Monday, April 23, 2007

Hero to Zero Series, Part I

Those above glowing words were written by the President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, Robert F. Holden only two years ago. Since that time, however, miraculously, Councilman Gallagher (along with a list of other individuals) has fallen out of favor because he disagreed with the JPCA on a few community issues.

Consequently, this falling out of favor with JPCA, has spearheaded numerous malicious attacks, ridiculed, and character assassinations. Unfortunately, it seems his fall from grace was not only because of disagreements but also the desire of top JPCA members who are seeking higher elected positions.

The Juniper Park Patriots have received many emails and read a recent editorial in the Glendale Register’s Pol Position supporting this claim.

Please read the article below:

Queens Ledger: "They're Trying to Make a Monkey Out of You!"

In the March/April 2005 issue of the Juniper Berry, Mr. Holden hails Gallagher as "having energy, common sense, being accessible, and fights for the interest of the community." He goes on to say that the Councilman Gallagher "understands that the middle class has been disregarded and that we found a fighter in Dennis that will stand up for the issues that are important to individuals and us as a community." This is remarkable considering that recent articles have accused the Councilman of being a fraud and an abysmal failure as a human being.

You may asked what happened, you may be dismayed at the change of heart and we will tell you this, Holden, Nunziato, Kamperman, Scuilli (aka The three Stooges, Shemp being the fourth, less popular Stooge) believed that they could retract their praise and manipulate the facts to readers attempting to effectuate their own political agenda.

But please, do not take the Patriots word for it; ask Bob for a copy of the Juniper Berry dated March/April 2005.

The Juniper Park Patriots don't blindly support any elected officials. We will, however, judge as honorable citizens and understand a difference of opinion. We have watched the careers of Joe Lisa, Walter Ward, Tom Ognibene and Dennis Gallagher all who have served Middle Village honorably. They have had their shining moments, they have made mistakes and overall they have served their constituent admirably.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines to get the whole story and extrapolate the truth. We urge you to do your homework and look closely at this battle of words between the JPCA and everyone who has fallen out of favor.

Rest assured, that here at the Juniper Park Patriots, we are watching this fight closely.


John Harris said...

It's about time the civic association woke up and stopped kissing Gallagher's ass. He hasn't done anything to improve where we live. It's more polluted, more graffitied, more developed and more unliveable since he took office. All he does is run around trying to get his photo in the paper with kids and veterans and taking campaign contributions from developers. Thank God for term limits. We need some new blood at City Hall and 2009 won't be here soon enough as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Finally a site that is willing to be fair. Dennis Gallagher has delivered more for his community than any of his predecessors

Anonymous said...

Hey The JPCA has delivered everything just ask them and they will tell you. Look at Auntie Lorraine’s internet raves of the Civics accomplishments. What she doesn’t tell you is that everything the JPCA has accomplished has been done with the help of our elected officials mostly Dennis Gallagher and Tom Ognibene.

Ever since the JPCA has decided to make Gallagher the enemy they have lost all that they tried to achieve (St Saviors, Dog Lawsuit and more to follow).

Civics need the elected representative and the elected representatives need civics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patriots I hope you do a story on how this Civic is at war with all elected officials and many of its own members. Read about Anthony Weiner, Marge Markey, Mayor Bloomberg, Congressman Crowley and Melinda Katz.

Read the JPCA supported Blog and see the maniacal rants about Gallagher, Gioia, Katz, Liu, Bloomberg, Sanders the list goes on they are at war with the world and they are forcing our community to lose.

Anonymous said...

JPCA is it war with everyone because they are led by a fanatical dictator named Bob Holden.

Holden hates Vietnam Veterans, hates anyone who disagrees with him. If you disagree with him look out his taxpayer funded Juniper Park Newsletter is used against you like a political sword!

He calls personally to turn everyone in for illegal development but look out he has a business run out of his home and the work was done by a JPCA member of his executive committee who works for the buildings department without permits!

