey
Juniper Park Civic Association
Executive Board Member

This would be so hilarious if it wasn’t so delusional and hypocritical. The Mayor did not say that they could not protest or prevent them from using the poster, he is just asking for an apology for a distasteful and incendiary poster. However, the JPCA has turned this into a fiasco and tries to spin as an attack on their First Amendment rights. Bob Doocey would yell fire in a movie theater so Holden could get free popcorn. They are truly an organization that has lost touch with they people they are suppose to represent and have become an angry mob whose main goal is destroy our community.

Here is a brief (and very layman’s) attempt to educate Mr. Doocey about free speech.
You see Mr. Doocey; there are certain words, pictures, and expressions that are not protected under the First Amendment. For example, any speech that would be considered obscene, provoke violence or incite hate or rioting is not protected. Free speech is not absolute.

In 1942, the Supreme Court sustained the conviction of a Jehovah's Witness who addressed a police officer as a "God dammed racketeer" and "a damned fascist" (Chaplinksy v. New Hampshire). The Court's opinion in the case stated that there was a category of face-to-face epithets, or "fighting words," that was wholly outside of the protection of the First Amendment: those words "which by their very utterance inflict injury" and which "are no essential part of any exposition of ideas."

In Roth v. United States, 1957 the adjudication over the constitutional law of obscenity began. I will spare you with the all the details, however a very important statement came from the case, “the unconditional phrasing of the First Amendment was not intended to protect every utterance.''

In Virginia v Black (2003), the Court divided on the question of whether a state could prohibit cross burning carried out with the intent to intimidate. A majority of the Court concluded that, because cross-burning has a history as a "particularly virulent form of intimidation," Virginia could prohibit that form of expression while not prohibiting other types of intimidating expression.

As with the lynching poster displayed by the JPCA, we can conclude that because lynching has a history as a “particularly virulent form of intimidation” that it should not be protected speech.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Local Group Reprimands Bob Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association

We received the below letter from a group calling themselves “The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth.” It looks like Bob and his bumbling buffoons have crossed the line with another elected official and his office. This time, it is the mighty Mayor himself.

The following post "Mayor Reprimands Bob Holden" has the actual letter from the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that our community is slowly being destroyed by a group of henchmen disguising themselves as a local civic group. The communities of Middle Village and Maspeth are losing their important partnerships with elected officials on all levels in government, which in the future, will prevent us from getting the assistance and funding we need to thrive. It is extremely important that we have local civic groups that represent us who conduct themselves with respect, dignity and honor. The Juniper Park Civic Association, however, continues to divide our community and alienate us from our elected leaders because of their disrespectful, indignant and dishonorable actions.

To substantiate this claim, we have attached a letter from Mayor Bloomberg’s Community Affairs Unit demanding a public apology from Bob Holden and the JPCA. Understandably, the Mayor’s office and his representatives refuse to meet with the Juniper Park Civic Association until an apology is received. In addition, the Mayor’s office is aware of the JPCA’s shameful tactics and their “track record of treating their partners without any level of respect.” The letter states that the Mayor’s office will only come to the table with the understanding that sitting across from them will be a group of mature adults whose goals are to improve the community through productive dialogue and work, not to stage cheap political stunts for a shot at the papers. Therefore, if Bob Holden and the JPCA are allowed to continue to represent Middle Village and Maspeth our concerns will be laid upon an empty table and no one seated to listen.

The on-going disgraceful behavior of Robert Holden and the executive board of the Juniper Park Civic Association must stop. As a community, we need to take control of our civic associations and make sure they speak and act for the betterment of the community and not for the advancement of a few individuals. Middle Village and Maspeth should be known throughout the city for its hardworking, honorable and respectable residents. So let’s join together to silence those few individuals whose words and actions have tarnished the reputations of our great communities.

The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village Maspeth

We agree with the Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth. It is time for a change.

Mayor Reprimands Bob Holden

We received the below letter from a group calling themselves “The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth.” It looks like Bob and his bumbling buffoons have crossed the line with another elected official and his office. This time, it is the mighty Mayor himself.

