Monday, September 17, 2007

Local Group Reprimands Bob Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association

We received the below letter from a group calling themselves “The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth.” It looks like Bob and his bumbling buffoons have crossed the line with another elected official and his office. This time, it is the mighty Mayor himself.

The following post "Mayor Reprimands Bob Holden" has the actual letter from the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that our community is slowly being destroyed by a group of henchmen disguising themselves as a local civic group. The communities of Middle Village and Maspeth are losing their important partnerships with elected officials on all levels in government, which in the future, will prevent us from getting the assistance and funding we need to thrive. It is extremely important that we have local civic groups that represent us who conduct themselves with respect, dignity and honor. The Juniper Park Civic Association, however, continues to divide our community and alienate us from our elected leaders because of their disrespectful, indignant and dishonorable actions.

To substantiate this claim, we have attached a letter from Mayor Bloomberg’s Community Affairs Unit demanding a public apology from Bob Holden and the JPCA. Understandably, the Mayor’s office and his representatives refuse to meet with the Juniper Park Civic Association until an apology is received. In addition, the Mayor’s office is aware of the JPCA’s shameful tactics and their “track record of treating their partners without any level of respect.” The letter states that the Mayor’s office will only come to the table with the understanding that sitting across from them will be a group of mature adults whose goals are to improve the community through productive dialogue and work, not to stage cheap political stunts for a shot at the papers. Therefore, if Bob Holden and the JPCA are allowed to continue to represent Middle Village and Maspeth our concerns will be laid upon an empty table and no one seated to listen.

The on-going disgraceful behavior of Robert Holden and the executive board of the Juniper Park Civic Association must stop. As a community, we need to take control of our civic associations and make sure they speak and act for the betterment of the community and not for the advancement of a few individuals. Middle Village and Maspeth should be known throughout the city for its hardworking, honorable and respectable residents. So let’s join together to silence those few individuals whose words and actions have tarnished the reputations of our great communities.

The Sons and Daughters of Middle Village Maspeth

We agree with the Sons and Daughters of Middle Village and Maspeth. It is time for a change.


Anonymous said...

Holden Must GO!!!

The Flying Monkey's (JPCA executive board) must GO!!

Anonymous said...

an anonymous mailing claiming to represent many people sounds like it's one person and a keyboard.
I represent the Grand Lodge of the Middle Village Homeowners and Merchant Society.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post comments on QC, respectfully submitting that the JPCA and Holden showed poor judgment by not distancing themselves from and offensive poster at a rally whose purpose was to garner support for their position. What reasonable person would offensively antagonize city officials at a rally designed to publicly convince others to help them on this issue? While the JPCA may not have to control the speech of others, they should have clearly distanced themselves from that poster.
But, in a QC item advocating free speech, the blogger censored the comments and would not post them.

Anonymous said...

This group speaks for the majority

Anonymous said...

How can I become a member?

Anonymous said...

JPCA has lost everything since they started their hatred campaign against the world!

Anonymous said...

Holden is a dictator not a community leader

Anonymous said...

Did Bob fire that Midville Dodger coach that attacked a innocent kid?

Anonymous said...

Mature Adults and Juniper Civic in the same sentence? Please how about whinning self assorbed egomanaics

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how Holden threw Avella under the bus in his response letter? How do you think Avella feels about that?

Anonymous said...

We know that the Crap heads read this blog so maybe they can answer these questions:

Does Bob Holden have an illegal basement with an illegal busisness?

Does Bob use Juniper Civic Money to fund his busisness?

Did the Juniper Civic Pay Al Hasienbein to illegally convert Bob's Basement?

Why doesn't the JPCA give Treasurers Reports at meetings as required by their bylaws?

When did the membership vote to use JPCA Civic funds on Long Island Baseball Players on a team called the Midville Dodgers.

What happened to the Midville Baseball Coach who violently attacked a kid during a game did the Dodgers suspend him or is he innocent until proven guilty?

I won't ask if Bob hit his wife we already know that answer.

The Crap will never answer because they know the truth and the truth hurts!