Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fall of Seminerio Offers New Hope and Fears for Our Community

Tony Seminerio the rough and tough old time Politico has resigned his seat amid scandal relating to his side business as a Political Consultant. Seminerio is being accused of taking tons of money and using his Assembly position to profit for himself. It is a sad ,sad day for our community because despite Tony Seminerio being invisible for the past 10 years he was an influential part of New York City's political landscape. His willingness to support the right person for public office was legendary; he crossed party lines for Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki’s reelection. His early support for Serphin Maltese was why Maltese became Senator! Yet Seminerio always fought within his own Party to try and keep the Democrats middle of the road to conservative.

His leaving public office in this light is an extreme disappointment to all who followed his career and his many supporters. Now we enter into an unfamiliar new realm and an uncertain new direction which could be terrible for our community. Let’s look at the players suspected to replace Seminerio

Albert Bladeo is considered by many to be a front runner for this seat. This is a man who allegedly pulled a gun out on his former opponent’s wife. He runs around honoring people who care nothing about him. He is a political whore and considered by many to be unstable. Yes he ran for State Senate and City Council and now State Assembly this guy is a Political weasel who pops up around election time only.

John Seminerio all we can ask is Dad financing his campaign? John you’re a nice man stay out of this and keep your reputation intact.

Nick Comaianni School Board President, Veteran and Community Board member fresh face but an unknown political commodity.

Elizabeth Crowley maybe a good idea to drive her to a dysfunctional Albany where she would fit in!

Donna Contbianco? have you ever heard of her? Seen her? Are you kidding me?

Frank Kotnik while he may vote for himself he is more likely to try and put a crony up in his place.

Stay tuned! This could spell disaster for Queens and the 38th AD


Anonymous said...

Loser all Losers Bring back Maltese!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You idiots missed the leading candidate. The next Assmeblyman... losers! JPCA Rules

Anonymous said...

I wish that Ognibene would take that seat.

Anonymous said...

Can Baldeo run for this? He lived in South Ozone Park last summer when he tried to run against Addabbo. Is he in the 38th AD a year?

Anonymous said...

Patrick Henry sazs:

Tom Ognibene was the former councilman for the 30th council district. Although he served his community well there are some concerns regarding some serious entanglements. In 2001, Ognibene was under investigation for his relationship with buildings consultant, Ronald Lattanzio. It was reported in the NY Times: Councilman's Actions Factor in Inquiry that in exchange for Ognibene’s assistance and political influence to help fix government variances, jobs and investigations in Lattanzio’s favor, the former councilman would receive entertainment, tickets, vacations, gifts, meals, campaign contributions, campaign activities and other services. Although no charges were brought Ognibene, his quest for a judgeship was squashed. In addition, there were reported shenanigans going on at Christ the King that included the sale of “questionable” memorabilia. Residents are also concerned about Ognibene’s health and ability to muster the strength for this special election. I think we can agree that Ognibene had his chance to represent the district; however, the 30th council district deserves a chance for new leadership.