Dear Mr. Holden,

I appreciate your reaching out to me in order to work collaboratively with your civic association and help ensure that your community concerns are heard and addressed by the City. As the new Commissioner of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, I have often voiced my view that my office’s relationship with community groups is a partnership. We rely on active and engaged community members like you to let us know about concerns of their neighborhoods, and be our partners in conducting outreach and finding pragmatic solutions to those concerns.

To that end, we approach all of our constituents with a level of courtesy and professionalism that reflects our role as City employees and representatives of the Mayor. The only thing we ask is that same courtesy and professional be returned, no matter how contentious the issue. Regardless of where we stand politically, we deal with one another and our constituents as rational and empathetic human beings. It is this personal touch and understanding that makes the people on my staff such phenomenal assets to the City.

One such person is Mathew Gorton, whom I believe you worked with on several issues concerning your community. While we were sad to see Matt leave, we were thrilled to be able to promote him to Legislative Affairs and see him continue his excellent work.

I have a new staff member, Jennifer Manley, who covers your district. Both Jennifer and I are ready and willing to work with you. However, I cannot make any commitments to meet with you or your group based upon your track record of treating your partners without any level of respect.

I was beyond disturbed to see a photograph on the front page of the Queens Tribune depicting a rally organized by your group during which a gentleman held a poster with a hangman’s noose (“reserved for”) Matt Gorton. (To be fair, Matt was in good company of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor). Whether or not the poster was officially sanctioned by the Juniper Park Civic Association, your allowing it at your rally was at best A FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP AND AT WORSE AN ENDORSEMENT OF THREATENING AND VIOLENT TACTICS.

I understand a community fighting for what they hold dear to them – what I do not understand and can’t accept, is this reduction of civil discourse to a crude personal attack. I certainly did not appreciate seeing what could be perceived as a death threat against one of my staff splashed across the front page of the paper. And neither did anyone else at City Hall.

As I said, we are happy to come to the table. But we will only do that with the understanding across from us there will be a group of mature adults whose goals are to improve their community through productive dialogue and work, not to stage cheap political stunts, such as the aforementioned poster, for a shot at the papers.

If you are willing to work with us under these conditions I’ve asked for, I would appreciate a PUBLIC APOLOGY to Matt and the others featured on that poster, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. THERE ARE LINES, EVEN IN THE POLITICAL ARENA, AND YOUR GROUP HAS CERTAINLY CROSSED ONE.

We certainly wouldn’t one misguided judgment to prevent our working together for the betterment of the community. However, we need a sign of good faith that you and your group are ready to move forward with us in the spirit of mutual respect. An apology would be that sign. I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to put your best foot forward with regard to future dealings with my office.


Nazli Parvizi

This is a great letter but unfortunately it is hard to teach an unleashed old dog new tricks. To ask Bob Holden and the JPCA leadership to act with courtesy, respect and professionalism is like asking Larry Flint to start publishing children’s books. Bob Holden and his cronies only know how to operate by attacking individuals and using deplorable tactics. They have made many misguided judgments and have alienated so many because of their shameful devices.

It should be interesting to see if Bob complies with the Mayor’s reasonable request for an apology. Stay tuned.

We would also hope the JPCA starts apologizing to the hundreds of other people they have offended in the past!

Once again the Juniper Park Civic Association leadership has failed their community!

*Please click on the images below to view the actual letter which was sent to the JPCA.

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XV

Jack Kerouac – The father of the Beat Generation penned some of his best work while living in Ozone Park.

Jack Kerouac was born Jean-Louis Kerouac, a French-Canadian child in working-class Lowell, Massachusetts. Ti Jean spoke a local dialect of French called joual before he learned English. The youngest of three children, he was heartbroken when his older brother Gerard died of rheumatic fever at the age of nine.

