Monday, March 10, 2008

NYT: Gov. Spitzer tells advisers he was involved in prostitution ring

CNN) -- The New York Times on Monday reported that Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told senior administration officials that he was involved in a prostitution ring.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has admitted involvement in a prostitution ring, The New York Times reports.

The paper's Web site cited an anonymous administration official and said the New York governor was meeting with his top aides and would be making a statement this afternoon.

"To say this is a shock is an understatement," said CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who went to law school with Spitzer.

Spitzer served as New York's attorney general for eight years before being elected governor.

Time magazine named him "Crusader of the Year" during his two terms as New York attorney general.

Tabloids labeled him "Eliot Ness," after the hero in the crime drama "The Untouchables," because of his reputation for rooting out corruption, busting white-collar criminals and tackling organized crime.

He was also known for prosecuting several prostitution rings.

He also worked as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan and worked for three New York law firms after receiving his law degree from Harvard.

The first-term Democrat had been considered a rising star among his party.

Spitzer is married and has three daughters.


Anonymous said...

Let's see.. Spitzer screwed a prostitute and is villified.

Joe Bruno and the Republican legislators have screwed NYC for forty years and they get away with it.

Spitzer was an ass. His arrogance got to him. And he certainly was not fiscally conservative when it came to a $5,000 + hour prostitute.

Going to a prostitute is a misdemeanor. He should pay the crime and work out (privately) his issues with his family.

In an era when daily we read about sports, business, and show business stars living it up at high priced "Gentlemen's Clubs" we should not be surprised at Spitzer's behavior.

Republican David Vitter did it with prostitutes and remains in office. Democrat Bill Clinton misbehaved (NOT illegally but certainly immorally considering he was in a position of authority over the then much younger Monica). Republican Larry Craig solicited (free?) gay sex and remains in office.

Should he resign? Not unless his legal problems interfere with his ability to serve the people of NYS. And next election, the voters will decide.

Grow up America. Our politicans are NOT perfect. They are a reflection of us.*

*by the way, I have never been to a so-called "gentleman's club" or hired a prostitute. I respect women too much to do either.

Thomas said...

Democrats are funny. Lets us forget for a moment that Spitzer is the biggest hypocrite to hold elected office since Bill Clinton. Let us forget for a moment that Spitzer frequently used the services of a high priced hooker service spending over $80k. Let us forget for a moment that while he was banging prostitutes he was hanging everyone else (including other prostitution rings!). But can we forget that he used an elaborate money laundering scheme to pay which ultimately finance the criminal activities of an illegal enterprise? Shouldn't a former prosecutor know better?

Anonymous said...

Spitzer is gone and may be prosecuted (though probably not). No money laundering since it was his to spend. Learn the law. He is guilty of being a john, probably not of the Mann Act as he was not the pimp, and not laundering. If he used campaign funds or state funds, then he should be prosecuted (as well as condemned for his arrogance and sheer stupidity).

But, Thomas, oh poor ill informed and ignorant Thomas.. Spitzer is gone after 6 days. REPUBLICAN David Vitter is still in the Senate EIGHT MONTHS after being similarly implicated in a prostitution ring. REPUBLICAN Congressman Foley was never prosecuted for his inappropriate (and surely illegal) behavior with UNDERAGED Senate Pages.

The REPUBLICAN Senator from Alaska is under investigation for his illegal activites but remains in office. The same for several other REPUBLICAN Congressmen.

Stupidity and illegal behavior know no party labels, but the overwhelming number of miscreants charged in the last 8 years were REPUBLICAN.

And this does not even touch on the illegal (and impeachable) offenses of Bush and Cheney. They did not screw a hooker.. they f**ked AMERICA