Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beware: Don’t Converse about Religion or Politics with Family or Friends

My father always told me that it wasn’t safe to discuss politics or religion with family or friends because those subjects can start up some serious feuds. I remember that two of my uncles stopped speaking to one another for an entire year because one supported Truman while the other was a Dewey supporter. However, my brothers, my sisters and myself benefited greatly that year because we had to celebrate each holiday twice!

But imagine someone getting stabbed over a heated political debate? According to the New York Post, an avid Clinton supporter knifed his brother-in-law who is a rabid Obama supporter. Now that’s what I call political devotion! I think Hillary and Barack should have these guys sit next to them during tonight’s debate and let the sparks fly!

NY Post article:


February 26, 2008 -- A kitchen-table political debate between two brothers-in-law turned violent when one of the men, a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, knifed the other, a Barack Obama booster, officials said.

José Ortiz, a 28-year-old Clinton supporter from Collegeville, Pa., stabbed Sean Shurelds after their argument "turned bloody," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman said.

Shurelds tried to choke Ortiz, who then "responded with a knife and stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach," Ferman added.

Shurelds was brought to a hospital in critical condition, and Ortiz - who, according to records, is a registered Republican - was held on $20,000 bail.

Now you can see first hand what happens to a Republican that turns to the dark side of the Democratic Party. First you support the Wicked Witch of the South, then you stab your brother-in-law and then you spent the rest of your years rotting in jail reading the Communist Manifesto, listening to Barbara Streisand songs and watching Jane Fonda movies. It is truly a destructive and vicious cycle.

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