Ti Jean was an intense and serious child, devoted to Memere (his mother) and constantly forming important friendships with other boys, as he would continue to do throughout his life. He was driven to create stories from a young age, inspired first by the mysterious radio show 'The Shadow,' and later by the fervid novels of Thomas Wolfe, the writer he would model himself after.

Lowell had once thrived as the center of New England's textile industry, but by the time of Kerouac's birth it had begun to sink into poverty. Kerouac's father, a printer and well-known local businessman, began to suffer financial difficulties, and started gambling in the hope of restoring prosperity to the household. Young Jack hoped to save the family himself by winning a football scholarship to college and entering the insurance business. He was a star back on his high school team and won some miraculous victories, securing himself a scholarship to Columbia University in New York. His parents followed him there, settling in Ozone Park, Queens.

Things went wrong at Columbia. Kerouac fought with the football coach, who refused to let him play. His father lost his business and sank rapidly into alcoholic helplessness, and young Jack, disillusioned and confused, dropped out of Columbia, bitterly disappointing the father who had so recently disappointed him. He tried and failed to fit in with the military (World War II had begun) and ended up sailing with the Merchant Marine. When he wasn't sailing, he was hanging around New York with a crowd his parents did not approve of: depraved young Columbia students Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr, a strange but brilliant older downtown friend named William S. Burroughs, and a joyful street cowboy from Denver named Neal Cassady.

Kerouac had already begun writing a novel, stylistically reminiscent of Thomas Wolfe, about the torments he was suffering as he tried to balance his wild city life with his old-world family values. His friends loved the manuscript, and Ginsberg asked his Columbia professors to help find a publisher for it. It would become Kerouac's first and most conventional novel, The Town and the City, 'which earned him respect and some recognition as a writer, although it did not make him famous.

It would be a long time before he would be published again. He had taken some amazing cross-country trips with Neal Cassady while working on his novel, and in his attempt to write about these trips he had begun experimenting with freer forms of writing, partly inspired by the unpretentious, spontaneous prose he found in Neal Cassady's letters. He decided to write about his cross-country trips exactly as they had happened, without pausing to edit, fictionalize or even think. He presented the resulting manuscript to his editor on a single long roll of unbroken paper, but the editor did not share his enthusiasm and the relationship was broken. Kerouac would suffer seven years of rejection before 'On The Road' would be published.

He spent the early 1950's writing one unpublished novel after another, carrying them around in a rucksack as he roamed back and forth across the country. He followed Ginsberg and Cassady to Berkeley and San Francisco, where he became close friends with the young Zen poet Gary Snyder . He found enlightenment through the Buddhist religion and tried to follow Snyder's lead in communing with nature. His excellent novel 'The Dharma Bums' describes a joyous mountain climbing trip he and Snyder went on in Yosemite in 1955, and captures the tentative, sometimes comic steps he and his friends were taking towards spiritual realization.]

His fellow starving writers were beginning to attract fame as the 'Beat Generation 'a label Kerouac had invented years earlier during a conversation with fellow novelist John Clellon Holmes. Ginsberg and Snyder became underground celebrities in 1955 after the Six Gallery poetry reading in San Francisco. Since they and many of their friends regularly referred to Kerouac as the most talented writer among them, publishers began to express interest in the forlorn, unwanted manuscripts he carried in his rucksack wherever he went. 'On The Road' was finally published in 1957, and when it became a tremendous popular success Kerouac did not know how to react. Embittered by years of rejection, he was suddenly expected to snap to and play the part of Young Beat Icon for the public. He was older and sadder than everyone expected him to be, and probably far more intelligent as well. Literary critics, objecting to the Beat 'fad,' refused to take Kerouac seriously as a writer and began to ridicule his work, hurting him tremendously. Certainly the Beat Generation was a fad, Kerouac knew, but his own writing was not.

His sudden celebrity was probably the worst thing that could have happened to him, because his moral and spiritual decline in the next few years was shocking. Trying to live up to the wild image he'd presented in 'On The Road,' he developed a severe drinking habit that dimmed his natural brightness and aged him prematurely. His Buddhism failed him, or he failed it. He could not resist a drinking binge, and his friends began viewing him as needy and unstable. He published many books during these years, but most had been written earlier, during the early 50's when he could not find a publisher. He kept busy, appearing on TV shows, writing magazine articles and recording three spoken-word albums, but his momentum as a serious writer had been completely disrupted.

