Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holden Gets the Cold Shoulder

The Juniper Park Civic Association’s attempt to meet with a high ranking representative from the Department of Environment Protection has been flushed down the sewer. A call was received by the arrogant and unremorseful Bobby Holden informing him that the DEP was calling off the meeting.

This is what happens when you refuse to conduct yourself in a professional and respectable manner. It doesn’t matter if it is in the private sector or public sector; people like to deal with others who exhibit some level of decorum. It has nothing to do with free speech or the suppression of inalienable rights. It has to do with the JPCA’s constant attacks, their on-going assault on their detractors and their unwillingness to represent their communities with dignity. Until there is a change in leadership, we fear that the JPCA will remain impotent and will not be able to effectively represent our communities.

Thankfully, there are other civic associations and local groups who do understand the importance of acting responsibly, respectfully and professionally. Therefore, the residents of Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale do not need to worry. We hear through the grapevine that these organizations are working hard to ensure that the flooding problems are being presented to the powers that be and they are seeking real solutions. In addition, another meeting is forthcoming sometime in October so that the community can have their concerns addressed by the appropriate city agencies.

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Anonymous said...

Holden and his Flying Monkeys are quite destructive to our community.

Their poor decisions and their junvenile, vindictive, and assinine behavior over the past few years have proven it time and time again.

So when Holden and Monkeys are done suing (unsuccessfully) and pissing off our elected and oppointed officials with their whining, and then cries murder that they don't want to give his unrepresentative group the time of day, he's got no one to blame but himself.

It's clear that people both in the community and outside are waking up and discovering that the JPCA is unrepresentative of the community.

The JPCA claims to have 1,700 members. Let them prove it. Perhaps in the golden days when the JPCA had good leadership. But most people, including myself, who are former JPCA members can not stomach Holden and his Mental Midgets (the executive board). At their recent meetings, less than 100 people showed up. I doubt that they can truly claim to represent 170 people in the community. And that number is dwindling every day.

Thank heaven there's an alternative civic that wants to work with our officials to bring money and attention to our community, rather than always wage unsuccessful wars that embarass the community and end up hurting Middle Village.

It's time for the JPCA to have full elections for new board members. The executive board for life is dictatorial, corrupt and unrepresentative. They have no legitimacy to speak for the community.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Holden is looking like he's missing a chromosome in that photo.

Or is he just asleep?

Anonymous said...

You gotta love it. On the Queens crapper the Merry Gang of Idiots from the JPCA were talking about how they had won, they can do and talk to people as they please people.

Now this.

The JPCA is now being taken to task and being put in their place. Everyone is sick and tired of these idiots.

Good riddance...

Mr Mojo Risin.

Mark said...

So i went on the Queens Crapper and left this comment on the story about how Gallagher lost the election....

------C'mon now.. Did you expect him to do any better given his current situation?

I doubt he thought that he'd do much better himself.

Enough of this Gallagher crap already. We get it, you dislike (understatement) the man.

How about a story on how Bob Holden and the JPCA were bitch slapped by the DEP??-----------

They did NOT post it.

I'm done with them. At least you get BOTH sides of the story and points of view here!

Anonymous said...

Holden certainly was bitchslapped by the DEP, just like the bitch that he is.

Holden, buddy, you are loathed in the community.

Barry said...

Mark i agree.

Anonymous said...

Did the CRAP Post how Holden Lost his election last year?

Did the CRAP Post about the Midville Dodger Coach arrested for assaulting a kid on another team?

Did the CRAP Post how a member of their Civic Family is building a house that does not conform to buildings regulations and has been issued a STOP WORK ORDER... why isn't Avella protesting that house?

Did the CRAP Post about Bob Holden's illegal Basement?

Did The CRAP Post about the two investigations now underway looking into Bob Holden at NYC Tech College and receiving payoffs from an internet company for work performed by his students?

Did The Crap Post how the Juniper Park Civic Dues paid for renovations of Bob Holdens illegal Basement (Thats why Bob won't let them in!)?

Did the Crap Post that Building Department employee Al Hasinbein performed the work at Bobs home without permits and paid for by the Civic on City Time (Al is a Buildings Department Inspector, Sounds like the Fox in charge of the Henn House!)?

Did the Crap Post that a majority of the Midville Dodgers don't live in Middle Village or Maspeth and yet they have exclusive use of our ballfields and taxpayers dollars were used to support the team as well as thousands upon thousands of civic dollars without a vote of the membership?


Anonymous said...

The Juniper Civic Association acts likes a group of Domestic terrorist. The City has the right not to meet with them. After all I wouldn't expect our government to meet with the Iranian President nor would I expect Mike Bloomberg to open his arms to meet with the head of the KKK.

JPCA must realize they are a few flame throwing lunnies that are not respected at all.

Now, they will not be able to get a meeting with Agencies nor will they be able to accomplish anything.

Unfortunately the Big Losers are the residents of Middle Village and Maspeth ... then again if we don't step up and change leadership we get what we ask for.

Anonymous said...

Bob looks like his wife just hit him!

Anonymous said...

Holden is as usual blind to how people think of him this photo is evidence.

Maybe one day he will be able to look at himself in the mirror and say "man I have abused so many even my wife and family please G_D forgive me." And the good Lord will! But I don't have too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Poster who states that the City is under no obligation to meet with Holden or JPCA.

The City should set up meetings with all the leaders of the community and all civics. Holden is in the minority he is just louder and more vile!

Anonymous said...

Holden Fights Mayor!

Holden Fights Gallagher!

Holden Fights Katz!

Holden Fights Markey!

Holden Fights Crowley!

Holden Fights Nazali!

Holden Fights Weiner!

Holden Fights MVMCA!

Holden Fights Matt Gorton!

Holden Fights Mapeth Federal!

Holden Fights Maspeth Town Hall!

Get the Picture Holden Vs The World and Holden will Lose

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden is a Dictator. Answer one question Bob if you have nothing to hide why don't you let the Buildings Department into your home?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob ever use your student to profit? Get an attorney before you answer.

Anonymous said...

His shirt/tie/jacket combo is giving me a frigging migraine!

Anonymous said...

Question: How do we go about electing a new executive board for the JPCA?

Anonymous said...

Phil Guie is a great photographer. Hi Walter!

georgetheatheist said...

Did the Crap post that I have photos of Christina Wilkinson INTRODUCING AND INVITING TO SPEAK "Noose-man" Jerry Rotundi at the Saviour rally WHILE Jerry is clearly holding the cartoon? That I have photos of Jerry holding the cartoon and indeed speaking?