Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Word of the Day

Valetudinarian (noun)Pronunciation: [væ-lê-tu-di-'ne-ri-yên]

Definition: A sickly, unhealthy person whose primary concern is his or her health.

Usage: There is an adjective, valetudinary.

Suggested Usage: Ever get tired of hearing someone complain about their health until you wanted to complain yourself? Don't snivel, just remark, "He is the valedictorian of valetudinarians; it drives me crazy." Do you belong to a languishing club without a clear idea of what it is supposed to do? Try, "The Juniper Park Civic Association has to think positively; a valetudinary club won't endure."

Etymology: Latin valetudinarius "sickly, weak, infirm" from valetudin-, valetudo "state of health, sickness," from valere "to be strong," vigorous, also underlying valid, invalid, value, prevail. The PIE stem is *wal- which also produced English wield from OE wealdan "rule", Russian vlast' "power" and Vladimir ("rule the world"). –Dr. Language, YourDictionary.com

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