Like Kurt Cobain, another counter-culture celebrity who seemed to be truly (as opposed to fashionably) miserable, Kerouac expressed his unhappiness nakedly in his art and was not taken seriously. In 1961 he tried to break his drinking habit and rediscover his writing talents with a solitary nature retreat in Big Sur. Instead, the vast nature around him creeped him out and he returned to San Francisco to drink himself into oblivion. He was cracking up, and he laid out the entire chilling experience in his last great novel, 'Big Sur.'

Defeated and lonesome, he left California to live with his mother in Long Island, and would not stray from his mother for the rest of his life. He would continue to publish, and remained mentally alert and aware (though always drunken). But his works after ' Big Sur' displayed a disconnected soul, a human being sadly lost in his own curmudgeonly illusions.

Despite the 'beatnik' stereotype, Kerouac was a political conservative, especially when under the influence of his Catholic mother. As the beatniks of the 1950's began to yield their spotlight to the hippies of the 1960's, Jack took pleasure in standing against everything the hippies stood for. He supported the Vietnam War and became friendly with William F. Buckley.

Living alone with his mother in Northport, Long Island, Kerouac developed a fascinating set of habits. He stayed in his house most of the time and carried on a lifelong game of 'baseball' with a deck of playing cards. His drink of choice was a jug of the kind of cheap, sweet wine, Tokay or Thunderbird, usually preferred by winos. He became increasingly devoted to Catholicism, but his unusual Buddhist-tinged brand of Catholicism would hardly have met with the approval of the Pope.

Through his first forty years Kerouac had failed to sustain a long-term romantic relationship with a woman, though he often fell in love. He'd married twice, to Edie Parker and Joan Haverty, but both marriages had ended within months. In the mid-1960's he married again, but this time to a maternalistic and older childhood acquaintance from small-town Lowell, Stella Sampas, who he hoped would help around the house as his mother entered old age.

He moved back to Lowell with Stella and his mother, and then moved again with them to St. Petersburg, Florida. His health destroyed by drinking, he died at home in 1969. He was 47 years old.

Courtesy of Beat Museum

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Have a Happy and Healthy Rosh Hashanah!!

The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) takes place in the month of Tishri (September and October on the Gregorian calendar) and commemorates the anniversary of Creation. It is on this day that G-d opens the Book of Life and observes his creatures, deciding their fate for the coming year. It is a time of restricted rejoicing because, even though it celebrates HaShem's kingship, the celebrations are muted in acknowledgement of the great judgement taking place.

As is customary in Jewish festivals, observance begins on nightfall the day before Rosh Hashanah. Celebrants prepare by bathing, receiving haircuts, donning special clothes and giving treats to children.

Certain types of work are forbidden, though there are some exceptions. Food preparation and the carrying, transferring or increasing of the fire are all permitted. Women of the household light commemorative candles before sunset of the first night and a half-hour before sunset on the second night of Rosh Hashanah, reciting blessings over them.

Though G-d opens the Book of Life on Rosh Hashanah the judgement is not final. The book is 'sealed' on Yom Kippur, ten days later. The time between these two festivals is known as Shabbat Shuva (The Shabbat of Returning). This is a period for self-reflection in which to justify your existence to G-d. Rosh Hashanah is the only Jewish celebration that lasts for two days, signifying the importance of this date in the calendar.

Prayers play an important part in the proceedings. Intense and lengthy devotions on Rosh Hashanah vary from those normally uttered on Sabbath with even the familiar prayers containing subtle differences. Following the evening prayer people will wish each other a Good New Year. There are also specific greetings for each sex. A man is wished, "Leshana tova tikateiv v'techateim." A woman is bid, "Leshana tova tikateivi vetichatemi." . The Yiddish equivalent is a "gut yoar."

