Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tony “The Tulip” Nunziato Announces Future Defeat

It’s official. Tony numb nut Nunziato has announced his candidacy for the NY State Assembly. The self proclaimed savior of Maspeth must be off his medication or sniffing lawn fertilizer if he thinks he can win the seat. We can’t want to observe Tony’s stump speeches that will most certainly feature Holden’s hand up his anal cavity which will prove to be the best ventriloquist act since Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

Maspeth business owner, Bob Holden lap dog and community buffoon Tony Nunziato announced last week that he will be running against incumbent Assemblywoman Marge Markey who has never had an opponent and who has been effectively representing the community since 1999.

Let's review Nunziato’s limited and over exaggerated qualifications:

Vice President of the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce – wow! Maybe he should run for President of the United States with that qualification.

Executive board member of the Juniper Park Civic Association – that position is better known as Robert Holden’s whipping boy. This ridiculous post qualifies you to be a door mat and little else.

Member of CB5 for 10 years, chair of environmental committee – why is Tony no longer a member of Community Board #5? Why is Bob Holden no longer an executive board member? It is because Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber are ineffective in community affairs and cause more problems than solutions

Co-founder of the Newtown Historical Society – duh, ok. Strike up the band

At the forefront of issues such as the Elmhurst Gas Tank park fight (According to our research Numb Nuts had very little to do with the final outcome at KeySpan Park except for holding up a “Thank You Mayor” sign as he stood behind Holden), Cross Harbor Tunnel fight (whining and crying public does not constitute fighting), getting trucks off of Grand Avenue (I drove down Grand Avenue this morning on my way to the senior center and observed many trucks driving along Grand Avenue so looks like Tony failed), preserving St. Saviour's Church (we all know how that fiasco turned out looks so like Tony failed again) and a community representative for the Kosciusko Bridge project (duh, ok. Strike up the band again).

Marge Markey's qualifications:
Wife of a clubhouse judge, Director of Marketing & Tourism under Claire Shulman

Assemblywoman Margaret Markey was elected to the New York State Assembly in November of 1998 as the representative of the 30th Assembly District. The 30th Assembly District is comprised of the Queens neighborhoods of Maspeth, Woodside and parts of Long Island City, Middle Village, Astoria and Sunnyside.

Assemblywoman Markey has been working to strengthen and better Queens for over twenty years, starting her public service career as the Assistant Director of Economic Development for former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman. She was promoted to Director of Marketing & Tourism. In this capacity Mrs. Markey was responsible for creating much of the marketing materials still distributed today to promote the Queens tourism industry. Assemblywoman Markey is a long time community activist, a former member of Community Boards two and five and is the founder of Maspeth Town Hall, Inc,. a community center that serves over eight hundred families.

In Albany, Assemblywoman Markey has focused on sponsoring legislation to protect consumers and improve the quality of life for Queens residents and all New Yorkers. In her second term, Assemblywoman Markey took the lead for legislators in fighting for tougher standards in the farm and food industry to protect against BSE also known as ‘mad cow disease’ and it’s human forms. The following term, The Speaker appointed Assemblywoman Markey as Chair of the Sub-Committee on Child Product Safety. In this position Assemblywoman Markey was able to continue her work in fighting for stronger consumer protections to safeguard New York children.

Fighting for funding increases for education, healthcare and senior services have been some of Assemblywoman Markey’s top priorities in Albany. She has been fully committed to improving New York’s economy, healthcare, education and affordable housing through her work in the Assembly. In 2005, Assemblywoman Markey won passage of a bill into law to ban the sale of boxcutters to minors statewide and introduced important legislation to extend the statute of limitations for sexual assault against minors.

Assemblywoman Markey is the chair of the Assembly House Operations Committee and is a sitting member of the Agriculture, Government Operations, Labor, Racing & Wagering, Consumer Affairs & Protection and Tourism, Arts & Sports Development committees. Mrs. Markey is a member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and is the President of the New York State American Irish Legislators Society. She is a graduate of the Berkeley Business School and a member of the Maspeth Kiwanis.

Assemblywoman Markey has received awards in recognition of her work from; the New York City Department of Parks, American Irish Legislators Society, New York State Court Clerks Association, United Federation of Teachers, Police & Fire Line of Duty Widows of New York City, Samaritan Village, Maspeth SelfHelp and former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer.

Assemblywoman Markey is married to State Supreme Court Judge Charles Markey. Mr. & Mrs. Markey live in Maspeth and are the proud parents of Charles, John and Margaret, all of whom live in Queens.

Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:
A03602 Ag & Mkts. insptr on plants
A03603 Ag & Mkts. mad cow disease test
A03604 Ag & Mkts. gelatin in feed
A03605 Ag & Mkts. comm feed labels/invc
A03606 Ag & Mkts. adultered comm. feed
A03688 Ag & Mkts. incentv mad cow testn

A03689 Ag & Mkts. non-ambulatory animal
A03690 Ag & Mkts. prhb blood fed anmls
A03691 Ag & Mkts. inspct rndr feed slat
A03918 Gen Bus L. label rendered materl
A03919 Pub Heal. autopsy neuro symptoms
A03920 RWB. promotion equine sports cre
A03942 Ed L. college courses elderly
A04560 CP L. crtn sex crimes st of lmtn
A04727 Gen Bus L. memory supps & mad cw
A04728 V & T L. speed contest; fine
A04729 Tax. mod adj inc; val parnts res
A04730 Tax. est tx cred child at-home p
A05375 Ag & Mkts. slaughtrhs post inspc
A05618 Bank. soc. sec. check: sr.citize
A05619 Pen L. makes crm mail false sub
A05658 Gen Mun. acc death benefits surv
A05715 V & T L. photo radar; demo prgm
A05943 Pub Off. avail.rec.discuss & mtg
A06081 Gen Bus L. report dangerous toys
A06082 Gen Bus L. no polystyrene in toy
A06083 Exec. officers & sign language
A06370 Gen Bus L. cardiac defibrillator
A07050 Ed L. schl bus attndts in NYC
A07079 Pen L. inc pen rape of a child
A07098 V & T L. children & motorcycle
A07906 Tax. resident individuals, exemp
A08584 Ag & Mkts. comm feed manufctrs
A09666 Gen Mun. acc death benefits surv

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00070 A00113 A00115 A00116 A00148 A00158 A00169 A00216 A00218 A00220 A00237 A00253 A00282 A00283 A00287 A00316 A00352 A00366 A00369 A00390 A00406 A00420 A00424 A00536 A00657 A00864 A00865 A00867 A00868 A00899 A00905 A00946 A00958 A00994 A00997 A01088 A01095 A01110 A01111 A01321 A01336 A01604 A01831 A01902 A02012 A02048 A02056 A02126 A02164 A02195 A02274 A02297 A02325 A02336 A02382 A02399 A02410 A02460 A02482 A02512 A02557 A02658 A02659 A02665 A02744 A02756 A02878 A03045 A03051 A03069 A03096 A03097 A03248 A03249 A03250 A03284 A03356 A03414 A03430 A03445 A03462 A03465 A03466 A03491 A03493 A03494 A03513 A03518 A03520 A03530 A03639 A03640 A03735 A03743 A03765 A03778 A03803 A03807 A03808 A03862 A04017 A04147 A04148 A04149 A04177 A04287 A04289 A04292 A04324 A04450 A04506 A04540 A04612 A04613 A04630 A04687 A04699 A04723 A04798 A04801 A04856 A04939 A04940 A05010 A05033 A05034 A05036 A05118 A05153 A05203 A05206 A05207 A05243 A05248 A05260 A05282 A05287 A05397 A05420 A05421 A05489 A05491 A05492 A05493 A05520 A05564 A05565 A05566 A05567 A05568 A05571 A05652 A05740 A05741 A05761 A05763 A05810 A05903 A05929 A06017 A06058 A06063 A06113 A06118 A06119 A06183 A06198 A06199 A06200 A06202 A06204 A06215 A06247 A06259 A06371 A06420 A06429 A06433 A06476 A06480 A06516 A06579 A06662 A06683 A06773 A06809 A06811 A06814 A06837 A06853 A06878 A06883 A06886 A06894 A06909 A06917 A06928 A07061 A07072 A07077 A07086 A07100 A07130 A07190 A07208 A07291 A07309 A07310 A07365 A07425 A07479 A07485 A07504 A07505 A07571 A07598 A07628 A07673 A07684 A07744 A07745 A07746 A07747 A07748 A07755 A07800 A07930 A07931 A08075 A08334 A08394 A08487 A08488 A08493 A08494 A08496 A08503 A08523
A08619 A08620 A08621 A08622 A08623 A08624 A08625 A08631 A08643 A08685 A08742 A08762 A08791 A08881 A08960 A08971 A09086 A09167 A09170 A09216 A09219 A09424 A09452 A09480 A09505 A09518 A09552 A09555 A09594 A09611 A09716 A09734 A09859 A09867 A09868 A09871 A09902 A09905 A09914 A09916 A09919 A09950 A09972 A09998 A10060 A10100

Looks like Assemblywoman Markey has done a lot more than be a vice-president of a chamber of commerce, or be an Executive Board member of a rogue civic, or be a Holden lackey, or be a founder of some historical society, or be a florist. Looks like she’s been busy fighting for Maspeth and New York State while Tony Nunziato has done nothing more than talk to plants, be Holden’s houseboy and cry like a baby offering no real solutions to very real community problems.

Please Tony stick to flowers and leave politics in the hands of the intelligent.


Anonymous said...

I don't see her supporting Maspeth lately. At least Tony want's to help. MM hasn't done squat for Maspeth even though she lives here.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with NOTHING that Numb Nutz stands for, he has the right to run for office. Whether one agrees with him or not, he has devoted many hours to community affairs. Sadly, too many never get involved which excessively empowers the few who do get involved (ie Holden, Lorraine, The Douch, etc).

