Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Say it Ain't So Joe Addabbo

According to this photograph submitted to the Patriots via email it looks like Councilman Joe Addabbo is violating the NYC Department of Sanitation's illegal posting law.

Tsk tsk tsk. Its ok to campaign but it is not ok to break the law.


Mark said...

Dennis Galllagher is a political god. He is a myth, a legend and strategical genious. Even after all that has happened, he is running Crowley's and Como campaign. He is writing anonymous letters and sending them to voters. He is still the focus of Holden's psychosis. Gallagher is the Karl Rove of Middle Village.

Anonymous said...

Looks like his followers are. But I'm pretty sure those signs weren't the reason Maltese lost. The demographics changed over the last 10 years. Plus the republican brand has been destroyed by Patricks boy George Bush.

George Bush has the effect on voters a cross has on Dracula.

The repubs got whooped across the country and particularly in NYS and NYC. Republicans lost control of the NYS Senate for the first time since 1938, when FDR was President. In addition they lost the congressional seat on Staten Island. Staten island!!! That's the place where Mussolini is considered a liberal.

Then top it off Crowley beats Como. I'm surprised you haven't gone postal Patrick:)

Mr Mojo Risin...