Thursday, April 26, 2007

NYC Has a 4.4 Billion Dollar Surplus

It seems that NYC revenues increased 1.3 billion dollars more than was originally expected for this fiscal. Consequently, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is boasting a 4.4 billion dollar surplus for the city.

It is believed that this surplus is due to the revenues received from real estate taxes and the strength of the growing city economy.

Mayor Mike has decided to save the money for a rainy day when future city deficits will rise because of increased spending, medical costs, pensions, and debt service. Many New Yorkers, however, feel that the surplus is a direct result of increase takes and the cost of living in the city and that they should be compensated.

Did you know if you divided 4.4 billion dollars by 8 million people, each person would get $5500! That’s a nice Vegas vacation on Iron Mike Bloomberg.

Thanks Mike!

Being the consummate business man, I don’t think the Mayor will be distributing the surplus to common folk and I won’t be playing Roulette at Caesar’s Palace.


Anonymous said...

How about Mayor Mike opening the Fire Houses closed after September 11th

Anonymous said...

Hey the reason why we have a surplus is overtaxation

Anonymous said...

Money for the people please. We paid we need the money back. Please Mr. Mayor I don't have Billions!

Anonymous said...

How about some more money for JPCA so Bob can add an extension to his illegal home

Anonymous said...

Hey thats rude how about some money to JPCA so Bob can fix his basement and add more equipment for his busisness at taxpayes expense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Serf Maltese for funding JPCA. You continue to empower the thief Bob Holden. I know his illegal use of JPCA finances was brought to your attention. Act. Your failure to do so shows why you have lost so much support. Al Baldeo for Senate! Bruno, Silver and Maltese must go!

Anonymous said...

An open Note to Commissioner Lewendowski:

The upper ball fields in Juniper Valley Park do not belong to the special interest ball clubs that play in for profit leagues and are designed for profit! The fields belong to the people! Not the best players from Long Island signed on to play for Midville. The Ball Fields are for the Taxpaying City Residents.

For the young men and woman who are looking for a place to play. Do you know how frustrating it is to go to the park with my children and a few friends and see perfectly good ball fields just sitting unused? My Tax dollars paid for the renovation, and my tax dollars were paying for the Dodgers to keep the fields locked! Shame on the Parks Department for allowing this! Shame on the elected officials for allowing this! Shame on anyone who supports or condones this behavior! As a member of Our Lady of Hope I just received a letter in my home about this miscarriage of justice linking me to this site. I hope this organization has the moral courage to stand up for the "Real" people of Middle Village, not community board 5 members who are President of a civic and use power to advance themselves. Commissioner stand up for the little guy, the ones who are not corrupting the system!