The problem in NYS is that we have one of the worst state govermnents in the nation. The lack of viable competition for election keeps it an exclusive club. In fact, more than 5 State Senators are over or near 80 years old; having been in office 30+ years each. This is not democracy.

So who is to blame? WE ARE. The voters of NYS are solely to blame. Every organization eventually becomes somewhat self-serving, self justifying, and often blind to the interests of taxpayers and citizens.

Unless we spend some time to read local papers and to study local issues, we often just pull the lever of a familiar name - thereby keeping the same people in office.

TERM LIMITS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. Many legislators are excellent and deserve to be returned to office. Many projects are long term and require a knowledgeable legislator to guide them through the legislative process.

The best term limit is the vote. We spend several hours weekly watching crap such as American Idol. Spend one hour a week educating ourselves to things that really matter.

Numb Nutz will offer a challenge to Markey. Hopefully this will keep Holden busy and both will be resoundingly defeated in November.

But ultimately, we get the government we deserve. If we sit back and just complain people like Numb Nutz will get elected.

Anonymous said...

Run,Tony,Run!!! This is going to be the local equivalent of when Pat Paulsen use to run for President. Oh, this is going to fun! "Tony the Hapless" pratfalling all over the Assembly District as he malaprops his way through grammatically painful speeches. Oh please Tony, run. Here's your slogan;


mv ben said...

Newtown Historical Society - and what is this? Another Holden "cash cow"? Wasn't this setup to raise money for St. Saviour's??

Where the money Tony??

I think there should be a full investigation of this!! Call the DOI, Queens DA, State attorney general office!!!

Is Tony and Holden using the money to run for politcal positions??


Anonymous said...

The question of what MM has done for our community of Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale etc. is still unanswered. She wasn't at the St. Saviours protest or any other that I have seen before. If you can't answer that question then all the bills she has sponsored or co-sponsored don't mean squat because it doesn't help our community much. You may not like TN but at least he trying to help his fellow neighbors in our community. I would rather vote for someone who trys hard as opposed to someone who doesn't do anything except for self.

Anonymous said...

Nunziato is not trying to help his fellow neighbors. He is trying to impose his views on everyone. His involvement with the JPCA attacks on everyone is disgraceful. If he is involved with Queens Crap, he is even more disgraceful for allowing all of its bigotry and hate. I don't hold it against any official for not showing up to a JPCA rally, especially when it comes to St. Saviour's since most of the community does not agree with the JPCA's position.


Ask any of the local orginizations and schools about funding they recieve from Markey. The effectivness of an elected official returning tax dollars to their districts is a fundamental benchmark in judging their performance. If you have ever attened a senior center, after school program, adult education program you would not have to ask about Assemblywomen Markey's achievements. True she is not at every protest nor could she be. If you are not in Albany representing your people you are not doing your job.Standing on a corner screaming with a sign in one hand and your thumb up your a*&6 with the other does nothing . Marge is a class act and works hard for her community. So Tony bring it on we look foward to another defeat to the JPCA.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Run Tony Run. It will be a terrific opportunity to publicly bash and heckle you. And as a bonus watch Holden and Chrissie the Tub receive yet another butt whipping. Tony the hapless for assembly.

marge malarkey said...

I'm old. I'm tired. My feet hurt.

Anonymous said...

Thats Serfs line

Anonymous said...

Tulip on my organ.

Anonymous said...

Hey I guess the GOP will fill their quota this year by saying they have mentally handicapped candidate for public office.

If he wins the race you'd have a retard representing us in Albany and a degenerate representing us in City Hall. Nunziato and Gallagher what a combination.

Guess GOP stands for Geeks Oddballs & Perverts....

Way to go Maspeth and Middle Village!!!

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, I heard you were cast in Quest for Fire II as Ugghh, the ass kissing caveman...

Anonymous said...

Markey must be loving this...Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato runnning for her seat...They might as well as Cheetah from the Tarzan movies.

Everyone should go to his rallies and throw peanuts and bananas at him...He'll be able to swing from tree to tree on his way to Albany...

Anonymous said...

Hi ..Me Tony Nunzi..Nunzi..ato.

Me think I run for Assen..Assem, bly seat in dis part of land.

Me frind Bob, tell me dat if I run, he will pat my head, and shave back for me. Give me plenty of yellow sweet thing...yellow..bananas! Yes Me like them..

He just say do what me tell you Tony, and you get all de bananas you want!!

I say thank you Bob!!!

Monkey Boy want to win!!!

Monkey Boy want to win!!!

Vote for Monkey Boy! Me want many bananas!!!

Anonymous said...

Hapless Tony for State Assembly!

My spring and summer are made!

I'll bet a steak dinner at O'Neils that I can get this rube to publicly lose his temper within 10 minutes of my showing up at one of his campaign events.

I cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Tulips daughter can use her LIPS to help him win!

Anonymous said...

I'll take that bet...I'll gladly pay for a steak to see that knucke dragger lose it...

Mr. Mojo Risin