Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lizzy Crowley Gone Wild

Poor Elizabeth Crowley is losing her marbles. Recently, “Dizzy Lizzy” (a nickname given to her by Bob Holden, the JPCA and Queens Crap) has been spotted handing out campaign literature urging people to vote for her during the special election being held on June 3rd.


Disgusted people just walk away shaking their heads in utter disbelief upon receipt of this erroneous information. They whisper to themselves softly, "Can she be that stupid?" She has been, however, desperately trying to conceal the wrong date by strategically placing an Avery label over the wrong election date. I wonder why Bob Holden hasn’t criticized her publicly on his blog, website, or periodical rag. Could it be that Bob is so desperate that he is forced to align himself with Dizzy Lizzy? This is disgraceful even for the always shameful Bob Holden.

Dizzy Lizzy is now too good for Parkside Group because over the last two months she realizes she must be a grassroots candidate. Are you serious Liz? Do you believe this hogwash Bob Holden, Christina Wilkinson, Tony Nunziato, JPCA members? Or maybe Liz just doesn’t want to pay the money she owes Parkside group. Maybe the Parkside Group dropped Liz Crowley because of her un-electability, c’mon; the woman has lost about 236 elections in a row. Or is Liz a candidate that walks away from her responsibilities just because it is politically expedient? You decide. Ask yourself was Holden wrong then or is he wrong now?

At the end of the day, it looks like Dizzy Lizzy has found her soul mate in Bobble head Holden. The two give new meaning to fair-weather friends, political opportunists and lying sacks of crap.


Anonymous said...

I think that Liz should wipe her chin.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out. If you thought that JPCA couldn't sink to new lows than you have all been mistakenly wrong. In what is being termed as "disgusting" by some insiders as to how JPCA is handling this round of the council battle, a very annoyed insider has revealed that a deal has been struck with Tom Ognibene and JPCA. Because Ognibene could not cross party lines and not endorse Como, it is learned that a new tactic is being used to help Ognibene gain his seat back. In what is being termed as lowest of the lowest, JPCA has decided to endorse Crowley against Como hoping to defeat Como in the upcoming race giving Ognibene a clear cut run next November against Crowley. The numbers speak for themselves Holden was quoted as saying at this secret meeting.

Holden has now convinced anyone that will listen that it is in their best interest to vote for Crowley now and suffer the 1 year consequence of her term and than boot her out with a strong run by Ognibene. Sources have now confirmed that Ognibene is behind this ouster. Tom is secretly telling his friends to vote for Crowley now, so that he can run with the endorsement of the Republican party in 2009 because Como would be considered damaged goods with a loss now.

Just when you thought politics could not get any lower who would have thought that the author of this mastermind would be lead by a two-faced Ognibene. Tom has stayed out of the race citing family obligations and has not been scene out campaigning for Como. Word is out on the streets to vote for Crowley in the upcoming race so that Tom would be given the green light next year to run against Crowley without opposition within his own party. Stay tuned for more.

Anonymous said...

"Because Ognibene could not cross party lines and not endorse Como ..." ...

"Tom has stayed out of the race citing family obligations and has not been scene out campaigning for Como."

Well, which is it mastermind? He can't cross party lines to endorse ... . or, Tom is not out campaigning for ... ?

What party line can he not cross that otherwise requires him to campaign for Como?

Most masterminds I know can spell. So, perhaps you're no mastermind after all. I see the hand of Tapalaga or Gallagher here. Either way, you're very, very stupid.