Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gallagher behind Nunziato's bid for Assembly

We have conformed from an anonymous source at the Tony Nunziato's campaign office, that 2005 JPCA Man of the Year, Dennis Gallagher is advising him.

The source states that since Gallagher is working on both Liz Crowley’s and Anthony Como’s campaign (as per Queens Crap), Nunziato asked the former councilman for his help.

Here at Reflushed, we have received the following posting, “Dennis Gallagher is a political god. He is a myth, a legend and strategical genius. Even after all that has happened, he is running Crowley's and Como campaign. He is writing anonymous letters and sending them to voters. He is still the focus of Holden's psychosis. Gallagher is the Karl Rove of Middle Village.”

Guess Tony figured that Gallagher is hated less then Bob Holden in Middle Village and Maspeth communities, so he might as well ask him for help in raising his poll numbers.
Courtesy of our friends at QUEENS CRAP REFLUSHED


Anonymous said...

Great, they are asking Gallagher for advice. On what? Bedding the elderly????

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, what words..., a brilliant idea