Following lunch on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the ritual of the Casting is performed. Crumbs of bread are tossed into water after the Torah verse, "And you will cast all their sins into the depth of the sea." The hems of the worshippers' garments are shaken alluding to the fact that sins are being cast away.

One of the essential elements of Rosh Hashanah is the sounding of the shofar. The shofar is made from an animal's horn, preferably a ram. The cow's horn is not acceptable, nor is any animal horn that's a solid piece.

The horn is blown 100 times every day of Rosh Hashanah upon the command of HaShem with different meanings attached to the varying sounds. The Tekiah is one long 'blast' with a clear tone. The Skevarium is a 'broken' sighing sound of three short calls. The Teruah is the 'alarm' of a rapid series of nine or more quick short notes.

The command to blow the shofar comes from the Torah, but no explanation is attached. Rabbis have provided different reasons. It acts as a reminder for the soul to enter into repentance. It is also a warning to the Jewish people not to fall into temptation. It calls to mind the blasts blown by Moses when he ascended from Mount Sinai for the second time, after pleading with G-d for mercy for the Jews who had worshipped at the alter of a false God.

The shofar blower recites two blessings - the community must listen to the blessings and respond 'Amen' to both. It is forbidden to speak once the first blast is sounded until the last one is blown.

In 2002, Rosh Hashanah commences on September 7th and ends on the evening of September 8th. At this time of quiet contemplation, Jews the world over will take the opportunity to express to G-d the value they place in their lives while also reminding G-d how much He cares.

Courtesy of The Holiday Spot

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gallagher Shows District 30 the Money

The Juniper Park Civic Association executive board and their very own venomous witch, Christina Wilkinson want you to believe that Councilman Gallagher has done nothing for our community.

In a recent rambling, Ms. Wilkinson writes:

“Gallagher hasn't authored any bills or won any victories for our communities since being re-elected in a one-candidate contest. Running unopposed meant that he wouldn't have needed to spend a lot of time fundraising or campaigning, so we have to wonder why he's been so lazy over the past few years. Instead of focusing his time and energy on helping the neighborhoods he represents, he has been busy attacking our organization and everyone else who is either not in agreement with him or friendly with us.”

Councilman Gallagher has fought hard to get the necessary funding to ensure that local schools, neighborhood projects, community groups and organizations have the resources they need. Let’s look at the facts (all the information below can be researched for factualness and truthfulness).

$300,000 - PS 113 Computers and Security Cameras
$225,000 - PS 91 Computers, Security Cameras and Theater Program
$100,000 – PS 68 Computers and Security Cameras
$350,000 – Reconstruction of Union Turnpike Center Median in Glendale
$1,000,000 – Renovation of Glendale Library
$200,000 – New Street Lighting on Myrtle Avenue
$350,000 – Otto Road Green Barrier
$150,000 – IS 119 Library Media Center
$250,000 – Acquisition of Catalpa YMCA
$260,000 – Queens Multi Service Senior Services
$260,000 – Greater Ridgewood Youth Council
$200,000 – PS 229 Computers
$200,000 – PS 153 Computers and Theater Program
$500,000 – Grand Avenue Commercial Revitalization
$100,000 – Maspeth Library Computer
$50,000 – Maspeth Self Help Computer
$350,000 – Maspeth Town Hall Computers and Capital Program
$1,200,000 – Maurice Park Synthetic Turf Field
$100,000 – PS 58 Computers, Security Cameras, and Publishing Machine
$100,000 – IS 73 Computer Upgrades
$850,000 – Reiff Park Synthetic Grass Softball Field
$1,600,000 – Mafera Park Synthetic Field and Fencing
$1,000,000 – Revitalization of Metropolitan Avenue Street Lights
$1,400,000 – Juniper Park Brennan Synthetic Field Turf
$200,000 – PS 128 Computers and Security Cameras
$1,100,000 – Upper Juniper Playground Wading Pool and Equipment
$250,000 – PS 87 Computers and Portable Science Lab
$100,000 – Middle Village Library Information Technology Upgrades
$225,000 – Middle Village Older Adult Center Computers
$50,000 – PS 49 Computers
$100,000 – Richmond Hill Library Information Technology Upgrades
$50,000 – PS 56 Computers
$50,000 – PS 90 Computers
$200,000 – PS 81 Computers
$500,000 – Revitalization of Myrtle Avenue Trees, Receptacles and Street Lights
$2,000,000 – Ridgewood Library Handicap Accessibility, Children’s Library, and Technology Upgrades
$180,000 – Grover Cleveland Park Handball Courts, Ball fields, Fencing and New Athletic Fields
$460,000 – 104th Police Precinct Mobile Command Station and Computer Upgrades
$400,000 - 104th Police Precinct Shaler Avenue Parking
$350,000 – PS 71 Computers
$50,000 – PS 88 Computers
$500,000 – Peter Cardella Senior Center Expansion
$50,000 – IS 93 Computers
$225,000 – PS 97 Computers
$1,000,000 – Revitalization of Jamaica Avenue/Richmond Hill
$1,000,000 – Victory Field Running Track Reconstruction
$250,000 – Woodhaven Library Branch
$300,000 – Revitalization of Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven
$350,000 – Richmond Hill Block Association Programming Funding
$100,000 – 60th Place and Eliot Avenue Green streets

