Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dems Gone Wild...


Anonymous said...

With more Dems holding office than Republicans, there will surely be more corruption on the Democratic side.

But let's not forget some GOP stars!

1. Bernard Kerrick (under Rudy)
2. Joe Bruno under FBI investigation
3. Dennis Gallagher
4. Republicans in Islip and Brookhaven Townships on Long Island forced from office because of scandal after scandal..
5. Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho
6. Mark Foley of Florida
7. Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist
8. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana
9. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska & Representative Rick Renzi of Arizona, both caught up in F.B.I. corruption
10. GOP Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham

and the biggest Republican criminals of all: George W. "Destroy the Constitution" Bush and Dick "More Wars" Cheney

Thomas said...

Thanks for the good laugh...too bad anonymous missed the fact that these were all recent demodopes from NY. I'm sure if they included demodopes from around the country the creator of the video would have needed another few hours of footage

Holden-on said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! How come I didn't get my face on the video?

I illegally converted my basement

I use the JPCA for my own personal gains

I use the JPCA, the Juniper Berry and the Forum West to attack everyone who gets in my way

I am the defiant ruler of Juniper Park, controlling who plays on my fields

I demand college students to work in my printing sweat shop

I beat my wife

I paid for a vacation for Ognibene

I'm in bed with Eric Ulbitch

I wear women's underwear on Saturday nights

I keep Tony Nunziato on a leash in my house (bring out the gimp)

As you can see, me, Robert Holden should have been featured in the video

Anonymous said...

Thomas, oh poor old Thomas... #1-4 are all New York

And do not forget that Rudy Guiliani's administration was full of corruption from tax assessors to appointing the son of the Liberal Party to office in return for their support.

Corruption, sadly, knows no party label. It should all be exposed and stamped out, but please, we already have FIXED News and the NY Post and their biases.

Your fixation on attacking Democrats virtually assures that your efforts to bring together the community are merely words and not a genuine goal.

Mike said...

McGreevey, Spitzer, Paterson, Clinton...poster children for deviance, deception and debauchery (sp)and by the way...democrats

Linda said...

I'm a registered republican, however, I am disgusted with both parties and all politicians. Where are all the people with morals, convictions and respectability? It is time for Americans to demand more from its leaders, its media and each other

Ted Bundy said...

We are supposed to be the greatest state/city in the country...yet we have the greatest collection of corrupt politicians in the western hemisphere

Anonymous said...

People are sick and tired of the GOIp nonsense. The republican message of more tax cuts as been a disaster for states and the nation.

Democrats are always better for the economy because they look out for everyone, not just the top 1 percent....

Anonymous said...

In the corruption section why didn't Bob Holdens friend list Tom Ognibene for taking hotel upgrades, campaign cash beyond the limits, illegal campaign contributions from convicted criminal Ron Latanzio is it because Bob proffited from him too.. Praytell do the wiretaps have Holden getting money for a certain Baseball team? More to follow as the Special election gets closer.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting comment about Bob Holden paying for a trip for Ognibene was this payback for Ognibene getting his wife a job or was this about the time that people alleged that Bob may have been a little too heavy handed with Amy and she refused to go?

Anonymous said...

Holden was proud of his Happy Endings on that Trip! I guess he may have more in common than people think with Spitzer... He was proud of his actions when he returned to the Good Old USA maybe he and Ognibene should take a lie detector test about there involvement on this trip.

I guess Bob was getting more Happy Endings on the road then at Home