Wednesday, April 4, 2007

In Remembrance

As reported in today's AMNY:

Spc. Brian Ritzberg, 24, who was assigned to the Army's 977th Military Police Company, died from wounds suffered when "an improvised explosive device" detonated in the disputed city of Kirkuk, officials said. He would have turned 25 next week.

This story is very similar to that of many others not only locally, but nationwide as well.

I would like to invite anyone, but especially those of you related to any soldier who has paid the ultimate price in this recent Middle-East conflict to this site - SOLDIER DATABASE - when you get a chance.

This database is part of the website and is a place to honor, remember and learn about all the service men and women lost in Afghanistan & Iraq. There are profiles & obituaries for each service member.


Thomas said...

This is a great piece. Thanks for the info. Im am going to direct alot of people to that site!

Linda said...

My neighbor's son is currently overseas and we pray for his safe return everyday. We should not only take the time to honor these lost soldiers, but the ones still serving as well!

Gary said...

It is terrible that so many young lives are lost this way. I hope we can resolve these issues and get our troops home soon.