If getting millions of dollars for your community to fund important projects to improve the quality of life for your constituents is doing nothing, then the JPCA is right and we want to thank the councilman for doing nothing and we hope that he continues to do nothing so our community can get the money its needs!

The JPCA and the Crap Attack Maltese

The JPCA now has a vendetta against the distinguished senator from 15th Senatorial District. It is apparent that their attacks are politically motivated and Bob Holden wants to prevent Anthony Como from winning the District 30 Council seat and wants Serf out so a JPCA puppet can be elected.

We will admit that we criticized Senator Maltese once when he decided to honor Tony (the nomad) Avella during a JPCA meeting. We hope that the senator (if he even read the piece) understands that this was an issues specific criticism. We commend Sen. Maltese and recognize his years of dedicated and effective leadership in our community.

Senator Maltese has been serving our community for 19 years in the State Senate. During his tenure in office, he has authored 217 Bills that have been signed into law and has maintained a perfect 100% attendance record. However, the JPCA will attack you whether you have done something or will claim you have done nothing.

Maltese is also a fellow Korean War veteran and should be commended and respected for his service to this nation. The Crap and their posters should be ashamed that they would try to denigrate the character of a brave veteran. The JPCA touts Ed Kamperman as great man because he is a veteran and will attack anyone who questions Eddie’s character, why doesn’t Maltese get that same consideration?

According to the Crap (and Holden) Serf is in bed with the Mafia, corrupt developers, manipulative unions and dastardly lobbyists! Don’t take our word for it, look at some of the comments over at ol’ crappy. It just goes to show you that at any given moment the JPCA will bite the hand that feeds them.

Senator Maltese is a proud veteran, great leader and a good man. He has proven that he fights for veterans, seniors, children and the community he represents. The JPCA should change their hateful tactics and try to win political office with dignity, honor and respect. It is too bad that Robert Holden and his stooges don’t know what those words mean.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gallagher Receives Accolades from Community and JPCA (3 Times!)

The Juniper Park Civic Association executive board and their very own venomous witch, Christina Wilkinson wants you to believe that Councilman Gallagher has done nothing for our community and that he deserves no recognition.

In a recent rambling, Ms. Wilkinson writes:

“Gallagher hasn't authored any bills or won any victories for our communities since being re-elected in a one-candidate contest. Running unopposed meant that he wouldn't have needed to spend a lot of time fundraising or campaigning, so we have to wonder why he's been so lazy over the past few years. Instead of focusing his time and energy on helping the neighborhoods he represents, he has been busy attacking our organization and everyone else who is either not in agreement with him or friendly with us.”

