Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gallagher Shows District 30 the Money

The Juniper Park Civic Association executive board and their very own venomous witch, Christina Wilkinson want you to believe that Councilman Gallagher has done nothing for our community.

In a recent rambling, Ms. Wilkinson writes:

“Gallagher hasn't authored any bills or won any victories for our communities since being re-elected in a one-candidate contest. Running unopposed meant that he wouldn't have needed to spend a lot of time fundraising or campaigning, so we have to wonder why he's been so lazy over the past few years. Instead of focusing his time and energy on helping the neighborhoods he represents, he has been busy attacking our organization and everyone else who is either not in agreement with him or friendly with us.”

Councilman Gallagher has fought hard to get the necessary funding to ensure that local schools, neighborhood projects, community groups and organizations have the resources they need. Let’s look at the facts (all the information below can be researched for factualness and truthfulness).

$300,000 - PS 113 Computers and Security Cameras
$225,000 - PS 91 Computers, Security Cameras and Theater Program
$100,000 – PS 68 Computers and Security Cameras
$350,000 – Reconstruction of Union Turnpike Center Median in Glendale
$1,000,000 – Renovation of Glendale Library
$200,000 – New Street Lighting on Myrtle Avenue
$350,000 – Otto Road Green Barrier
$150,000 – IS 119 Library Media Center
$250,000 – Acquisition of Catalpa YMCA
$260,000 – Queens Multi Service Senior Services
$260,000 – Greater Ridgewood Youth Council
$200,000 – PS 229 Computers
$200,000 – PS 153 Computers and Theater Program
$500,000 – Grand Avenue Commercial Revitalization
$100,000 – Maspeth Library Computer
$50,000 – Maspeth Self Help Computer
$350,000 – Maspeth Town Hall Computers and Capital Program
$1,200,000 – Maurice Park Synthetic Turf Field
$100,000 – PS 58 Computers, Security Cameras, and Publishing Machine
$100,000 – IS 73 Computer Upgrades
$850,000 – Reiff Park Synthetic Grass Softball Field
$1,600,000 – Mafera Park Synthetic Field and Fencing
$1,000,000 – Revitalization of Metropolitan Avenue Street Lights
$1,400,000 – Juniper Park Brennan Synthetic Field Turf
$200,000 – PS 128 Computers and Security Cameras
$1,100,000 – Upper Juniper Playground Wading Pool and Equipment
$250,000 – PS 87 Computers and Portable Science Lab
$100,000 – Middle Village Library Information Technology Upgrades
$225,000 – Middle Village Older Adult Center Computers
$50,000 – PS 49 Computers
$100,000 – Richmond Hill Library Information Technology Upgrades
$50,000 – PS 56 Computers
$50,000 – PS 90 Computers
$200,000 – PS 81 Computers
$500,000 – Revitalization of Myrtle Avenue Trees, Receptacles and Street Lights
$2,000,000 – Ridgewood Library Handicap Accessibility, Children’s Library, and Technology Upgrades
$180,000 – Grover Cleveland Park Handball Courts, Ball fields, Fencing and New Athletic Fields
$460,000 – 104th Police Precinct Mobile Command Station and Computer Upgrades
$400,000 - 104th Police Precinct Shaler Avenue Parking
$350,000 – PS 71 Computers
$50,000 – PS 88 Computers
$500,000 – Peter Cardella Senior Center Expansion
$50,000 – IS 93 Computers
$225,000 – PS 97 Computers
$1,000,000 – Revitalization of Jamaica Avenue/Richmond Hill
$1,000,000 – Victory Field Running Track Reconstruction
$250,000 – Woodhaven Library Branch
$300,000 – Revitalization of Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven
$350,000 – Richmond Hill Block Association Programming Funding
$100,000 – 60th Place and Eliot Avenue Green streets

If getting millions of dollars for your community to fund important projects to improve the quality of life for your constituents is doing nothing, then the JPCA is right and we want to thank the councilman for doing nothing and we hope that he continues to do nothing so our community can get the money its needs!


Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that Gallagher has delivered lots of money, he threw Tony Tulip Numb Nuts off the CB.

So it's WAR!!!!

Such rank hypocrisy from the Holden and the Mental Midgets.

Anonymous said...

How much of this was funded in the past year?

Patrick Henry said...

Our initial research indicates that the funding brought into our district this year far exceeds the list provided above. We are waiting for our foil request to be answered at which time we will post the exact numbers. Thank you.

J said...

Ready for the dirty little political secret.....
As a council-member, you ahve to try real hard to NOT get money for your district. The monies are devided amongst ALL the council members. The true test would be to see how much Gallager got compared to other council members.
Bringing home the bacon doesn't mean much if everyone got bacon. It means something if you get more bacon than others.
If you look, that is not the case with Gallagher.
And it is beyond money anyway.
Does anyone in middle village believe that those multi-family dwellings that are cropping up on block after block belongs in Middle Village? I grew up in Middle Village and the Middle Village of today with the over-crowding is not the small community I grew up in.
The 5-6 family dwellings on a lot that used to be a 1 or 2 family house is not Middle Village.
How much longer before Middle Village looks like Flushing?
How many more ugly and cheaply made brick and concrete apartment buildings are going to be built?
There was a great cape on Pleasentview that sufferd a terrible fire. The property ws beautiul with lots of grass. Take a guess what is there now.
The Middle Village I see now is not my Middle Village and it is a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

If that is the case, then Wilkinson does not really check her facts before she flies off with her statements and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Wow let's applaud Gallagher for doling out the money allocated to him by the council. What an amazing guy.