Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are the Television News Parasites Facilitating the Next Massacre?

Last night the television talking heads inundated us with images and pictures of a suicidal madman (I refuse to mention the name) who murdered 32 innocent people. They also read the rambling excerpts of a murderous manifesto under the guise of trying to understand what caused this loner to snap and kill the students of Virginia Tech.

The only thing the networks were trying to figure out is how they can prolong the coverage to optimize their ratings. Their lack of compassion and disregard for the families who lost their loved ones is appalling. The ole mighty dollar once again has trumped common decency and respect.

More of a concern is for all those other closet maniacs glued to the television watching a fellow social misfit have his glorious meteoric rise to infamy. All of the previous gunmen who have savagely murdered our children had one goal and that was to get the notoriety and recognition they craved in life.

Unfortunately, the parasitic media plays into the hands of those looking to conduct mass shootings in order to have their 15 minutes of shame or a 15 part mini-series on the nightly news. So when this happens again let us all recognize the complicity of the media.

My deepest sympathies, condolences and prayers go out to the families of those who were murdered by an insignificant and pitiful bastard.

I also hope they turn off their television sets so that they are not forced to
relive their horror nightly on the network news.


Ben said...

nice piece> keep up the good work i totally agree

Joe Cimino said...

To Patrick Henry, is it possible that both you and Bill "The No Spin Zone" O'Reilly are one in the same since you both are "fair and balanced" and are both "looking out" for us?

Thomas said...

All those media execs should be held accountable the next time this happens. Unfortunately, it will happen again.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this whole blogging. I recently read the article on the Juniper Park Patriots in the Chronicle and I must say that I applaud all you stand for. This one heading has prompted me to join in with the fellow bloggers. I'm glad that someone has finally put into words all the things I have longed to say. Thank you for bringing this to light. I hope you all join in and turn off the tube just for the night. Pray for all those that were lost and most of all their families.

Anonymous said...

The problem is people care more about ratings then they do about the victims families. What a shame. Your post leaves one thinking about whether we are heading in the right direction here in the US

Anonymous said...

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