Let us look at all the organizations that have honored Councilman Gallagher during his service to the community. (If you look carefully, you will notice that the JPCA has honored him 3 times!)

2005 RGMV Little League
2005 Man of the Year Alcamo Castellammare Santa Ninfa
2005 Ridgewood Older Adult Center
2005 Public School 71 Special Recognition Award
2005 Moms Club of Middle Village
2004 Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation
2005 Women’s Republican Club of Queens County
2004 RGMV Little League
2004 Saint Aloysius Sports Program
2004 PS 88 Special Recognition Award
2003 Queens County Republican Party Outstanding Legislator Award
2006 Richmond Hill Block Association Outstanding Service
2003 New York Hospital of Queens
2003 New York City Fire Department Engine Company 293
2003 ST. PANCREAS Sports Association
2002 ST. Pancreas
2002 The Asian American Community Outreach Program
2002 Greater Ridgewood Youth Council Man of the Year
2002 Public School 93 Outstanding Leader Award
2005 Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association Legislative Leader Award
2002 RGMV Little League
2004 Richmond Hill Block Association Community Service Award
2002 Juniper Park Civic Community Service Award
1998 Juniper Park Civic Community Service Award
2006 Man of the Year Middle Village Chamber of Commerce
2000 Queens Multi Service Senior Center
2005 Man of the Year Juniper Park Civic Association
2006 Man of the Year Glenridge Senior Center
2006 Man of the Year Peter Cardella Senior Center
2002 Greater Woodhaven Development Corp.
2004 Our Lady of Hope
2004 Woodhaven Residents Block Association
2004 FHS
2003 Vietnam Veterans Chapter 32
2005 Vietnam Veterans Chapter 32 Outstanding Legislator Award
2004 Glendale Volunteer Ambulance Corps
2002 Saint Margaret's Sports Association
2002 Glendale Volunteer Ambulance Corps
2002 Historic Preservation Council Grassroots Leader Award
2004 Juniper Valley Park Pullis Farm Historic Preservation
2006 WORKS Little League

So who is right?? The JPCA or all the above listed organizations that have honored the councilman?

You decide.

9/11: We Should Never Forget

God bless all the innocent men and woman who were murdered by enemies of America. We send their families our sincerest condolences and hope that someday they will have peace in their lives. Your loved ones will never be forgotten and their murderers will continue to be punished.

God Bless America

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gallagher Delivers for District 30

The Juniper Park Civic Association executive board and their very own venomous witch, Christina Wilkinson wants you to believe that Councilman Gallagher has done nothing for our community.

In a recent rambling, Ms. Wilkinson writes:

“Gallagher hasn't authored any bills or won any victories for our communities since being re-elected in a one-candidate contest. Running unopposed meant that he wouldn't have needed to spend a lot of time fundraising or campaigning, so we have to wonder why he's been so lazy over the past few years. Instead of focusing his time and energy on helping the neighborhoods he represents, he has been busy attacking our organization and everyone else who is either not in agreement with him or friendly with us.”

Let’s look at the facts (all the information below can be researched for factualness and truthfulness).

• Gallagher single handedly led the fight to stop commercial development at the old KeySpan gas tank site.

• He saved the Catalpa YMCA from closing.

• He stopped the city from spending $20 million on the translation of Department of Education documents into multiple languages.

• He increased funding for senior programs throughout the district.

• He increased funding for youth programs throughout the district.

• He secured funding to expand and modernize schools in our neighborhoods.

• He developed an anti-graffiti program that has proven to be an overwhelming success.

• He developed a local economic development plan to help our community shopping areas.

• He fought the city to establish local memorials for veterans and September 11th victims.

• He successfully closed a Maspeth halfway house.

• He voted against every tax increase in the NYC Council, including the 18.5% property tax increase that has hurt working families.

It is important to judge an individual by the totality of his actions and not erase a lifetime of dedicated public service because of one incident. The JPCA will have you believe Councilman Gallagher has done nothing; however, the facts support just the opposite.

