Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tony Nunziato afraid of Marge Markey

Looks like our assessment of Tony Nunziato candidacy has been confirmed!

He is nothing but a coward, and Holden puppet.

The only way Tony “Tulips” Nunziato would debate Assemblywoman Marge Markey is a under the close watch of Bob Holden and the JPCA board.

Only at a JPCA meeting can puppet Nunziato do the bidding of puppetmaster Holden, and be assured of everything being slanted to favor him and against his opponent. Nunziato would never, and could never debate Markey in a neutral setting away from Bob Holden and the JPCA board as a whole. Being a Holden bobble head and lapdog is all that Nunziato has as his claim to fame. (We have already shown that the Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force is nothing more than a Holden/JPCA make-believe group so that that Nunziato could receive some publicity for this campaign).

Tony Nunziato should be ashamed of trying to scam the voters of Middle Village and Maspeth, and putting Bob Holden in touch with taxpayer's money.

Remember on November 4th:

A vote for Tony Nunziato is a vote for Bob Holden

Picture from Juniper Park Civic (Bob Holden Puppetmaster, Tony Nunziato puppet)

Story Courtesy of Queens Crap Reflushed

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Anonymous said...

Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato is used to being tied to a leash by Bobby Holden and doing his an open forum he would be crushed.

This is one of the reasons Monkey Boy lost..