Monday, April 2, 2007

Dogs Howl Loudly as they Smell JPCA Fraud

But what about the fraud Doocey?

Robert Doocey, an executive member of the Juniper Park Civic Association and Bob Holden stooge, has been quoted in the papers as saying that “Dogs are the same as property” How insensitive! The good, decent and patriotic people of our community want a fair debate on how to utilize the 55 Acre publicly financed Juniper Park. Why can’t Dog Owners have a place to go? Can’t we find a common ground? The Problem is that the JPCA are a fanatical bunch. If you don’t agree with their agenda then you are attacked. They believe that a few executive Board members should dictate narrow-minded views to an entire community. Thank God the residents of the community have had enough and are fighting back. It’s about time! Now that the Juniper Civic Association has their backs against the wall, they are crumbling, cracking and losing their influence. Read what was published by the New York Council of Dog Owners:


Following complaints of irregularities to on-line petition company, 4,611 fraudulent signatures were removed from a petition sponsored by the Juniper Park Civic Association. This comes on the eve of the Parks Department’s hearing to clarify and strengthen the City’s 20 year old limited off-leash policy, which allows owners to take their dogs off-leash during limited off-peak times and only in designated park locations. The Parks hearing was at 1 PM on February 22nd at Chelsea Recreation Center, 430 West 25th Street.

On Sunday afternoon, February 18, 2007, “signatures” began appearing on the JPCA-sponsored online petition at the rate of one every 8 seconds for a nine-hour span. This was obviously not consistent with typical petition signing patterns, prompting many complaints by NYCdog and their individual group organizations.

Further investigation revealed that the last “signature” placed on the petition that night was, in fact, a computer ”directory string” indicating that an Excel® file was used to upload 4,384 names to the JPCA online petition site. Instead of people actually signing on to the petition web site to type in their name, someone who had username and password access to the JPCA online website was uploading Excel Spreadsheet databases of names. Mostly likely, the people listed fraudulently did not even know their names were being used! Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find out how these people actually stand on the off-leash issue.

Since the fraud was exposed and the names removed, not a single additional signature appeared on the JPCA anti off-leash petition. This, in itself, calls into question their entire petition - including the remaining names.

“For a full year, the Juniper Park Civic Association attempted to foist upon the citizens of New York a steady stream of misinformation, false data, hearsay, and fear mongering,” said Bob Marino, President of NYCdog. Don’t believe Mr. Marino them look at the press coverage this petition had the names of Juniper members that never signed elected officials other Civic association member’s former community Board members all whom denied ever signing the petition.


Thomas said...

Hey JPCA would ya tell the truth if you remembered how?

Anonymous said...

JPCA doesn’t know what the truth is never has never will… Bob lives Lies from his home to the JPCA’s spending. Ever go to the Civic and hear a financial report? Ask Bob where the money goes? Is he leaving the Midville Dodgers after the most recent audit?

Anonymous said...

I heard Holden has a business in his Basement Wonder if he paid for it with Business money or Civic or worse yet Money from Government grants?

Mike said...

What do you expect from a group that follows Bob Holden like people followed Charles Manson the only difference is that
Bob and his cronies don’t physically kill you they just try to assassinate your character.

Mary said...

I heard Holden has a business in his Basement Wonder if he paid for it with Business money or Civic or worse yet Money from Government grants? It's about time someone exposes this fraud.

Bennedict said...

Why dont furry four legged animals love me?