Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Como says NoNo to Term Limits Extension Legislation

According to NY1 and NY Daily Politics

Councilman Anthony Como again, came out in opposition to any legislation that seeks to over-turn the will of the voters.

More Council Members Join Opposition To Term Limits Extension
By: NY1 News
Republican Queens Councilman Anthony Como came out against extending term limits this morning, joining other council members who have publicly stated their opposition to the new legislation.

Como is the 19th council member to side against the bill, leaving 17 council members undecided on the matter. While 15 council members have expressed support for the legislation, another 11 council members would be needed to pass the bill.

City council members opposed to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bid to extend term limits are trying to rally undecided colleagues to their side.

Yesterday in Park Slope, Brooklyn Council Members Bill de Blasio and Letitia James joined a protest against extending term limits.

De Blasio and James last week sent a letter to Council Speaker Christine Quinn's staff, suggesting any move by the council to extend term limits may be illegal, and that voters should decide on the issue.

De Blasio said the debate is far from over.

"There's obviously something powerful happening among members of the council," said de Blasio. "Members are talking to each other, they're listening to their communities and I think you're going to see more and more people say this is unacceptable."

Quinn announced Sunday she had changed her mind, and would support the bill.

With questions swirling over what caused Quinn to make the switch, the mayor insisted yesterday there was no deal cut between them.

"My staff has been working with her, it's an administration bill, that's what our [staff does]," said Bloomberg. "There's certainly no backroom deal here. I get 20 questions a day about it, I don't know how you can call that a backroom deal."


Anonymous said...

maybe bob holden can understand term limits

Anonymous said...

does the juniper civic understand term limits.

Anonymous said...

Term LImits should have been upheld. The people voted for it, its the will of the people end of story.

This was a power grab by fornmerly republican mayor and the city council.

Just plain wrong too..