Ask to see Juniper Civics financial statements to see if the Civic paid for his illegal development and his business equipment!

Practice what you preach BOB! The Attorney General may ask you Bob even if you don't report your spending to the membership of the JPCA

Anonymous said...

I was a member of this Civic until Holden threw me out of a meeting because I own a dog and wanted a Dog Run in Juniper. This dictator must be stopped!

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks stop worrying about this loser Holden his time is near the end. He blundered money with the Midville Dodgers and everyone knows how heavy handed he is with his wife and children.

You really think that Bob is calm at home after how you see him in public?

As a family friend I know what he is all about and am ready to spill the beans. I can't take him any more this abusive fraud.

Thomas said...

Talk about a change of heart! We all know that Bod does'nt have a heart but he sure does have a heavy hand!

Anonymous said...

Hey John Harris ask Bob Holden about his son the Graffiti Vandal who bombed all of Middle Village ask Steve Fiedler a JPCA executive committee member about his son and Graffiti and drugs better yet ask the 104th about both. Except Bob used his influence with a certain Police officer to get his son off the hook. Beware of the Pot calling the Kettle black

Anonymous said...

This site allow malcontents to post I am proud of that but that post comes right from the Bob Holden book of Political Pot shots!

John tell Bob that his Dictator Days are over the Patriots have arrived.
Tell him the Bribe he gave to the elected official will be published and more importantly his misuse of government funding.

His wife can’t save him now that the Governor she worked for is out on his ass. The appropriate agency is looking and the mailings will begin.

Anonymous said...

I read your link how offensive that these guys are using my dues and taxpayer funds for politics. To go to an event just to show up an elected official rude. I will never never ever go to a meeting sponsored by them again. Shame on Our Lady of Hope for allowing these crumbs to have a meeting in a Catholic auditorium. Better yet I am starting a drive against the advertisers in the Juniper Rag

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of Bob Holden. And I've never been a fan of Gallagher when he was the sniveling chief of staff to the equally repulsive Ognibene.
First, Holden annoyed me with that whole zip code thing. To him it was about his own property values which would go up being a part of Middle Village and not east elmhurst.
Second, I do agree that the absolutes that Holden demands is not realistic.
As for Ognibene and Gallagher, as a council member, you have to try very hard NOT to get money for your district.
Neither did anything spectacular.

Mike said...

How come no one is talking about what Bob Holden and the Civic does to Marge Markey? He slams her so Tony can run for office.

Anonymous said...

Tony the Tulip how is everything at Christ the King do you want to tell the story or should I?

Anonymous said...

Hey just received another Political attack piece from the JPCA hate machine, knocking a great American Dennis Gallagher. Your article here says it clear when JPCA says Gallagher did nothing were they lying when they wrote this article or are they lying now either way they are liars. Bob Holden will never become a Councilman like he wants. He is a vicious nasty liar that has been abusive to his community and worse yet his family what a coward.

Anonymous said...

Any false allegations of sexual assault filed recently Tulip? Have you been on Myspace, someone very close has pics on that site?

Anonymous said...

No political orginization will ever back Holden. They know what a loser he is. He could not even win a county commitee seat. Maybe he should form a new party. The Facist Party might be appealing to him.

Anonymous said...

I think he would hire a certain dietecian to be his propaganda minister. She does a fine job at the crap site, the other goons could fill the remaining positons.

Anonymous said...

Keep standing tall Gallagher, Bob and his cronies will continue to lurk in the shadows

Anonymous said...

Ed get a life . You are beating a dead horse. We all know Tony is a loser and couldn,t run for and win a race as dog catcher. If you want to run a candidate against Marge do it. We will all watch you go down in flames. Any political asperations any of your board has forget it, the community has seen the lies and deception your organization produces. It time you go out to pasture and relax. You look way to sressed. Maybe you should take a job as a columnist for a reputable paper. I hear The Enquirer or The Star has openings. This way you can blame Elvis next for all your biased objectives.