Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the Race Begin!

New candidates hitting the streets to fill the vacancy of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio. This race will give us a lot to pay attention to. Let’s look at the players:

Al Baldeo is pursuing his lifelong dream of being elected to public office. You know Al he ran for City Council AND LOST He ran for State Senate and Lost. He was running again for State Senate last year and bailed out because Special Interest got to him. So what does Al the Wannabe do he moves so he can run for State Assembly the Patriots Predict that Mr. Wannabe will lose again!

Mike Miller. Seems like a nice guy, most folks say that he is nice guy. But what does he know about Politics or Government Service? Let wait and see perhaps we will be surprised! We do know he worked in a defunct Loan company, and is very active in the Kiwanis, absent those things we are unaware of where he stands on the issues. We are concerned that Dizzy Lizzy and Frank Kotnik seem to be walking him through the system.

Donna Conatabiano (Forgive me if is spelt wrong) someone told me they actually met her! I understand she is again a nice person runs a small Senior Center plans to spend about 5 dollars to get elected and is praying that people somehow want to reject the Democrats and vote Republican. The only candidate she would do well against is Baldeo. She would lose but would do well. We need people running senior centers Donna Stay There save your 5 bucks, this is a Democratic District and may never see a Republican elected serving again.

John Seminerio, Nice guy but is he kidding us? John you father whom I liked just took a plea to serve Federal Time for taking bribes, do you want to continue the family tradition? Leave Politics be an Attorney settle Divorce cases, legally extort money like Attorneys do, but stay out of this process the Vultures will kill you.

Nick Comaianni seems to have the credentials as the President of the Community Education Council and Community Board 9 member. Local guy raised in Ridgewood and Glendale and Moved to Woodhaven. We think he should be a front runner with Baldeo but time will tell. He has the experience and the backing of young motivated parents and seniors from Glendale but does he have the political connections as an outsider? Clearly he cannot count on Dizzy Lizzy's support she sold out her first choice Baldeo for Miller.

What a year
Dizzy vs. Ogni
The 38th Debacle
Senate in disarray
Bring it on a bloggers dream!


Anonymous said...

Patrick Henry sazs:

Tom Ognibene was the former councilman for the 30th council district. Although he served his community well there are some concerns regarding some serious entanglements. In 2001, Ognibene was under investigation for his relationship with buildings consultant, Ronald Lattanzio. It was reported in the NY Times: Councilman's Actions Factor in Inquiry that in exchange for Ognibene’s assistance and political influence to help fix government variances, jobs and investigations in Lattanzio’s favor, the former councilman would receive entertainment, tickets, vacations, gifts, meals, campaign contributions, campaign activities and other services. Although no charges were brought Ognibene, his quest for a judgeship was squashed. In addition, there were reported shenanigans going on at Christ the King that included the sale of “questionable” memorabilia. Residents are also concerned about Ognibene’s health and ability to muster the strength for this special election. I think we can agree that Ognibene had his chance to represent the district; however, the 30th council district deserves a chance for new leadership.

Anonymous said...

"Nick Comaianni seems to have the credentials as the President of the Community Education Council and Community Board 9 member. Local guy raised in Ridgewood and Glendale and Moved to Woodhaven. We think he should be a front runner with Baldeo but time will tell. "

Of course you would think that Nick should be the front runner Dennis & James. You're running Nick's campaign. Which of course will be the kiss of death for poor old Nicky. Ta-Ta-Den-Den you loser asshole.

BTW, Nick's a dim bulb. It's Millertime!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Henry Sazs:

There have been reported sightings of a strange visitor entering the home of civic maniac Robert Holden. Under the cover of dark, neighbors have seen a man that resembles either Colonel Sanders or very gaunt Tom Ognibene.

There has been speculation that Robert Holden is Christina Wilkinson's personal Kentucky Fried Chicken dealer. Ms. Wilkinson is prohibited by city law from buying buckets of fried chicken within the five boroughs because of the grotesque way she eats through hundreds of pounds of fowl in one sitting. During one such sitting, she mistakenly took a small white poodle for a wayward chicken and began to eat the pet.

Could Colonel Sanders be visiting Robert Holden and sneaking extra crispy chicken legs to satiate the enormous appetite of Christina Wilkinson?

There also has been speculation that Tom Ognibene is trying to curry favor with Egomaniac Holden. Ognilooney may once again be hiring the evil dictator to create campaign lit in his illegal basement using taxpayer money. Not since Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette has there been such an abhorrent union that seeks to destroy the common man. When asked about residents concerned about his suspicious dealings with Department of Buildings employees, Ognibene defiantly stated, "Let them eat cannoli's!"

Could it be true that Ognilooney and Pol Pot Holden are having clandestine meetings in the middle of the night in an illegally converted basement plotting to take over the world?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ognibene, who has not been charged, said in April that he expected to leave his Council post this month for a judgeship on the State Court of Claims. But the authorities in Manhattan recently advised the governor's office about developments in the case, making it unlikely that Mr. Ognibene would be appointed while he was still under investigation, according to law enforcement and political sources.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Henry Sazs:

Christina Wilkinson is so fat that I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Sazs:

Vote for the best Christina Wilkinson joke:

1. Christina Wilkinson is so fat she puts on her lipstick with a paint-roller.


2. Christina Wilkinson is so fat when she dances at a concert the whole band skips.