Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia University provides a "Forum for Hate"

Columbia University should not provide the Iranian President with a forum to spew his anti-Israel and anti-American rhetoric or allow him to clarify his positions. The world is fully aware of the Iranian President’s hateful views and militant stance regarding world politics. The President of Iran supports terrorism, he denounces Israel and denies the Holocaust, he pursues nuclear ambitions in opposition to international sanction, his government suppresses civil society and violates human rights and he assists our enemies so that they can continue to kill American soldiers. There is no need to afford him an audience to hear a feeble defense of his actions or an explanation of his ideology.

Freedom of Speech is a cherished American right that should be reserved for those individuals who have respect for our liberties and beliefs. Many brave men and woman have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our First Amendment right and we must not grant this privilege to a man who has contributed to their deaths and seeks to destroy our way of life.

Maybe Bob Holden and Bob Doocey feel that he can speak at the next Juniper Park Civic Association since they feel that ALL free speech whether obscene, hateful or incendiary should be allowed.

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Anonymous said...

He looks and Acts Like Holden!

Anonymous said...

Under the RedWine Doocey guy this man should be able to speak wherever he likes!

Anonymous said...

Maybe JPCA will make him the Man of The Year no one else wants it!

Anonymous said...

This guy has the same psychotic tendincies of Bob Holden perhaps we can ship Bob to Iran where he can be with his militant brothers.

Anonymous said...

Bob would love it in the middle east .... he can treat woman anyway he wants.

We know how he treats them here. Right Amy!

Anonymous said...

Bob did confide in a friend after the incident with Amy then Bob bribed him with an exclusive trip.

Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time before Bob is caught for all his crimes.

Anonymous said...

Did the CRAP Post how Holden Lost his election last year?

Did the CRAP Post about the Midville Dodger Coach arrested for assaulting a kid on another team?

Did the CRAP Post how a member of their Civic Family is building a house that does not conform to buildings regulations and has been issued a STOP WORK ORDER... why isn't Avella protesting that house?

Did the CRAP Post about Bob Holden's illegal Basement?

Did The CRAP Post about the two investigations now underway looking into Bob Holden at NYC Tech College and receiving payoffs from an internet company for work performed by his students?

Did The Crap Post how the Juniper Park Civic Dues paid for renovations of Bob Holdens illegal Basement (Thats why Bob won't let them in!)?

Did the Crap Post that Building Department employee Al Hasinbein performed the work at Bobs home without permits and paid for by the Civic on City Time (Al is a Buildings Department Inspector, Sounds like the Fox in charge of the Henn House!)?

Did the Crap Post that a majority of the Midville Dodgers don't live in Middle Village or Maspeth and yet they have exclusive use of our ballfields and taxpayers dollars were used to support the team as well as thousands upon thousands of civic dollars without a vote of the membership?


Anonymous said...

Im sorry but you are completly wrong on this. I cherish our constitution and quite frankly letting those who you oppose or oppose you speak is what makes the 1st amendment what it is.
You say that "Freedom of Speech is a cherished American right that should be reserved for those individuals who have respect for our liberties and beliefs."
No, No and No again. There are no reservations for speech. What exactly are our "liberties" and "beliefs?" US history is riddled with cases where speech was suppressed because it was "unpopular." How many de-segregationists and abolishonists DIED because they spoke or were prohbited from speaking?
How about right here in NYC where the Irish and Italian immigrants were 2nd class citizens and told to shut up?
Let the Iranian president speak.
Let his hatred spew forth.
Let him show more people exactly what kind of sick ideas he has.
THAT is how free speech helps us.
It exposes bad ideologies.
Right here in this country there are americans that want to overthrow the government.
They have killed peace officers.
They have bombed federal, state and local buildings.
They are terrorists.
I have yet to see anyone advocating that they should be silenced.
Let those filled with hate be exposed.
We are strong enough to know that the Iranian president is one of the bad guys and still let him speak.
If you are afraid to let him speak then the constitution isn't worth much.

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says

i agree -

let hear what he thinks ....

no one ever learns from speaking you only learn from listening.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

Anonymous said...

Hey maspeth Mom how come Holden and the JPCA refused to let a PTA mom speak at a meeting?

How come they threw $20 back in the face of the woman who wanted to talk about Education?

How come Dog owners couldn't speak at the JPCA they were thrown out of the meeting.

Maspeth Mom how come the Crap won't print all comments? Is that fair.

Hey Mom go back to Maspeth and tell Tony the Tulips you did your job and get your free flowers.

While you are there ask him why his family didn't want to cooperate with the Police on a Rape Case.

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says

youR totally off base buddy - read my comment again - It said