Famous Queens Resident Series, Part XIV

Rodney Dangerfield -
Jacob Cohen (Birth name)grew up over Bailey’s Bar on Austin Street near Lefferts Boulevard. He got “No Respect” while attending P.S. 99 and Richmond Hill High School.

Jacob Cohen began writing jokes at the age of 15, and started performing before he was 20. He took his act to the road for ten years, his stage name was Jack Roy. While working as a struggling comedian Rodney Dangerfield worked as a singing waiter. His first run at comedy was to no avail. Rodney Dangerfield married Joyce Indig, in 1949 and had two children: Brian and Melanie. During the 1950s Rodney was an aluminum siding salesman, living in New Jersey. The comedian made another attempt at stand up comedy, this time as Rodney Dangerfield. In 1961 Rodney divorced from his wife. When he appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" ("Toast of the Town" (1948)), Rodney Dangerfield made Ed Sullivan laugh. Few people ever provoked any kind of reaction out of the legendary Ed Sullivan.

Dangerfield had the image of a lovable disgruntled everyman type that became a hit all across nightclubs in the 1960s. Dangerfield also made many appearances on the "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (1962) and "The Dean Martin Show" (1965) in the 1970s. Rodney Dangerfield snatched a minor supporting part in the movie The Projectionist (1971), in 1971. By the mid 1970s he had cemented his image as a comedian constantly tugging at his red tie, always proclaiming he gets no respect. His big break came with many appearances on "Saturday Night Live" (1975), bringing himself to a much wider audience and proving hysterical on many occasions.

In 1980, Dangerfield became a cornerstone of American comedy with the classic Caddyshack (1980). Here, he played Al Czervik, a rich golfer who was a basically nice guy that was extremely outspoken and very obnoxious. His character was often unhappy with the rich snobbery he was around, and he takes on the rich people that are so snobby to him. The average guy that his character portrayed was an instant hit, and a formula that Dangerfield often stuck with. Also in 1980 Rodney came out with a popular comedy album, 'Rappin Rodney'. The album earned Dangerfield a Grammy for best comedy album. The next movie on Rodney's agenda was Easy Money (1983), a comedy that showed him as an insulting working class person that suddenly becomes a millionaire. The movie was also a big hit. Dangerfield became very sparse in his roles on TV and film about this time. The year 1986 saw the comedy Back to School (1986), his biggest film to date. The comedy was one of the first to gross over 100 million. In 1994 Dangerfield starred in his first dramatic role in the successful Oliver Stone film, Natural Born Killers (1994). He played an abusive father that drove one of the killers crazy. His part was critically acclaimed. In 1995 Dangerfield entered the world of cyberspace, becoming the first entertainer to have a website on the world wide web. In 1997 he starred in Meet Wally Sparks (1997), a political and talk show satire that was poorly received. In 2000, Dangerfield starred as the Devil in Little Nicky (2000). The movie was potentially a huge hit, but was a failure by most accounts. Dangerfield took a very small part, but was top billed in the direct to video The Godson (1998), and starred in the direct to video My 5 Wives (2000). But it has not been all smooth sailing for this comedian.

In 1997 he admitted to a lifelong bout with depression, and on his 80th birthday had a mild heart attack. He has major fans from all kinds of people from all different backgrounds. Dangerfield had made a record 70 appearances on the "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (1962), and had discovered many struggling comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Roseanne, Robert Townsend, Sam Kinison and Tim Allen. The comedian owned a legendary nightclub in Manhattan called Dangerfield's. In the 1990s he made highly publicized appearances on "The Simpsons" (1989), "In Living Color" (1990), "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" (1995), "Home Improvement" (1991), "Suddenly Susan" (1996), among others. In 1993 he married Joan Child, a woman thirty years younger than him, and is a Mormon. He died on October 5, 2004 after falling into a coma following heart surgery.

Trade Mark:
Famous one-liners
Self-deprecating humor
Wore white shirt and red tie on stage.
Catchphrase: "I don't get no respect!"
Nervously dabbing his forehead and neck with a handkerchief