Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Press

It seems that we have been getting a lot of press lately. There has been some good, some indifferent and some bad articles. In the bad category, we spotted an article today in the Daily News. It seems we have struck a chord in certain circles and were chastised for our above the board commentary.

Local Leaders in anonymous blogger’s vicious Net
By Nicholas Hirshon

GIVE HIM LIBERTY and he will blog to death.
(That’s a catchy phrase!) Queens leaders are being bashed by an anonymous Internet user who goes by the name Patrick Henry and blogs on the www.juniperparkpatriots.blogspot.com.

But unlike the influential 18th Century statesman, this Henry makes personal attacks so vicious that he’s not being taken seriously.
(Vicious attacks? Did Hirshon take a look at the Queens Crap, other political blogs or read a recent Juniper Berry? Those make us look like unleashed lap dogs frolicking in the park)

“It’s really an act of political cowardice.” Said Councilman Dennis Gallagher (R_Middle Village), who is actually praised by Henry but said the blogger’s excessive attacks on other officials are unnecessary (Political Cowardice? We prefer to call it political satire and sometimes it is very necessary)

“I don’t think that is constructive.” Gallagher said. “There are a few malcontents who have a political agenda and are political cowards.” (We are not malcontent we just may need more fiber in our diet)
The blogger provides only a few hints about his identity. In one post, he says he is recently retired and widowed and gets computer help from a male friend. He says one of them is a Veteran and both are dog owners.(Does Mr. Hirshon want our social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, and our waist sizes?)

Henry says he wants to remain anonymous of obvious reasons.” Anonymous bloggers often cite a fear of retaliation from their targets, but that argument is not striking a chord with Queens Officials. (You never know what can happen when you strike a chord, like the DOB showing up at your house or making the front cover of the Juniper Berry with your face super imposed on a Muppet)

“If you hide, you take away the validity of what you are saying.” Said Joe Cimino, president of the Middle Village Maspeth Civic Association. “Criticism is one thing, but if you want to get down and dirty in the mud, don’t do it by hiding behind an anonymous name. Stand up.” (Some times you have to get down and dirty, roll in the mud and THEN stand up. We didn't start the mudslinging but we are sure enjoying slinging it back.)

Some sources who asked not to be named tied the blog to Gallagher supporters, citing its positive remarks about the councilman. (Gallagher sure has a funny way of praising his purported supporters by calling them political cowards and malcontents. We prefer to not officially support anyone. In addition, it’s about time Mr. Hirshon shows some integrity by not naming “confidential” sources. Kudos to Nick, however, if you take the time to think, it’s obvious who these “sources” might be.)

The blog also attacks Juniper Park Civic Association leader Bob Holden, a frequent Gallagher critic; (Bob is also a frequent critic of Congressman Weiner, Assemblywoman Marge Markey, Councilwoman Katz, Parks Commissioner Benepe, Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewondowski, Maspeth Town Hall’s Eileen Reiley, Maspeth Federals Savings Bank President Kenneth Rudzewick, dog owners, 7 Eleven, scratch 7 Eleven because they donated to the Midville Dodgers and the Berry which gave them a “good neighbor” status. The list of people exposed to Holden’s wrath goes on and on and on) Tony Nunziato, who charges that Gallagher had him removed from Community Board 5 (Tony Nuziato has been crying that the sky is falling for years and now claims that is was HIM and Al Gore that invented the internet) , and Eric Gioia of Sunnyside. Gioia is a democrat, Gallagher a Republican (Really? I wonder how long it took Mr. Hirshon to figure out that compelling fact).

But Gallagher said even though he disagrees with Holden and others on certain issues, he wouldn’t condone such a blog. He said many of Henry’s remarks “are unfortunate and unnecessary.” (If I were Gallagher I wouldn’t condone blogs either, have you ever looked at the unfortunate beatings he has taking on the Queens Crap or Juniper Berry?)When asked about the blog by the Queens News, Holden refused to comment. Nuziato did not return messages. (Some people can dish it but they can’t take it)Gioia released a statement saying people should “take a deep breath and ask themselves if they are doing the right thing” before posting on blogs. (Impressive, Gioia released a statement without including the information for his next fundraiser!)

We want to thank Mr. Hirshon for expending the time to write about us and giving us some more notoriety. It was only a short while ago when blogging and its popularity were enjoyed only by computer geeks and techies, but now, thanks to people like Hirshon we are drawing headlines. Not only are we being immortalized in print, but we are getting many readers, some who agree, some who disagree, some who are apathetic, and some who are just voyeurs. Despite how you choose to participate, we would like to thank all who have allowed us to average over 1000 hits a week. In our short existence we are becoming a force in the blogosphere.


Ben said...

thanks patrick henry< its men like you that make this country great.maybe this reporter can investigate king bobs finance or is he afraid of making the berry.

Joe Cimino said...

Please allow me to expand on my comments that you acurately quoted in this posting. I had a very open and candid conversation with Mr Hirshon of the NY Daily News. My comment that he quoted in his article and that you copied is, as I already stated, acurate, but a mere fraction of what I spoke to him about. What he failed to "quote" were my comments regarding ALL blog sites, especially the Queens Crap, which is so biased, one sided and anonymous that both the blog authors and most of the respondents are quite pathetic.

Based on my conversation with him, we both know who the blog author is, who some of the pseudo-named and anonymous respondents are and who is the force behind the blog site. Now,it is also apparent to me, that he is afraid of these people and does not possess the personal courage to challenge them to come out of the shadows and openly debate and mediate their positions, opinions and beliefs for the betterment of our communities.

My question to Mr Hirshon, to all those who hide in the shadow of anonymity and to all who may read these words - what good has all the anger, mud slinging and personal and vile attacks accomplished? How has all this "helped" our communities and improved our quality of life? Wouldn't an open, public debate regarding "real" community issues be more beneficial?

I believe that we all know the answers to those questions. The problem is that what may be beneficial and positive for our communities may not be in line with the hidden, and sometimes obvious, agendas of certain individuals.

I have always believed that it is not necessarily the words spoken or written that have the greatest impact but the source of those words. A statement from someone you respect has a more profound effect than the same statement from someone you may have little or no regard for. It is based upon this simple philosophy that I find the comments from pseudo-named and/or anonymous sources entertaining and comical - but if you are too cowardly to put your name to your remarks you can not be expected to be taken seriously.

Mike said...

The Patriots have arrived... as soon as you are attacked by the Daily News you know you are on the right track! Keep up the Good work!

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden plays the media like a Political Fiddle. Your fair and balanced answer to the Crap is bothering him so much he needed his Daily News Puppet Mr. Hirshon to try and damage the Patriots. Well Bob it won't work. True Patriots are not afraid of Politically motivated citizen. In the end the truth will always prevail.

Anonymous said...

Hey if you need more fiber in you diet you can go to a certain Dietician (who needs to go on a diet). But Beware she is full of Crap.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Joe Cimino Guy? He has guts!

Thomas said...

Looks like Nick did'nt take the time to conduct some true investigative journalism. It's much easier to twist words to serve your purpose

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Bob and Tony had nothing to say.....I bet they are in Bob's illegally converted basement formulating their calaculated response