Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Special Election Can Be Especially Beneficial

The resignation of Councilman Dennis Gallagher will force a special election sometime in late May or early June and will be an important vote for the residents of Middle Village, Glendale, Maspeth and Ridgewood. The grapevine is reporting that there are three candidates vying for the seat and residents should do their home work on each candidate.

According to the grapes, Anthony Como, Tom Ognibene and Elizabeth Crowley are throwing their hats into the tornado circulating around the 30th City Council district. We hope that when the dust and debris settle that the district gets the hat that fits best. Right now, if you take a look at three candidates, one seems to rise above the pack because he seems to be the only one without a few femurs and tibias in his closet.

As we all know Mr. Ognibene has had his share of problems regarding possible corruption allegations stemming from a 1997 investigation into the relationship with crooked buildings-consultant Ron Lattanzio. Consequently, political insiders feel that this scandal prevented the former councilmember from obtaining a judgeship. There is no doubt that Ognibene was an effective and popular elected official, however, we feel it is time for new blood, new leadership skills and new ideas for the 30th district.

Elizabeth Crowley is once again pursuing the seat even after being trounced by Gallagher in her previous election bid. In a recent head scratching statement, Ms. Crowley said, “I have so many established friends; it will enable me to win by a larger victory.” I’m not sure I would be so confident considering the alleged relationship with a certain Assemblyman facing federal jail time. Whether the allegations are true or not, I don’t think the 30th district needs another potential scandal on our hands.

Anthony Como appears to be the candidate who comes to us with an unblemished record. In addition, he is young, energetic and entrenched in the neighborhood. Also, let’s not forget that he has the distinguished Senator Maltese as a mentor, advisor and friend which will prove beneficial to Como and the residents of the district should he be elected.

We should join together to ensure that the upcoming special election provides the district with the vigorous representation we deserve. Let this election be the demarcation from the same old politics and the watershed moment for a fresh, new and healthy symbiotic relationship between the constituency and their elected representative.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise that our Republican friend has picked another a Republican to fill the seat vacated by a Republican resigning in disgrace.

The last time out Liz Crowley lost the district which surprisingly has more registered Democrats than Republicand by less than 3,000 votes. Not exactly a trouncing.

Don't be surprised if the seat goes for a Democrat this time around based on the fact that the last two Republicans have either been in legal trouble or have had to resign in disgrace. Not exactly a stellar record for the Republican Party in Middle Village.

Plus your good friend Serf Maltese in on his way out and will more than likely lose his seat next time out.

If the Democrats pick up this seat, the only Republican on the city council will be from Staten Island.

By the way how the hell was Gallagher getting extra pay for being "City Council Minority Leader" when there are only two friggin Republicans on the city Council????????

Mr. Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

When Ognibene ran for Mayor, he held fundraisers and received matching funds from NYC. He then proceeded to spend the next several weeks playing golf 2,3 and sometimes 4 days each week, mostly at Forest Park. I'm not sure if that is a new type of campaign strategy, trying to secure the golfers vote, but at least I know how he spent his campaign money.

Add to this, his campaign manager, Mike Michel, used the Christ the King pick up truck dozens of times to take construction debris from his residence, when he was having it renovated, to the Christ The King garbage dumpsters so he wouldn't have to spend his own money on waste removal.

Adding to all this, it is ALLEGED that Ognibene was instrumental in getting Bob Holden's wife a job in Governor Pataki's NYC office and in exchange Bob ALLEGEDLY returned the favor and gave Ognibene an all expenses paid vacation.

In the Land Of The Blind, the One Eyed Man is King.

Anonymous said...

Liz Crowley and Brian McLoughlin. Thats another great combo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anyonymous, prove the connection between Crowley and McLoughlin.

I can show the connection between Ognibene, Holden and Gallagher. In fact throw Serf Maltese into the connection when you show how they were all four of them had carte blanche through CKHS.

Remember Gallagher selling porno magazines out of CK? Oghibene and Gallagher getting illegal contributions and donations? Holden getting his wife jobs thru favors to both of those candidates? And guess what your new Golden Boy Como or what ever his name is, has a laundry list too.

I'd be more than happy to see the republicans get into a pissing match with the Democrats over this open seat...

Mr. Mojo Risin..

Gary said...

If Paterson gets a seeing an eye dog, I would suggest a greyhound. They can run fast.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty messed up Gary, making fun of someone who is disabled.

I'll try not to make fun of your mental retardation which at this moment is quite obvious...

Mr. Mojo Risin...

Anonymous said...

The Council seat should go to a Democrat, but why must we get the most incompetent Democrat in the district.

Anonymous said...

unblemished Mr. Como? Look at the crap I have to see every day and then make up your mind to see how he really cares about the neighborhood. I can't wait to write in Bozo