Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome to the Juniper Park Patriots

Welcome to a new blog started for the residents and concerned patriots of Middle Village and Maspeth, Queens. As a patriot whose life embodied freedom, love of country and dedication to community I was compelled to provide like minded individuals a forum to express their ideas and expose those whose hatred has caused a rift in our community. These fear and rumor mongers are propagandists of the worst sort and are poisoning our quality of life. They hide behind the 1st Amendment, but America was built on Truth and Justice not half truths and hatred. Once again truth will prevail! As true patriots we can not sit idly by while the voices of the misguided few try to speak on behalf of the majority. Our forefathers used the Federalist papers to gain our freedom so now will the Juniper Park Patriots use this site to rid our community of the threat of extremist and yellow journalist.

Post now, post often and let your voices be heard.

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Thomas said...

Its about time that true Americans are going to have a forum to express their ideas. I look forward to joining my brothers in arms and combating lies, deceit, and half truths.